I just dont wanna be by myself right now

Sometimes I’ll be sitting in my room, perfectly fine, and then I just get slammed by this wave of loneliness and I hate it

Self care is surrounding yourself with other Shiro fans and getting excited together while ignoring the voltron fandom

What does that make you? (Bowers gang x reader) pt.2

A/n: I got soooooo many request to do a part 2 of “What does that make You?” The link to the first one will be below this! Make sure to read that before this so you’re on track. Tell me if you want another part to this or if i should make this a series!!! Enjoy!!!

Link: https://pennywisewho.tumblr.com/post/167032625667/what-does-that-make-you-bowers-gang-x-reader-x

Summary: You aren’t exactly apart of the Losers Club but you are friends with them. One day you help them out and end up getting caught in Henry Bowers trap.

Warnings: Swearing, Angst and slight Smut

Its been almost a week since your last encounter with Henry or his gang. You weren’t planning on seeing them either. You walk home with the boys just to make sure you have some what of a protection. Who are you kidding? They can barely defend themselves and you’re expecting them to save your ass. You came back to reality when you saw Ben.

“Y/n? Hey!” Ben shouted, violently shaking you. You blinked for a while until your vision focused on the members of the Losers Club.

“Were you daydreaming about me, Beautiful?” Richie asked, making you laugh along with the others. You nodded your head.

“Of course! Who else am I suppose to daydream about?” You asked jokingly. You led the group to your van and stopped dead in your tracks.

Bowers.” You saw him leaning against Belch’s Car. You tried not to make any eye contact and turned towards the others.

“Do.Not.Run. Turn around and walk straight.” You tried to stay low, the last thing you wanted was to get punched in the face.

“HEY! COME HERE!” You heard Henry call out but obviously you’re trying not to die right now. You turned around to look towards Henry, Belch and Victor.

“HEY! I DON’T KNOW IF YOU’RE BLIND OR NOT BUT AS YOU CAN SEE, IM TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM YOU, NOT TOWARDS YOU DUMBASS! GO BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE!” You yelled out, covering the sides of your mouth for more of an echo. He grinned at you and Richie flipped him off. As soon as you all turned the corner, someone grabbed Beverly.
Patrick fucking Hockstetter.

“You should’ve been nicer princess. Now look at what’s happening.” He licked his lips at you and you threw up in your mouth a bit.

“Patrick. Dont make me repeat myself. Let her go!” You asked him nicely. He walked with Beverly towards where Henry and his “gang” were standing.

“Do you guys wanna come with me or stay?” They looked at each other.

“Nevermind…. Just come!” You said running after Beverly. You reached your destination within seconds, panting as you stopped. You rested your hands on your knees and crouched a bit. You steadied your heart pace and stood straight.

“Bowers! You just need me right? Let her go… You said I was your target now.” He smiled at you mischievously. He threw Beverly to the ground like she was a piece of crumpled paper. You looked down at her and picked her up.

“Go stand behind them. I got this.” You instructed her and she did as she was told. She stood right behind Bill and Eddie. You smiled and looked at Henry then Patrick, confidence showing through you.

“Y’know… people have been telling me you got a pretty good dick Patrick! Bigger than Henry over here!” You moved towards Patrick and glided your hand down to his belt.

“Shall I confirm it myself?” Patrick looked shocked by your actions, it wasn’t only him though. You opened his belt, slowly, intimidating not only him but Henry as well. You turned to look at the now angry as fuck Henry and winked at him. You quickly pulled down Patricks pants and ran to Henry, only to punch him in the face.

“OW! WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?” Henry yelled out in pain.

“Karma is a bitch fucker!” You waved him goodbye and ran to your van and told the others to get in before anything else happened. They all climbed in and started laughing at Patrick. He’s been staring at his dick for the past few minutes.

“Oh my gosh! That was hilarious! You should’ve seen Patricks face. He was like ‘I have a big dick?’ for a second!” Richie yelled making everyone laugh.

“He thought!” is all you said and from there till the end, it was quiet. You dropped them home and went to your mom’s apartment. You ran up the stairs to see that your front door was open. You didn’t seem to be suspicious. You walked in and threw your bag to a side.

“MOM! I’M HOME!” You yelled out to get no response back. Okay, thats weird. You walked to the kitchen to wash your hands and to get a drink.

“I’M GOING TO DADDY’S HOUSE TODAY MOM! I’LL BE BACK BY 10!” You yelled only to hear another familiar voice.

“Your daddy’s already here, baby!” You turned around to see Henry Bowers leaning against the wall. Your eyes widened at his presence. You tried to shove past him but he hooked his arm around your waist and pulled you against his front.

“You have NO idea what i wanna do to your fucking sexy ass body!” You shivered under his touch. He grazed your chest with his hands and you slapped it off. He roughly turned you around and pushed you against the wall, choking you. You held onto his hand, trying to loosen his grip but that just seemed to make it worse.

“L-Let me go B-Bowers.” You pleaded him desperately but he didn’t show no mercy. He moved his face closer to you, leaving your lips inches away from his.

“Do you know how hot you are when you breathe heavily? That looked exactly like how you look now, and trust me, that just makes it a lot better for me and worse for you.” You stared at him intensively.

“L-let go of me A-asshole!” He snickered then brought his lips towards your ears.


DUN DUN DUNNNNN… thats the end of this chapter guys. If you do want another part, its gonna mostly likely be smut soooooo yeah. But the conflict will be brought upon the reader if there is another chapter. Tell me if you want one!!!

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College!Bangtan 0/?

Kim Seokjin:

  • acting major in his senior year
  • top of the class
  • world wide handsome
  • everyone’s prince charming
  • low-key a cuddly 5 year old
  • but high-key acting like your mom
  • and probably besties with your mom (rip jungkook)
  • kind and always helping to everyone
  • teachers and profs are his best friend
  • i bet some female teachers have a crush on him (who wouldnt just look at him)
  • not really a social media person
  • but when posts
  • its usually something about his friends or family
  • probably a special occasion or an achievement
  • and boi he will not be shy to show off the ones he loves
  • lives with his roomie for life (aka Min Yoongi)
  • currently trying to get a role in the national theatre to start career
  • but he already starred as a model in Namjoon’s design projects
  • currently single bc he has to deal with so much shit his dongsaengs commit (and probs need to fix it)

Min Yoongi:

  • composing major (*cough cough* obviously)
  • sleeps through entire classes
  • tho he’s low-key a genius so he can get away with anything (min yoongi jeonje jjang jjang man boong boong)
  • raps, sings, produces music, writes lyrics
  • and excells at every one of them
  • basically the favourite student of everyone
  • even though he somehow managed to sleep through 3 entire classes and even when a completly different group was in having a test, and because of rule violation he was the first person to get detention in university
  • like ever
  • lives with world-wide-handsome-roomate-for-life (hint: Jin)
  • mean baby 
  • sarcasm at level savage100
  • but can be a soft squishy (especially around Hobi)
  • has a secret crush on his friend
  • who became his muse and writes music about, but no one knows who is it
  • (except GeneralHobi and SpyJin)

Jung Hoseok:

  • dance major (i wanna be in the same class as him asdfghjkl help me)
  • when i say top of the class im not kidding bc the boi got em moves
  • and everyone loves him
  • like look at that sunshine
  • his hoobaes ADORE him
  • (i think everyone has a secret shrine for him at home, bc girl i do)
  • the teachers often ask him to subsitute them
  • even in older classes bc he’s so good
  • won many competitions
  • and always practicing for one
  • filming his own coreos on YouTube under the name HopeOnTheStreet (sounds familira huh?)
  • roomates with his fashionista fellow 94′ liner (Namjoon)
  • back to his hoobaes
  • doesnt matter girl or boy, this guy is so many people’s crush i dont have enough space to list them
  • low-key has a crush on one of his hoobaes in his dance team
  • but high-key not admittin this to himself
  • so he’s like
  • ‘no she’s not my crush, i dont see her that way‘
  • but always glancing in her direction in any given moment
  • (someone help this boy)

Kim Namjoon:

  • fashion/designing major (idk if this exists but it will exist for now)
  • he’s such a fashonista
  • his #KimDaily is such a big hit (pun intended) not just among students at his class
  • models like a BOSS
  • but everyone loves the dimple selfies he has (im so soft for his dimples help me)
  • high-key genius
  • not kidding this boi could school the kids at the science building
  • low-key everyone’s tutor
  • but only tutors people he knows
  • so rip those poor girls all over campus trying to get his number (guess they have to fangirl their ass off on instagram aka me…saveme.mp3)
  • loves photographing even though he breaks everything
  • (not the photographing stuff tho bc that shit is expensive)
  • tho Jungkook is his personal photographer
  • lives with his 94′ liner hyung (Hobiiiii)
  • probably will be an editor at a high-fashion magazine (bc he’s a genius and has a great sense)
  • also someone who is head over heels for one of his hoobaes
  • he was melted at the exact moment when the cutie patootie freshmen (who didnt know her sunbae was the fashion star of the whole university) asked him to take a picture of them for their portfolio 
  • help this boy he’s whipped for her :’)

Park Jimin:

  • also dance major (i mean look at dem moves)
  • is the most adorable person you can find on whole campus
  • and bish is he a graceful dancer as hell? (the answer is obviously yes no matter what your opinion is)
  • he dances all the classics, but favourite is contemporary
  • high-key great at hip hop
  • basically lives in the practice room
  • no joke this kid earned a locker in the practice room
  • all his teachers melted by his adorableness
  • though acts like a savage teen on 3 cups of coffee when around friends
  • but he’s still adorable you cant deny that
  • part of trouble line 
  • always cleans the mess his roomate aka best friend aka soulmates for ever aka Kim Taehyung makes
  • if you havent guessed he lives with Tae, and they are like best friends since high school (bc Jimin helped his ass not to fail history)
  • is a thirsty hoe
  • but more discreet than the maknae
  • but they are together always on look out for da ladies (wink wink if ya kno wat i mean)

Kim Taehyung:

  • fashion/designing major as well
  • designs and makes his own clothes
  • saves money for gucci (sorrynotsorry but its true)
  • role model for everyone at his class
  • he and Namjoon taking pics of their outfit for ever
  • if you want to hang out with them make sure to come an hour late maybe they will finish their mini-photoshoot by that time
  • all about them high-fashion
  • you’ll see this boy walking down the hallway like its a fashion-show
  • everyone thinks he’s cold
  • but in reality his the softest human being
  • some would say a bit weirdo but weird-fashonista-boy is the new bad boy (emirite?)
  • is friends with everyone
  • even they only spoke like 2 sentences they became friends period
  • lives with his soulmate (aka softie 2.0 aka Park Freaking Jimin [i cant swear bc of this goddamn tumblr monitising smh])
  • probs the most fashionable on the entire campus
  • looks for eternal love like in fairy tale bc this boy is living in his own
  • is fan of art (thats how he met Jungkook)
  • is a trouble maker and he’s always ready to gossip and spill tea with Jimin (or anyone else of his “friends”)
  • part of trouble line (obvy)
  • Jungkook is still mad at him for breaking his door, that Jimin had to fix

Jeon Jungkook:

  • art major (the boi is a real talent)
  • as i mentioned before, constant doodling (errday everyday)
  • pranking his hyungs 25/8
  • lives with his hyung by blood bc too broke to have his own place
  • obsessed with photographing as well
  • Tae and Joon made him their bitch when they found out about that (poor boy and his love for taking pictures)
  • Jin always babying him bc he’s one
  • trouble line leader
  • loves arts and repects artists and subaes a lot (met Tae at an art gallery how adult is that)
  • half-lives at the Vmin residency
  • but not letting them into his place since Tae broke his door which Jimin fixed for him
  • obssesed with social media (especially Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat)
  • wink wink follow him at j_jungkook97 (its fake yall before you attack me for playing with your heart)
  • wingman of Jimin, also wingman of himself
  • he’s one hormonal teen still
  • so thirsty (no and this time i dont mean myself for him thank you)
  • but still single bc lowkey he wants a more serious relationship like his brother’s
  • but highkey just wanna smash (you’ll here that sentence a lot more form now on…)

(a/n: these are my edits but the pics are not mine; cr to their rightful owner; i found them on Google :P)

one of my friends thinks im a furry. and i let them think im a furry, because if i corrected them, they’d be all “but i thought you had some super secret interest” and i’d have to say “yeah, but its not being a furry, its that im two inches tall mentally and roughly half my life revolves around that”, and that’s a long conversation. so i let them think i wanna be a deer. which i do, sometimes, just not as much as i wanna be two inches tall.

Seventeen as things I have said


Jeonghan: nothing she’s just a snake lmao


Junhui: when will your faves ever

Soonyoung: stop sleeping on talent!!! appRECIATE THEM!!!!

Wonwoo: i am so emo rn doNT TOUCH ME

Jihoon: no one asked


Mingyu: should I make quesadillas right now?? (friend: its 10pm….) my stomach is always open for business what’s your point


Seungkwan: why didnt you just save the picture yourself earlier??


Dino: i just wanna live :’))

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hey dude- i don't wanna pretend to know you but life for you sounds so fucking tough right now. ive never experienced anything similar but it hasn't exactly been a joyride either and i just want to let you know that you're loved and appreciated and im sending as much positive energy your way as i can; i dont know if you're religious and i dont pray often myself (kind of spiritual more than anything) but I'll pray for you tonight, just in case it helps make things a little easier for you. โ™กโ™กโ™ก

oh it’s really fine. please don’t waste that on me. i’m one of those people that’s really happy-go-lucky in life. even if things do get burned down, that’s okay. it’s just stuff, you know? and frankly the amount of ticks on the ranch was intolerable anyway so good riddance. i’m genuinely not sad or worried and we’re all just watching this like yep. yep, this is exactly what would happen. this is destiny somehow. i’ve also got a big family and a lot of friends and all of them are similarly happy-go-lucky and have their stuff together so we’re 100% fine.

wanna one as things i heard at hakwon

A/N: i was planning on posting this on my last day of hakwon, but got sick and missed the last 2 weeks so i’m posting this on my last day of summer vacation


“do any of the ladies here have lotion?”


“stop reducing my life span”

“i love dead chicken”

“i love food porn it turns me on”


“i wanna go somewhere healthy.. cheesecake factory!”

1: “do you have a korean name?”
2: “yeah, but we’re not gonna call me that”

“the plural of moose is meese, deer deers, and fish fishies”

“look! my fingers are sagging”

“arent measles animals?”

“stop being idiots”

“i’m weird gangsta aye”


  • “i know greek mythology. dementer is the mom”
  • “you know youre the only one laughing, right? // “yeah i crack myself up”
  • “you gotta run, your stubby legs cant keep up”
  • “can we exile him? to level 2 [from 3]”
  • “chicago isnt in illinois. illinois is such a.. farm state”
  • “how was your weekend? no, dont give me a long answer im just asking to be polite”
  • “can i go home now?”

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hey, are you okay? you haven't posted hardly anything in like months and emily said you two aren't dating anymore, i'm really concerned

sorry about that. i’ve been kind of at a weird point in my life and i haven’t had the energy to do much of anything. emily and i did split but it was very civil and we both still respect each other very much, it just wasn’t working out in a romantic way as of late. i’ve kinda hit an all time low in my mental state, and this was a long time coming, way before emily and i started having complications, so i just wanna preface none of this is her fault, but i’m trying to rebuild myself from the ground up right now. it’s a process and i haven’t had the motivation to be active and happy or anything really at all, but i’m a trooper. i’ve been through this before and i’ll survive again. thank you for worrying about me, im hoping to be on here again real soon

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can i please get some advice mom, I've always considered myself a lesbian, claimed lesbian etc etc but i recently had a crush on a boy I think? I don't know but now we're together and it doesn't feel right. i don't wanna kiss him, I don't wanna hug him, it doesn't feel anything like the few relationships I've had with girls. what should I do?

honestly I dont know the circumstances but whenever I have found myself “crushing” on a boy it was a petty crush or something to do with the fact that he needed to be “fixed” and my need to want to help people but I never wanted anything romantic or sexual from said guy. If you’re that uncomfortable you should just be honest with him and and yourself and end it before it gets anywhere. You got this and I love u lesbian

okay i’m going to attempt to put down thoughts about ds gem au in a semi-organized fashion:

characters i haven’t drawn yet but have rough ideas for (and let me preface this by saying i’m sticking as close as possible to like, Canon, Extant Gems, cause i’m boring and cautious)

  • wigfrid and wolfgang are each some variety of quartz, i would assume
  • walani’s an earth-prime-kindergarten amethyst with absolutely no work ethic.
  • warly has me stumped because Gems Don’t Eat. i guess she’s a .. chemist..?
    • fuck me, i just remembered that lapis lazulis Exist. maybe the shipwreckt squad is all lapises, just with wildly different personalities (and occasional corruption) ? ?? ?
  • i keep going back and forth on how i wanna treat WX but the idea i like the most right now/the most overwrought and complex idea is that they’re something an enterprising and inventive human put together using scraps of salvaged pre-war gem tech
  • i’m also kind of dithering on wickerbottom but i think i just wanna say she’s a zircon and that (at least in this variant universe cause this is My City) zircon duties also include, like, data archival and organization, as well as the Courtroom Stuff
  • i kind of fuckd myself with winona because i dont know how she can be in any way equivalent to charlie’s sister unless she’s also carrying out a fresh n funky half-human existence and possibly with the Same Human Dad, which is pretty implausible but i sure would like to meet the dude who not one but two giant alien women, uh, there’s no graceful and polite way to finish this sentence, my point is idk what to do with that
  • max is maybe an agate or probably something higher-ranking but my point is she’s running the show in charlie/black diamond’s absence and trying to keep.. like, Everything about her scenario under wraps
    • she has orchestrated how every other character individually got assigned to irregular suspicious missions in this backwater quadrant of space and their ships/warps/other transportation have been sabotaged behind them. they’ve all ended up stranded on a supposedly destroyed planet Earth. to what purpose? why were they chosen? Nobody Is Sure, Least Of All Me
  • this only just now occurred to me but maybe the Cluster and the fusion experiments leading up to it have taken a more subtle and insidious form, here, instead of just being a big unsubtle planet-smashing geoweapon. the sort of thing that would psychically invade dreams and cause weak, uncertain minds to hallucinate shadows, and feed on negative emotions. hmmmm
  • wes: who is she. what kind of gem is she even. does anyone even know what kindergarten she came from? she isnt saying anything. her gem is over where her mouth would be and i don’t think she can speak. she has invisible psychokinetic barriers and explosive spheres of force at her command and she has no mercy. fear her

also, here is a gem winona for the road. thanks for stickin through that huge post

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i just really wanna say thank you for making the jin epiphany lockscreens. right now im going through the worst when it comes to loving myself and who i am and knowing i can turn on my phone and see the lyrics reflecting back to me makes me so happy. i dont trust any other lock screen maker, you've just always done everything right and I'm so grateful for all your contributions to the kpop community. ik I'm freaking out over a lock screen but it's just so much more than that. thank you ๐Ÿ’ž

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

wow, I’m seriously crying over here. Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing! I’m going to be beaming for the rest of the day thanks to you!

This is also a huge reason why I love making these lockscreens; everybody deserves to look down at their phones and be filled with joy. 

We all tell lies to ourselves that we aren’t worthy of love. I think our failures and lack of perfection get in the way of understanding what love really is.

Love is patient, love is kind, it’s not proud, it’s not self-seeking, it doesn’t keep a record of wrongs. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. (source)

Thank you for reminding me that I need to practice all of those things for myself! And once again, thank you BTS! We’ll try to love ourselves as much as we love you! 

self growth intimidates me a lot right now, and i crave it but im so stagnant despite all my productivity. emotionally…. i wanna feel nicer about myself. i havent wanted to post on social media at all really because it feels too ‘fake’ to me, especially instagram.. like im presenting myself (or a version of myself) for everyone. i dont want to take any photos because i dont like the permanence and i havent hung out with anyone in… like a month. im just sorta sucked into this emptiness!

jayboo565  asked:

I need help as a Cis person trying to write a potential trans character. My character River has been pretending to be a male all their life until they finally come out to the team about who they are. They feel like being more feminine would feel wrong but they also feel like they missed out on more feminine things in childhood, so now they dont know if they want to continue life as a male or female. Since I have 0 experience I want to know if I am doing things right. Dont wanna hurt anyone.

I mean, as a cis person I’m not really all that qualified to give you that advice. I’d recommend you find trans people to talk about for help (but don’t simply just go up to any trans person and ask, of course!) You can always scroll through my “writing trans characters” tag, but I’m in no place to consider myself an authority or know what is and isn’t to be done!

we all went swiming and we all drown// tie me up and then just leave// do you take sugar in your coffe at 3:46 am??// i dont know the colour of your eyes but i hope they’re blue// did you mean what you said last night?// we talked last night??//the drugs sometimes kick in weeks later// like when i close my eyes and i see a faceless smile// sometimes i laugh at things that make me want to cry// sometimes i appericate the things that destory me// scratch that.. i always appericate the things that destroy me// run until my lungs catch fire and my whole body burns// i like kissing people that i would never fuck// i always say Iโ€™m not going to get that drunk right before i black out// and i always say it wont bother me but it still wil// break my bones to see if i have any// break my heart to see if its still beating// i should call my doctor// call me later // sometimes i wish i didnt care about anything so i could become a druggie and live with purpose// getting high is a purpose// its like falling in love with a feeling// i do that a lot// there is good in everyone// hell isnโ€™t below the earth, its stuttley mixed into everthing you love the most// if you love things after their expiry date you will get sick// best beforeโ€ฆ yesterday// best beforeโ€ฆ last week// best beforeโ€ฆ last year// my trash can is empty because i dont use things just to throw them away// yours is full// angels and demons fuck a lot its just sience// i dont want to be someone else i just want to change everything about myself//weed left me confused so i started popping pills// i lost 4 hours yesterday// must have misplaced them// i wanna sell my soul but the devil wont buy it??// does anyone have a used phone case that will protect me from seeing things i dont want to see// like how lonely i am// did you do the math homework?// i dont really want to stop being 16// mom please dont touch me right now//i like noises that make it impossible to hear anything// i like pain that distracts me from other pain//i like songs that have feelings attached// i like ugly people// i like faceless people// i like people who dont like themselves// i like people who dont know how to like// i donโ€™t know how to like// Iโ€™m not going to fuck you//โ€ฆ right now// why do people say goodbye BEFORE they leave// why didnโ€™t you say goodbye before you left?// Why did you leave?// what do you want to do after high school?// not this// throw me a shovel because Iโ€™m so fucking stuck// light a match and drop it on a pile of everything i used to be// add gasoline //
—  Not everything

Fall is upon us and this year, for some reason I’m not all that excited as I used to be. Which is weird cuz I talk all the time about how autumn is my favorite season. But this year i just wanna curl up into myself and go back to the old days.. I don’t do anything anymore. I miss going to college cuz i made/ had many friends there and just walking through the campus whilst listening to music brought me peace. Especially when my sister lived right across the way from the campus.. Now i dont talk to anyone from there, my sister moved even closer to me, but i just feel so far away from everyone. I had a great time at my job bit my anxiety got to me so much that they had to let me go after missing 3 days. I made so many friends there too, my parents were so proud. I was so happy cuz i got out of the house and actually had a job, talked to people. Now i just feel like a ghost going through the mundane process of everyday life. Even on here I had many friends, even some super close that i got to meet in person. Now i hardly talk to anyone, i used to be big into the fandoms then i had to take a hiatus cuz the posts made me depressed. I still have Jeremy but even then i still feel like a ghost that freaks out/ gets anxious over every little thing.. I just want to talk to people but i dont know how anymore without feeling like an inconvenience and feeling worn out..

One Shot: Pretty Clingy? Very Clingy.

Character(s): Reader, Rin Matsuoka

โ€œWhat if I told u that sousuke and I were hooking up? ;))โ€
โ€œNvm ur already into that yaoi stuff nopeโ€
โ€œDont even think about itโ€
โ€œDont even speak of this when u get homeโ€

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