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Imagine Inej being so excited as she runs into Kaz’s office but before he could even welcome her home she’s slamming a wanted poster on his desk and she’s grinning so hard “That’s a bigger reward than you’ve ever had” he just stares at the number that’s under her picture, because holy shit that’s a lot of money for Inej’s head “maybe I should collect it, I could use the money” he mumbles, but really he’s like freaking out because Inej has a bounty on her now and that’s fucking dangerous

Inej: wanna know something funny lol

Kaz: what

Inej: *smacks a wanted poster of her on his head* LMAO LOOK



Just had an interaction at the post office which involved a man pointing to my big hat and saying “love your sun protection” which is a normal thing to say and which I have a script for bc people comment on my big hats a lot so I said “thanks!” And he said “wish I could get my wife to wear more sun protection” and I went “yeah it’s important” TO WHICH HE THEN RESPONDED

“Yeah, youre so white. I love white women but my wife keeps trying to get a TAN”

Readers, I fled the premises immediately

Zabuza/Anyone Prompts


·       please I’m desperate zabuza/mangetsu sneaking into the hokage’s office to bang.

·       Zabazu/Obito, Wave arc with sensei Obito?

·       Kakazabu lazy morning?(not that kakashi doesn’t always have those, but both just taking it easy and relaxing in bed together?)

·       Kakashi is visiting florist!Obito while he babysits team 7. The kid’s are having a blast running around the shop while Kakashi listens to a few rants about Kisame when Zabuza walks in with Haku. Obito knows Zabuza and gets this cheshire grin at the look on Kakashi’s face. All four kids are watching this weirdness and whispering about Kakashi’s lack of personal life (or something) and Kakashi is just so completely flustered inside.

·       MinaZabuKushi with Dad Zabuza and brothers Haku and Naruto?

·       Queen of the damned , could you make Hashirama/Zabuza/Madara work?

·       Zabuza/Utakata, where Zabuza is trying to seduce Utakata into joining the rebellion and ends up getting seduced in turn. Haku is Amused.

·       I would love to see more Zabuza/Shikamaru! The one you wrote before intrigued me so much and it’s sad that there are not more stories out there for them. Smut is fine if that’s what the muse decides on, but I’d really like it if Shikamaru had one of his “Oh fuck. Oh no, this can’t be happening!” moments that you write so well!

·       Zabuza going back in time and meeting Sakumo?? Because despite how much I ship him and kakashi I could also 100% see him being a parent-ish figure to him if zabuza was older or kakashi was younger. Just look at how fast he adopted haku lol. So cute parental sakumo/zabuza? Please?

·       Zabuza/Shisui having a wild night and not realize that theyre legally married until the morning after because they got hitched in shinobi las vegas or something

·       Zabuza/Shisui, competitive baking AU

·       Aaaah, you added Zabuza on the prompt list, and animal side has me hooked on KakaZabu, so how about Kakashi, Zabuza and the perils of trying to walk 8 dogs while also reading a book in public?

·       the world could always use a little more zabuza/gai, maybe a continuation of that fic of yours, with zabuza teasing kakashi with references to certain parts of… gai’s anatomy (that kakashi misinterprets because he’s a perv and in this case that works against him, zabuza is just talking about gai’s biceps but.. who can tell?)

·       How about some Zabuza/Iruka? Like a diplomatic meeting or something, or Zabuza sees Iruka chewing some ninja out for bad handwriting on a report. Or Haku through Naruto introduces them in some ridiculous manner. Something like that, or really anything that makes it all fluffy and funny!

·       Zabuza/Utakata, Zabuza is a bit late to his training with Kisame and is instantly enthralled by the pretty man easily throwing Kisame around the training grounds when he arrives?

·       Hashirama/Zabuza, ninjas, casually wrecking some walking dead style !zombies in a modern worlds zombie apocalypse. They got sent there somehow during the rampant kamui-ing and its just them and lots of regular humans. Trapped in a random dimension is like “locked in a closet” but with more sexy violence and teamwork. This is a long explanation but the actual prompt is a short slice of life thing where they’re badasses treating this like a vacation and end up flirting/together. Odd but viable?

·       Zabuza/Deidara Mercenary AU with Zabuza (and Haku) as super sneaky subtle assassins and Deidara as a loudmouthed pyromaniac who just loves chaos and blowing shit up. They run into each other on a job and have a personality/methodology clash. THINK OF THE SNARK. THINK OF THE BITCHING. Think of how much shade Haku would be throwing.

·       Zabuza/anyone you say? Hmm I know this is so left field but you write them both so well, what about Zabuza/Orochimaru? Maybe time-travel (you know Zabuza would /love/ fighting in a shinobi world-war) or Orochimaru helping out with the Kiri revolution because /why/ would you exterminate so many bloodlines, that’s like a personal insult

·       Well now I’m thinking about Ameyuri and Mei being rivals. So how about a Zabuza/Ameyuri/Mei threesome where Mei and Ameyuri are competing to see who can peg Zabuza the best.

·       Odd pairing, but how about Zabuza/Naruto? Time travel or ressurection is involved, and like, the last thing Zabuza knew he was dying on a bridge, now the Elemental nation’s are a wreck and Mei somehow became a kage wtf? But there are no villages? But there’s a pretty blond at least? He can roll with it

·       Zabuza/Mangetsu? Haku and Suigetsu are bitter rivals/best friends, so they end up chaperoning them/making sure they don’t kill each other. Bonus points if Haku and Suigetsu decide to pull some Parent Trap shit on them.

·       If you’re still accepting prompts can I ask for Kurama/Zabuza/Kakashi? I ship it ever since my second read of Reverse when I realized it was the perfect fix to my shipping problems. Could be reverse!verse or smth completely different (like, imagine Kakashi freaking out because he just found out his ex is back in town and what if he meets his current bf? It would be a disaster. And they do meet and it is a disaster but only bc they get along great and Kakashi suffers but loves every minute of it)

·       Zabuza/Minato Zabuza and Haku had no idea they time traveled to the past until they cross paths with Team Minato (who they initially mistake for an older Naruto with his genin team) and decide to help.

·       The Zabuza/Shisui story made me think of timetravel Zabuza/Izuna? Since it has already been established that Izuna has a thing for people who can break him like a twig.

·       How about a little time travel Zabuza/Kushina chakra chain bondage if you’re still taking prompts

·       how do you feel about zabuza/obito/kisame polyam with obito and kisame finding zabuza and being all “hey ok ours now” and sedu- i mean convincing him into Akatsuki

·       Minazabu???? Super invested single dads with five-year olds in rival soccer teams au? bonus points if haku and naruto are those kids that don’t actually ever play, they just make flower crowns on the sidelines as sakura and suigetsu battle for command of the field

·       Zabuza/Hidan Zabuza somehow picks this guy up and now whatever he does the crazy guy won’t leave

·       Zabuza/Konan as the couple that are too cool to exist really, along with their beautiful child Haku.

·       How about some Zabuza/Darui? With a side helping of Omoi/Haku to sweeten things up? Like muscley sword yesness and cute anxious boy meets pretty gender fluid snowangel?

·       I binge watched fake police shows and just thought what if Zabuza was a cop and Kakashi was the worst, most obvious criminal in the world? But somehow managed to keep from being caught? So they make zabuza go undercover to catch him but ??? Dude is a super gay trash monster who’s actually a genius and has a lot of people who (for some reason) love him and want him out of prison ??????

·       Godaime Mizukage Mei and Godaime Hokage Kakashi (or Tsunade I’m not picky here just thought Kakashi made a little more sense with Shisui as the right hand) set up an arranged marriage between their right hand men Zabuza and Shisui?

zabuza/gai, high school au?

Ducktales Headcanon: Della’s favorite movie is Titanic (’97)

This headcanon probably only developed as much as it did because I love the film Titanic and I’m both fascinated and sorrowed by the actual historical event. And ya know… sometimes fandoms get tangled up in my fangirl brain.

So here’s what I’m imagining:

Frank Angones said that Donald and Della are in their mid-thirties. That would’ve made them teens when Titanic was released (just picture teenage Della with a crush on Leonardo DiQuackrio XD)

I also imagine that Scrooge, being hecka old, was on the actual RMS Titanic as a second class passenger and managed to secure a spot in a lifeboat because he was on the starboard side with First Officer Murdoch, who allowed men to board the lifeboats if all the nearby women and children were already on (Second Officer Lightoller worked the port side lifeboats and launched them half-empty once the women and children were aboard, thus was responsible for the deaths of many men). 

Anyway, I imagine Scrooge was invited to the premiere of the film since he was a survivor, and Della begged him to bring her along because she wanted to learn about the ordeal her uncle went through and the trailer for the movie looked amazing. So he brought her along, and while he was upset by how the film portrayed Murdoch, the breaking up of the ship, and sinking of the stern, Della pretty much adored the movie (which, in the Ducktales universe, probably starred ducks). 

The character Rose had a big influence on her. Rose had a similar spirit to her of wanting to travel and work with her hands and be free, not sit around and be thought of as delicate. Della was amazed to see that she and Rose had so many similar dreams (and that they both had strained relationships with their mothers but that’s a headcanon for another day).

In the film, Jack promises to take Rose to a pier where they can ride roller coasters and also ride horses on the beach, right in the surf. At the end of the film, as a camera pans across photos of Rose’s life after Titanic, we see that she did fulfill that dream, albeit without Jack. 
In Ducktales, we see in the episode “The Great Dime Chase!” that Della did know how to ride. She had a saddle, and the mural on the ceiling depicts what looks like her riding an alpaca or llama (she could probably ride horses, too). 

Also, three times in Titanic, Jack, Rose, or (in a super cute deleted scene) both of them, sing the song “Come Josephine in my Flying Machine,” which I imagine was already a song that Scrooge taught to Della, his little aspiring pilot.
”Come Josephine in my flying machine 
and it’s up she goes, up she goes
Balance yourself like a bird on a beam
in the air she goes, there she goes
Up, up, a little bit higher
Oh, my! The moon is on fire
Come Josephine in my flying machine
going up, all on, goodbye.”
So at the premiere of the film, when Jack first started singing the song, Scrooge and Della both gasped and turned to each other and mouthed things and made gestures that basically meant “It’s the song!!!” and “I know!!!” And while their freaking out was pretty much silent, they did momentarily distract the people next to or behind them.

At the end of the film, in the same sequence that we see Rose’s riding picture, we also see that she went on to be a pilot. The picture reminds me of the picture of Della in the hidden shrine in Scrooge’s forbidden library.

I also imagine that she loved the song, “My Heart Will go On,” and that it took on so much more meaning for her after she lost her sons’ father. Every lyric reminded her of her one true love and at times it was almost too painful to listen to, but other times it was cathartic. 

Della also learned as much as she could about the actual sinking, and that Scrooge had been criticized for surviving the disaster at the time because he was a man and there were still women and children on board. Della was good with numbers though, and if anyone dared to accuse her uncle or any other male passenger who survived of cowardice, she had a whole speech prepared that she never had to use.
“Okay. There were over 2,200 people on board and space in the lifeboats for 1,178. Only a few more than 700 survived, which means 400 more people could have been saved. About 163 women and children died that night, so had the crew been trained for such an emergency, they all could’ve still been saved, plus 237 more men than the ones who survived, like my uncle. So no surviving man displaced a woman or child in the lifeboats!”  

Final thought: Della chose the 95th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking as her date of departure on the Spear of Selene, which got wrecked on its maiden voyage, as well.

^These two clues give us a strong hint that April 15th (most likely 2007) was the date she left, with the boys hatching just days afterward. 

We know the writers chose this date because it is the date HDL made their debut in animation, but it is also the anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, which took place on April 15th, 1912. If Della were a Titanic fangirl, as she is in DG Headcanon Land, then it’d be kind of spooky that she would choose to depart on the anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking, even stealing the ship early to do so.

Every time I watch a clip of Titanic (especially the one I linked to earlier in this post), Rose reminds me soooo much of Della. I hope we get to see flashbacks of Della and the boys’ father in upcoming seasons.

Oh, I know one thing I hate about Howard County, like it has the highest per capita of guys named “Clint” in the fucking country. You know the type, backwards baseball cap, life of the party, board shorts, terrible tattoos, watches UFC, punches an eagles fan in the back of the head at a redskins tailgate, and has some sort of job involving selling cell phones to people that operates out of a office park in columbia. Goes to happy hour at Nottinghams every fucking day, but finds time every summer to rent out a beach house in Ocean City because he’s about that salt life. Breaks out the acoustic at parties to play Staind. There are so many clints and clint like people in Howard County that I’m surprised they don’t lead the country in chlamydia. Drives a fucking Jeep.

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Like listen, with how amazingly capable Amaya is, I get that things would have been way too easy and there wouldn’t really be much suspense if she had gone along with them to Xadia but honestly, you know what I would’ve loved for them to have done?

General Amaya already has her hands full with the Breach, since she’s commanding officer, so even if they had told her about the dragon prince’s egg, it’s not like she could have gone along with them. But in order to make sure her nephews were safe, she would have sent one of her troop along with them. And who do you think she would have sent?


Since he was the one that she appointed to lead the search party for the prince’s, it would have made sense for her to send him as a bodyguard for the princes and Rayla. And from what we’ve seen of him already in season one, we already know that Gren is a total goober. Like, sure he’d be really good at the fighting party, but he’s just silly enough that they would still have gotten into a decent amount of trouble.

It’s a win-win for everybody!

But no, our little dummy Callum just had to keep secrets from his aunt! If Ezran were in charge, they would have told her.

The part where Rayla “kidnapped” Callum and Ezran completely broke my heart too, because can you imagine how General Amaya must be feeling? She thinks a moonshadow elf had kidnapped her poor terrified nephews right from under her nose! Imagine her guilt! And not to mention that this is one of the same moonshadow elves that killed her brother-in-law.

I know this is totally random, but…

Imagine having a sexual relationship with Kai where anytime one of you needed each other, you’d just text and meet up, no matter what you were in the middle of.

Granted it’s more likely that you’d be the one having to drop everything to satisfy him, but he’d do the same, to an extent.

At the council? Meet him in his office.

In public? Meet him in a bathroom.

At home? Be ready for him when he gets there - or dress accordingly when you go to his.

At the gym? Meet him in the showers.

I wish Ned had only said “I don’t know how to help you, I’m sorry” when the officer or sheriff or whatever asked him if Ned knew anything because it would have been an incredibly uncharacteristic moment of sincerity and gentleness by Ned Fuckin’ Chicane, but Ned convincing the sheriff Z to trust him even though he’s supposedly “clueless” is pretty Good too

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"My life was ruined because of one mistake. You were that mistake." Della and Scrooge Rewritten History AU.

Rewriting History AU One-Shot

My Mistake

“Della how many times do I have to tell ye I’m sorry!”

“Being sorry doesn’t mean anything Scrooge! Donald’s gone and it your fault!”

“How was I supposed to know about the Golden Curse!?”

“Oh but your Scrooge McDuck! Don’t you know everything?”

“No I don’t know everything! If I did I would have turned Donald back to normal…”

Della looked away forcing back tears.

“My life was ruined because of one mistake. You were that mistake.“

Scrooge stood there hurt. He balled his hands into fists and his body shook.

It’s always about ye isn’t it lass? I made the mistake! I turned Donald into a gold statue that haunts me office! It’s my fault! It’s my mistake! How do ye think I feel!”

“I lost my twin brother!”

“I LOST MY NEPHEW!” Scrooge cried out throwing his hand up in the air his face turning red. He took a second to calm down a bit before continuing, “And then I lost my niece right after and even lost my great-nephews…”

Della was at a lost of words. She opened her mouth but no words or sounds came out.

“I didn’t want to go. But you made us go. You only focused on the gold and the adventure even when Donald and I wanted to stay home with the eggs,” she whispered finding her words,refusing to blame anyone but Scrooge.

“But that puzzles me. Why’d ye want to stay home? Ye refused to even leave the room! I took ye on that adventure to stop ye from going crazy stuck in that room for days!”

Della shrugged. “A little birdy took me to not leave my eggs and I won’t. I won’t abandon my family like you did. I won’t make the same mistake. Now leave!I’m done talking Scrooge…”

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One day Shark finds an history textbook with Nasch and Durbe described as "the closest of friends!!!!! :)" and he singlehandely almost sues the publishing house,correlated with documents that might or might not be his secret diary

SLAMS INTO THE PUBLISHERS OFFICE THEY’RE GAY HOWARD!!!!! THERE WAS A DOCUMENTED WEDDING CEREMONY!!!!!! I would fucking love to see him actually put the kamishiro giant inheritance just towards making sure  everyone knows how much he loves his nerd husband. Rio is tired. 

Also– AU where Shark found some mysterious tomes when he was poking around the attic in the the mansion. He thinks they’re all just a bunch of sappy poems and fictional works his great great grandma must have wrote or whatever. Then Durbe gives him the crest and he realizes oh fuck I wrote all that mushy shit

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TSIS Graham! Is Gary going to press charges against Mr. Gold?

I haven’t heard yet. Gary got taken to the hospital and I haven’t taken a statement from him yet. I imagine…not. Mr. Gold owns his home. And probably more. But, I’m not Gary. Who knows what he’ll do. As an officer of the law I probably shouldn’t say this, but the bastard surely had it coming.

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The Cape

So I have an interview this Friday. First time since I changed my name. I’m terrified. I know this company and worked with some of the people there in a previous job. So they know me under my deadname and I’ll have to have that conversation on some level.

I got my first ‘dream job’ by showing up to their offices and sort of talking, sort of forcing, my way into an interview with the CEO.I was polite but more confident than I had a right to be given that I had no experience to speak of.

Before I went into the building I was listening to ‘The Cape’ by Guy Clark on repeat.

At first it’s about a kid pretending to be a super hero and wearing his cape. He jumps off the garage because he believes it’ll make him fly. Of course it doesn’t work and he falls. But the song continues that as he gets older he keeps trying. It may not be the garage anymore but:

“He’s one of those that knows that life is just a leap of faith. Spread your arms, and hold your breath, and always trust your cape.”

It ends with the man being old and grey, still living and still trying to fly:

“He did now know he could not fly, so he did”

I try to forget, in moments like an interview, that it’s even possible for me to fail. I just take it for granted that I’ll get through it and succeed. It seems silly but it’s the only way I can get over the terror of it all.

So hopefully this Friday I can forget just for a couple hours, that I can’t fly.

i had a dream that I was at my former ba thesis advisor’s office hours and for the entire night he was telling me “but colleague, you will absolutely need to learn german”

and now i was at my ma thesis advisor’s office hours and guess what, when I told him i don’t know german he too held me a lecture that i better start learning it because i “will definitely need it” if i want to keep researching 19th century



He gave me 19 caps and then ascended to heaven. 

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I am THRILLED to see a new Science Officer Jim comic! Your drawings/comics of him never fail to make me SO HAPPY!!!!!! If you just happened to decide you wanted to draw him more, I will be right here with pom poms and one of those big foam fingers. There is a special place in my heart for that AU. <3 Thank you for always making my day! No matter what you draw!

  • *the lab*
  • Molly: *working*
  • Molly: *thoughtfully* If you ever get married, would you invite me to the wedding?
  • Sherlock: *looking through the microscope* Can't have a wedding without the bride.
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *blinks* I-I was talking to Anthony.
  • Sherlock: *looks up*
  • Molly's Intern: *waves awkwardly*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: So was I.
  • Molly's Intern: *panicky* What?
  • Sherlock: *looks back at the microscope; embarrassed* Get out.
  • Molly's Intern: *scurries off*
  • Molly: *amused* That wasn't nice. I needed him.
  • Sherlock: *blushing* Oh...be quiet.
  • Molly: *steps closer; smirks* That's no way to speak to your bride.
  • Sherlock: *smiles; nonchalant* So...so that's a yes?
  • Molly: *laughs* Of course.