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I love you prompt 15: Loud, so everyone can hear

blood/injury tw


“Tell me the news, doc, am I gonna make it?” He croaks, letting her pull his hands from his gut. Oh, he can’t look. He coughs and laughs, weakly, twitching like a fish out of water while she resumes the pressure.

“Help is on the way, Mulder. Just keep breathing.” And she keeps talking, voice steady like her hands. Consciousness pulls him in and out but he holds on to her words like a rope. He doesn’t want to die, so he won’t. That thought pulses with the blood seeping into her palms.

The commotion around them — Skinner shouting orders at the cascading backup, the screaming sirens, the deafening crack of a single, accurate gunshot — fades into static, means nothing. It’s just him and her, her with him, huddled up in another dimension entirely like they always are.

The bus finally comes, but his hope is whittling away as the pain worsens. He’s lifted into the stretcher. Scully bullies everyone into doing what she wants, and then he hears it, loud and visceral as the throbbing in his abdomen. “I love you.” They load him up and she follows, and he laughs through reality altering pain.

“That bad, huh?”

“You’re going to be alright,” she says. For once, he’ll let himself believe she’s got it right.

She does.

Fire and Ice

Loki x Mutant! Reader

Summary: What happens when a hot headed fire bender meets a cold-hearted ice giant?

Warnings: Cursing, kissing, suggestive themes, brief mentions of child abuse

Word Count: 2373

A/N: Um… I just really wanted to write something with Loki. I had a really hard time putting this one together so please go easy on me.

Happy reading!

“Take that you slimy spider!” You shot Peter in the head with a nerf dart as he crawled across the ceiling.

“Oh yeah?” He let go with his hands, hanging from his feet, and whipped his gun out, pelting you with an onslaught of darts before you could take cover, “Take that, knock off Elsa!”

“Hey! I take offense to that!” You shouted, before looking over the couch to shoot another dart.

“That’s kind of the point!” Peter laughed dropping from the ceiling and charged you.

Screaming, you dropped to the ground behind the couch, waiting for Peter to jump into your line of sight so that you could shoot.

But you didn’t hear any footsteps, only a “holy shit” muttered by the teenager.

You didn’t think anything of it though so you took advantage of the situation and jumped back over the couch, shooting a dart that, thanks to his spider sense, completely missed Peter but shot straight towards the tall man standing beside Thor.

The dart hit him smack in the middle of his forehead.

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So I reached 500 followers yesterday which is totally crazy to me?? Thank you all so much for sticking around, and especially for those of you who I now have the privilege of calling friends! <3 So at long last I’m finally having a shot at throwing a challenge out there for anyone who’s interested!


  • you don’t have to be following me, but reblogs to get the word out would be appreciated!
  • send me an ask with the prompt(s) and character(s) you plan to use! (or just the prompt, if you’re undecided on character!), limiting it to two people per prompt at the moment!
  • It doesn’t have to be a piece of writing, I’m hoping that some of the prompts are (maybe) open enough to inspire creativity in other ways too - inspired to draw something by one of them? go for it! want to make a moodboard or aesthetic? please do!
  • there’s no particular deadline, and if you’re writing something I’m not setting a word limit of any sort!
  • Character-wise, I know this is a DBH blog BUT anyone from DBH or Marvel is fine, although if you have a specific character from another fandom that you want to use for a prompt just ask me and there’s a 90% chance I’ll be chill with it!
  • Tag me in whatever you post, and tag it with #deviantramblings500 so that I can find/reblog them all and eventually put them all in a post together! If I haven’t responded to your post within 24 hours please message me or send an ask to let me know, just in case I’ve missed it!
  • Lastly (most importantly ;) ) Have fun with it! 

Prompts under the cut!

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Honey, What are you Waiting For?

Been waiting

For someone

To run with

My whole life…

And my lungs are shaking as

They fill for the ride

Until our old bones tumble

Out of hills like mossy stones

Shook from the roots

Of upturned trees

Guarding long-forgotten cemeteries


I just want to run until collapse

Find the edge of the galaxy

And surpass

I want to last

Long enough for futures to find

Fingers and thumbs and limbs

Still entwined

And wonder

How to find it themselves

Maureen Armstrong @haikkun

Ways to Combat Writer’s Block

Not all of these methods will work for everyone. Make sure you experiment and find out what works for you.

  • Force yourself to write a little bit. It might be hard to get the words to start flowing, but things usually get easier once you knock out those first few sentences.
  • Take a break. Sometimes, your brain just needs a breather. There is absolutely no shame in that.
  • Outline what you want to happen next. This will make it easier to write once you get your mojo back. I personally like to write myself little parenthetical comments that tell me what I think will happen in each paragraph. I don’t always stick to that when I get back to writing, but it definitely helps.
  • Do some research. It never hurts to factcheck your writing. You could also try exploring a topic completely unrelated to your WIP. Who knows, you might just learn about something that will leave you dying to write about it.
  • Read. A good book might be just the thing you need to get inspired. Alternatively, you can consume some other form of media you like instead. Inspiration can come from just about anything, whether it’s a cartoon, a song, or something else entirely.
  • Go outside and have some fun. Staying cooped up inside all the time isn’t the healthiest thing in the world. It’s a great idea to get some fresh air. Even if you just walk around the block or take your dog to the park, chances are you’ll feel rejuvenated afterward.
  • Try something new. The more you experience, the more things you’ll feel comfortable writing about. 
  • Chat with a friend. Writers are often introverts, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love a nice chat! Besides, you’d be surprised how often a random remark will get those creative juices flowing again.

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First after you both read this i've to say that i love your fics and that I love you so much 💜 now i wanted to shared or write this because i don't have someone to talk to. I need to take this out of my chest.. today when I was watching the UN's speech Namjoon took my breathe away with every word that he said, not just that but sometimes it's so hard to love myself (Damn tumblr doenst let me send all this so i will send you a part 1)

Hey nonnie,

First of all we love you too - so very much. You mean the world to us.

It’s okay to be shy and not interact with people. There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful and amazing and so very loved. Being self-conscious is a part of life. We all have flaws, but flaws are what make us beautiful and unique.

Religion is a private thing for many people - whether you sit in front of gonhonzon by yourself or with family is completely your choice. We hope your mother respects your decision in regards to that. Maybe in the future when you’re more comfortable it will be an experience you can share with someone.

Everyone wears a mask, whether they realize it or not. We all pretend to be someone else at times - it’s human nature. As for the rest - you are not a boring person. The best parts of life are doing the things you enjoy, so if you prefer to stay home and watch Netflix or read - that’s completely okay. I’m pretty sure we both prefer that kind of life too.

Namjoon’s speech at the UN today was not only beautiful, but historic too. One of the things we have always loved about BTS is the fact that they urge us to love ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to be happy. They are wonderful, talented, amazing men and they care for each and every one of their fans.

Today Namjoon reminded us that its okay to be unsure of ourselves, it’s okay to make mistakes. Life is about learning, but its also about growing and loving every part of yourself - even the flaws.

We hope that someday you’ll recognize your self worth and see how truly amazing you are.

We love you and we wish you all the best.


Take A Chance—ON HIATUS.

Okay, y’all, I’ve been thinking about this long and hard and I have, unfortunately, come to the decision to put my Single Dad!Calum fic, Take A Chance, on hold indefinitely. I’ve been trying to write for it, only got three chapters in, and realized that I was just not having fun. I have no idea what to write, the chapters are coming out shitty and I’m not at all satisfied with them. I’ve found myself staring at the document for so long, unable to get any words out, and I’ve just realized that it’s not going to happen if my heart isn’t into it.

I don’t want to half ass it and give you guys shitty chapters because you all have been so amazing with what I’ve posted so far, in any aspect, and y’all don’t deserve anything less than the best from me. But unfortunately, Take A Chance isn’t doing it for me. Not right now, anyway. I have other ideas for a Calum fic to take its place, because I still do want to post Calum content on here, other than what I’ll post for the Youngblood Song Fic Series. So while Take A Chance goes on a bit of a hiatus—how long that’s gonna be, I don’t know—I think I’m going to post another Calum fic that I DO have the motivation and inspiration to write for.

I know you guys were looking forward to a single dad!Calum story from me, and I’ve already gotten so many messages of y’all being excited for it, which is why coming to this decision was tough and informing you of it was honestly so nerve wracking. But I don’t want to give you a story I’m not enjoying writing because you’re not going to enjoy reading it. 

Take A Chance is going to have its time, but unfortunately that isn’t it right now. I really am sorry if I disappointed you guys, but I’ve been stressing myself out trying to write it and it’s just… Not fun. Like I said, I have other idea(s) for fics that I want to write for Calum, with some already in the works, and I want to post another one to take the place of Take A Chance. I hope you guys will read that while I put Take A Chance on a shelf for now.

It’ll have its time, it’s just not right now. Again, I’m sorry if that’s disappointing, and I hate that I may have let you guys down. But I really had been stressing myself out trying to write it and I was so nervous letting you all know of this decision I’ve come to. I know how much you wanted Single Dad!Calum, and I did too, but I can’t give that to you right now. I never wanted to be one of those people who just put away a story for the time being, but I can’t help it with this one. There’s no motivation in me to write this particular story, at least not yet.

I hope, whatever fic I post in replacement for now, is one you’ll enjoy and look forward to just as much as you did Take A Chance. I don’t have a name for the new fic yet, but it’ll probably be up soon to take Take A Chance’s place. Again, I’m really sorry about this, guys. I hope y’all understand.

10 Question Tag

I was tagged by @jaimistoryteller Thanks!!

1. Who would you have voice act your characters in a computer game?

I don’t know… I’ve never thought much on who I would pick voice wise

2. Do you get lost in the writing or is each word carefully picked out?

Both? I have a relative idea of where I want things to go, but after that I let the story fill in the gaps for me if that makes any sense.

3. If you had to choose a character from your WIP to be your best friend, who would it be?

Cassius! He’s just this chill dude that has healing magic! sort of… his magic is more than that, but it’s a bit complicated to explain

4. Are there any particular scents that remind you of a character, if so, who and why?


5. Do you have a pre-writing ritual?

Open computer. Write.

6. What would you like to write about more?

Everything! More fantasy if that’s possible!!

7. What books/films/songs have influenced your WIP, if any?

Avatar the last airbender

Tai-chi chasers

Six of Crows

Robin Hood

Fullmetal Alchemist

8. Is there a writerblr you admire and want to encourage others to consider?

One? Must I choose just one? Nope! Not doing that!

@forlornraven @infinitelyblankpage @raevenlywrites @carrotgirl-weeb

9. Opinion on deadlines?

I hate them.

10. Is there a defining moment in your life that permanently influenced your writing style? (reading a certain book, etc.)

Besides my very dark mind? And my grandfather’s death? Hmm… those are the only things…

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How do you feel when you write a really long story & finally complete it? I just finished a story for my creative writing class & it ended up being close to 16,500 words. It would have been longer but I had to cut stuff out or else it could have easily hit closer to the word count that is for NaNoWriMo (Our teacher has the target of 30k if we choose to do NaNoWrioMo this year) & I wanted to save paper. I felt amazing after I finished my story because dear god I didn't intend to go that high O-O

you know, it’s always kind of a mixture of relief, pride, and grief for me! for very long fics, like, 100k+, it’s unavoidable that I feel like I put part of myself into the story if that makes sense. so finishing it kind of feels like losing part of myself. that sounds depressing as hell and it’s really not, but there’s also a sense of completion and success and happiness for being able to share a different world, one that came from your head, with your readers. so that’s a really special feeling :) congratulations on your story, and I hope you do NaNo this year! it’s a great program that definitely helped me with writing longer pieces.

Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith.
—  Lauren Kate

the blood of a giant. she slumbers under a mountain and as the rock crumbles she sighs in her sleep, pulling dirt closer like a living blanket, she breathes in earth like oxygen, safe, safe while she sleeps.

starlight. rivers of it, shifting liquid starlight drawn from the sky into my skin, there is starlight in these arteries, thick like glue, a shade of purple mixed from glitter paint and day old bruises.

salt water from the sea. yes my body ebbs and flows with the tide, and it stings like salt, like teeth sinking in against an open wound but salt is a natural antiseptic and as much as it hurts in the short term, in the long term this ocean is pure.

it may be easier to ask me what doesn’t. i carry more than the world with each heartbeat, from the earth to the sky to the seas; inside me is legion.  

l.s. | what flows through your veins? © 2017 

I rested my head on the edge of the bed and closed my eyes. Be still, I told myself. I wanted to find back my faith in a love that would not abandon me. I wanted to believe that there was someone out there, who would never let go. I just wanted to believe in love again.
it’s almost october and i’m still not sober - i’m sorry. i’ve been placed on a pedestal and i can’t breathe up here - the air is too thin - i just want to disappear because of this original sin. so you can see why i don’t want to be caught with my hand in the cookie jar - please just love me from afar. please, look away i didn’t mean to betray by passing out in this doorway - i swear i’m not trying to downplay, i know i’m not okay.
—  smspoetry

Quick headcanon about Kryptonian/Kryptonese

Its a very vague, general, and very poetic language despite being a very scientific society.

For example, (according to Kryptonian Dictionary) the word “El” by itself roughly translates to the word, “Sun”. But because the society worshipped their sun, Rao, it would be with great Narcissim to think that one could have the surname of “Sun”. So the House of El then roughly translates to, The House of Star(s).

But their house motto is “El Mayarah”, which - according to Kara - means “Stronger Together” but “El” doesn’t mean “Stronger”… and “Mayarah” roughly translates to “band together”… So it really means, “stars band together.”

I headcanon that Kara was only able to give a very loose, very shorthand translation. Because she’s not sure how else to fully capture the phrase, how to fully give the full description without it losing the meaning.

Because Krypton is a logical, scientific society - and when the House of El is a mostly scientific house, then they know that the stars are really just distant suns, often dying suns, often dead suns - and yet they still shine in the night. They also know that the stars can be used to map out your location. You could be lost, but just look up at the night sky and look at the stars, and then you realize you’re not alone no matter where you are, no matter what planet you’re on.

So, on Krypton, the complete phrase would be something like a proverb - translated into something like, “One Star is enough to light the day, but Stars Band Together to light up the darkest of nights.” - It’s meant to say that by yourself, you can only achieve so much. But with others? You achieve so much more.

It’s meant to transcend distance. It’s meant to transcend time. It’s meant to transcend death. No matter where, no matter when, no matter how.

On Earth, in English, the best way to translate it is just simply, “Stronger Together.”

When Kara says, “El Mayarah” she really means to say, “I’m with you no matter what, no matter when, no matter where….”

And so when Kara looks at her house emblem, she remembers her house, The House of El - The House of Stars. She remembers their motto, El Mayarah, the Kryptonian phrase for dead stars that still light up the darkest of nights. She remembers happier times with her family. She remembers that she’s been given a new family.

(And that’s where she succeeds the house motto where Clark fails; he believes it’s his sole duty to be strong for everyone, she knows she’s stronger with everyone.)

As she took a sip of her tea, she felt a stare on her. Then she looked up from her cup, only to have her eyes locked into a pair of dark brown eyes. She knew them and she had always loved them since the first time she looked into them.

“Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked, slowly taking another sip.

“Well,” he said with a little smile on his face, “you may think I am out of my mind for saying this but,”

“I saw a warm, cozy home in your eyes and I think I want to be a part of it.“

—  Lukas W. // Forgotten Words #203 // Sometimes, home is just a pair of eyes
tips to get rid of the fear of the blank page 📝

if you’re like me (and most students), when you have an essay or dissertation to start, or even when simply beginning a new section of your writing, the blank page can look overwhelmingly daunting. you procrastinate, you fiddle with the formatting, you do anything except what you should — that is, actually writing. here’s how i trick myself to get over this panic:

  • use a crappy notebook: it breaks your focus from the word document staring you in the eye. tell yourself, ‘i’ll just scribble down some notes here, no pressure’. don’t use a fancy one either! i often want to make the best use of my fancy notebooks, which in turn stresses me out in its own way.
  • write your notes in pencil, not pen - this ties in with my previous point, but your goal here is to make things feel as low-pressure and low-commitment as you can. embrace the messy handwriting!
  • write fast, almost stream-of-consciousness notes as if you were explaining what you know about the thing you’re writing about to someone else. it’s okay if you use informal language, just get the backbone of the information down on the page! try to think of everything you need to talk about to make your writing coherent.
  • bullet points and sectioning will make it easier to navigate your notes when polishing up the content for the final text, but again, don’t sweat it.
  • make a post-it note of things you need to look up/ask someone about later, but don’t get stuck on them when you start typing the final text, just insert a little note when writing, and be sure to make it stand out (i.e. use a different colour) so you don’t accidentally leave it in

you’ve done all of this, now all you need to do is rephrase your notes to make them sound fancy! don’t overthink this either, i find it preferable to come back to your text after a while and do the final editing with a fresher look. and congrats! you’re pretty much done! the trick is not overthinking it, and remembering: 

done is always better than perfect.

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Why do people text you every morning and double text when you don’t respond and send you cute things they’ll know you like and then one day just stop? I don’t want a month of dates and taking me places and getting me to tell you personal things if you’re just going to stop out of nowhere. Honestly it’s fine if you don’t want me, it’s fine if you’re on a different page, it’s fine if you want all the same things I want just not with me, but then don’t act like you do. Not even for a little. I can get the attention and the flirting and the sweet comments from anyone else. So I don’t know what your end game is or why you want to lead me on or if you think making me temporarily happy is worth eventually taking it all away but just do me one favor and don’t.

How To Ride [G.D]

REQUEST: Hey! Can I request a imagine where you and gray are dating and you dont know how to ride him so he teaches you? Thanks babe ilysm ❤

A/N: I don’t take requests, however I wanted to write something short bc I haven’t posted smut or about my mans in a hot minute so I just took this simple one so it wouldn’t have my whole ass signature plot 💀 Hope its aight, peace! x


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Love On The Brain Ch. One

Summary: Dean crawls into Y/N’s bed every night to chase away the aftermath of the Mark of Cain.  He wants to pretend that it’s just another way to cope, but he has love on the brain.  

Words: 2,100

General Warnings: Hardcore smut, Angst, Depression, Alcoholism, and Violence. 
Chapter Warnings: Smut (Rough sex, Dom! Dean, Cum Play, and Dirty Talk), Angst. 

AN: So… This was a WIP progress meant to be a one-shot but I guess it wanted a longer shelf life.  I’ve decided that writing out some rather unpleasant feelings I have myself for my marriage in this.  So yes, angst fest.  :) 


Please shoot me an ask if you are interested in a tag. Feedback is gold.  Feedback keeps me writing.  

Must be love on the brain
That’s got me feeling this way (feeling this way)
It beats me black and blue but it fucks me so good
And I can’t get enough

The first time it happened, it was just after they had removed the Mark of Cain.  Dean’s heavy limbs had crawled across her, lips crushed together while his tongue swirl against hers.  He tasted like whiskey, and his fingers did unholy things.  He breathed her name like it was a prayer and she lost everything about herself that wasn’t him.  The way Dean moved inside of her, the way her name rolled off his lips.  It had to be love on the brain.

Y/N took a large gulp of whiskey from the shot glass.  She and Sam were in the back corner of a dive bar looking for any breadcrumbs to lead them to Amara.  Rumor had it that there were a few people that fit being soulless in the small Maine town where they were currently stuck.  A blizzard had blown into town just after they had arrived the day before Christmas Eve.  Y/N’s thoughts shifted from the way Dean’s thick fingers felt slamming into her and to thoughts of the investigation.  The bottle of whiskey was lifted again as she poured herself another shot.  

Sam eyed his friend, feelings a mixture of sympathy and worry.  She seemed tired and worn down.  A look that he knew the root cause of was his brother. He watched as the amber liquid was thrown back as she tried to make whatever memories had surfaced drown in her river of booze.  

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