I love him so much

the-immortal-chair  asked:

Hey Gayvin, do you have any great memories with your brother? Some to think back about and be happy?

[seriously, feel free to kick my dumb cis ass if i do anything stupid regarding gavin being trans and stuff, i mean i did a lot of research previously for some writing, but i’m a fucking moron, so,,]

[also this is probably the longest answer i’ve drawn so far and i’m really proud of how it turned out :>]

Bonus: [i liked the sketches a lot]

Transformation of Monsieur la Fantome 😻 from an orphaned street kitten to by all means, a king. We adopted him last August, which means he’s with us for a little over a year already. And from day one, was the best cat in the world. Hail Phantom! 🖤🖤🖤

loveallthatjazz  asked:

A thing I loved about S7: White hair made Shiro look younger! Like the spunky twenty-something y/o pilot he is! It's like he took a whole new breath of air this season! (Which he kinda did lol) also, gave me big big DLS Ryou vibes

Yes, it does!  The solidly single-color hair and lack of undercut combine, I think.  With my edits, I did like that it gave Ryou specifically a more youthful feel, because he has very much gotten comfortable as the younger brother.   I like it a lot on Shiro, and I’m very glad I get all these great screenshots of Shiro’s face with this hair, because it means I can use it to make edits more easily, ahaha.