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Request: Divergent imagine please? Reader is a badass leader/helps train initiates. Eric and reader have this mutual respect and are constantly flirting/sassing each other (shocks initiates after meeting eric first) and they finally get together? Love ur work

Warning: Mentions of sex.

A/N: Bruh, Eric. You’re the reason why I watched the movies ♥

It was the first official day of trainining the newcomers and you were, as always, a little bit late. It wasn’t your fault, no, it was Eric’s fault. He didn’t wake you up.

You entered the area and looked over to the initiates, everyone already warming up for a long day. 

“What a nice surprise, [Y/N].” Eric’s voice was deep and amused, and you spared him an annoyed glance before putting on a sweet fake-smile.

“Aw, can’t I visit my favourite leader to help him out with the dauntless wannabes?” 

He chuckled. “You came because it’s your job.”

“I came for that ass.” You slapped his ass and grinned when the initiates gasped and murmured among themselves. “It’s a fine ass. But I actually came to help you to train the initiates.” 

“You’re late.” He grinned, this teeth clearly showing. That Bastard, you thought.

“Oh, I wonder why… Ah right, had an okay-night with someone. Didn’t wake me up- what an ass.” 

“Hm, heard he was more than okay.” Eric stepped towards you and placed his hand on your hip to pull you to him, a naughty smirk graced his lips. “At least, your screams told me that otherwise.”

“Okay, it had been a good night, a hell of a ride, but you know what.” You slipped out of his grasp and turned to the initiates. “Next time I’m gonna kick your ass.”

“Be my girl.” Eric demanded suddenly, in mid of a training session, and you frowned.  

“I’m no one’s girl, Eric. Especially not yours.” 

“You’re right, you’re not to be owned by someone. Buy, maybe, just maybe, you’d like to go out with me? On a real date? Maybe, I can change your mind and make you mine.” He said, his facial expression soft, and he took your hand into his, a gesture that never happened before in public. 

“That would mean you’d be mine, too.” Something, a strange fluttering feeling in your stomach told you Eric meant what he’d said. 

“Oh, you already have me in your hands.”

You shook your head in disbelieve but smiled. “Is that so?” 


He leaned towards you and pressed his lips against yours, tenderly and then fiercely to give the newcomers a good show.

Can’t Remember to Forget You | x

Summary: When you almost die in battle, a distraught Bucky - afraid of what will become of him if he loses you - decides to end things. But what happens when he loses his memory, only to end up falling in love with you all over again?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

Warnings: Language

A/N: My baby has reached its end, and I could not be more proud and sad. Thank you to everyone who has stuck along for this journey - I know it was painful, but we’ve arrived. || crtfy masterlist

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The Arrangement: Chapter Fifteen

Author’s Note: THE FIRST KISS IS FINALLY HERE! Took me 15 chapters to build up to it lol so I hope I did it justice! I also hope you enjoy the chapter, feedback is always appreciated :)


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“Did we just have marriage counselling with the Supreme Leader?” You said when you entered your quarters.

Kylo removed his helmet, “It would seem so, Princess.”

“If I had known he would start asking those questions, I wouldn’t have—”

“Wouldn’t have told him, ‘we haven’t even kissed’?” Kylo asked, slightly amused as he imitated you.

You groaned, burying your face into your hands to avoid Kylo’s gaze, “I can’t believe I said that.”

“Yes, well you’re lucky he has a vested interest in you or you would have been dead before you could utter the word, ‘consummated’.”

“Ugh, how awful,” you whined as you re-lived the embarrassment over in your mind.

“At least I know what you’re thinking now.”

“What?” Your voice was muffled as you spoke into your hands.

“The only downside to teaching you to control your thoughts is that… well, that I can’t hear them anymore,” he hummed.

“You know that could be a new interrogation tactic. Just put them in front of Snoke for a few minutes and they’ll share everything.”

You heard Kylo’s faint laughter as he brought his hands to yours, gently prying them away from your face to meet your gaze, “Are you unhappy with your life here, Princess?” He asked quietly.

Slowly you shook your head, “No—No, of course not. What makes you ask that?”

“Snoke said that it’s my duty to make sure you’re content. Clearly he doesn’t think I’m doing a very good job of that.”

You smiled slightly, “Well I’m happy with the progress I’m making—I have you to thank for that, Commander.”

Kylo ignored your cheerful tone, “And yet you are still unhappy.”

“No. I’m not,” you said it firmly this time.

“You can hide your thoughts from me Y/N, but not your emotions. You’re discontent, I can feel it.”

It was then when you realised that Kylo’s hands were still over yours. He seemed to become aware of it in that moment too.

“Say something,” Kylo instructed. His voice barely above a whisper now.

You sighed, “Why… um, why… haven’t you kissed me yet?”

So that was the source of your unhappiness, Kylo thought. “Why, do you want me to?”

“I asked you a question first.”

Kylo frowned slightly, “Because I’m…” he let out a sigh, “I’m afraid, Princess.” It was as if it pained him to even admit it.

“Of what?”

“Of you… I mean, of losing you, of—of caring too much for you, even loving you.”

“It’s a kiss, Kylo. You’re not going to go falling in love with me because of one kiss.” You half-laughed as you recited the same words he had recently said to you.

But Kylo wasn’t laughing. His expression was firm, but it was as if his eyes glistened with a confusing mixture of sadness and desire.

“It’s been a long time since I have cared for anyone as much as I care for you, Y/N. ” he said finally.

You stayed silent. Hesitantly, you reached out your hand to brush his cheek. You didn’t know what was compelling you to do it, but as soon as you did, Kylo was leaning in to your touch.

You inched closer to him and he responded by doing the same. Your heart racing as your eyes glanced over his plump lips.

You noticed Kylo doing the same to you and when he met your gaze again, his eyes seemed to be asking for your permission to continue. You have a quick nod as Kylo’s lips hovered ever so slightly above yours. Even now, with the moment so close, he was cautious.

“Kylo…” your voice came out as whisper, sounding almost desperate.

Kylo responded immediately as he pressed his lips against yours. You let out an involuntary gasp at how well his lips seemed to meld with your own. He softly guided your mouth against his own and it felt right. It felt perfect.

But before you could deepen the kiss, Kylo parted from you. Your fingers moved up to trace the outline of your lips, eager to retrace the movements of Kylo’s lips working with yours.

“I– I shouldn’t have done that, forgive me, Y/N.”

You frowned, “Kylo, we are bound by the Force, and by this marriage… I know you won’t hurt me,” you said when you had gathered your thoughts. You knew this was playing on Kylo’s mind.

“How do you know that?”

“I just… do,” you said quietly, “I—I trust you.”

“I don’t even trust myself,” he huffed, “I’ve betrayed the people I care about before. Do you know that?”

You were at a loss for what to say. “Kylo—” you reached out to him.

“I’ve hurt the people I care about—even… even killed them, Y/N,” Kylo’s voice was breaking now as he stepped away from you. The sphere of intimacy quickly diminishing. “Y-you shouldn’t trust me.”

“But I do,” you pressed, moving towards him as he took another step back, “Who you were, it’s not who you are now. You’ve changed. I’ve seen it. I can feel it, Kylo. You truly care about me, not just for the sake of this damn political alliance!”

“You are too good for this, Y/N, too pure, too innocent.”

“What are you talking about, Kylo?!” You snapped. The tension had been building since you entered your quarters.

“Did you not hear what I said?! I have hurt the people I care about, I’ve—”

“I don’t want to hear about that!” You stopped him as you inched closer, and this time he didn’t step away from you, “Kylo, you are… stubborn, yes. You get agitated easily… But you are also kind— Don’t you dare deny it,” you stopped him as his mouth opened to protest.

“You didn’t have to take me to see my family, you didn’t have to keep me warm that night on Ilum… you don’t even have to talk to me half as much as you do!” It was like you were pleading with him to see himself as you saw him, “You have shown me more kindness than I ever thought you were capable of. Telling me about what you’ve done in the past… it means nothing when I have proof that you have goodness in your heart, Kylo.”

Just as he had on previous occasions, Kylo felt the need to tell you everything about his past. But your expression was one of compassion… As if you had already forgiven him without first hearing what he was guilty of.

“I just wish you would have known me as the man I once was. Before all of this. That was a man you could have placed all your trust in to. A man you could have loved, and who would love you back unconditionally. Without a care in the Galaxy.”

You were puzzled slightly by his comment, but you confidently took your hand in his once more, “I know you now. I care for you now. In time, perhaps you will tell me more about your past. But not now. Not like this.”

Kylo nodded slowly, his eyes firmly meeting your own, "I worry that your trust in me may be misguided. As your mentor, certainly not. But as your husband…”

“My trust in you as my husband is entirely different. In our marriage, we are equals, remember? You are free to be vulnerable, to be afraid, even to be happy. As am I. Trust will come from our ability to confide in one another.”

Kylo was smiling slightly, “I want you to be happy, Y/N, I truly do. If that means making this marriage work, I will endeavour to do my best. For you.”

“Now that was spoken like a true husband,” you teased.

Kylo chuckled at that as be brought his lips up to brush the top of your hair. You froze in initial surprise before relaxing at his touch. This felt like the beginning of something wonderful, you were certain.

“Don’t think that this changes anything in the training room, Y/N.” You were half expecting such a comment.

“Oh, of course not. It just means I can kiss you after I send you plummeting to the ground,” you smirked.

“Care to prove it?” Kylo asked as he walked towards the blast door.

“It would be my pleasure.”

“To think,” Kylo started as the blast doors opened, “All we needed was marriage advice from a hologram.”

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Never Have I Ever and Chill - Markson x Reader

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members: mark and jackson
rating: nc-17
genre: smut
word count: 3098

summary: you like to spoil the boys with relaxing, fun nights where they can let loose and forget about their busy schedules whenever you get the chance. you don’t expect it to turn into you and your boyfriend hooking up with his best friend. 

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Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (12)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 12 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 3,700 (ish) 

But what I really wanted to say was happy birthday to: @itsp-erf I hope you had an amazing day. So my present to you is some birthday fluff.
…with some angst. Lol, sorry. Enjoy.

You moved back in your seat, Yuna cowering behind you. Jongdae’s hands were shaking, gripping his diary tightly his knuckles had turned white and his eyes were glazed over.

“I SAID WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” He screamed at you, his saliva spraying on your cheek. You winced at his volume, he was absolutely raging and you could see it. It was ironic that the time you were most scared of Jongdae was when he wasn’t armed with a weapon.

You stuttered, slipping up your words. “We were cleaning…and it was just there- and—”

“You decided to read it, even though it said private and confidential.” Jongdae finished the sentence for you, his voice laced with venom. He inched closer towards you and Yuna, his shoulders growing broader by the second.
“What part of private and confidential did you ladies not understand?” He stuck his hand out a grabbed your jaw roughly.
“I’ve never liked you Y/N.” He hissed silently. “In fact I don’t like the both of you. Acting like you’ve been through the most when you haven’t. You’ve only been involved in this mess for a second.” He stopped talking, grabbing your jaw harder. You were scared that he was going to break it, you tried moving your head backwards out of his grip, but it was no use.
“Breathe a word of what’s in here to anyone and I will come for you. For both of you.” He dropped his hand from your face and stormed out of the room. Your breathing was heavy as you tried to compose yourself.

“Y/N are you okay?” Yuna asked her voice small beside you. You had no words, you were still in shock. All you could do was nod. You were praying to God that that was an empty threat, but you were sure that it wasn’t.

It took you and Yuna a while to calm down, but in the end you were forced to be okay as a few of the men came to join you both in the living room to watch some television. You were now sat there with Chanyeol, Kyungsoo, Tao, Baekhyun and Jongin. Chanyeol, you noticed was still avoiding your gaze and it was making you feel extremely uncomfortable.

Baekhyun flicked through the channels unimpressed by everything he was seeing.

“Ughh, everything is a repeat or just shit.” He said.

You grabbed the remote from him, making him stop at noir romance film. He rolled his eyes at the dialogue of one of the female characters.

“Love is all you need in life to make you happy. You just need to fall really deep.”

“Yuck. Bullshit.” Baekhyun pushed two fingers inside of his mouth, pretending to gag and vomit, making Tao snicker beside him as though he were a school kid.

“That is not bullshit.” You protested. “It’s true, you just need to find someone that can help you find a release from the darkness of mundane life.”

“Yeah like marrying the man that tried killing you multiple times. Ahhh Love. What a beautiful thing.” Baekhyun smiled, causing Tao to laugh yet again. He rose his hand in the air giving Baekhyun a high-five. You frowned at them, why did everyone treat your love as a joke. Sure, it started in the most unconventional way, but it had blossomed into something much more.

“Hey!” Yuna intervened noticing how upset you were. “Love is no joke. Kyungsoo would know, right Kyungsoo?”

You all looked over at him. His eyes were open wide, he was not expecting to receive the limelight but all of a sudden there it was.

“I…uh… well I wouldn’t call it love.” He stuttered nervously, keeping his eyes on his lap. “But it certainly feels nice to have someone I guess…”

Yuna smiled and crossed her arms over her chest as though she had just proven a point.

“What’s gotten into you Soo. I’m sure you used to be the most emotionally void out of all of us?” Baekhyun scoffed causing the rest to laugh.
“Listen, I’m enjoying life being single. Women are a hassle.”
Tao nodded in agreement.

“Besides I’d rather get my life straightened out first before I even think about it.” Tao mumbled, leaning back in his space beside Baekhyun and closing his eyes.

“Jongin, what about you?” You asked.

“Well, I’ll have to start my search all over again won’t I?” He looked at you in the most cunning way, no doubt throwing some hidden meanings at you. You rolled your eyes in response to his remark and focused your attention back to the rest of the group.

“What about you Chanyeol?” Yuna asked him. You had realised he was not even paying attention to the conversation, in fact he wasn’t even looking in your direction.

“Hmm?” His eyes widened, he turned his head looking at you and averted his gaze straight away when he realised you were staring back. Something was seriously off with Chanyeol and you were hoping it had nothing to do with those motives that Tao had presented to the table a while back.

“Love. What do you think about it?” Yuna continued. But you were too occupied with listening to a voice outside of the living room to even care about Chanyeol’s answer.

“Where’s Y/N?” The voice asked.

It was Minseok.

You jumped up from your seat and ran outside of the living room, wrapping your hands around your husband’s neck.

“Not down here. They’ll think something is up.” He whispered in your ear as he took a hold of your hand and led you upstairs.

You both sat on the edge of the bed in silence. It was comfortable albeit awkward all at the same time.

“I’m glad you’re okay Min. I was scared you’d go and do something irrational.”
He hummed lightly, letting you know he had acknowledged what you said but he didn’t respond verbally, making you feel anxious.

“Minseok…what my dad said I’m sorry, I –”
You were cut off by Minseok’s lips crashing against yours; they were soft and moved against yours with purpose as they always did. He handled you with such care; he deepened the kiss before he pulled away again.

“Look I don’t care about your dad Y/N. I thought about it and he can’t make me doubt my love for you. He’s not allowed to do that. I love you so much and I know that I do. But-”
Minseok stood up and began pacing quickly around the room. But what? Why did he end on a but? You were beginning to feel really scared and nervous; your heart was beating wildly against your chest.

“Minseok. Stop that. Sit down.” You frowned, growing more apprehensive by the second. He sat down next to you, his legs bouncing up and down.
“Stop that Minseok! You’re making me feel uncomfortable!” You placed your hand above his knees to stop his legs from bouncing. “And finish your sentence! But what?”

He looked you in your eyes and sighed quietly.

“I’m sorry, I just did some thinking. Your father got me thinking. There are so many ways in which I want to tell you but I just can’t figure out the correct words…”

“What is it Min?” You voice wavered, you were sure that your heart was going to beat through your chest and fall to the ground at any moment.

“I just can’t find words that really convey it all…”

“I thought we agreed on no more lies and secrets.” You were panicking now, your eyes were darting everywhere and your palms were becoming sweaty, what was he trying to tell you?

“It’s not a lie or secret.” He stood up again, looking down at you on the bed. “I’ve told you multiple times before and you already know, it’s just that I’m not good at expressing emotions, I never have been have I? And although I’ve said this countless times day-in and day-out it is more or less robotic. But I want it to have a real meaning and I want you to feel my sincerity –”

“MINSEOK!” You shouted, interrupting his rant. He was going round in circles and quite frankly you had enough of waiting.

“I love you Y/N! Okay!?” He sank down on the bed next to you taking a hold of your hands and shaking them ever so slightly whilst looking into your eyes. Into your soul.

“Are you kidding me Minseok? I already know that.”

“No but you don’t Y/N! You don’t! And I need you to know. I realised today that I know just how much I love and maybe your dad doesn’t but that doesn’t bother me. But I don’t know if you really know just how much….I love you. And I need you to know that I really mean that. Because although I say it a lot, the reality is that I don’t say it enough.”
He sighed out loud and waited for a response. You really didn’t know what had brought all of this up but you were glad to hear it

“I know you love me Min, I love you too.” You cooed pecking his lips.

“But no you don’t Y/N, you don’t understa – wait.” He slipped off of the bed and knelt down on the floor pulling a small box out from underneath. You were confused and intrigued simultaneously. Sitting back on the bed again. He lifted the lid revealing a small duck egg blue envelope. He picked it up slowly and carefully handed it over to you.

“This…” He spoke in almost a whisper. “I wrote it for you  the night we got married when you fell asleep. I was supposed to give it to you the night we argued; when Yixing showed up. I vowed to myself that I would give you this letter when we were going through hardships or strain but I never did because I was scared you wouldn’t reciprocate the feeling in the exact same way. But I guess now is as good a time as any.”
You opened the envelope and unfolded the sheet of paper; clearing your throat you began to read:

Dear Mrs Kim Minseok,

My beautiful wife, I’m still in awe that I get to write wife down on this paper. I still hasn’t registered. My heart is too full to speak the words that I’m about to write, so the best way to express myself is by putting pen to paper. Let me start by saying you’re the best gift I’ve ever received, even more than life itself.
You’re perfect in every way and I would never change a thing about you. My waking and resting prayer is that you remain healthy and by my side ‘til death do us part. You’re a breath of fresh air and an internal light in this world full of darkness.
Words cannot express the feelings I experience when I see your face, my love grows deeper and my heart grows fonder. You dragged me out of the hole that I dug myself into and I’m forever grateful. You made me the man I am today and I am forever in your debt and although my parents never had the pleasure of meeting you. I know they would be happy.
If ever I shout and push you away then know that it is not my intention. If your love for me ever falters re-read this letter and you’ll remember why it is that you are wearing that ring.
I will always protect you.
A King never leaves his Queen.

Min x

You took a deep breath in, the paper shaking in your hands then suddenly you burst out crying, tears were streaming down your face, you were choking on air as you slipped your free hand into Minseok’s.

“Y/N?” He whispered puzzled by your reaction. “I wasn’t supposed to make you cry. I didn’t want to make you upset.” Minseok had been a ‘bad boy’ for such a long time, that he still didn’t know how to register positive emotions from time to time. You shook your head.

“No Minseok. I’m not crying because I’m sad, I’m crying because I’m happy. I love you so much too. And this…” You held up the letter in your hand, “is absolutely beautiful.”
He pulled you in closer kissing you again. This one more deep and passionate than the first and within the kiss you could taste Minseok’s salty tears. Shocked, you moved back to look at him.

“I love Y/N. I don’t know if you know how much but you saved me from myself, you really did. Thank you.”

You woke up in a great mood the next day, you were sat next to Chanyeol around the dining table eating breakfast, he was still avoiding you, but you didn’t care, not today because all you could think about was your husband’s love letter.

“Hey Y/N I’m going shopping want to come?” Yuna waltzed into the kitchen, her perfume wrapping itself around your nose.

“Yes I don’t see why not.” You smiled, noticeably more brightly than usually. She smiled back at you nodding.

“Actually do you ladies mind if I tag along? I need to a few bits and pieces. I’ll give you a lift.” Minseok put down his unfinished slice of toast and rose from his seat.

“Of course that’s fine the more the merrier.” Yuna bowed politely at Minseok, stepping aside and letting him pass so he could get his car keys.
You made your way to the car sitting in the back with Yuna whilst Minseok sat in the drivers seat.

“Actually is it okay if we stop at the doctors near the shopping centre first?” Yuna asked, shifting forward in her seat and leaning towards Minseok.

“Doctors?” He frowned, keeping his eyes glued on the road

“Yeah I need to pick up my prescription. I have this weird condition. You see I can’t breathe efficiently as my muscles contract too often and for prolonged periods of time, so I have this nasal spray which helps the muscle relax temporarily. They tried operating once but it still didn’t have the desired effect.” She leaned back and faced you pointing at her nose. You squinted, nodding your head, it was right you could see a small red scar left behind under her left nostril.
“They suggest strong smells help with it too, so if I’m not brewing coffee then I’m wearing extremely strong perfume.”
Your eyes widened. So that’s why she always wore that specific type of perfume, now it made sense. Minseok nodded from the front seat indicating right to the road she needed.
 Not even five minutes later and Yuna was back with her prescription nasal spray. She instantly sprayed some up her nose as she sat in the car.

“Ahh sweet relief.” She smiled, resting her head back against the seat. Minseok began driving again back towards the shopping centre, it was bright but still there were not many people out since it was a Sunday.

“Ooo Minseok look”. You pointed to your right. It was a crêpe stand. The both of you loved crêpes and if you had your way, you would eat them every day. He quickly flicked his head to the right and focused back on the road again.

“Maybe next time, hmm? I don’t want to prolong your girly outing.”

“Don’t be silly.” Yuna shook her head. “You’re not prolonging anything. Look, stop here and I’ll get them. Are Chocolate and cinnamon okay?” She asked, grabbing her purse from the car floor. You nodded as Minseok pulled up once again. Chocolate and Cinnamon were your favourites.

Yuna hopped out of the car with her purse walking over to the crêpe stand. You let out a sigh of happiness, staring adoringly at your husband in the front seat who you noticed was looking at you through the rear view mirror.

“This time tomorrow it’s only me and you, you know that right? Maybe I can get round to showing you just how much I love you then.” He winked at you making your body tingle as you giggled childishly.

“Yeah that sounds good.” You half-whispered, feeling mischievous for talking about it when Yuna wasn’t even 5 feet away.

“Of course it does.” Minseok hummed, smiling he turned his head to the side to see how far ahead Yuna had gotten, just then you noticed that his smile had faded and melted into a frown. He pointed at Yuna.
“What the fuck is that?!” He said abruptly, You squinted, confused at what he was talking about. All you could see was one of the crêpes that she was holding in her hand. When he noticed you still hadn’t replied he shouted again.
“On her left shoulder Y/N look!” You squinted again, this time your eyes widened and your mouth dropped open in surprise. You could see a small red laser light hovering on her shoulder and slowly making its way up to the side of her head.

Someone was about to shoot her.
“Fuck!” Minseok shouted, hurriedly winding down the window closest to Yuna. “Yuna get down now!”

“Huh?” She turned around confused, squinting at Minseok.

Her eyes widened as she squatted to the ground, a loud bang ringing out into the bright sky concurrently. Your heart was banging against your chest all you could hear was screams of the people standing around the stand who were now beginning to runaway. You looked down from you window to see Yuna crouched down breathing heavily in and out her eyes opened wide in shock. The crêpe that was once in her hand now scattered in little bits on the grey pavement below her. You opened your car door so you could help her off of the floor.

“No Y/N don’t get out!” Minseok shouted, not because he was angry at you but because he was still in shock. He opened his door and slipped out rushing over to the other side and helped Yuna into the passenger seat beside him. She was still frozen, her breathing still heavy she was staring at nothing in particular.

“Yuna are you okay?” Minseok whispered, placing a hand on her shoulder. Suddenly she burst out crying her body shaking uncontrollably and her face a bright tint of red. “Hey shhhh. It’s okay we’ll get you home back to Junmyeon okay?” Minseok turned the keys and began driving the car, making a U-turn speeding back home.

He carried Yuna into the living room bridal style, where everyone was sitting, everyone but Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Jongdae. You frowned.

“Where are the other three?” You stared around the room.

“I don’t know, they went out or something. I couldn’t give a shit, tell me what the fuck happened.” Junmyeon panicked rushing up to Yuna who was now sitting on the sofa still crying hysterically.

“She was shot at, but luckily they missed.” Minseok breathed out heavily looking over his shoulder at you to check if you were okay. “She’s in a lot of shock Junmyeon.”

“Can everyone please just get out!” Junmyeon raised his voice, shock evidently consuming him whole too, but nobody protested against his wishes in fact you all did as you were told and exited quickly.

You were glad she had survived it at least.

“Are you alright Y/N?” Minseok asked worried, pulling you into a hug. You nodded, you felt a bit bad because if you hadn’t pointed out the stand she wouldn’t have gotten out of the car, but other than that you were okay. Everything was getting crazy and thoughts were buzzing about in your head. Who could’ve known the three of you were leaving the house, were you being trailed? And where were Baekhyun, Jongdae and Chanyeol? You were trying your hardest to stay positive but it was proving to be quite difficult.

“I wonder if that bastard is still out there.” Minseok grunted running towards the board, he then returned with a gun in his hand, pushing it into his back pocket and walking over to the door.

“Minseok, where are you going?” You cried, pulling on his sleeve but he shrugged you off.

“I need to keep all of us safe Y/N. I need to keep you safe. What if it’s you next time huh?” He shook his body and opened the front door.

“Well I’m coming with you.” Without letting him say another word you rushed out of the house and up to the car. He knew that once you had made your mind up it would be extremely hard to convince you otherwise. Sighing heavily he shook his head and unlocked the car, lowering himself into the driver’s seat.

“I’m not happy about this Y/N.” He mumbled, slowly moving the car forward.

“I know Min, but I doubt the persons still there. They’re probably long gone, but I guess we can try figuring out where exactly he was standing at the time.” He grunted in response, still not happy that you were in the car with him. How was he supposed to keep you safe if you were there too.
“If you make me get out, I’ll take the bus instead.” You threatened, making him sigh at how difficult you were being. He started driving a little faster and you were satisfied that you had gotten your way.

Five minutes into the journey you frowned, looking at the rear view mirror.

“Minseok. That car has been behind us for a while now…”

His eyes widened as he looked up at the mirror too.

“What!?” I’ll try losing them. Are you sure Y/N?”

But before you could answer, you felt a sharp searing pain as the car rammed itself into you. You skidded off of the road and onto the pavement crashing into a nearby Oak tree. Glass was flying everywhere and an airbag popped out before the world went pitch black.

First-Date BAIT! Drabble

Read the original: First-Date BAIT!
Read more at Service Series

Words: 1.6k
Genre: Smut
Warning: Begging, a bit of dirty talk, swearing, light bondage, choking, heaven have mercy on my soul. 
I figured…since I talked so much about their kinks, mind as well. 

The back of your knee hits the edge of the bed and you fall onto the soft mattress, bouncing for a moment before he’s on you again.

“You like this don’t you?” His hot breath and husky voice fans over the shell of your ear, making you swallow hard and he smirks. Yoongi moves his swollen lips down along your neck, nipping at your skin and only enjoying it more as you squirm underneath him. “You want me to touch you, right?”

“Hurry up.”

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what do you call a rose

On AO3

The McCall Pack is legendary. It’s made up entirely of bitten wolves and other creatures led by a True Alpha with a deadly second and an even more deadly Emissary. Rumors say they’ve tamed a kanima and somehow snared a banshee.

Unfortunately, the pack is living on Hale land and it doesn’t sit well with Laura. So she contacts the Alpha, informing him of her decision to move her pack of five back to California. It takes less than a week to come up with a compromise.

The agreement is simple, worked out mainly over email with a few phone calls between Laura and the True Alpha. Derek will marry into the pack and in exchange, the remaining members of the Hale pack will have protection and the right to their family lands. It is a fair trade and a sacrifice Derek is more than willing to make to keep his little family safe.

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The Arrangement: Chapter 12

Author’s Note: Quicker update this time!! I’ve gotten a bit off track with the storyline lol so this is a bit of a filler but I hope you all like it :)

I hope you enjoy and feedback is always appreciated!


Originally posted by dentistas-en-mis-noches

“I…I really am sorry, you know,” Kylo said before you both walked up the ramp of the Command Shuttle.

“Perhaps you’re forgetting that you don’t let me know… Anything,” you mumbled.

He sighed, but his expression told you he was half expecting you to not give up so easily, “I mean it.” 

A smirk danced across your mouth, “Well I’m not sorry for pushing you over.”

“I don’t expect you to be,” Kylo said, his tone returning back to normal now.

“Good. And I meant what I said. If you even think about trying that again, I’ll—” 

“I’m perfectly aware of your capabilities, Princess. I already promised it won’t happen again.”

You nodded, “Then I suppose I promise not to ‘pry’—as you called it. Though I really wish you would be honest with me. I’ve hidden nothing from you.”

“I tell you everything you need to know,” Kylo was getting tired of the same argument you seemed to be starting over and over.

“But not everything I want to know.”

“No. I suppose I don’t.” Kylo responded. You were slightly taken aback by his agreement with you, but when he said nothing else you decided to end the discussion.

“If the lovebirds needed their space, they could have just asked for it,” Hux sang as you and Kylo appeared at the top of the ramp.

“Shut up,” you sneered as you strode into the cockpit. In all the commotion, you had nearly forgotten about the pilot that was also on board. 

“Have you connected through to the Base yet, James?” 

“Yes, Your Highness,” he said, standing up hurriedly when he saw you enter, “A starship has been deployed, it will be here by morning.”

You breathed a sigh of relief, giving him a quick smile before exiting the cockpit. 

Your gaze immediately went to Hux, who looked at you with an amused expression.

“Something funny, General?”

“Just admiring your attire, Your Highness,” he smirked.

You hid your embarrassment well as you remembered you were still wrapped in Kylo’s robe. You shrugged it off hastily and went to find Kylo, who had stalked off into his small quarters.

You entered the room to find Kylo leaning with his back against the wall, eyes closed in what seemed to be a state of deep thought. Was he…meditating? 

“What is it Princess?” Kylo slowly opened his eyes but kept his gaze fixated on the floor.

“I came to give you this…” you said, handing him his robe. 

“Keep it.”

“I can’t say it’s something I would wear,” you said, amused by his response.

“I mean it keep it for now. The Shuttle’s power is minimal, it’s not like being inside here is any warmer than being out there,” he gestured to the viewport. 

“…But won’t you need it to stay warm?” You asked, trying to push the robe back to him.

“I think I’ve caused you enough harm today, Princess. Besides, what good will an apprentice be if they’re ill?”

You hesitated for a moment before realising he wasn’t going to take no for an answer, “Well thank you, then.”

He nodded in response.

“W-What were you doing when I walked in?” You couldn’t help but ask.

Kylo shrugged, “Thinking.”

“About what? I um… I can’t hear your thoughts,” you thought you would add that detail.

“I know.”

You looked puzzled. What about this bond he had just told you about? “Well can you hear my thoughts?”

“Do you even need to ask?”

You frowned, “Teach me how to control them.” 

“I can’t teach you how to control your thoughts, Y/N. They are your own,” Kylo responded.

You rolled your eyes, “You know what I mean. You can influence our… mental connection far more than I can. I want you to show me how.”

Kylo pondered your request for a moment before nodding, “As you wish.” 

You also nodded in response before wavering. Where exactly were you meant to go now? The Shuttle was only so big, and you knew that Kylo couldn’t stalk off at night as he usually did… Well, unless he wanted to freeze out on the planet’s surface.

“There are no beds on board, I’m afraid.”

“O-oh,” you said, half in surprise that he was listening to your thoughts.

Kylo seemed to smile slightly at that, “Only when you project your thoughts, Y/N.”

You furrowed your brows. This was funny to him? Before you could retort with something witty, Kylo spoke.

“Just… Stay in here until morning,” he suggested.

“Oh right, I suppose Hux and James will be expecting us to anyway.” You said, recalling how Kylo had acted when your mother had visited your room back in the Palace.

Kylo huffed, “I don’t care what they expect. This room will be warmer with two people in it, that’s all.”

That seemed fair. You looked around for something comfortable to lean on, but soon realised that aside from the metal desk and chair in the centre of the room, it was entirely empty.

You settled on the far right corner of the room, shifting until you found a position that would be decent enough for you to find sleep with. Closing your eyes, you nestled your head into the crook of your arm, the exhaustion finally catching up to you. You let out a sigh as a sudden feeling of warmth embraced you… Wait.

Your eyes snapped open and you gasped slightly when you realised you were face to face with Kylo.

He looked at you confusedly, “What?”

You stood up quickly, steadying yourself against the wall, “W-what are you doing?”

“I was trying to go to sleep.”

You scoffed, “Is this a game to you?! 

Kylo’s eyes narrowed, “Not that I play games, Princess, but I don’t think sleeping counts as one.”

“Well w-why do you have to sleep next to me?”

“We’re trying to stay warm aren’t we…?” He seemed genuinely confused by your agitation.  

“Well then I would rather be cold, thank you,” you mumbled as you walked to the opposite corner of the room.

Your reaction was not quite what Kylo had expected, but he shrugged as he watched you settle into your new sleeping space.

Kylo lied down again, crossing his arms as he stared up at the ceiling. On the other side of the room, you were doing the same. 

“I don’t understand you, Princess.”

“Good,” you said quietly as you nestled into a comfortable position, the warmth from Kylo’s robe helping you drift off to sleep.

“For someone who wants me to be closer to them, you have an odd way of showing it,” he observed.

“I didn’t literally mean I want you physically close to me,” you said, trying to hide your embarrassment as you said those words out loud.

Certainly, you had shared a bed before. But it was as if this side of Kylo was entirely new to you. Perhaps it was because he felt bad for how he treated you… but still, it felt so sudden. You were so used to the cold and distant Kylo. 

But this version of the man was different. He seemed to show that he cared more outwardly… he was almost affectionate.

You could hear Kylo’s footsteps approach you, and you opened your eyes ready to protest.

“—Before you say anything, me keeping you warm doesn’t mean that you’re going to go falling in love with me, Princess,” Kylo said.

You groaned, “When we get back to the Base, the first thing you’re doing is teaching me how to keep you out of my head.” 

“Done,” he smirked, “Now go to sleep, we have a long journey back tomorrow.” 

You couldn’t deny that you were thankful for his presence beside you as a feeling of warmth coursed through you once more.

“Goodnight, Princess,” he said sleepily.

“Goodnight, Commander,” you mumbled, only half-awake now as you recalled the first time you had uttered those exact words to one another. Though it had only been a matter of weeks, you felt now more than ever that perhaps you finally getting through to the man Kylo really was underneath that brooding exterior. 

He still had his bad temper. He was still incredibly stubborn. But then again, so were you. It was like the more time you would spend with one another, even when arguing, was time in which you learned more and more about the other person.

Kylo’s words echoed in your mind, and you prayed to the Maker that they weren’t being projected in to his at that moment. Doesn’t mean that you’re going to go falling in love with me, Princess.

The trouble was, you were starting to feel like that was exactly what you wanted to.

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anonymous asked:

Could I request a Shance sickfic? Something like... Lance has been pining for years and because of an extraordinary set of circumstances him and Shiro are on the same team. Lance wants to keep up a good appearance in front of Shiro, but one day during a training simulation Lance is supposed to be providing sniper cover but keeps missing. He's feeling dizzy, head pounding, body aching. Lance tries to just say he's had a bad day and goes to his room, but Shiro follows to check on him (1/2)

eee thank you so much for the adorable request, I love sick!shance and I love it!! :’> I have pretty much written this as prompted, I hope you enjoy! <3! [ Ao3 link ]

“You can do this,” says Pidge, she sits cross-legged on Lance’s bed as Lance paces back and forth. “That’s why they chose you, Lance. Because you have the scores.”

“They chose me because I’m the very last option!” Lance wails, runs his hands through his hair until it sticks out at several odd angles. “Keith’s sick. You’re sick. And now your brother’s sick. There are literally no other walking, talking cadets who aren’t on other missions. Like, I appreciate the pep talk and all, but-”

“-actually,” interrupts Pidge, while Lance collapses face-first on the mattress.

“-actually,” Pidge starts again, laughing as Lance rolls over, face hidden behind his palms as he makes a dramatic groan of despair. “With Matt out of action, the simulation was supposed to be cancelled. But then Shiro asked for you as a replacement.”

Lance holds his breath, it takes a second to sink in. Then he lets it out in a rush, sits upright and-

“What?” Lance blurts.

“Shiro asked for you,” says Pidge, sincere. “You. Specifically. Matt said he even had to get special permission, since you haven’t clocked up enough training hours yet.”

“…special permission…?” says Lance, his voice high and rising. “We are talking about the same Shiro, right? First-class-honours Shiro? Beat-the-record-on-his-first-go Shiro? Youngest pilot with a level ten clearance Shiro?

“Lance,” Pidge says softly. She bumps Lance’s ankle with her sock, her gaze steady when he manages to look at her. “You can do this.”

Lance fumbles with the sights on his blaster, the practice weapon nearly clatters to the ground.

“Apologies,” Shiro says quickly, his hand half-raised and his mouth parted in surprise. “I didn’t mean to startle you, I-”

Lance shakes his head, breathes out a laugh as Shiro offers a sheepish smile, then a handshake.

“-I just wanted to thank you for coming on board. I know it was really last minute.”

“Oh no way, I’m happy to,” Lance babbles, the tips of his ears flush warm as he grips Shiro’s hand. “I think I’m just a bit jumpy, you know? I really want to do my best for the team.”

Lance half-expects Shiro to dismiss it, focus more, stress less, that sort of thing. But then Shiro nods, he pulls himself up on the bench beside Lance.

“If there’s anything I can help with out there, just yell,” says Shiro. “Whatever happens, remember we’re all here for you too.”

Lance leans his head back against the wall, feels his heartbeat slowly ease, his fingers no longer shaky. He never, never in a billion years, expected to be waiting outside the training simulator with Takashi Shirogane.

Even less, feel like he was actually meant to be there.

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I need to stop thinking so much about the tragedy of SW.

So I was up early waiting for Eurovision to start, and it struck me that actually, there were still quite a few characters around as of RotJ who could have had some idea about Luke’s parentage but canonically either never did or never said. And then this popped into my head.

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tododeku; a lil bit of fluff after some hero business.
prompt - sleeping in someone’s lap

He wakes up to someone running their fingers through his hair. It’s nice, soothing, reminds him of when he was still small enough to fit on his mother’s lap, and the steady rhythmic movements almost lulls him back to sleep.

“I know you’re awake.”

Blinking his eyes open slowly, the first thing he sees is Todoroki’s face, shadowed by his hair falling into his face. Izuku has never been this close to the other hero before, so he stays still. He’s not sure how he managed to land himself in Todoroki Shouto’s lap of all people, but he’s not about to complain. 

“How are you feeling?” Todoroki asks, his fingers still carding through Izuku’s curls. “You passed out after dragging the last civilian from the rubble.”

“Oh. I’m okay. Tired.” Izuku presses a hand to his eyes. “Did—are they—I mean, did we—?”

“Yes.” Todoroki knows exactly what he’s asking, because as heroes it’s always the first question they have, no matter the situation. “We succeeded in defeating the villain. No civilians were fatally harmed.” He brushes Izuku’s bangs away from his face. “You did a good job this time, as well.”

Todoroki’s expression is the same stoic blankness as it has been in all the years Izuku knows him. But his eyes, if the hopeless romantic inside of Izuku isn’t playing tricks on him again, look down at him with almost… a certain fondness. Before he’s even aware of the movement, his hand is already reaching up and touching Todoroki’s face.

“… Midoriya?”

“I did well because you were fighting at my side,” he says, and then he drops his hand, eyes widening as he feels his face heat up. He struggles to sit up. “I’m—that was—I mean, I meant that because! You’re a great hero! And we work well together as a team—w-with the other heroes, too, I’m—-”

“Midoriya.” Todoroki leans forwards, and places a hand on Izuku’s head. “I understand.” He pats Izuku’s head, and subconsciously Izuku leans into the touch. “I’m glad I have you on my side, too.” Todoroki gives him a small smile, and Izuku smiles back. 

(It’s another minute or two of silence as Todoroki pets Izuku’s head that Izuku finally gathers the courage to say, “You really like my hair, don’t you?” Todoroki only grunts in reply, nudging him until Izuku turns around and gives him better access to his hair. It’s not long before Izuku dozes off again, Todoroki’s fingers gentle in his hair.)

Sewn Back Together (Cullen x Inquisitor/Reader)

When Cullen’s shroud tears while training soldiers, you take a trip to Val Royeaux to fix it.

Word Count: 1221

I have no idea what to call his cape thing exactly so bear with me, please. Anyhow, thank you so much for reading and have a marvelous day!! Enjoy!!      ヾ(๑ㆁᗜㆁ๑)ノ” 


You stared at the torn bit of fabric held in your hands, your nose crinkling as your fingers were able to curl from one end to another through the slash.

“How in the world did this happen?” You asked, looking up at Cullen, your brow furrowed.

“One of the soldiers just got carried away during training, one of their swords swung a bit too far and sliced it,” He recalled the story, folding his arms across his chest. “I suppose I’ll be fine without it-” 

An idea popped into your mind, lighting up as you leaned closer to him from across the desk.

“I’ll have it fixed!” 

“What? You don’t need to do that love it’s just an old thing.” 

“I don’t mind! Really, I was already planning on going with Josephine regardless!” You exclaimed. “She wanted me to meet with some Orlesians. I don’t think she’d mind the small detour.” 

He laughed softly, rounding about the desk to press a tender kiss to your lips, a soft, bitter taste to him. “If you insist, I won’t stop you.” 

“Good,” You hummed, ruffling his hair before you made your way to the door, Josephine’s calls for you from the outside already echoing in your ear. “I can’t wait to see what you think of the surprise.” 

“Wait – surprise?” He crinkled his nose, a sudden flash of confusion on his expression, reaching out to stop you as you opened the door, already disappearing behind it. “What do you mean?” 

“That sort of ruins the surprise don’t you think?” You snickered, tipping your head to the side. “It’s nothing bad, you know me better than to think I’d do that.” 

He sighed reluctantly, a bit of pride in his words. “I suppose I do. Please be careful in Val Royeaux, you know how easy they are to gossip.” 

“Get ready to hear the story of the century of how I walked wrong,” You joked, your shoulders dropping as you resigned yourself. “I will don’t worry.” 

You closed the door behind you with a quick goodbye, rushing out to meet Josephine as the two of you prepared to leave, fretting over the details of the noblemen, more so to you than to herself at this point. 

Yet as you arrived in Val Royeaux you’d be lying if you were to say you weren’t a bit more focused on other things.

The surprise, being one of them.

“Alright,” Josephine had eventually allowed herself to relax as you finished meeting with the Orlesians, curling the fallen strands of hair behind her ear. “I think we survived…!” 

“It wasn’t that bad.” You sniggered, turning to meet her. “I thought it went rather nicely!” 

“I-I mean it did, forgive me Inquisitor I just…” She sighed. “Those Orlesians are particularly known for their…particular tastes.” 

“When are they not?” 

“They refused to attend one of Celene’s balls because of the color of the drapes one year, said it was disrespectful to their family colors.”

“They really think of themselves to be that important?” 

“Considering their wealth, they aren’t entirely wrong to think so,” She retorted, her brows raising. “your friend Sera has probably met with them before.” 

“Probably,” You amused, stopping dead in your tracks as you passed by the tailor, your jaw dropping as your plans snapped back to you.

“Oh! Josephine, I have to meet with the seamstress!” You said, setting a hand on her shoulder. “Do you mind?” 

“No, what for?” 

You scrambled for the shroud you had with you, revealing the slice in the material. 

“I wanted to have this fixed for Cullen.” 

“Andraste’s sake,” She cooed, delighted. “you both are utterly lovestruck aren’t you?” 

You tried to ignore how red trickled onto your cheeks, scoffing as you made your way past her, gentle candlelight pouring into the ornate store with your entrance. 

The seamstress, despite being masked, had an earnest sort of age entwined in her voice alone, gloved fingers taking the cape in her hold as you passed it to her.

“Is there anything particular you’d like Inquisitor…?” She had questioned, preparing her needle and thread. 

“Yes, actually!” 

Josephine stared at you in bewilderment. “What have you planned now?”

“You’ll just have to see…!” 

And as she did, she couldn’t seem to wipe a smirk from her expression.

Yet, neither could you.

It had been finished and left as good as new, the surprise hidden within the inside of the cloak, folded within your arms until you arrived back at Skyhold.

And you could hardly hide it a moment longer. 

You had found yourself dropping into Cullen’s office as soon as you were able, the gift hidden behind your back.

“Hey…!” You beamed, stepping inside gingerly, warmth blooming inside of your chest as you watched Cullen’s face light up at the sight of you. “I hope I’m not intruding?”

“You? Never.” He rose from his seat, moving close to you. “I was just thinking of going off to find you even.” 

“I always come by here,” You murmured, gentle in your words. “You don’t need to worry about that.” 

He laughed, heat sprinkling his ears, a bit more flustered than he’d like to admit. “How was your trip?”

“We caught ourselves a trade agreement!” You proclaimed proudly. “Josephine said that such a thing with that family was just about unheard of so…I’m a little proud.” 

“I can hardly be around those people for more than five minutes,” He confessed. “I don’t know how you’re able to do it.”

“Trust me, I haven’t any idea either.” You replied, amused. “But there are some wonderful tailors there at least.” 

It clicked in his head, interest flickering in him as he glanced at the arms hidden behind you.

“You really fixed it?” He seemed to melt at the thought. 

“I did!” 

You revealed it from its hiding, Cullen failing to hide the smile that stretched from ear to ear on his face.

“It looks like it did the day it was given to me,” He chuckled, peering down to you, curious. “You did mention a surprise though, should I be worried?”

“No, I told you it wouldn’t be too much!” You puffed out your cheeks indignantly, turning it inside out to reveal a small engraving along the fabric of the neckline.


He couldn’t even stifle his laughter, snickering as he embraced you, peppering your face with kisses even as you reddened like wine. 

“Maker’s breath…!” He said through his snickers, a hand wrapping around your cheek as you looked up at him.

“I take it you like it then?” You proposed. 

He hardly took a moment, sheepishly answering as he softened beside you, his voice hardly above a whisper only meant for you and you alone. 

“I don’t just like it, I love it.” 


@raywritesthings prompted "can I tell you a secret?“ + merthur

“Can I tell you a secret?”

Arthur freezes, putting his quill down carefully lest he blotch the parchment, and swallows thickly.

He supposes he should have known this day would come. It’s not like Merlin is exactly as good at keeping secrets as he often makes himself out to be. Arthur’s just… well. Let’s just say he’s chosen to turn a blind eye. Constantly.

Which he really can’t do if Merlin spills the beans now.

After a brief pause, Arthur swings around in his chair, shifting his facial expression into one of oblivion. “Ah, Merlin! Exactly who I’ve been meaning to talk to!”

“You have?” Merlin asks, blinking twice, but then he shakes his head, face determined. “No, listen, it’s important-“

“More important than your duties?” Arthur cuts in with a derisive snort before the idiot can get too far. “I think not.” The scrape that emits from his chair as he pushes it back and rises to his feet echoes in the room. “I think it’s a good day to get that pile of laundry done, don’t you? Gwaine’s stench is bad enough already – we don’t need your laziness making it any worse.”

“Sire, really, I-“

“Merlin,” Arthur cuts in rather harshly, finally turning towards the manservant and narrowing his gaze. “What is your job, exactly?”

The other’s jaw flexes, but the defeated breath he lets out tells Arthur that he’s lost his wind. His stomach rolls a little with guilt, but he knows he’s doing the right thing here. This is for Merlin’s own good. Or at least, that’s what he keeps telling himself.

“Right. Fine. Right away, sire,” comes the semi-sarcastic reply, accompanied by an eye roll. Arthur’s about to follow up with some form of apology until Merlin follows his words up with a mumbled “prat” that he’s not entirely sure he was supposed to hear.

His lips twitch in amusement regardless. This he can do.

“While you’re at, Merlin, the floors are looking a bit grubby.”

“I cleaned them yesterday!”

“Yes, well, you’ll just have to do them again, won’t you?”

He’s not entirely sure how long he can keep this up for – pretending that he doesn’t know Merlin’s secret, but he’s at least grateful for the extra time he gets as Merlin throws his hands in the air with a frustrated groan and marches towards the kitchen to fetch a pail of water with extra fury in his step.

fabicchi  asked:

"You heard me. Take it. off", MC/Saeran please! :D

how long has this been sitting in my inbox. weeps. I finally finished it. I feel so outta practice tho… But I hope you like it Fabi! OTL

(i need to finish the others too. /faraway look)

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briwhosaysni  asked:

Any chance we could see Juno and Peter pulling that heist together in the new au? (It's quickly become one of my favorites. <3)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You know, for someone that watched as much Burn Notice and White Collar as I did, I’m not good at the super flashy heist stuff– especially since it seems to me that the most effective heists are the ones where the mark doesn’t even know they’ve been robbed.

For the record, the concept of every town having a foundation festival comes from Germany.

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In general, Papyrus avoided sleeping.

For one, it was a waste of time. Sans usually slept seven or eight hours a night, which was beyond excessive. Papyrus got so many things done during that time: making puzzles, recalibrating puzzles, solving puzzles, making spaghetti, being very cool and popular on the internet… Why would he waste almost half a day on sleeping?

There were also the nightmares.

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Part 2 : Jeff Atkins

The bell had just rang while Hannah and I got up to leave.
“Hey after you have practice thing you wanna meet up at Monets ? On me of course”
“Yeah, sure”
We both walked towards the exit door of the class when she started giving me ‘the eyes’
“Hannah stop I know what you’re doing”
“Oh yeah what am I doing” she answered smirking at me.
“Stop or I won’t even show up”
“ you wouldn’t ”
“Try me baker” I smirked
“Okay” she walked away from me toward the door.
I was curious to why she rushed out when it hit me shit Jeffs last period was across from ours.
“Hannah no ” I said a little to late for she already makes it to him as all the other students poured out ready to leave. As I walked over I heard her say hi
“Hey n/n ” •nick name -Jeff smiled then looked over to me.
N/n I thought what’s that about?
Before I could answer Hannah spoke for me,
“You know what I don’t think I can walk you out to your puff thing, Jeff could you do me a favor and walk with her I mean you’re already going the same way right?”
Thank god he wasn’t looking at me because as she spoke because I was burning holes through her head.
“Yeah sure no problem ” he turned to me as I changed my expression, and smiled at me which to I smiled back.
“Ok good and thanks, so bye guys ” Hannah said turning to go but not before she sent a subtle wink my way clearly taunting me over the ‘you wouldn’t’.
“Alright ,Ok lets go” he said as we started walking with me right next to him.
'god this is awkward ’ I thought to my myself as we simply walked side to side without saying a word for a few solid minutes. If I was being completely honest I was thinking about our oblivious height difference
“So I’m taking a guess you’re not very talkative” he told me with a slight chuckle.
“Oh no it’s not that I was just thinking ”
“Hopefully not thinking I’m strange or anything”
“Why would I think that?”
“You know sometimes people think it’s strange if someone they aren’t really familiar with knows their name and well I said your name while you were signing up and I had this question almost questioning feeling from you,,, and now that I’m saying it out loud it sounds really funny”
I decided just to laugh it out since we where at the doors and I didn’t quite know how to respond.
“Well I guess I’m going over there with the rest of the girls to change out, bye and thanks for walking with me”

Jeffs POV ~
I couldn’t help but smile at Y/N as she walked away she certainly was something else. I slightly shook my head getting myself back to normality.
“Ok time to practice”

///after practice///

Normal POV
“God I’m going to die” I said to myself as I dressed back into my normal clothes sore as heck and by the time I walked out mostly everyone had left already but I honestly did take my sweet time and I had no rush, plus making Hannah wait was a type of pay back. Not to mention my soreness while walking.
I walked out of the school toward Monets.
I took out my phone to see a text from Hannah so my idea had worked
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂 💖: Hey you on your way yet? 🙄
Mini Y/L 👑✨: yeah 😘 on my way I just got out.
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂💖: practice ended like 20 mins ago I swear you take longer than any girl ever.
Mini Y/L 👑✨: ehh you still love me 🤗 well im on my way, don’t complain or I’ll walk slower.
Chica Baker Cakes 🎂💖: Ok, see you here . Read 3:45

I heard behind me making me jump. I turned to see who the hell had done that to me and to my surprise I saw no less and no other than Jeff.
“Sorry for scaring you”
“Well if it isn’t Atkins” I laughed “what are you doing still so close to the school?”
“I could ask you the same thing” he threw back
“I’m taking my time ”
“Same here, where you going?”
“Monets ”
“Really?, what a coincidence me too ”
“Yeah hey let me give you a ride at least, you know for scaring you ”
I smiled “are you sure you’re not trying to kidnap me Atkins I mean you already sneaked up on me” I joked making him laugh. God did he have such a nice laugh.
“I promise not to kidnap you today” he threw back making me laugh making me quote with my fingers as I spoke
“Yeah today come on get in ”
“Ok” I smiled and walked across the street to get into the passenger side. “Thanks ”
“Yeah no problem” he said smiling and put the car into drive.
“So what do you think about practice?,, or wait better question what do you think about liberty? You’ve been here for like four weeks now right?” He said glancing at me while still looking at the road .
“Four weeks yes, and practice it’s actually tiring I haven’t done anything athletic in two months, and it’s okay I guess it’s high school I don’t think it gets any better than okay there ” I said
“Mhh I see” he said driving toward Monets.
“So where you from?”
“Y/H” (your home town )
“Yeah, you?”
“I’ve been here since ever”
“I see nice ”
“Yeah ” he laughed turning the car off.
“So two months uh”
“Yup I took two months off to go with my aunt in the U.K. I came back and moved here so my parents could be closer to they’re companies so that meant no cheer for awhile ”
I said as he just stared at my face for what seemed like an eternity after we made it to monets

Jeffs POV
Dear holiness I couldn’t stop staring at Y/N as she spoke
“You’re so pretty ” I thought out loud without recognizing it. Shit I said it out loud,I could already feel the pink spreading across my face when Y/N’s phone went off

Normal POV

I sat there shocked now his cheeks were the lightest shade of pink,when my phone went off I checked down and saw Hannah calling so I picked up
“Y/L where are you I’m waiting and my hot chocolate is turning very unhot ”
“I’m here see you in a bit”
“Ok just hurry ”
“Ok bye girly ” I hung up.
Jeff had already gotten out While I was on the phone and went to my side to open the car door for me.
“Thank you ” I said as I stepped out.
“No problem ” he answered rubbing his neck somewhat nervously. He closed the door behind be as we both silently walked to the monets door which I opened for him. He smiled at me the pink already gone had he not gotten pink?. He got the door from above where I was holding.
“After you” he said breaking the quiet
“I held it first ”
“And now I’m holding it”
“I’m not going in until you do ”
“But I’m a gentleman ”
“But I’m a lady ”
“Exactly go in ” he laughed
“Nope you go ”
Jeff laughed as he walked in and turned to me , “Y/N Y\L , you my lady are something else” he joked as I walked in after him. We both saw Hannah and Clay together
“Swear I can’t wait to see them get together, you can easily see them together” I said more to myself than out loud.
“You see it too? I’ve been waiting forever so one of them to make a move”
“I bet ,but no I must wait for my parents to get together”
“Yeah Hannah and Clay always baby me since I’m the youngest so they’re my other parents ”
“Ohh , I see ” he smiled “Well lets go”
We walked over to them
“Humans!” I said making them turn to me
“Child!” Hannah replied as I pulled out a chair and sat down
“ Me and Clay ordered your drinks ” they said as they both held on to a cup of hot coco.
“A peach ice tea for Y/N” Hannah said sliding it across the table to me
“And a Carmel frappe for Jeff” clay said .
“Awwweee my beautiful parents finishing each others sentences ”
Hannah and Clay simply gave me “thee annoyed” look.
“Oh so I was actually checking with my parents and I can’t tutor you today my parents need me home so is it ok if I tutor you tomorrow with y/n?”
Jeff smiled and nodded, “hey totally man no problem I actually might have plans myself ”
'Plans?’ I thought to myself while sipping on my tea.
“Well since my precious munchkin y/n took so long I need to go help at the store”
“Ok mom” I said doing grabbing hands toward her as she stood up so she’d hug me.
“Bye guys” she said turning to them.
We turned to see clay gulping his drink down, “I actually should get going to, and ummm hey I can finally give you that bike ride” he said toward Hannah.
“Yeah sure helmet ”
Clay stood up and said his goodbyes and left with Hannah.
“Well that was shortly lived” I said making jeff chuckle
“Well thanks for the ride but I think I’m due a nice bath ” I smiled about to get up
“Yeah but-” he starting making me stop
“I was wondering if maybe you’d like to go hang out in the park if you want to of course later after your bath”
“I mean I would love to but what about your plans?”
He only looked at me panfaced when it hit me
“Yeah” he said smirking
“Ok yeah sure”
“Great … so umm…. could I drive you home right now?”
“Right, yeah” I said standing up while he did the same .
At the exit door he made sure to get to the door and open it before me and the same for the car door.
“Thank you Atkins ” I said smiling
“No problem “he said getting into the car as he took off.
"Ok so the address is y/a/n ” •your address name -
“Got it” he said, “hey you said you did cheer right?”
“Yeah funny story so um……..”
-time skip here with conversation-
We made it into my drive way
“Well thanks and I’ll see you at…?”
“Six work for you?”
“Yeah ok six”
I was going to reach for the door but he locked it making me laugh
“You said you wouldn’t kidnap me today”
“Maybe I lied ” he shrugged and got out to which I got the message
“Not on my watch Atkins” I said trying to open my own door again but he locked it and opened when he got there.
“I’ll get it one day” I said stepping out with my things.
“Thanks” I said when he Leaned in and gave me a hug .
((HA bet you thought I was gonna say kiss not on my watch ))
“See ya y/n”
“Bye” I said as he got back in and waited for me to go into my house. I took out my keys and opened my gate to go into my house

God what a day a hug and so much time sent with him I smiled to myself. As I got closer to the door I saw my mom grinning ear to ear good she saw that…

((So yes I did a part two already but I didn’t like it and it was terrible quality so I fixed it a bit sorry it took so long))
A Better Ending

Neil, Todd

Summary: After a somewhat bad day Neil and Todd end up playing a game in their dorm, and in addition to his day getting better Neil also finds out something interesting about his roommate and friend.

A/N: I’ve only written one (published) Dead Poets Society fic before, and that was way back in 2014 when I was celebrating having hit 500 followers. That fic did very good (thank you!) and ever since then people have been asking me to write more. I’ve tried a couple of times, but this is the only one that ended up getting finished, and I definitely hope you’ll like it!

Based on this prompt.

Words: 1 735

The sight of his bed had never been so welcoming, and Neil barely had time to shed his bag and jacket, nor loosen his tie before he fell face first onto it. This day had been a living hell from the get go, and he’d been rushing through the halls in order to get to his first class just on time, which had still earned him a pissed off look from his professor as he’d all but thrown himself onto his chair just in time for the bell to ring. The rest of his classes had been a blur after that.

He sighed and hugged his pillow tighter, willing the exhaustion to either evaporate from his body or rock him to sleep. All he knew was that no homework or socializing or anything would get done with his usual vigor unless he could get rid of this heaviness.

He hadn’t realized he’d fallen asleep until Todd woke him up, although the whole waking up part had visibly been an accident. He opened his eyes to the sight of his roommate wincing, standing as if frozen between their two beds. One of his hands was holding a book he was trying to place on the bedside table, and it only took Neil a moment to understand that he’d accidentally knocked another, much thicker book down onto the floor in the process.

He felt a smile spread over his lips, because Todd’s expression was too hilarious not to. “Hey, you.”

“I didn’t mean to wake you.”

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Safe Zone (Jumin x MC)

ZombieApocalypse!AU:  As it becomes night, you start to secure the area, and get a hold of Yoosung. 

Word Count: 961

I’m finally free, oml I’m going to sleep for 200 years now. Anyways, I hope you enjoy and have a lovely day! Thank you! <3

This is an ongoing storyline, if you haven’t already, I highly suggest reading the previous parts before reading this

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


The evening had shifted into the night with stars twinkling in the sky as you secured the theater, making sure the remaining doors were locked.

Zen was coming in and out of consciousness, his incoherent mumbles fading in and out, with random words. 

Jahee stayed near him, keeping a cloth against his forehead, having it remain damp and steady upon him.

You, however, sat on the stage of the grand room where so many were meant to perform. the cool wooden floorboard beneath you.

The lights were dim as they gazed out onto the endless rows of seats before you, velvet red going as far as the very eye could see. 

You nearly found yourself drifting off.

Until you heard a voice bounce against the many walls and reach you.

“Darling, what’re you doing here?”

It was your husband’s. 

You sat up, smiling sweetly as he joined you on the stage, sitting down beside you.

“I’ve never explored the theater like this,” You explained, leaning against him. “It’s nice…on its own.” 

He nodded. “I suppose so.” He replied. “Without the context we have, it’s a lovely place.” 

“I remember when we’d come to go see Zen’s plays, you’d always be so fascinated by the decorations.” You snickered. “I thought it was cute.” 

His cheeks became sprinkled with pink, grinning. “Y-You did?” 

“I did!” You beamed. “I think even right now it’s one of the few little things I have left.” 

He sighed. “If we’re going, to be honest, I’d always adore how you’d remember some of the lines and mutter them here and there throughout the day. It was precious…” 

You reddened like a strawberry, your breath getting caught in your throat. “O-Oh…!” 

“I’m sorry, I just…I don’t think I realized how much I missed it.” He folded his lips. “We might not be able to do it again but I’ll at least always treasure those memories.” 

“We might be able to again…” You reassured him, leaning against him, winding an arm around his own. “Things can go back to the way they were.” 

“That’s a nice thought. But that’s not what matters in the end to me. Or even what made going to this theater so enjoyable to me.” 

“What made it so enjoyable then?”

“It was you, love. You were always the one who made it worthwhile.” He shifted his head along your own, locks of his hair tickling your forehead. “Seeing your face light up the way it did…made it worth whatever the cost.” 

You were stunned, finding that no words were able to describe the warmth bursting into your chest. 

“Even now, just your smile makes all of this fighting worth it. I’d do it all over again. Just to know you’re safe and we’re together.” 

“In the end, it makes it all worth it…” 

He pressed a kiss to your temple, softening. “Exactly-” 

You both felt a buzzing on your phones, snatching them out confusedly to see a message popping up in a chatroom.

From none other than Yoosung. 

Both you and Jumin glanced to each other, eyes wider than saucers as you burst onto the chatroom. 

“Hey, are you guys okay?”

“Yes, MC, Zen, Jahee, Elizabeth 3rd, and I have boarded ourselves in the theater for tonight. Where are you?”

“I’m with a few other survivors. We tried to get into one of the safe zones when they set up security on the borders…We’ve been hiding away from those things…” 

You furrowed your brow, looking to Jumin worriedly. 

“How far are you from the city?” 

“I can’t really focus on moving if that’s what you mean MC. I’d really like to! Honest! But…someone in our group was bit…” 

“Stay away from them.” 

“We’re trying to keep them as comfortable as possible.”

“That’s not the safest idea. Distance yourself.” 

“I can’t! They need me!” 

You heard Jumin huff, annoyance glinting onto his expression before you squeezed his hand, feeling him pull you into his lap, his arms entangling around you as they always seemed to. 

“You won’t be any good to them if they bite you back Yoosung.” 

 You twisted to face him, curling your fingertips through his hair and lowering your voice slightly. 

“Be nice to him, I’m sure Yoosung is already well aware.” 

He let out a deep breath, agreeing with a faint nod, only lightening as you peppered hm with kisses. 

“Just be very careful okay?

“Okay MC! I’m glad to see you guys are okay. I’ll try to keep you updated okay?”


“But um…do any of you guys know what’s going on with 707?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“I was in a chatroom with him this afternoon while my group and I were resting and he suddenly stopped talking like something happened. Is he okay?” 

You felt your chest tangle into knots and crackles of stress.

“No…we don’t. We were hoping to get in contact with him once Zen is doing better.” 

“Oh well…he hasn’t called me. I’m worried something happened.” 

There was a pause.

And Yoosung spoke again.

“I mean, anything could happen, right?” 

And it hit you then that anything could’ve truly happened to him.

Including losing him.