I just watched the new trailer

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I've watched the new trailer like 100 times. And I'M HYPED! Also for your V6 CRACK!!!

Yay same. Speaking of which, don’t necessarely expect a crack of the trailer. It’s really hard to crack with that loud music and Salem’s voice, plus 70% of the footage is straight from episode 1. I’m just gonna keep these jokes for the first episode. Maybe I’ll make a quick shitpost, idk, depends on whether i’ll come up with something cool 

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.

Act 1 Update

Hey everyone, Cohen here, creative director and head writer for Hiveswap. Hopefully you’re reading this after watching the new trailer. If you haven’t watched it, go watch it. If you have watched it, go watch it again. It doesn’t cost anything, and, more importantly, no one can stop you.

OK, now you’re back. Wow. Wasn’t that dynamite? I agree.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a quick rundown on the status of Hiveswap: Act 1. We’re very, very excited about

THE GAME: The game is good, folks. It’s gorgeous, and fun, and the music is outstanding, and people say it’s pretty funny, too? We’ll see! All that’s thanks to

THE TEAM: We’ve got a great team full of outrageously skilled people, and over the next few weeks we’re going to be talking to them here about the work they’ve done for Hiveswap: Act 1. If you’ve wondered, possibly aloud, possibly at length, about why we haven’t done more of that before, it’s because they’ve been too busy doing all that work! Busy, busy bees with no time for chatter.

It’s a practice that is potentially frustrating for fans, though, which is why we’re going to be parting the curtain a little more. Because, of course, what you really want at this moment is for me to

SAY MORE ABOUT THE GAME, IDIOT: Right! So, the game is nearly done. It’s taken us a while, but we’re committed to bringing you the game you deserve, even if it means delivering it later than you deserved it. Some things take longer to implement or polish than we anticipate, but our intent is not to mislead you. I promise. We want to keep you in the loop as much as we can.

But…it’s a difficult juggling act for us. We’re trying to make a game that is fun, funny, and beautiful, and we haven’t compromised on quality in order to get it out quicker. On the other hand, we DO want to talk to you about how it’s going! On yet a third hand (or maybe back to the first hand, now hidden behind my back), we’re also committed to not spoiling every mystery the game has before you actually get to play it. These interviews we’ll be doing are our way of striking the balance between these three hands (possibly two hands, with one in flux).

The next time you hear a release date from us, it’ll be because the game is about to launch. In the meantime, we thank you, one last time, for your continued patience and understanding.

I was watching a trailer for the new Mario game. The background music was just, “IT’S FUCKING LUIGI TIME” over banjo music. Most of the trailer was Mario looking really angry while running through a forest but at the end of it he found this giant rock creature that I assumed was a boss. A voice clip saying that it was “rated m for mature” played but the symbol for E10+ came up.

 Here’s the trailer for my brand new Machinima,

Every Sims Machinima Ever: The Machinima.

Murder? Teen pregnancy? CHILD ABUSE?! It’s all okay if it’s in The Sims. This story follows the ups and downs of Ella Johnson, just an average kid in an average world. 


I hope you guys find this entertaining!! It’s entirely satirical so everything is bad on purpose, lol. Make sure to watch it the whole way through, I promise it’ll be worth it. Give it a like on YouTube and subscribe if you like it!


Because of reasons after the revelation trailer for the DLC. Can you feel the rushed painting because I have no time btw

This is my personal version, because I just want to kick Daud´s ass into oblivion and be gone with him. And how awesome can it be seeing the Outsider angry and displaying his powers!

TL;DR Putting human faces on tragedies makes them even more real, so to say that I’m thoroughly fucked up right now is a bit of an understatement.

One of the Parkland students just came into the shop, and we talked for a bit. He was a ball of nervous energy, talking a mile a minute about comics, the insane schedule he’s had, and the people he’s gotten to talk to since the shooting, and how he sked to have his scedule cleared until 1pm today just so he could have a break.

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since justin and griffin left polygon, it made me sad and led to me binging a bunch of their content, so here is some of that good good mcelroy content that makes me very happy and never fails to cheer me up this is more of a reference sheet for myself so i can put all my favourite stuff together in one place let me be self indulgent

podcasts + podcast episodes

wonderful. just the whole dang thing. its so pure. rachel is an angel and should be protected at all costs. (episode 2 and 30 are very good tho)

- the eleventh hour arc of taz. its my favourite to listen to, the concept is so dang cool and i love the episode when they are all in the same room trying to record when charlie is asleep.
- taz live: boston stunt spectacular. arguably the most iconic liveshow, i’ll still never be over the music griffin plays (i lost my shit the first time i heard it)
- taz amnesty. i love these new kids.

- episode 332: tv toilet tourist. the first mbmbam episode i listened to and i nearly cried laughing.
- episode 344: the cream beams to the tower of flavortown. has one of my favourite segments of all time
- episode 367: shrimp! heaven! now! a classic.
- episode 400: the escape to margaritaville red carpet extravaganza. the most relatable social anxiety thing i have ever heard.


glass shark // amelie // presidential history // jabrahssic park // 

alligator jealousy // the most powerful butt // rachel’s airhorn // no worries

louie zong’s: we do not deserve him honestly
matt doyle // a talking cat // cromslor // griffin’s bean gets freaked // play with me // griffin’s metamorphosis

you reposted in the wrong neighbourhood // i cant decide // balance trailer // amnesty trailer // bad guy // have you seen my sister

(theres tons more but these are some personal faves)

polygon vids

just justin
- justin and new brian watch two old timey folk get it on whilst justin threatens to fire brian

griffin alone
griffin’s nuzlocke run
- griffin’s amiibo corner (so bad it’s good)
la noire vr case files (1) (2) (3) aka officer gumshoe griffin and deputy russ

both boys
spy party
- sea of thieves
- jack box 
(monster dating is by far superior)

monster factory
- the final pam
(fallout 4)
- the boy mayor of second life (second life)
- adult cool (watch the second episode to hear 5 minutes of griffin’s unbridled joy) 
- zeke teenweed (tony hawk)

bonus round! travis content!
awful squad (theres a lot of episodes travis is in, but this is easily one of my faves that he has been on)
- e3 2017 the boys go on the search for chicken tenders

other things

mostly the whole of the mbmbam tv show (even tho i still haven’t watched it all in full) but the safety town and teen names clips are by far my favourite

wonderland round three. honestly i love the entire taz soundtrack with all my heart but this song is easily the best (close with the amnesty theme) (griffin’s soundcloud)

travis’ instagram very wholesome and full of positivity (this video always cracks me up)

justin on OK K.O. + griffin on clarence

this is most definitely not everything, but its some of my favourite that i could remember, please feel free to add to this and share your faves too!

helena x

Episode Schedule

So it’s been pretty crazy around the fandom with all the trailers and whispers of episode airdates. So if you’re not up to date when you should watch out for new episodes you’ve come to the right post. 

Battle of the Queens Special - October 6 Disney Channel Spain

Frozer - October 14th TFOU France

This is not guaranteed, episodes have been delayed in the past. Unless I’m wrong there won’t be a new episode this weekend 9/29 so keep a lookout for new episodes in October!


All these people drinking lover’s spit
                    They sit around and clean their face with it

Negaduck’s little killer princess

Look at Negaduck being proud of his daughter.

Ok I was watching this movie about a hitman kinda adopted this little girl and has trained her how to use variety of weapons to kill people. Whats funny was that the little girl used her cuteness and innocence to deceive her targets thinking that she is harmless.

So it made me think of Negaduck and his daughter doing this

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Drunk on Love || S.P x Reader

Summary: Y/N must look after a very drunk, and horny Sweet Pea.

Requested Prompts: #206 “Can I touch your boob?”, #317 “I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now?”, #324 “Boobs are really just squishy pillows.” 

Word Count: 1.6k

Warnings: mentions of smut, drinking/drunkenness, cute af sweet pea

A/N: i loved writing this - i feel like he would be totally surreal when he’s super drunk, totally clingy, blunt and straight up horny.

Requests are CLOSED.

You couldn’t help but shake your head as you stared at your boyfriend, his highly intoxicated body bumping into unknowing people and a variety of objects whilst stumbling through the Whyte Wyrm. The pool tables, of which Sweet Pea would often find himself at, were all occupied as of this Saturday night which pursued him to take another competitive route. A couple of the older Serpents challenged him and Fangs Fogarty as a team to a game of shots - rather so, who could consume the most alcohol before decorating the Wyrm with their vomit. You took a good five minutes explaining to Sweet Pea how this could go terribly wrong, but he assured you that he was ‘a grown up now’ and that he could ‘drink any of these old guys under the table’.  You made sure to pat his shoulder and give him a chaste kiss to the cheek before walking off and joining Toni by the bar as the two boys continue to drink their brain cells away. That was an hour ago, and you were shocked that Sweets and Fangs managed to last this long. The competition ended when Fangs suddenly burst, his nauseousness covering the table in front of him before running off to the bathroom. Sweets hesitantly paid up and now here he was, stumbling toward you, tripping over his own feet.

“Baby baby baby babygirl…” He slurred as he got closer, his arms instinctively wrapping around your waist and pulling you into his side, nearly causing you to fall off the edge of your bar stool. Toni chuckled at him as she was cleaning glasses behind the bar whilst you just rolled your eyes, your hands gently patting the top of his head after it lowered to your shoulder. He nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck and you couldn’t help but gush at how affectionate he was being. “Did you go check up on Fangs? It’s been nearly ten minutes since I last saw him.” You said as you nudged him with your elbow, his eyes squinting from his drunken state when he looked up at you, “Fangs… Fangs Fangs… Fangs… nuh he’s… he’s good. He’s a good guy. I fucking love Fangs… where is he?” He started to look around and now you were also chuckling alongside Toni, placing a gentle kiss to the tip of his nose. “We’ll get someone else to look for him, I just need to get you home, okay?”

All that you got in reply was a hum as Sweets once again nuzzled into your neck, his open mouth kisses lazily scattered along your skin. You were about to jump down from the bar stool, but the feeling of his large calloused hand dragging up the front of your body made you freeze. Heat radiated from it due to the immense amount of alcohol he had consumed, his plump lips awfully close to your ear before his hand stopped just short of your chest, “Can I touch your boob?” He whispered, a childish laugh following his words. You rolled your eyes so far back that you thought you’d lose them, your feet gently hitting the hard wood floor beneath you as you pushed past him toward Toni. She had just asked one of the new initiates to look for Fangs before turning to face you, her head tilting to the side to watch a still stumbling Sweet Pea behind your shoulder. 

“I have to get this one back to our trailer before he does something regrettable.” You told her, shaking your head as you spoke. Toni hummed a loud ‘mhmm’ in agreement , mr tall dark and handsome finally making it back to your side. His arm slung around your shoulders quite heavily, a small squeal releasing from your mouth as you were being pulled against his chest. You expected to see an expression of lust by the way he was acting, but instead you were greeted with a pout and child-like whine, “I’m gonna be honest with you. I’m really horny, and you’re really hot. Can we fuck? Like, now. I can’t wait, don’t make me wait babygirl. Right here, on the counter, let’s fucking go for it.” Your mouth fell ajar, eyebrows cocked in confusion as his sudden bluntness. It was as if he had momentarily forgotten that you were both in public, or even possibly that he had rejected using his filter. 

Toni was nearly collapsed on the floor as she laughed, small tears gathering in the corners of her eyes, her head falling to her hands that were propped up on the counter. You started to think by the way she was laughing that if she didn’t calm down, she would fall into hyperventilation. Incoherent words trying to form sentences were constantly disrupted by her inability to stop herself, until she managed to look you in the eye, your glare burning through her soul like fire. “Okay, okay, I’m sorry… but fuck, I love you two, so much.” She said as her hand wiped away her released tears. Your head shook once more and you said your goodbyes, fingers interlocked with Sweets’ as you walked outside to your car. He managed to slide himself in and buckle the seat belt, much to your surprise, and you were quick to take your place in the drivers seat. 

The trip back to your shared trailer consisted of Sweet Pea constantly feeding you compliments and pouring out his heart and soul through declarations of love. “You are the hottest woman I know, Y/N… you’re so fucking hot… when you’re naked you’re hotter… fuck I love you, can we have sex? I wanna feel you, baby, please…” And that was only two minutes into the car ride. You carried Sweets’ arm across you shoulders whilst guiding him inside your home, trying not to let the kisses he was pressing to your cheek distract you. Carefully, you dropped Sweet Pea down on your bed, your fingers dancing over the soft skin of his neck before pushing back stray hairs from his forehead. “Have I ever told you just how adorable you really are?” You spoke with a sweetened tone, smirking at his lips as they yet again pushed out into a pout. “I am not adorable. I am big, I am bad, I am scary. Not adorable.”   He protested, words slurring through his speech. You snickered before pushing yourself from the bed and wondering to the kitchen, gathering a glass of water and appropriate pills for when he awakened - especially as you could tell just how severe his hangover state would be in the morning. 

You placed the items by his bedside, taking a moment to crouch down and kiss his forehead. “Lay with me.” Sweets’ voice barely a whisper before you could pull back, and when you did, your eyes locked with his. You had never seen his facial features so soft, so genuine, loving, adoring. You took a few steps until you reached the foot of the bed, slowly pulling your shift over your head and skirt down your legs. A lazy smirk appeared between his cheeks when he looked you over in your matching underwear, a small moan settling in his throat. You didn’t dare break eye contact as you unclasped your bra and allowed the straps to slide down your arms, the lacy material gathering on the floor. Your boyfriend chuckled when he felt you unbuckle his belt and removing it before tugging off his jeans and boots. “I could stare at you like this for the rest of my life…” He cooed, earning a girly giggle from you as a response. 

As his lustful eyes surveyed your nearly naked body, you prompted to pull off his shirt, only to be captured by his calloused hands grasping your waist and pulling you to the mattress. He pinned you against the sheets, his figure now hovering over yours, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. You could smell the strong scent of bourbon on his breath, knowing that his sober self would prefer if you both were to make love under sobriety rather than in a drunken state. Sweet Pea always wanted to enjoy you when he was fully aware and alert, not caught up under the facade of alcoholic euphoria. Being said, your fingertips grazed down his toned chest only to gently push him back, his body flopping beside you with a gentle groan. You smiled before leaning over him and picking up the shirt you had just slipped from his body, allowing the material to cover your frame as you now wore it. 

You flicked the lamp beside Sweet Pea off and settled under your bed covers within the comfortable darkness, allowing his arms to wrap around your torso as they did every night, holding you so close as if he was scared that you would be ripped away from him. You followed suit until you were nearly merged together, your fingers gently messaging his scalp when his head fell onto your chest. “Boobs are really just squishy pillows,” Sweet Pea mused as his voice vibrated against your shirt, provoking another vibration from you as you chuckled. “You know I love you, right? Like actually love you, more than anything in this whole dammed world. I want to have your children, I want to marry you… grow old with you. I just had to let you know that, alright, Pea?” Sweet whispers fell from your lips, a tone that would surely lull him to sleep. You were certain that he was out like a light when he didn’t reply straight away, until your eyelids fell shut; that’s when he reassured you of the passion that drove your relationship, “I love you too, baby.”