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Hey, I recently found out about your comic and it's really cool. Although, as a new reader, it's very confusing as the pages aren't numbered in the URL and I think some pages after 23 are in the wrong places. The numbers drawn on the pages go 23-241-251-261-27 and I can't find where the actual pages that should be there are. Is this going to be fixed at some point or is it supposed to be like this? I'm very confused.

They are not! My page just got transferred over to Hiveworks, and it looks like something went wrong with the ordering from my original site. I’ll let them know, because yeah, that’s not easy to read at all O_O

Reasons why I love Static

A good hero works well with others

Look at how the other heroes smile at him, they are genuinely happy to meet him. When Superman saves him, he isn’t upset. He’s happy. He asked to be saved and he was

And it’s not the last time either. You see it here

and here

he works well with the justice league members even though his interactions with them are rare and in between.

He’s literally never afraid to ask them for help

I mean, look at that. He made the bat signal, he was outright asking for help as publicly as he ever could.

and in “Fallen hero” when he thought Green Lantern really had become evil…

Just look at his face. He is shocked. He can’t believe one of his heroes would do this, he tried to figure out why, tried to come up with a reason to explain it, so it would make sense.

And the moment Sinestro, disguised as Green Lantern, hurt Gear. He knew it was true, and he’s horrified that the person he looked up to did this and he’s angry, angry that he didn’t see this.

Static knows when to fight

but he also knows when someone just needs a helping hand

and sure, he jokes around

but he also knows how important the work he does is

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and he also knows what happens if he messes up

His family knows what it is he does and they all support him in whatever way they can.

and that’s why I love Static shock. Yes, they touched upon some serious issues

they didn’t dumb it down for the audience, or treat the issues with kiddie gloves, they addressed the issues and those were also the same episodes that they broke the fourth wall. Dyslexia, gun control, gang violence, racism. They didn’t pull their punches on this show.

They showed us a still very much grieving teenager who almost joins a gang in the first episode, who gets powers that he uses to protect other people without a moment of hesitation, not even thinking of getting revenge on his bullies. Even as a superhero, he still volunteers at the community center his dad runs.

Yes, Virgil makes mistakes, he’s still a kid after all, but he’s so genuinely kind and sincere that we can’t help but love him.

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I don’t know if it actually is Static shock appreciation week officially, but it is for me

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and, because I can’t help myself

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Philly comic shop awarded $50,000 to open more doors

Comic book stores, like their retail cousins record shops, are often drawn to tight quarters. Even the “Android’s Dungeon,” the comic shop out of The Simpson’s fictional landscape, occupies only a thin slice of imagined real estate, squished between a barbershop and a diner. But Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, the brainchild of Philly resident Ariell Johnson, is spread out, light-filled and roomy –– the sprawling comic displays, coffee bar and plush couches are the first visual cues that the Kensington comic emporium is not like its peers.

This week, the Knight Foundation selected Johnson out of more than 4,500 applicants to receive a grant of $50,000. The eighteen-month old comic shop aims to open the world of comics to an “amalgamation” of audiences –– this grant will help the store reach even more.

Johnson’s proposal, “Up, Up and Away: Building a Programming Space at Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse” will expand the shop into “Amalgam University,” where hopeful writers and illustrators can take classes on drawing, writing, pitching and publishing.

Johnson has already made waves in the comic world. When she opened the store in December of 2015, Johnson became the first African-American woman to own a comic book store on the East Coast. In addition to the largely white-male-authored mainstream staples, Amalgam stocks many works written by people of color, women and members of the LGBT community, as well as those by independent creators.

Because Amalgam sells self-published works, Johnson gets a lot of amateur submissions –– and many of them don’t meet the standards for retail.

“Often, the ideas are there, but they haven’t studied the craft,” Johnson explained. “It’s a comic book, but it’s also literature. Just like there are good writers of literature, there good writers and illustrators of comic books.”

Johnson wanted to find a way to equip aspiring comic creators, particularly those from disenfranchised communities without the means to go to art school, with the tools to compete with mainstream comic books.

Amalgam has already started on this mission –– they run children’s workshops, and partnered with RUSH, Danny Simmons’ arts philanthropy foundation –– an effort which Johnson said is made possible by their spacious venue.

“We do a lot of these programs in our space,” Johnson said. “But the building is actually much bigger. There are rooms behind the bathroom, which we haven’t renovated. This grant will allow us to open up those rooms to the public and create a permanent programming space. We’ll use it to its full potential.”

When the construction is finished sometime next year, Amalgam will be almost twice its present size, and Johnson hopes its impact on the Kensington and comic communities will follow suit. But the store has already influenced the area.

“I actually found out about the grant from a customer named Annie,” Johnson said. “She and her husband had recently moved here. They came in, introduced themselves and encouraged me to apply. Apparently, Amalgam was one of the reasons they moved to the neighborhood.”

Some of Amalgam’s patrons are like Annie –– devoted fans who factor comics into major life decisions –– but others have never read a comic before in their lives.

“We get a lot of newcomers asking for advice.” Johnson explained. “We listen to what people like, and we direct them into their lane. But once they get comfortable, they usually branch out.”

Amalgam, it seems, is doing the same.

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I need to know if she (ana) told hanzo in your most recent comic. It doesn't even need to be a comic I just need to know how it went down when he found out please

she’d just be like “ask jesse about the mission today” and crack up a lil bit while walking away and hanzo’s standing there like ???

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This comic is really nice, I recently started reading it and it's extremely fun to read and well-made, so good job on that! Very few criticisms from me, AFAC is wonderful. I would like to know what the main cast's opinions are on Sonic the Hedgehog (I'm particularly interested in what Sans, Papyrus, Frisk and Flowey might have to say), for I am Sonic trash and curious.

I imagine that most of them are indifferent to the Sonic franchise as most of them weren’t children during the height of it’s popularity. The one exception? Alphys. She found out about it because of the various animated adaptations, and then tried out some of the games. It’s one of her many many many guilty pleasures.


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Did you know about the fictional character that shared your name before you ran for senate?

No. I only found out recently. I guess it was near comic dave’s birthday and someone searched and found me. Happy birthday to dave…. happy day for Dave. 

We’re all winning here.

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Hello! Do you have top 10 miraculous ladybug fanfics you love the most? I need to find sometheng new to read and you have amazing taste! <3

Awww, thank you!  <3 

That’s a tough one!  Some of these are already pretty popular, but in no particular order, here are some of my favorites:

* The comic I’ve been drawing recently is from Back To Us by @insanitysbloomings, which I am SUPER into right now, and not only has plenty of adorable Adrinette moments, but also lots of Nino/Alya cuteness.

* The Tendencies series by @kryallaorchid was one of the first I ever read and still one of my favorites. She also is currently writing Sting, which I’ve really enjoyed so far.

* Heartstrings by @taylordraws was actually THE first ML fic I ever read, and I found out about it thanks to some awesome fanart by @hchano, and even now still remains close to my heart (ba-dum-tsssss~! …I’ll let myself out)

* @skaylanphear is probably best known for “Serendipitous Fate” (which I made a comic for), but I think my favorite of hers is actually the much shorter (only 3 chapters) “My Last Thoughts Are of You”  (So much angst tho, liek omg XD)

* I really enjoyed @thelastpilot ‘s Rainy Days, which had a really exciting climax/final akuma battle. (I also made a comic of the adorable reveal). I also loved the Nino-centric “Won’t Tell A Soul,” which is a prequel to “The Weight of Jade” (which features Turtle!Nino)  

* I’m a HUGE sucker for Enemy AUs, and one of my favorite enemy AU fics is “(It Wasn’t) Meant To Be” by @geek-fashionista, whose “Lucky Us” and “Winter Sonata AU” fics are also pretty popular.

* I’ve also recently found this other Enemy AU, “Curiosity and Satisfaction” by @imthepunchlord and I can’t wait to see what happens next  :)

* I loved “The Wingman Visits” by @niuniente, in which Chat Noir accidentally discovers Ladybug’s secret identity after a bad injury, and after finding out she has a crush on Adrien Agreste, decides to act as his own wingman.  Hilarity and angst ensue.  ;)

* “Truthful Scars” by @frostedpuffs was one that I was around from beginning to end, which is unusual for me.  Usually when I start reading a fic it’s either right in the middle or after it’s been finished, or worse, abandoned! LOL

* @x-benihime has a bunch of great oneshots that are sometimes connected, such as “Finding You” (I feel I should put a brief warning: there are some graphic descriptions of scars/injuries),  “You Were Never Alone,” and lots of others.

I’m sure there are more I forgot to mention, but hopefully at least some of these are new to you!  Happy reading! <3

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Hi, Star here, dead tired and not exactly in the mood to write a good formatted post about this theory (i’m sorry lotor)

I recently found out that Zarkon killed Lotor’s mother in a comic? I’m not sure what comic but it happened, and i lowkey hope that it’s still kinda the same now bc i don’t wanna think about haggar being his mother, but instead another altean woman who escaped with Lotor as a baby and tried to raise him on her own so that he knows love and care as a child growing up. Zarkon finds out and creates a search for her because if that’s his child he’s gonna raise them to be like him because if he ever meets his maker. he’s gotta have a #2 on handy

so like, zarkon eventually does find lotor and his mother, kills his mother, takes lotor to be raised by galra woman and trains him to become a leader like zarkon (except he probably ends up being a better one) and like… lotor doesn’t end up like what his mother had hoped he’d become

i’m… really bad at this stuff, please don’t… judge me. here, have a picture i got from a friend of child lotor watching zarkon kill his mother with his bare hands

A More Powerful Scene

When they new issue of Steven Universe was released the internet, and Tumblr specifically, was all abuzz with a scene in which Steven and Connie frantically try to figure out what to do about Kiki who has developed a crush on Stevonnie.  The general consensus seemed to be that the issue was a metaphor for the issues of when and how transgender people should have to tell people they meet about being transgender.  Having only recent been able to read the comic in its entirety I’ve come to think the scene was addressing the issue of honesty when dealing with the someone who expresses an unshared romantic interest someone.  However, both of these points may be equally valid.  

When reading the comic, however, I found this scene to be far more powerful:

The sense of uncertainty Stevonnie feels here is one I think many can appreciate.  Being the outsider looking into a group of friends it can be hard for people to see a place where they could fit in that group and the prospect of trying to find a place can leave one feeling that they are acting very intrusive.  It’s much easier for many people to just, shy away from the situation rather than put themselves in the precarious social position of self-invitation.  What’s more striking about this situation is that it is not one that Stevonnie resolves for themselves. It is only the timely intervention of Kiki that allows Stevonnie to quell their fears and join the group, even though had they joined the girls of their own accord they would not have been rejected.  I think these few panels have a lot to teach us about shedding our own fears of social interaction and they should appreciated for this lesson and not be forgotten.

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hey I recently found out 4 webcomics that I think you should check out: Ava's Demon , ERMA(by BJSinc on deviant art) , Tamberlane and Scurry

I love webcomics! These seem interesting and I’ll definitely start looking into them a bit before reading. 

If anyone else is interested, this is what I’ve read about them (their descriptions):

  • Ava’s Demon
    • Description from Wikipedia: Ava’s Demon is set in a universe of interplanetary travel and advanced medical science, where certain people have obtained god-like powers through science. The comic follows Ava Ire, a child that has a personal demon urging her to commit suicide her entire life. When Ava learns about the demon’s motives, she accepts a mission from her in order to get a second chance for life
  • ERMA
    • Description from Tapas: Erma is like any other normal child. She goes to school, plays with friends, and even spends time with the family. It just so happens that she is the daughter of a ghostly spirit and tends to use her haunting abilities for everyday antics, whether for better or for worse.
  • Tamberlane
    • Description from the website: Belfry is forgetful, accident-prone, and not ready for responsibility, but a snap decision to take in a young, abandoned creature will change her life forever.In Treehollow, Belfry is well known as the bat with a heart of gold and penchant for accidents. All the residents love her and fear her in equal measures. So of course when she literally stumbles across a strange creature who seems to be some kind of abandoned kit, she wants to care for it… but is she truly up to the task? Or will it die a horrifying, accident-related death? 
  • Scurry
    • Description from Tapas: Scurry is a dark fantasy animal comic about a colony of mice in an abandoned house who are struggling to survive a long, strange winter. Being hunted by feral cats and predatory birds is part of life for these mice, but beyond the fences stalks something far more fearsome… 
Tomb Raider Casts Into the Badlands Star as Lara Croft's Partner
Warcraft star Daniel Wu has joined Warner Bros' Tomb Raider reboot as Lu Ren, a ship captain and Lara Croft's partner.

Lara Croft just found herself a partner. According to Variety, “Into the Badlands” star Daniel Wu has joined Warner Bros.’ “Tomb Raider” reboot as Lu Ren, “a ship captain who partners with Croft on a quest to find her father.”

Most recently, Wu appeared as Sunny in AMC’s “Into the Badlands,” a role he will reprise in the show’s second season, which airs this spring. His past credits also include “Warcraft,” “The Man With the Iron Fists” and more. He will join Alicia Vikander, who plays Lara Croft herself, as well as Walton Goggins, who will appear as the as-yet-unnamed antagonist of the film.

RELATED: Tomb Raider Reboot Adds Walton Goggins as Main Villain

Late last year, producer Graham King teased a few plot details, saying, “This is kind of what we call a ‘back to the roots story… This is a young Lara Croft in search to see if her father is dead or alive, so it has a very emotional part to it and I think that’s what Alicia [Vikander] found so interesting about it. I think the storytelling is really good and I think we’ve got the right crew and a great director and I think it’s going to be really fun making a film like this.”

Lara Croft’s last cinematic adaptation was 2003’s “Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life,” the second outing for original star Angelina Jolie. Dark Horse Comics recently published an ongoing “Tomb Raider” comic book series by writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Phillip Sevy which follows the game’s rebooted continuity — a road the film is reportedly poised to travel down as well.

Directed by Roar Uthaug, “Tomb Raider” is slated to hit theaters March 16, 2018.

The good news is not only the casting, but that we are FINALLY getting a new Tomb Raider movie.


Hi ya, I just recently found this AU out by watching the dubbed comic from PshattuckProductions. I don’t know If this comic is official to the storyline or not or if it’s fan art (I’m very new to this Axetale concept) But I have an idea I would like to share that maybe others will be interested in drawing or writing a fanfic about? I plan to draw it out too. This is going to be a long ass comment but please at least entertain the thought for a moment.

So like, It was left at Papyrus holding Sans and saying he would look after him just like Sans has done to him all his life.

It got me thinking as to how Papyrus spiralled in to his…‘state’ in Axetale in the first place. I like to think that Papyrus did just that, genuinely taking care of his brother very well for a few weeks, checking on Sans, encouraging him etc. even getting comments of admiration from Sans himself sometimes to show his appreciation. 

I like to think Papyrus held out for quite a while before submitting to the hunger.

I can picture in my head Sans locking himself in his room day in and day out after attacking Papyrus that night in the comic, much to Papyrus’s dismay, to give him (Sans) sometime to adjust to his new 'illness’ or whatever to keep Papyrus safe and so that he is stable enough before getting back to routine. Only coming out of his room when really needed.

So Papyrus goes out frequently or something to get food but because there isn’t much food available he ends up giving Sans his share most times with Sans unaware.

Even though Papyrus was lonely in the Undertale storyline, he becomes even more lonely (in Axetale) due to less contact with Sans and because of this, as well as the increasing exhaustion coming from starving himself and taking care of Sans, Papyrus with lots of spare time on his hands starts over thinking negative things all the time becoming more and more depressed, even though he shows Sans otherwise for the little amount of time they see each other.

He becomes more paranoid and scared around Sans, especially from wrongly translating the way Sans stares at him with his new eye colours and the hand gestures from Sans (which looks to Papyrus as Sans wanting to grab him and eat him/his soul then and there) and this encourages him all the more to continue giving Sans his share of food because, even though the hunger is different to normal hunger, it’s still some sort of way to quench Sans’s hunger for his brother during the customization phase. Sans starts to realise this fact from seeing the physical shaking Papyrus shows when handing Sans food, and also denying bed time stories when Sans begins to show he’s got a better grasp on controlling himself. 

“I’m sorry bro.”


“You. Being scared of me.”


And then one time when he’s out Papyrus witnesses something terrifyingly graphic which eventually sends him over the edge. (Scene being maybe Papyrus witnesses monsters tearing someone apart maybe innocent like children or something) I presume this AU is like Pneuma Rot where the bodies don’t turn to dust? Or at least last longer to be eaten? Because monsters eat eachother in this AU from what I’ve gathered. And their souls.

So anyway Papyrus comes back home and he’s in shock from what happened and as a self defense mechanism he starts daydreaming more and more off in his own world. Sans starts to wonder why Papyrus hasn’t checked on him, since Paps keeps to a tight schedule/pattern, and so for the first time comes out of his room. Sans is unaware just how bad outside has become and so is puzzled as to why Papyrus seems weird. (Maybe talking as if the world outside is still normal which causes Sans to worry and ask Paps if he’s alright - Sans also for the first time registers just how haggard Paps looks).

Then one day Papyrus doesn’t come to Sans’s room at all which yet again prompts Sans out of his room only this time to find Papyrus slumped on the floor downstairs unconscious. Sans panics and is at his bro’s side talking to him to try and wake him. Paps wakes up with the orange-like eyes Sans exhibits from the ‘hunger’ and Sans realises his bro’s submitted to it too.

Sans helps Paps to the sofa, Papyrus not being clear in the mind and talking nonsense to which Sans soothes him. Maybe at one point Paps attacks Sans and is extremely apologetic later even though Sans comforts Paps by saying it’s not his fault.

Paps isn’t clear thinking any more and for the first time in ages Sans takes back responsibility and goes out to find food. He then just finds out how much worse everything’s become and feels regret and guilt at the fact he let Papyrus experience this for so long on his own. No wonder why Papyrus has developed the self defence mechanism.

Then eventually from not being able to get food and fear of him and his brother turning on eachother because of the hunger’s influence Sans starts hunting other monsters just like everyone else, which also helps to keep his own hunger at bay especially for Papyrus’s soul. I like to think the hunger craves loved ones more.

Later on Aliza falls down and it goes from there. Sorry if I got some things wrong. I’m very new to this AU. Long ass comment but I’m trying to show my newfound love for Axetale.

B- This is perfect and very, very close to canon <3 you have it down pat, my friend!

Ooooold comics

Hey there beautiful people. Recently I’ve been having some feelings about Things Past, and I wanted to reflect on what my life was really like in my twenties. I went digging around in some old boxes and found piles of old sketchbooks (mostly full of anime drawings haha) and journals. But I also found a few treasures: art journals, and also little pages of comics that I had totally forgotten about. I generally consider I Do Not Have An Eating Disorder as the time I ‘started’ writing comics, but turns out I was getting acquainted with autobio comics a little before that. 

My question is, would anyone be interested in seeing these little pages? They’re mostly about how I was feeling at the time (spoiler alert: not great) and they may require some captioning because I seem to have had a habit of writing distressingly small because I was so ashamed of myself. My drawing style has evolved a bit since then so it’s somewhat embarrassing, but most of them are from my time living in Japan so there’s many Big Feelings. 

Let me know if it’s something worth posting or if I can safely tuck them back into their boxes to be looked at in another decade. 

All my love, 

Khale xox

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hey so um I'm 15 and I only just now started figuring out I'm attracted to other boys (I might be gay but I have no idea yet honestly) but I found your comic on tapas recently and it made me feel a lot better about the whole thing. it kind of makes me feel like what I feel isn't even a big deal and it's ok. so thank you a lot for making it.

Ahh I’m so glad I could ease your worries a little bit. You’ve got SO much time to figure things out, just go with the flow and I know you’ll find yourself when the time is right. <3

Archie Apologist???

A lot of people pointed out Archie seemed jealous about Bughead in the latest episode and while it could very likely be jealousy over their potential romance (with either Jughead or Betty, idk) I can’t help but think this is another layer of jealousy here.

My main points being:

1. He kind of doubts the depth (and maybe sincerity) of their romance, not because it happened too fast (for him) but because he was so out of the loop. He literally did not see this coming.

2. He probably worries if this is the best for his two best friends, given what they are going through.

Keep reading

I have many other vivid memories of Mishima, but I’ll save them for another time. “Romanesque,” the piece I wrote that summer, was praised by a few people, and it has been my fate ever since, in spite of utter lack of belief in myself, to carry on with my clumsy attempts at writing. Mishima is a place I’ll never forget. The impact that summer had on my life was such that it would scarcely be an exaggeration to say that all the work I’ve done since has been the result of what I learned there.

Dazai Osamu, “Alt Heidelberg”

”Romanesque” was included in Dazai’s first collection of stories, The Twilight Years. He often described it as his “debut work” and always seemed to remain quite fond of it, although some readers may be inclined to agree with this comment from “On The Twilight Years,” an essay he wrote in 1938: “‘Romanesque,’ for example, is full of comical absurdities, but it’s a bit out of control, so I can’t really recommend it all that highly” (Introduction to the Blue Bamboo short story collection).

The Twilight Years is the same as The Final Years or The Late Years.

*Also, the name “Mishima” in this story is referring to a town, not Mishima Yukio.

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My girlfriend is a really talented artist and had a little secret I recently found out about. She loves to draw nsfw cartoon comics. I was looknig through a sketchbook of hers and found a few from when she was younger. Then she came clean about it showing me a nice size collection on her laptop. I was amazed by both the skill and perversion. Now she role plays m/s d/d of cartoon characters while we have sex. The other day she brought a friend and they dressed at Betty and Wilma and I was Fred.

Haha, I’m glad you two are getting closer from this. That’s pretty awesome