I love it

After that uncle/nephew Starker hate fic I have gotten 3 separate requests for more uncle/nephew Starker.

I would just like to say thank you that anti who harassed me about 1 incest Starker fic(that I didn’t even write wtf), and effectively made 4 more happen. You really out here doing the work, friend.

man i’m already so invested in the ellis/billy/jessie dynamic and billy isn’t even out of prison yet

i don’t know why but i’m already team ellis on this one and they’re already setting up interesting conflict when billy does arrive and it’s been a while since we had proper conflict between brothers (spencers who?) and i’m excited for some a juicy brothers rivalry bless (where art thou andy?)

With the revival of the last airbender, I think it would be interesting, if a bit ironic, if in that au Nott was a waterbender. She’s afraid of water, and isn’t great at her powers at all and barely uses them, but it means she can avoid touching water if she wants to. She’s perfected walking on top of the water with minimal effort. 

She would much prefer to be an earth bender though, the least similar thing to water in her opinion.