I need to practice ;A;

Keith: “Are you okay?”

Shiro: “Y-yeah… I just-…”

Or: The exact moment Shiro realized just how much smaller Keith was.

I’m working on some more emperor!Keith and champion!Shiro stuff at the moment (God I’m so gonna hurt myself with the next installation, oh dear…), but I had to take a break from everything and try and do some more full-body practice. I really love the drawing style of Voltron (all legs and stuff) and well…this one went a bit out of hand themewise, but oh well. I’m pretty proud of the outcome. :)

Something just clicked. An anonymous fear submitted to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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Happy Valentine day ,even for friends ,enemies,and all,hope you eat a lot of chocolate 


RM x Overalls💛✨💛✨ a concept that needs more appreciation!! i love kim namjoon bts’ resident fashionista can you believe how moe he is in overalls ungg

please click to full view!! the dashboard previews arent great > <