I need to fix that

Hey lovelies just a little heads up. I’m currently back to studying and I recently got some job offers for part time hours, which I need desperately. But on the other hand I’m also trying to keep up commissions and improving my art which resulted in me NOT able to draw and being super stressed about the job interviews, raging at my art and sleeping around 4 am….I am not managing my time well and I’m completely out of balance.

I ask of you peeps to be patient with me while I try to get everything running smoothly again because oh boi it is a mess right now. A hot mess.

Wish me luck tomorrow and hopefully I’ll be able to get outta bed in less then 3 hours….slap me u.u

Suh dudes~

This moment felt so Chase like.

I couldn’t resist c:

Sorry it’s so damn bright, I merged everything onto the white background and realised it too late to lowkey fix it.. XDDD

‘Did I even make a sound, will I ever make a sound?’
I love Connor so I’m gonna go cry in a corner now, bye

h-he bites

I know that I’ve made a foxy with his curtain animation before….but honestly, he’s kinda fun to animate! this isn’t super perfect and it’s very rough, so hopefully I can fix it up more in the future :D

just gotta,,, appreciate this

2doctober sketch #14 / WIP

I finally got around to drawing some G-Shock fanart!