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I thought I didn't have any materially good news to share right now - lotsa stress at home and the like - but seeing all the good news posts has made me realize that there are good things happening in my life lately and that remembering that is super important. So, here's to making a really good dinner on a shoestring budget, watching the sunset with my partner on the back porch 'cause it's hot in the house and a really good glass of iced tea. <3


See, this is one of the things I was hoping would happen with the good news posts: we would be inspired to look at our lives, and focus on the good things that are happening, even if they seem massively outweighed by the crappy things. That’s sort of the foundation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which has been a huge help for me, living with my mental illness.

I’m really happy to know that my idea seems to have worked for you, and I hope you have a wonderful dinner together. :)

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Hello! This is Dan from the tumblr @mr-crappy, what are your thoughts on Bittle proposing to Jack? ((I have a few ideas on hand, it's just that I feel like this ask is getting a tad too creepy, sorry!))

Haha, no it’s not creepy at all! It’s all good. ✌🏾 I love validation, so anything asking for my opinion is good.

I honestly have never considered this but I’m sort of kind of totally in love with this. 

Jack knows Bittle knows he’s very much completely in love with him. He said “I love you” first. He’s told Bittle on multiple occasions that he’s “it” for him. A few times, when it was late at night and Jack was exhausted, laying horizontally on the sofa with this face pressed to Bittle’s stomach, Bittle scratching his scalp gently, he would murmur quiet admissions of what their future looked like in his minds eye.

Despite all this though, Jack has no plans to make any moves until Bittle makes it explicitly clear that he wants to move forward. Jack might know that Bittle’s aware of his love for him, but he also knows that he’s a very intense person (and that’s putting it lightly). He knows he’s not an easy person to be in a relationship with. With all the seriousness that he’s approached their relationship with, it seems like a better idea for Bits to set the pacing for this one. 

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I know it's doubtful to be true, but I like to headcanon that the minor hidden villages actually use things like logic and don't use 5 year olds to fight wars or genocide as a way of sorting out their problems, and so every time any one hears news about the major villages doing something it's just like 'Damn Konoha, back at it again with the crappy decisions.'

Actually, to me it makes a lot of sense, at least as far as preserving bloodlines and manpower goes. Children are never going to be as skilled as older shinobi, no matter what kind of geniuses they are - maybe they’ll do better for a while, but they’re not old enough to build up muscle, and they don’t have the same endurance. So it’s really more cost-effective to field well-trained adults, or even older teenagers, rather than kids. Konoha seems to train their geniuses as a status symbol or something, but in a smaller village without nearly as many people, putting children who’ve barely been trained and haven’t had the chance to marry/start a family/continue their bloodline yet is just stupid. It’s kind of like how the bigger villages and clans can afford to have morals, because they have the numbers to make up for turning down a few missions here and there, while the smaller clans probably took just about any mission they were given. 

Cute Nose // John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton Blurb

Authors Note: This is super short but I have too many feels over Lams to not write something, even if its short.

Prompt; My dude I don’t even know, just read it.

Warnings: None 

“You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.” Laurens growled at his classmate, Alexander couldn’t seem to stop hitting on him while they were trying to listen to their teacher. He’d flirted with him often, his crappy pick up lines had become sort of a constant between the two of them. Most of the time it was a source of amusement, other times it was annoying as hell. 

Much as now, where for the past 20 or so minutes Alexander had been non stop using very annoying pick up lines. “Come on Laurens, you know you’d love to have all, this, in your bed.” Alexander stated with a smug look on his face. At this Laurens quite loudly groaned, thus gaining the attention of the teacher.

“Mr. Laurens, do you have something you need to tell the class?” The teacher asked. “Let it be known that I won’t refrain from smashing Hamilton’s face in if he doesn’t stop talking my ear off while I’m trying to listen to you.” He answered, leaning back in the chair and crossing his arms. The teacher sighed deeply.

“The boy is clearly head over heels for you, Laurens. As much as we’d all love it of you punched him in the face, I’d hold back, it’d break his little heart.” His eyes widened in shock, eyebrows flying upward. He quickly stuttered for a response, but found himself unable of one. He glanced at Alexander, who immediately snapped out of his cheesy enamored gaze and lifted his chin out of his hands. 

“But you two can discuss this after class, I’m trying to teach a lesson.” He watched as Alexander leaned away from him, an astonishingly deep blush painted his cheeks. He smirked and turned his attention back to the front of the room.

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I love you happy new year etc! I love reverie so much and it's really left on sort of a cliffhanger, when do you think you might update it? Sorry if this bothers you, I check everyday because your writing is great and it's my favorite taakitz fic!

Oh no… you check it every day?! I’m so sorry! I know it was left on a kinda unhappy and unsatisfying note last time :-( I don’t mean to take so long between chapters, I just get real busy! I wanna say the next chapter should be up before the 10th, but don’t quote me on it… I wanna make it worth the wait of course!! Here’s a crappy little doodle of baby Taako from the last chapter as a token of my apology.

I’m really glad you’ve enjoyed the fic so far, to say it’s your favourite taakitz fic is such a compliment and makes me so happy!!! Thank you so much for your patience with me, I hope to get the next chapter to you soon! <3 Happy new year and I love you too!

more “funny” stories about my dependency on obi-wan kenobi as a kid:

[a more appropriate title: a dumb ramble about how obi-wan has kept me from being a vengeful dick]

so i had a swtcw poster [this one] in my bedroom, which i proudly hung on the wall next to my door. i got it at my fifth grade book fair and i loved it so much! unfortunately, it must’ve gotten tossed when i moved, but i’ll probably replace it eventually.

anyway, i put it by my door so i could say good morning to everyone as i got ready for school. i’d ‘fistbump’ captain rex, shoot some finger guns at anakin, and i usually just waved at obi-wan. it was a big comfort to me to have those guys on my wall because no one at my school was very kind to me.

when my social isolation got really bad and i started feeling less like a person and more a like a ghost most of the time, i started doing my homework on the floor by the poster. sometimes i’d work through my math problems out loud and then look up at obi-wan’s face and say, “what do you think?”

he never answered, obviously, but i liked to think he approved. 

then there was a point where i had a huge fallout with my only two friends at the time, over skype of all things. one of them was a girl i’d known since kindergarten, and the other girl i had just met that year. anyway, they ganged up on me and started saying all sorts of crappy things to me. the fight reached its peak when my friend from kindergarten told me i made her want to jump off a tall building.

at that point, i just broke down and hid in my room. wanna know where i hid? that’s right, right beneath the poster. after crying for the better half an hour, i remember looking at obi-wan and asking him why they hated me and if he hated me too. 

that night, i had a dream that i was his padawan and he was always nice to me and ahsoka was my best friend. after having that dream, i never confronted my friends about what they said to me, but i just moved past it.

fast forward to september of 2017, my then-best friend having just accused me of manipulating her and then using my suicidal tendencies to defend herself. now, i could’ve told my friends about this, who would probably have believed me. but that night, i decided to bury my sorrow in swtcw episodes.

guess which episode i watched.

“it takes strength to resist the dark side,” it’s a fairly powerful line, spoken by obi-wan in the episode where maul kills satine to get back at obi-wan. and you know what obi-wan doesn’t do once bo-katan frees him? he doesn’t go back to get revenge. he never goes to get revenge.

now i’ve thought about it a lot, the confrontation between my old friend and i, verbally tearing her a new one and making her regret every wrongdoing she did to me. and i’m still torn up over it and i probably will be for a long time, but i never gave into my desires. i’m still angry about it, but i don’t take it out on her. 

and i never really thought about the influence obi-wan’s had on me until tonight. as a kid, i was a huge crybaby. i’m still really sensitive and, even if it doesn’t show, most things get to me. but ever since i watched swtcw in its entirety in fifth grade, i’ve slowly begun standing up for myself and keeping myself from stooping down to a lower level. 

i have a sort of obsession with maintaining the moral highground, and i was never sure of who i got it from, since neither of my parents are strangers to striking below the belt. and i know i wasn’t like how i am as a kid, i wasn’t afraid to kick and scream and insult someone.

turns out, i probably got it from obi-wan, a man who’s always tried to be the better person in every scenario. 

ya’ll if i ever meet dave filoni, james arnold taylor, or ewan mcgregor, i am going to be literally sobbing because i think i owe a huge chunk of my personality and success to this one character. 

anyway, obi-wan’s really cool and he’s very dear to my heart. please give him a movie, but don’t screw it up.

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This sounds dumb, but I don't watch Voltron and I don't know if Pidge is a girl or a boy?

hellooo! It doesn’t sound dumb for someone who hasn’t watched Voltron, dw

Although it is sort of, not really but kind of is a spoiler if you’re planning on watching the show tbh (and you should give the show a shot! it’s real good)

But Pidge is canonically a girl:

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Mahmud do you have a job?

[yeah, i do.]
[i work for my buddy in his nightclub]
[helped him build the place, you know? gutted a warehouse, constructed everything…]
[granted, he’s a highblood and i was terrified of him when we first met but]
[we have similar… ideals.]

[anyways, now that the main construction is done, and since i live with him…]
[i sort of uh…]
[do general maintenance]
[you have no. idea. what folks do to those restrooms.]

[its the least i can do for him taking me in but it’s just crappy work]

ᴛ.ᴏ.ᴘ | ʜᴀᴜɴᴛᴇᴅ ♤ |ᴍ+|
                           ♫ I know if I'm onto you,          
                              you must be onto me.             
                                It's what we see.                                          
                           I know if I'm haunting you,           
                            you must be haunting me. 

Your stomach was afloat as you walked through the doors of your newest job. It was some sort of office setting where cubicles were placed and you would be confined to a desk. It wasn’t your ideal job, but it was something—anything to get out of the crappy one that’d been draining you before.

As your heels clicked against the marble floor, you made your way into the elevator—eager to begin your day. When the metal doors pulled apart you carefully stepped in, a huff of air passing through your lips as excitement bubbled in your blood. But just as the doors were about to close, a quick hand reached in causing them to reopen for the stranger that had risked his hand. Slightly startled, you stepped back and when he came into view you felt your breath catch in your throat.

Dark, brown eyes gazed at you for a long moment before the man stepped in. Unhindered by any sort of awkwardness, he continued to look at you even after you broke eye contact. He was slim and tall, even with your heels on he was still a good solid inches above you. His dark locks were tussled to the side to create a professional yet casual look. His suit was tailored to his fit—obviously, and it hugged his frame perfectly. But there was something off about the way he looked at you. It made you slightly uneasy to be confined in a small room with him. Silently you counted down the agonizing seconds for the elevator to arrive at your designated floor. Relief flashed in your mind when it finally did, and without another stolen glace at the man who stood beside you, you quickly made your way to the person that’d conducted your interview.

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“Not to break up this Dawson’s Creek moment, but it’s time, Wanda,’ Darcy says, standing in the doorway, thumbs a blur over her phone. “Two minutes and counting.”

“My brother?” Wanda asks. She rolls up to her feet, ringed fingers smoothing down her skirt.

“Readying the supplies,” Darcy nods.

“Is that wise?”

“Probably not.”

“What’s going on?” Steve says. He gaze bounces between the women, a line of worry forming between his brows.

“GBBO,” Darcy and Wanda say in unison. Matching grins light up their faces.

Steve blinks slowly, mouth opening and closing. He shakes his head and says, “I’m sure I don’t want to know.”

“Sure you do. Curiosity and all that. It’s something everyone should experience, Steve,” Darcy says. She pushes her glasses up the slope of her nose, stuffs her phone in the pocket of her oversized hoodie. The hoodie is grey with small yellow lightning bolts scattered across it with an iron-on mjolnir patch with pink spotted cheeks and black button eyes.

“Come on, Steve,” Wanda says, tugging the sleeve of Steve’s shirt. “It will be fun.”

“Why does that make me feel uneasy?” Steve asks, more to himself than anyone else. He follows the women anyway, out into the communal space.

The tv is on and Pietro is sprawled across one of the couches a box of cookies in hand. “It’s starting,” Pietro says cheeks bulging, crumbs dotting his black henley.

“Gross, dude,” Darcy says, staking out a space in the overstuffed armchair beside the couch. The chair is nearest to a plate of cupcakes covered in mountains of buttercream frosting and a yellow box of Tunnock’s Tea Cake Darcy dare not touch. The tea cakes were Wanda’s favorite, along with some sort of traditional Sokovian cookies that tasted like fruitcake made with a dash of old lady perfume after being dug up from a centuries old grave.

“Welcome to week two in the Bake Off tent…”