*cisco, caitlin, ralph when faced with a problem*: shuts down

*iris westallen when faced with death, a distant daughter and a missing husband*: continues investigation & puts herself in harms way to write an article that would make an impact

It’s a tradition of sorts to bond around food.

And not pictured above is the hole that Simon made in the wall to get that food.

At some point I was going to make something about that Wall Meat, and in the end I made a tiny comic. Its existence truly an important topic of discussion.

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Can I just say that in this time of the me too movement where men have to be very careful, do we really think that Andy would be touching, kissing & feeling on the booty if Danai wasn't his woman? There have been several instances where he has palmed the 🍑 & bae hasn't flinched. Andy has only shown platonic & respectful affection to other female cast/crew. Hell, the way his arm is slung over G at NYCC makes me think she's w/someone bcuz I'm getting respectful space teas besides for DG's sake.

This whole pining with Keth and Cullen is even worse given my DAI timeline is six nearly seven years long. So there’s a nice fat, four and a half years of blatant pining before they get together and then the anchor almost kills Keth and she ends up in a coma for a few days :D

Ok but, can we not act like Season 7 was the Bestest EverTM and it’s the only good thing that ever happened in the show and… wait for it… was the only time Colin really shined?

Like, I didn’t like Hook in Season 2. If I saw it all over again, I’d still need Season 3 to fall in love with him… but that doesn’t mean that he “suddenly” and out of the blue shone as an actor only when I started liking him. I mean, have you watched Season 2? 

2x04, right after Rumpelstiltskin kills Milah and cuts off his hand, when you can see a mix of grief and pain and determination on his face?

2x06, the betrayal on his face when Emma leaves him behind, quickly to be replaced by anger?

2x11, a perfect mix of villany and heartbreak and a will to die? Honestly???

2x15, all murderous and angry and shit? Like, I think we very often underestimate how hard it is to look really murderous. And Colin slays it there.

2x20, the despair and anger over seeing Rumpelstiltskin alive and well and happy, then his reluctant admission that revenge is an end, not a beginning?

2x22, the contained self-hate over his past mistake with Baelfire, him being numb, then angry with himself, then contemplating changing his route?

I know that for some reason OG Hook haters think that Seasons 3-6 completely utterly destroyed Killian’s character forever and made Colin look like an incompetent actor, for some reason again, but maybe some of y’all need to put your hater goggles aside and realize that even in the slightest of chances to show emotion, Colin slayed

Yes, Season 6 sucked hard and a big chunk of us hate most parts of it. But even then Colin took every chance he got and mastered it. That moment when Regina mentions the water from the River of Lost Souls? Camera pans to Hook, who looks down, upset - no reason for that other than to remember Milah still being there. In the hands (or in this case, face) of a lesser actor, it would be a random sad face that would’ve probably confused us. 

Hell (pun not intended), I don’t think some of y’all know how we as whumpers appreciate his abilities to portray pain. Part of the reasons we love Hook as a whumpee is because Colin is amazing in that regard. That scene in 5x14 where he’s strung up in chains and Hades taunts him… all those little sounds, face winces, trembling… not every actor manages to portray pain and suffering so good. And we adore him for that.

Bottom line is, I don’t doubt that the writers deprived Hook of natural reactions in s6 exactly because they’d spent four previous seasons seeing that Colin is capable of portraying a myriad of emotions only with his face, exactly because those previous seasons gave him numerous times to shine. So they probably thought, “Yeah, no need to actually spend time on that, we gots stupid plot bunnies to expand even though they make no sense, just tell Colin to show this and that emotion and we’re good. Good.”

I mean, let’s stop acting like the problems in Hook’s character were the absolute only problems in this whole problematic af show, heh.

TL;DR: Ya don’t need to like a character to actually see how good the actor/actress is. Y’all are big kids, get rid of your hater goggles already.

vader is so baffling sometimes - here he’s dealing with a sith lord whose conception of “art” and “creation” involves freezing time so that tortured people remain forever tortured, forever unable to exist outside the moment of peak agony - and instead of asking, like, about the condition in which he will find “his beloved”, or what it actually means that he will “see” her again, he seems to think momin is going to help him “prevent death” - like, dude, way to set yourself up for disappointment

then again, one of the main points of the issue seems to have been that vader tries to steal secrets first, only asking questions later when prodded - that asking isn’t his strong suit - so, moral of the story, I guess