I probably got ink wrong anyway

how fan girls/boys see Ink:

Ink is so precious and I absolutely adore how innocent he is #sopure

how Ink actually is:

I would sell you to satan for one- what was I saying.

anonymous asked:

I had a dream where ur in a floor of Joe Draw Studieos, i probably got that wrong, but anyway. There's like, 20 sheep! The building is colapsing and ur goal is the herd all these sheep to saftey. A few nights ago I had another dream where you find Sammy, but he's a cartooney version of a lupisvulpes sheep. He has a bell wrapped around his neck (signifiying he's the leader of a herd) and he got those weird antler's stuck in a vent. The goal is to free him. Maybe I should sleep less.

dude, warn people before you post chapter 4 spoilers