I hope she stays a regular on the show even if she's not in the band

5 | Save Me

word count:
 3,381 i love writing i’m sorry

warnings: violence, gore probably smut at some point I mean it’s me we’re talking about, dead bodies, non-con etc. very mature themes. this chapter has mentions of torture, non-con, bruises, being beaten etc

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“I could ask you the same thing, Serena.”

The once beautiful girl looked drained, she didn’t seem like your best friend, something had changed. Evidently. She was wearing a red silky dressing gown that had parted slightly at the front, revealing her matching lingerie underneath. Her overall appearance was outlandishly sexy and completely out of character, she would normally never wear anything like that, never mind be confident enough to answer the door dressed that way. Was she fucking Mr Lee?

“Sorry I think you’ve got the wrong house, it’s just me and my boyfriend home.” She smiled, talking just a little too loud for your liking,

“Serena what the fuck is going on?! Why are you here?” You whispered, just in case the dangerous professor was lurking behind her,

“I told you we didn’t order a pizza. I’m sorry you have the wrong address. You have to leave now-” Serena tried slamming the door shut on you, but a large hand gripped at the dark wood, stopping the door from shutting completely.

“Y/N.. Is that you?”

Mr Lee.

“Yeah, uh, my car broke down and I was just looking for some help… I didn’t know you lived here.”

Shivers ran down your spine when you saw him, he was still the same young, handsome professor you once trusted and looked up to. He was wearing a crisp navy suit, his black hair was slicked back and stubble shadowed his fierce features. Only difference being this time you were more than aware of his out of school activities, and he’d somehow managed to drag Serena into it too. Was she working for him all along?

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Me, starting season 2: Shana’s leaving!!?? Whoever replaces her will never win any of my love!

Raya: *shows up*

Me: I would die for you without hesitation

sentrectage  asked:

I love your writing. Could you maybe do some fluff about gajeel and levy coming together after they had been separated by a job or something for a long time?? I would love it!!

Sorry this took a little while!


Levy winced as the lightning cracked outside the cave, thunder following the blue flash almost instantaneously.  The sound echoed painfully in the stone hollow, and she nestled a little deeper into the back walls, chewing absentmindedly on the dried jerky.  She needed to make sure it lasted, so slow meals were essential.

She was also entirely lost in her thoughts, playing the details of the mission over and over.  It was their first mission together, and she knew it was bold of her to nearly beg Gajeel to let her come along, but she had found the courage and wasn’t going to lose it.  It was supposed to be straight forward, easy enough that she hoped he wouldn’t refuse her.  And miraculously, he didn’t even hesitate to agree.  Which she had tried not to read too much into.

But then came the ambush.  A guildless group of mages that somehow knew Gajeel–no doubt from his Phantom Lord days–thought they might try to get some very late revenge.  Compared to Gajeel and Lily alone, they weren’t much of a match, but the three of them had been near racing a brewing monsoon to either get home or to shelter, whichever came first.  

The setback had stalled them enough for the first bands of rain to roll in.  Normally rain would not have been much of an issue, but it had been unseasonably dry in this area of the mountains for some time, and with the hurricane-level deluge, a new problem arose.  

Flash floods.

The wall of water had cascaded through the trees, taking the smaller pines as well as the enemy mages down with it, and barreled towards them.  The last thing she knew, Gajeel was suddenly in front of her, scooped her up, and shot up towards the largest tree he could reach.  He had only just set her down on a branch when they heard Lily cry out from the water, and then the iron dragon was gone again.

Levy didn’t know how long she had stayed in the tree, praying for it to remain upright, waiting for the flood to subside.  As soon as there was a break she descended and promptly sought shelter; she couldn’t look for Gajeel in this storm, especially with those mages still potentially out there.  She couldn’t remember the last time she had seen one this bad, but she was more than fortunate to have made it to this cave with her pack intact.  

It had been five days since and the storm hadn’t let up, so there she remained, rationing out her supplies and praying for any sign of her dragon.  The two days she went just outside the entrance and scripted “flare” roughly every hour.  The flash of red light sputtered pitifully in the rain, going up half as high as it might have otherwise, but it was still something.  

By the third day she felt the effects of regular magic use and her meager meals and only managed to cast five more.  

The lightning started on the fourth day and exploded an old pine outside her cave, making her reluctant to start waving her arms in the air to keep casting.

And here on the fifth, she was tracking the growing time between strikes, knowing that the storm had to be finally moving on.  She did everything she could to focus on that, rather than what had really been eating away at her for five days: was he safe?

With no sign of her dragon and only her thoughts as company in the empty cave, her doubt raged of its own accord.  It robbed her of sleep, and slowly robbed her of her composure.  What if he…in the flood…  She shook her head violently, refusing to let her thoughts go now that path. She couldn’t.  Levy couldn’t deny it, she was exhausted, hungry, and cold.  

“Where are you…?” she mumbled to herself, her voice hoarse from lack of use.  It didn’t even sound like her.

The solid waterfall that had been steady over the mouth of the cave slowly started to break over the next hour, becoming ribbons, trickles.  The thunder rumbled in the distance, a growling beast slinking off to new territory.  The rain devolved into just a pitter patter on waterlogged trees and soil. Birds slowly, steadily started to sing again to replace the sound of the storm.

It took several moments for her to realize the monsoon had moved on at last, and slowly she shouldered her pack and rose shakily to her feet.  Levy took several breaths to steady herself, and ventured out into the open.  The sky was still grey, but the clouds rolled fast enough to see, dropping no more rain.  

She had maybe one more in her, and with a deep breath, she swung out her hand, writing out “flare” and watching the red ball shoot upwards as it was intended, unimpeded by water.  It arced slowly, dropping back into the canopy somewhere nearby.  

The mage’s knees buckled and she sunk down into the mud, feeling the last of her energy fly from her with the flare.  That had better work…because I don’t have much left in me, and if anyone other than him shows up… 

As though in cue with her thoughts, a loud crack and rustle sounded from somewhere in the trees.  Shocked back to awareness, Levy fought to get herself back up onto her feet, knees shaking and stomach doing flips.  She held up her hand defensively, ready to draw signs that she knew she couldn’t…but it was better to look ready.

Then he burst from the greenery, hair a wild, muddy mess.  His face mirrored the disheveled chaos of his mane, red eyes wildly searching the clearing in the split second he emerged before settling on her.  His iron shoulders slumped immediately, like he instantly released days of tension and stress.  Moments later, a waterlogged Lily emerged behind him.  Safe.

Levy’s eyes instantly began to burn as she beheld her dragon, and her mouth fell open.  She mouthed his name, but her voice cracked with sobs that took all volume from her.  

Then his feet were moving and he stomped his way towards her, indescribable relief on his features as iron gave way to flesh.  Levy tried again to say his name as he closed the distance, but this time it was he who robbed her of the ability to speak.  

He took her face in his hands, gentle but needy, and swiftly brought his face to hers.  Electricity that humbled the storm’s lightning shot through her when his lips met hers, showering her with warmth.  Her shock melted and she closed her eyes, pushing back into him.  He was here.  He was alive.  And he was kissing her.

He must have felt the pulse of shock run through her, because moments after he slowly pulled away from her, panting.  His hands moved to her shoulders, and Gajeel leaned back to look her over.  He ignored her fully flushed face, knowing full well what he had done.  He had promised himself that when he found her, he would do it.  After the days of separation, he had been coldly reminded that there was no time to be coy, to hide how he felt, and to be honest he had planned to do it on this mission at some point.  Nearly losing her before he had the chance, to show her how he really felt, had been almost unbearable.  What had been unbearable was the thought that he wasn’t there to protect her.  That she was somewhere out here on her own and he couldn’t get to her.  Then the storm cleared, and bless her, he saw that final flare.  Leave it to Levy to make such a smart move.

“You’re ok… you’re ok…” he whispered to himself, certain that she wasn’t hurt.  “Damnit Lev, don’t do that to me.  Ya can’t do that to me–”

“You’re the one that got yourself swept away!” Levy interrupted, finally finding her words again even if he blush remained.  “I thought you drowned!”

An infuriating grin spread on his face as he squeezed her shoulders, “Ya don’t give me any credit, shorty.”  He could see the protest start to rise in her, and he chuckled, “Shut up and let’s go home.” 

And he kissed her once more.

Picking and Choosing Pt.1 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2

BTS; Jimin (ft. Namjoon/Rap Monster)

Genre: Angst | Smut | Roommate/Bestfriend AU

Word count: ~11k

Warnings: Violence, blood mentions, graphic smut

Description: When you and your best friend and roommate, Jimin, make a huge mistake, how will the consequences affect your relationship?

A/N: I was having a craving to write something for Jimin :’) rip guys I hope you all like it! We haven’t even really gotten into the angst yet so just anticipate part two, it should be out soon.

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Analysis of the results of The Unit

So… many people have various comments and disappointments with how The Unit ended earlier this week. I do as well.  However, it’s not all doom and gloom and there are little pieces of hope which can be picked up from this.  Whether you read the rest of the analysis or not, please please please make sure to support the original bands that these artists belong to.

The narrative is under the cut because it’s rather long – apologies!

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Love me so

Words: 1312
Reece Bibby x reader
New Hope Club

I sit against the bed, small trickles of tears leaving my eyes. My boyfriend and I had been arguing, and this was the aftermath of one, but this time- we had broken up. The topic of our argument is irrelevant. I hear a knock on the door and gasp, standing up and wiping my tears away. I go over to the door and look through the peephole. It was Blake and Sophie. I back away shaking my head. I quickly move through the room packing my bag. 

When I have everything I quickly open the door and move past Blake and Sophie who had stayed outside knocking repeatedly. 
“y/n wait!” Blake calls out moving in front of me. I huff and stop, avoiding his eyes. “look at me” he whispers. I tilt my head towards the floor more so he sighs and lifts my head up with his finger. When my eyes meet his, I break down, collapsing into him and letting the tears emerge again. He catches me but we still fall to the floor.

“please don’t leave. Just calm down and talk it out. Just remember that he loves you” Sophie says kneeling next to us. I’m sitting against Blakes’ chest in his lap, in the middle of the hotel hallway. 

Luckily nobody is around until we see Reece and George round the corner. My eyes widen as they meet Reece’s equally as puffy and red ones. I scramble out of Blakes arms and past Sophie. I start running away, I don’t want to risk the elevator so I make a break for the stairs. I get halfway down then when someone grabs my arm and spins me around. Reece pushes me up against the back wall and presses his lips to mine. I almost forgive him and melt into the kiss but I pull away with teary eyes. 

“please don’t go” he chokes out. 
“what you said hurt, I need some time” I mutter and turn to leave. I grab my bag that I dropped and leave him standing there. 

I go home and for the next week I’m miserable. I sit in bed watching sad movies, listening to sad songs and cry. Of course I was assisted by lots of junk food. I had ignored pretty much everyone, Blake, George, Sophie, my friends and especially Reece. 

I hear a knock on my bedroom door then I hear it opening. I hear a huff then footsteps coming closer. The covers lift up on the other side and the bed shifts. My best friend had come around a couple of times over the past week and it pretty much ended like this, her sneaking into my bed and I’d cry into her shoulder until I fell asleep and she’d leave before I woke up. 

I turn over and move closer to her, laying my head on her shoulder. She wraps her arms around me. 
“babe you can’t keep doing this to yourself” she sighs. I lose it and start sobbing, but then something clicks. I sit up and try to calm myself down. She sits up too and grabs my hand 
“I’ve had enough of this, do you want to go see a movie or something?” I ask her. Even in the dark of the room I can see her face brighten up as she smiles. 
“yeah, that would be great!” she chirps. 
“Its a bit dirty in here” I sigh.
“lets have a little clean up, you go shower and we’ll do your hair and makeup real nice and go for something to eat then a movie yeah?” she asks and and I nod. I move over to the window and open the curtains, pull the blinds and open the window. I wince from the light but suck it up. We start cleaning all the junk food and tissues, then make the bed. I go have a quick shower, washing my hair and shaving in the quickest time possible. Y/b/f/n is all set and ready to go with the hairdryer when I step out and it doesn’t take long after blasting it. 

When my hair is dry and styled, I start doing my makeup and so does y/b/f/n as she had just come over in her comfy clothes. I put my regular playlist on and she smiles at me. 
“I’m sick of the sad songs” I say. 

We’re both nearly done with our makeup when a song omes on that I nearly choke on. Reeces song, love me so,  from his previous band stereo kicks comes on and its my favourite version with the rap. y/b/f/n goes to change it but I stop her. I listen to the song and nearly cry during Reeces parts.

I stand up and go to my wardrobe picking a cute outfit and throwing one at my best friend. I also start throwing some other clothes into a big bag. m/b/f/n smirks. 

“guess we’re not going into town?” I shake my head with a big smile. 
“thank you so much but I need to go see him” She nods. 
“yeah of course, text me as soon  as you’ve talked to him” she says. I grin and go downstairs explaing everything to my mum, thst I was going back on tour with Reece. She didn’t have a problem with it as that’s where I was supposed to be anyways, I just had a slight set back. 

“have you made a decision honey? Are you going to forget about him or forgive  him?” she asks with a raised eyebrow. 
“I’m not sure yet mum, but I’ll let you know” I shrug with a smile. 
“just remember I like that boy, and text me that you get there safe” she smiles giving me a hug. 

I grab my purse, phone and keys and I soon leave the house, heading for the train station going to London because that’s where they are playing tonight. I get there safely and make my way to the arena. I show all the guars my special lanyards and stuff and the y let me through. I hear New Hope Club singing and my heart jumps. I don’t even bother going backstage, I go into the arena where soundcheck is happening and a group of girls were watching. The Vamps, The Tide and Sabrina were watching and waiting for their turn on the stage. 

The door slams quite loudly and echos through the arena so everybodys head snaps towards mine. I immediately look at Reece and he smiles at me, but keeps playing for the sake of soundcheck. I go over and drop my bags by the side and when they finish the song I run up the steps and into his arms. He holds me up with one hand on my butt and the other caressing my cheek. 

“You came back” he whispers. 
“that was the worst week without you, I don’t ever want to be without you agin. I’m sorry we fought.” I stutter. 
“I love you” he says with tears in his eyes.
“I love you too” I reply leaning in for a kiss, everyone around us ‘twit ‘twoos at us and we grin pullig apart. He sets me down and I greet everybody but I’m soon joined by Reece again he pulls me away from everybody backstage. 

“Reece. Reece! I don’t think we’re supposed to be here” I giggle tugging on his hand. He shrugs. 
“who cares? I got my girl back. You’re all that matters to me right now… By the way, I was a mess without you too” He says and pulls me in for a kiss. He ends up sliding his hands into the back pockets of my jeans simultaneously pulling me closer and squeezing my butt. 
“you’ll have to show me later how much you missed me” I smirk and he laughs.
“I definitely will” 

if a moment is all we are [1/1]

summary: a little and v random au fic where emma swan struggles with her self-worth and killian sees the brilliance of this woman and gives her a…pep talk. or something like that. (established relationship.) 

rating: t. there’s some gentle kissing is all so

words: ~1.7k

a/n: title dedicated to chester bennington, lyrics from the song “one more light” by linkin park. my childhood angst band before i even knew angst was a thing.  unbeta’d and all that. I AM RUSTY I HAVEN’T PUBLISHED ANY FF IN A LONG TIME (this is also not the fic i posted a teeny teaser for, that’s coming later) ao3

Emma Swan is an enigma, a puzzle of many pieces, jagged and smooth- one he has always wanted to solve, but never actually fit back together.

She has loved and lost, trusted and been betrayed, been set aside as if she were the leftovers no one ever wanted. Never once could he have imagined her to be treated so poorly. Killian recognizes the pain in her eyes and the loneliness that drives some of her actions, but never once has he commented on it. He’s made it an effort to show her what a heart full of love can do.

Ever since he came across her on a whim years ago, her running right into him as he exited the local Starbucks for his coffee, he’d never been able to stay out of her life. She’d knocked that hot coffee out of his hands and all over him, but he’d excused her and said that worst things could have happened.

He has dedicated himself to be the single puzzle piece in her story that would never get thrown off the board, to never be slid under the rug. And, in the three years of knowing Emma Swan, he wagers he knows her better than she knows herself.

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Jihyo Soulmate AU

Requested: Yup, along with the rest of Twice!

Admin: Heather

  • ”I know it sucks, but you can enjoy cute sweaters!”
  • Your friends always tried to comfort you
  • But you still felt awful about your soul ability
  • You felt warmer the closer you got to your soulmate
  • Thank God it was just a sensation, not an actual change of your body heat
  • Cause you would probably die considering how freezing you felt everyday
  • Your soulmate must have lived pretty away from you and you were starting to lose hope
  • But one day you felt the sudden need to take your jacket off
  • Your friend looked at you in shock
  • ”Y/N, your soulmate must be coming to town!” She said
  • ”Why would they suddenly travel all the way here?” You asked
  • Your friend shook her head and pointed to a wall behind you
  • There was a poster adverstiting some Korean band concert
  • ”Twice?” You asked
  • ”Many people are coming here for it!” Your friend bounced excitedly
  • ”You have to listen to their music and get to know them.” She added
  • ”Can’t I just go to the concert?”
  • There were nine girls on a poster and learning their names and facts about them seemed tiring
  • But if your soulmate is a huge fan, it will give you some topic to start a conversation
  • Twice’s songs became regular tracks on your playlists and everyday you would watch a variety show with them
  • You even watched SIXTEEN and felt really close to the girls
  • You admired their hard work and dedication
  • It would be amazing if one of them turned out to be your soulmate, but this kind of things only happened in movies
  • Finally the day of the concert arrived
  • You felt already pretty warm by then
  • Your friend had to lend you some clothes, cause all you had were warm sweaters, hoodies and jackets
  • As you two approached the concert hall it got even hotter
  • After the performance you started to feel chilly, so you quickly moved to the fan sign in order to finally find your soulmate
  • Your body was like a compass for you
  • It got hotter the closer you got towards the girls, so your soulmate must have been in the line
  • Unfortunately you had to wait for a long time
  • Your soulmate would probably leave by the time you got any closer
  • Then you realised the temperature didn’t change even a bit
  • ”My soulmate is in Twice!” you whispered to your friend and she squeezed your hand
  • The first member you talked to was Mina
  • She smiled shyly at you and asked about your day
  • It felt nice, but it wasn’t it
  • You went through Dahyun, Tzuyu and Nayeon
  • When you got to Momo, you had to give your last layer of clothing to your friend and stay in a thin top
  • It was even worse with Sana
  • She noticed you fanning yourself and asked if everything was fine
  • ”I’m just a bit hot.” You explained, feeling like you were burning alive
  • Sana’s eyes got bigger as she whispered something to Jeongyeon
  • She nodded and tapped Jihyo’s arm
  • When Jihyo got closer, you started to feel dizzy
  • She must have felt it too as she swayed a bit
  • You reached out to help her keep her balance
  • When you touched her arm, everything became normal again
  • You two looked at each other and blushed
  • ”It’s you! My name is Jihyo” She introduced herself
  • ”I’m Y/N” you answered, flustered by her cute smile
  • ”Well, Y/N” she said. ”It was worth freezing for so long.”
  • Jeongyeon groaned and told you to just kiss already and stop blocking the line
  • You and Jihyo exchanged numbers and promised to meet the next day
  • ”There is only one thing to do” your friend said after you left
  • You looked at her in confusion
  • ”We have to buy you some clothes”
Eros - Bar AU Chapter 10



CH.1 PT.1 | CH. 1 PT. 2 | CH. 2 | CH. 3 | CH. 4 | CH. 5 |  CH. 6 |CH. 7 | CH. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Ch. 11

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Hey Bartender Chapter 2: A Guy Walks Into a Bar
Pairing: Bartender!Reader x Rock God!Rob

Chapter Summary: A few of the same guys show up a couple of weeks later. Rob turns his attention to the Reader; and while she may be feeling a bit interested, she’s not giving in that easily.

Word Count: 2893

Warnings: swearing maybe?, drinking, gratuitous flirting, suggestive language?

Catch Up: Chapter 1

A couple of weeks later, you were back to work with Briana at your side. Briana was your favorite co-worker, mostly because she was also your best friend and the two of you made a pretty good team behind the bar. Kim, the owner, often told you that the two of you were her favorites. You both worked well together and got shit done whereas most of the other bartenders were slow and incompetent. You and Bri also brought in the most customers. You had your usuals of course; the same men every week who would come in to drink and engage in small talk. You knew that they probably also liked to look at the two of you, which came along with the job. Most of the guys knew what the boundaries were though. They knew you’d flirt, wear revealing clothing, and talk to them just to get a nice tip out of them. You also knew that all of that worked well.

On this particular night, the bar began to pick up later on, customers trickling in and filling up the seats. You and Briana kept busy preparing drinks, talking, and laughing with each other. You glanced up at one point, watching the door as more customers entered the bar when you noticed a few of the guys from two weeks ago that had been in that band that played. You took a second look, trying to decide of you really did recognize them. Sure enough, you remembered seeing their faces before. Your eyes fell on the shorter man out of the three. You’d recall that smile anywhere. Too bad you had forgotten their names, you were sure you’d make some money off of them if you had remembered.

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Birthday fic

Dear @kittyboo8015,

It’s your birthday (well, here in Central Europe it is already :D) and @zedsdead1001​ and myself want to wish you all the best in this world! Happy birthday - we hope you have an awesome day! You are a wonderful human being and we are very happy to have you around.

Don’t let life get in your way or drag you down <3 

Since you are so in love with the new Imagine Dragons album (which Zed and I love, too) I got inspired for a fic… so I asked one of my favourite authors if they’d be up to write something together with me (which I’m really honored about O_O) and together we worked on the details. 

And here we are… a modern au fic, heavily inspired by Imagine Dragons lyrics.

Dancing in the Dark

Erwin ~ myself
Levi ~ @zedsdead1001

Read it on AO3


Letter 1

It was the worst day this year so far.

Flight missed due to heavy flooding. Laptop dropped and shattered as they ran and tried to catch the flight (and yet missed it). Mobile locked because Hanji had tried to unlock it while they were waiting for their next flight home. She had taken the opportunity when Erwin had excused himself to the bathroom and of course failed to enter the correct code. Now Erwin would need to find the shitty backup code when he would be back home.

There was no way to contact Levi, inform him about his delay. Erwin felt like shit and just wanted to be home. The tournament was good, especially if one considers that he and Hanji were above 30 now and their competitors were in their mid twenties.

Yet, he just wanted to be with Levi, wanted to be home.

Home was another place than what 99% of the people in Erwin’s life assumed it was. It was not the spacious, expensive, luxury penthouse flat with a roof terrace that provided a view on the canals of Amsterdam – paid by his agency.

His real home was a cosy, lovely furnished 3 bedroom flat in one of the side roads near the city centre. A place that he and Levi had chosen carefully three years ago when they had their second anniversary, an anniversary that nobody was aware of besides the two men themselves.

Their relationship was a secret. Not because they were ashamed or wouldn’t want to make it official, but their careers made it quite difficult.

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Meet Me Halfway - 2/2

A CS prom/reunion AU

Rated M

Also on AO3


Some would call Killian Jones a hopeless romantic. He’d call himself a fucking glutton for punishment. 

Ten years had passed since he’d danced in this very same gym with Emma Swan, kissed her and taken her home. Ten years since he’d lain with her in his bed, limbs tangled with her head resting on his chest in post-sex bliss. Ten years since he’d woken up alone, a single, scribbled sentence on a piece of paper breaking his heart.

He’d skipped graduation, wholly unable to be in the same room as Emma, picked a fight with Liam and left town, driving across the country to San Diego and the Naval Training Center. Throwing himself into his career, letters and phone calls home had been sporadic, especially after he shipped out with Special Ops at the age of twenty-four. It had been hard for the military to track him down when Liam died, the news finally catching up to him at the massive cave complexes at Zhawar Kili in Afghanistan a week after his brother was already in the ground.

The job was all Killian had left until a joint op with Army Special Forces went horribly wrong and leaving him permanently disabled, doctors unable to save his left hand. He found himself medically retired at the age of twenty-six, too much loss hardening him.

His brother.

His hand.


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anonymous asked:

*Flails* Hi! If you're comfortable doing this, may I request scenarios for Asahi, Hinata, Noya, Suga, Oikawa and Kuroo when they're on a date with their girlfriend and someone starts catcalling her and wont leave them alone? Thank you! ♥

Oh no! I’ll catch you Anon-chan! But of course I am comfortable with this. If you don’t mind I’m going to start the stories off with the girlfriend getting hit on and the boys reactions. Hope this okay for you! (。・・。) For Noya, I kinda just made it a regular day, I’m sorry! And I apologize again for this taking so long. Writing this took so long, I hope its enough for you guys! It took a bit out of my soul to write these many characters (@ ̄Д ̄@;) I mean it was fun, but… MY LIIIFE. Hahaha. But here you go, enjoy!


Asahi closed the bathroom door behind him in the brunch cafe. As he began to walk to the table you sat at, he could see a male talking to you. He pouted at the view. Asahi could hear the male talk to you.

“Hey, cmon. You can just walk home with me.” the male insisted persistently. Your eyebrows furrowed in annoyance to this male’s determination.

“I already told you I’m on a date with my boyfriend. Now leave me alone.” you demanded strongly. The male laughed nervously.

“Ha, cmon. Dont be a grouch, you’re too pretty to be mad.” the male reached a hand out to touch your face. You faced him with a sharp turn of your neck and smacked his hand out of your view.

“I told you to leave me alone. I dont want my boyfriend to see this and ruin our date. So leave me alone. I was having a good day.”

But the male stayed longer. If you werent in public or on a date with you sweet Asahi, you would have walked away. It was the easiest solution. The difficult solution for this male would to give him a round house kick to his face.

Suddenly you heard your boyfriend’s timid voice. “Hey, she said to leave.”

“Hey, give me five more minutes,” the male began to turn to face Asahi. You smirked, knowing exactly what was going to happen. “I dont care if you’re her boyfr-”

Asahi towered over the male bothering you. The male whimpered as he saw how much taller Asahi was. You could see the male look at Asahi’s muscular arms and became petrified. You assumed he went through the many possibilities of Asahi handling him violently in his mind. Your smirk grew bigger.

“You-you’re her boyfriend?” the male’s voice was shaky and squeaky. You laughed at his change of act. It was always the same. Big bad boys think they can handle Asahi until they actually see that he looks tough. Only if they knew how Asahi really was.

“Yeah,” Asahi replied flatly. “So could you leave her alone please?”

Somehow, no matter how nervous or flatly Asahi talked to guy who hit on you, they were always terrified. You looked over to your boyfriend and noticed something different. Even though he spoke the same as always, his eyes were determined. His mouth frowned, seemingly annoyed. If Asahi was acting tough, you believed he was mad as well.

“Yeah, dude. I’m out. Sorry for the inconvenience.” the male walked away, looking back at Asahi. He bumped into the door on his way out and you laughed.

Asahi sighed frustrated as he sat back down at the table with you. You propped your head up with your fist and tilted your head towards your boyfriend. He really was annoyed. All you could do was place a hand on his tight fist that rested atop the table and smile at him.

“Honey, are you really mad?” you questioned with a concern. “You know thats always going to happen when you show up. So there’s nothing to worry about.”

“Yeah I know. But it’s still troublesome. And what if I’m not with you?” Asahi looked up at you with tense eyes. It shocked you how annoyed he was being. You havent seen him like this since the training camp in Tokyo.

“Dont worry, nothing will happen. I’ll kick their ass. I love you.”

Asahi looked at you with concern. “You’re amazing.”

“I know,” you replied joyfully. You both smiled at each other happily.

Asahi grabbed your hand and brought it to his lips. He kissed the top of your hand slowly and for so long. You couldnt help but blush across the face at your boyfriend’s sweet gestures.


“Wow you got yourself a hottie!”

You and Hinata turned your heads to see three males averting their attention to you. They all had devious smiles across their face. They reminded you of some punk band because of their black clothing and strange hair styles. The guy who had spoken out to you had a purple streak in the middle of his low cut hair. The two behind him seemed to coordinate their styles together because they both  had mohawks but one had red dye on his mohawk part and the other had blonde. Their clothing would be their indicated color but black over powering the whole outfit. You frowned at their comment towards you.

“Huh? Are you talking about my girlfriend?!” Hinata exclaimed nervous. You looked over to him worried then grasped his hand. You gave him a tug and he looked at you nervous. Once he saw how tense your face was, he calmed down.

“Hey, hey now. Dont go away. I just wanna see how she looks under that sundress.”

Hinata’s ears twitched at that comment. He looked furiously at the leader of the group as he stood in front of you. “Hell no you’re not looking at her.”

The leader raised an eyebrow to Hinata, smirking. “Ha, move shorty. You’re not gonn-”

You couldn’t help it. Hinata stood up for you, and you appreciated it. He usually would be too nervous to say anything. Sometimes he would say something. But you saw how furious he was. And you could hear it in his voice that this wouldnt be the last time this would happen. You needed Hinata to know that if this happened to you while he wasn’t around, you could handle yourself. So you couldn’t help but walk passed Hinata and slap this guy who disrespected you and your boyfriend the hardest you could.

How dare he ruin your relaxing date at the waterfront. You were enjoying the light breeze and the lively people around. You and Hinata were enjoying watching the live entertainment. You were going to cherish these memories. Until this ass hole came into the picture.

You hear a yelp from him. You could see his two friends eyes widen and their mouths fell to the ground. As you turned to Hinata to see if he was mad, he grabbed your wrist and pulled as he started to run.

“Li-little bitch! How dare you!”

You both looked back to see the guy flailing his arm around while holding his cheek. His two friends tried holding in their laugh. But you and Hinata turned a corner and another just in case they were going to try and look for you.

“___-chan! You’re crazy!” Hinata exclaimed nervously.

“Haha I’m sorry. But that was rude of him to say. And I appreciate it, Shoyou.” you kissed Hinata’s cheek. “I like when you stand up for us.”

Hinata couldnt look you in the eyes. It was so cute how Hinata would still get flustered from a peck on the cheek and you two have been dating for a year. You giggled.

Hinata calmed down and saw your smile. His eyes glistened as he realized how lucky he was. He cupper your face and gace you a deep kiss. You leaned into the kiss and held onto his shirt.

“I love you ___-chan. And I like that dress on you alot. But maybe you shouldnt wear it anymore.”

You backed away from Hinata but still held his hand. “Haaa?! I like this dress. If a guy does something like that again, I’ll take care of him too.”

Hinata laughed as you threw your fist into the air. You joined his laughter happily. No one could replace Hinata. He was the sun in your life. He was the reason you were so happy all the time. He was everything to you.


You left Noya to talk to you doctor about an appointment you had just been to earlier in the week and the store was a little loud. So Noya told you he would meet up with you outside when he was done buying his new volleyball gear and kissed you on the cheek with a smile. You could see from his gaze once he stepped out the store he wasn’t too happy anymore. No matter how many times you tried telling him you had an important phone call on the line, this random guy wouldnt leave you alone.

“Cmon, you dont have to pretend youre on the phone to avoid me. Or pretend to have a boyfriend. Hey I can change that. I’ll be your real boyfriend.” the guy flirted obnoxiously.

Noya’s eyes flared with anger and began walking up to you. He stood in between you and the guy. You watched the two while on hold with your doctor. They were both annoyed with each others presence. “She has a real boyfriend already. Me, now leave her alone.”

“What, you short piece of shit is this hot girl’s boyfriend? Please, you’re a joke.” the guy scoffed, shoving Noya aside. The force wasn’t enough to push Noya to the ground but his new volleyball gear had fallen onto the floor and out the bags. Oh no.

“Yu-Yuu!” you called out.

It all happened so fast. First you could see frozen as he stared as the guy tried to reach out to you. Then you hung up the phone as Noya ran and jumped onto the guy’s back. You took a few steps back as you watched these two try to fight each other. When two other guys came to break up the fight, the guy left you two.

“Yeah, you better walk away!” Noya called out still caught up in his emotions.

“Yuu! Its okay, just let it go now.” You grabbed onto his arm looking at him with a frown. You couldnt let Noya let his anger put him in anymore trouble.

As he looked at your face, he frowned. That was the last thing he wanted, was to have you worry about him. He turned to apologize to the guy that held him back. You also turned and thanked him for his help. The guy nodded happily. As he walked off, you watched Noya pick up his new gear. He took your hand and you walked back to the car together.

The car ride home was silent. It made you feel uneasy. You were picking at your nails while Noya drove. Thoughts endlessly went through your mind as to how to break the awkward silence. Here goes nothing.

“Are you mad at me?” you both asked simultaneously. You both looked at each other shocked. Noya returned his eyes back to the road.

“Why would I be mad at you, baby?” Noya asked curious.

“For trying to stop you from fighting him. Or because he wouldnt leave me alone.” you said quietly. Noya peeked at you playing with your fingers. He reached over and intertwined his fingers with yours. You looked up at him.

“I wouldnt be mad at you for any of those reasons. Are you mad at me for fighting him though?”

“Oh. Well no. I’ve gotten used to you getting mad at any other guys.” you laughed nervously. Noya’s grasp on your hand tightened and you saw his face tense up. “Baby?”

Noya slowed at the red light. He looked down at his steering wheel worried. “Am I too much for you?”

Your eyes widened with confusion. “Of course not. You’re everything to me. I love you no matter how out of hand you get.”

Noya straightened his lips and looked away. He knew the delinquent he was, but he assumed he had calmed it down ever since you two had started dating.

“I love you too.” Noya said as he took his hand out of your grasp and cupped your face. He brought your face closer to his and lightly kissed your soft lips. You deepened the kiss, craving him. It honestly made you hot when Noya would protect you. “Mmm, baby. Wait til we get home, I need to drive.”

Just then a honk behind Noya’s car sounded. You both quickly returned to your seats and noticed the green light. You laughed at Noya as he drove with a straight and pink face.


As you and Suga walked through the beach hand in hand, Suga was aware of the staring eyes. But he didnt care. You both were enjoying each other’s time together. Until the lifeguard came up to you too.

“Do you guys need any help?” the lifeguard asked casually.

Suga and you looked at each other a little confused. Neither of you were lost. Neither of you were suffocating from water violating your throats. Neither of you were a crying lost child. You both shrugged.

“No I think we’re good, sir. But th-”

“Oh I was just talking to her” the lifeguard said, ignoring the fact you two were holdings hands. You pouted annoyed with this lifeguard. “So do you have plans later, missy? I could show you around the good spots at this beach.”

You peeked over at Suga. He was smiling nicely, but you could see in his tense eyes he was really annoyed. You smiled up at your boyfriend with a pity. He was so nice, too nice in fact. You looked back at the lifeguard with a nasty smug look.

“I actually do have plans. With my boyfriend.” you said annoyed as you waved Suga’s and your hands in the air, fingers still locked together.

“Oh well how about going out with me after you’re done with him?”

“Or you be respectful, and let us enjoy our date, sir.” Suga spoke up with an annoyed smile. “Have a good night.”

Suga walked away with you behind him. The lifeguard scoffed and tried to keep talking to you. But you watched as your boyfriend’s lips tightened in annoyance. You fastened your walk to catch up to him, holding his arm with your other hand. Suga looked down at you calmly as you rested your head against his shoulder.

“Sorry, I just got really annoyed.” Suga apologized feeling guilty. You raised your head and looked at him. It stopped you both in your steps.

You got onto your toes to reach up to Suga. Your pressed your lips against his, holding onto his shoulder. He brought his arm around your waist, bringing you in closer. “No need to apologize. He was rude.”

As the sun set, you both continued your walk along the beach. The tide was rising, the water was cold against your skin. The breeze had become colder as well. But having Suga next to you, hand in hand, it felt warm. You rested your head on his shoulder as you both walked, happy to be with such an amazing and respectable man.


“Hey, Toruu, whose that?” Takeru asked as he took another lick out of his ice cream.

Oikawa looked at his nephew then turned his gaze to what he was pointing at. You were talking to an older male who had a dog with him. Oikawa’s eyes had a cloud of annoyance within them. Takeru looked up at his uncle expecting the worst.

The one day you and Oikawa were able to go on a date, Takeru had to come. You didnt mind but Oikawa obviously planned to do other things today. Which required a bed and some latex. But you loved Takeru. Takeru was excited as well to spend time with you. You both teased Oikawa on your way to the park that he could never against you two. It had started out fun. You all played volleyball together since Takeru was about to start playing in official games. After hours of playing, you noticed an ice cream truck pulling up. You were too tired to go so you gave some money to Oikawa to get all three of you ice cream. Being the gentleman he was, he made you keep your money as he took his nephew to the truck. But being the jealous boyfriend he was, he didnt like this guy around you.

“Ah, whose this, ___-chan?” Oikawa asked as he and Takeru came back from the ice cream truck. Oikawa handed you the strawberry ice cream on a waffle cone with a smile but looked over to the guy with keen eyes. He didnt flinch, his eyes only squinted. There was a tension between the two. You looked down to Takeru, licking his ice cream as he enjoyed the awkward situation between Oikawa and this guy.

You took the ice cream as you replied sheepishly, “Ah, I dont know. His dog just ran up to me with his ball.”

“Oh really?” Oikawa looked down at the happy dog. The corgi was looking up at the four of you happily panting, waiting for one of you to pick up the tennis ball resting in front of his small stubby legs. Oikawa bent down to pick up the ball then threw the ball across the park. You squeaked as the male grunted annoyed. Oikawa and the guy had returned a challenging look toward each other. “You should go after your dog before he decides to walk too far.”

“To-Toruu, don’t be mean to the dog!” you hit him lightly on the arm as you complained about his attitude.

“Yeah, Toruu! What did that dog do to you?” Takeru instigated behind you two. You looked back at Takeru shaking your head with eyebrows furrowed. Oikawa looked back at his nephew with a tense and devious look. Takeru knew he was going to get lectured for that later, but he didnt care. He stuck a tongue out at Oikawa.

“If that happens, you’re going to have to help me,” the guy said to you with a flirty smile.

“Ah sorry, this is actually my boyfriend.” you apologized nicely, following a nervous smile as you noticed Oikawa’s proud smirk.

“Oh well sorry to you as well.”

You raised an eyebrow to him and he continued.

“Your boyfriend is so rude, I know you could do better.”

Oikawa smiled at him annoyed. Just as he opened his mouth to argue back, you cut him off. “He’s not rude. He’s just jealous and loves me. I’d rather have that than a guy who cant respect my decision to leave me alone.”

Your eyes were tense with annoyance. Oikawa and the guy’s eyes widened at your blunt comment. You could hear Takeru yelp at your comeback to the guy. You continued to stare at the guy until he decided to leave. He scoffed at you three and walked away slouching.

As Oikawa waved to the guy with a pitiful laugh, you hit him simultaneously with Takeru.

“Ouch! What?”

“How could you say that about the dog?!”

Oikawa, Takeru, and you argued about the values of animal lives. The arguement went on longer but with the expected outcome of Oikawa losing against you two. Just as always. But as all three of you walked home at sunset, Oikawa held your hand tighter.

“I love you. Youre only mine. Okay?” Oikawa said jealously.

“I love you too. And I know. I’m also Takeru’s also.” you replied with an innocent smile.

“Yeah, Toruu! I like hanging out with ___ too!”

“How mean!” Takeru and you shared a laugh as Oikawa couldnt argue back with you two. He was tired of losing against two important people in his life. But he didnt mind. He loved you two immensely, nothing was going to change that.


You awaited at the front entrance of the ferris wheel with Kuroo patiently. You guys were planning the next thing you wanted to do at the fair.

“But Testuuu,” you whined, “I want to play games. Let me at least try to beat you!”

“But those guys always try to take all your money! How about we just go to the scary house?” Kuroo rose his eyebrows with a sly smile. You blushed at his indication.

“Testu, no! I am not going into their. You just want me to cry and hold onto you, like every other time we go into one of those things!”

“What, its because you’re so cute.” Kuroo leaned in and kissed you as he finished his sentence. You groaned into the kiss. “Oh don’t be like that, you know you love me.”

You rolled your eyes at your boyfriend’s confidence. But he wasn’t wrong. You loved him with all your heart.

“Come over here sweet heart, I’ll play a game with you if you want to so badly!”

Kuroo and you simultaneously looked behind at a couple. The male was looking to you with indecent eyes. You grew annoyed of his inconsideration to his date. But she seemed to shy to even complain. Her arm was shaking and she bit down onto her lip to hold back your thoughts.

“She’s fine over here. With her boyfriend.” Kuroo put an arm around you. His eyes threatened the guy. But you didnt see what the guy said because you both turned your attention to the line moving. Just one more group to go on the ferris wheel then it would be yours and Kuroo’s turn.

“Oh cmon, it was just a joke. Be nice, just let her play one game with me.” the guy pestered with a snarl. Your cheeks grew warm with anger. How could he talk like that with his date right next to him. Kuroo grew annoyed of it as well. After you two continued to ignore the guy’s determination, you both overheard the girl.

“Hey, I thought we were on a date.” the girl said timidly. She couldnt meet his eyes as the guy looked down at her confused.

“Oh you really believed me?” you bit down on your lip as you heard him talk to the girl with such disgust. He continued talking to her loudly. “I didnt even really want to go on a date. I just wanted to see the hot chicks here, but I didnt want to come alone. So I saw how you were always lonely at the shop so I thought you’d be better here alone than being alon-”

That’s all it took. Both of you weren’t thinking clearly, there wasnt a single care in your body. You took the girl’s shaking arm and pulled her towards you. You held her as she was sniffling, trying to hold in her cries. You looked at him with resent. Kuroo grabbed the guy’s collar and held him close. Kuroo stared at him furiously.

“How dare you treat her like that,” Kuroo hissed angrily.

“He-Hey! Back off! What do you care? You don-”

“I dont give a damn, you dont treat a girl, or anyone like that.” Kuroo pushed the guy out of his grip, causing him to fall to the ground. You both looked down at him with disgust then looked to the girl crying in your arms with concern. “Cmon, you can ride the ferris wheel with us.”

She looked up at Kuroo then you, jerking her head. You held her closer. She looked back to you, tears falling. All you could do was smile and insist more. “We really dont mind. I dont care if I dont know you, no one deserves some jack ass to treat them like that.”

Without letting her answer, you guided her to the back of the line. She quietly thanked you both as you looked down at her with a smile.

“Come back in the front!”

“Yeah! You guys were next!”

“Whoo, you two are awesome! Dont hang with jerks, honey!”

All three of you looked up to the line for the ferris wheel. It hadnt occurred to you and Kuroo that people were watching. You three looked to each other and sighed nervously. You thanked everyone as Kuroo led you two through the line. As you passed everyone you heard everyone cheer and say sweet things to the crying girl. As you three walked to the front of the line, you heard her cries quiet.

You guys looked out at the view, appreciating the world’s creations. The girl had introduced herself as Miyuki and thanked you two gratefully.

“Dont worry about it,” Kuroo said. “He got what he deserved.”

“Yeah. And if you want to meet nice guys, they’ll come. Just be patient.” you added on with a smile.

“Ah thank you. You guys are good together. Youre both so nice.” Miyuki smiled to you both. Kuroo and you looked to each other and shrugged.

“Four years being together and we’re basically the same person now,” you said slyly. But you smiled proudly. “But I honestly couldn’t be with anyone but Kuroo.”

Kuroo smiled down at you bashfully. “I couldnt agree more.”

Miyuki watched you both, a little jealous. The aura around you two was so happy, in sync. She could tell in just that moment the world you two lived in. How in love you two grew to be with each other. You guys have been through alot, and to end up together happily in peace, it was a long journey. The way you smiled at Kuroo, the way Kuroo laughed in tune with your smile. You two were perfect together. Miyuki thought back to how you two came after her. She didnt realize it at the time, but it was obvious now. You two really were one person. One person who could agree on everything, one person who fought for love and what they believed in, and one person who learned to love oneself with all flaws. Miyuki smiled, jealous of your love.

Unintentionally, Miyuki took a picture with her phone. You snapped your neck to the sound of her phone’s click.

“Ah, Miyuki-san!!” you raised your arms out, your face a little red.

“Ah, sorry! You guys were just so cute together. I can delete it! Here!” Miyuki insisted nervously.

“Eh, its okay. Can you actually send it to us?” Kuroo said calmly.

Once the three of you got off the ferris wheel, you stood together about to say your good byes.

“Are you sure you’re going to be okay the rest of the night?” you asked worried. Kuroo shared the same worried look to Miyuki.

She nodded with a smile. “I couldnt intrude on your date any longer. I’ll be fi-”


All three turned your heads to a timid boy blushing.

“Ah, Haruko-kun! Hi, how are you?” Miyuki asked with a smile.

“Uhm, I saw what happened,” Haruko looked to you and Kuroo still incredibly nervous. You both gave him a slow wave, hoping he wont jump at your gesture. He seemed like such a fragile soul. Somehow his personality reminded you of Kenma, even though they werent the same at all. Haruko continued. “I just wanted to thank you both. I can hang out with you if you want Miyuki. I came alone to see the fair.”

Kuroo and you looked to each other with mischievous smiles. Miyuki was about to refuse, but you both gave a gentle push behind Miyuki. She looked back at you two over her shoulder and saw a thumbs up. Suddenly a flashback of you talking about nice guys came to her thought. She looked back to her friend and blushed.

“I would like that.” Miyuki said with a nervous smile. Haruko slowly grew a big smile. You smiled to the two reuniting. You took your phone out and sneaked one picture.

As the four of you departed, you snickered to yourself. Kuroo looked to you curious as you began messaging Miyuki.

“What are you doing, baby?” Kuroo asked with a raised eyebrow and smile.

“Getting my revenge on Miyuki-san.”

Miyuki squealed as she opened your text message.

“What’s wrong, Miyuki-san?” Haruko asked concerned.

Miyuki put her phone away embarrassed. “Ah nothing! Its just ___-san telling us to have a good time.”

As Haruko smiled and led Miyuki through the fair, she thought back of how to reply to your text message. It was a picture of her and Haruko smiling with both their faces different shades of pink.

You couldnt miss the opportunity to tease Miyuki as you captioned the picture.

Enjoy the fair! Make sure to send us an invitation to your wedding. Ps, this is your new contact picture because I know you set Kuroo and I as our contact picture.

Hey Bartender Chapter 9: Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

Pairing: Bartender!Reader x Rock God!Rob

Chapter Summary: Even what seems to be a good thing can’t stay good for too long. Reader thought they were on the same page, so why is Rob being such an ass?

Word Count: 3321

Warnings: drinking as usual, swears, rude Robbie, angst

Catch Up: Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8

“So, I think we need to talk about what happened last night,” Kim began as she sat across from you at the table. She had called you in early for a chat, something that you expected anyway since you knew Matt would tell her about the fight that had happened.

“Okay, what’s up?” You asked, trying to appear as if you didn’t think it was a big deal.

“Lola, you know I can’t have things like that happening here. It was bad enough the last time you had some crazy fuck hanging out here. I can’t keep you if this is a repeat of that.”

“Kim, I promise, what happened is nowhere near the same thing.”

“Then explain.” She sat quietly, hands folded in front of her as she waited for you to convince her.

“My ex came in here trying to cause trouble for me. The other guy is just a regular, his band plays here all the time. He just stepped in to stand up for me is all. It really isn’t anything to worry about and it won’t happen again.”

“So, I need to 86 both of them?”

“No, not both of them,” you replied, “Rob, the one in the band, he’s a good guy. He’s never given me trouble.”

“His band does bring in most of my business.”

“They’re really good. This place is packed when they play.”

“Okay, but the other guy is done. He’s not allowed here, Matt knows this.”

“That sounds perfect.”

“I don’t know how you manage to attract the attention of creeps, Lola, you’re a sweet girl. I don’t mean to mom you, but you really need to consider the company you keep,’ Kim warned.

“I know. I should’ve been done with him a long time ago, but I guess I’m a glutton for pain.”

“I think we’re done here. See you for your shift tonight?”

“Of course, I’ll be here. Thanks for not firing me.”

“Who am I kidding? You’re my best bartender and a customer favorite. I couldn’t fire you even if I wanted to,” she said with a grin.

“Thank you Kim,” you said again, grateful that she wasn’t tearing you a new one like had expected her to. She was a nice woman who always treated you well, but even you knew better than to bring trouble into her bar.

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Richonne Season Changes


A/N:  A request from @sugarysweetzee.  Thank you.

Michonne sits at the foot of the bed and even though she fights it, the tears stream down her cheeks relentlessly.  She had finally gotten too big for all of her shirts and her pants.  She couldn’t even loop string through the button hole to give a wider berth to the waist band of her pants.

She looks over to the window and notices the snow as it twirls and falls from the sky in a steady stream.  She knows the ground is more than covered and there is no way she will convince Rick to let her go out on a run.  She scoffs and wonders how she’d go on a run any way.  Naked?

She knew she would get bigger and she had plans to get better fitting clothes but she kept putting it off and now the pregnancy has finally advanced enough and she can’t fit her clothes.  Olivia was keeping a small surplus of clothes but only two weeks ago a fire broke out and several items were destroyed including the clothes before they could get it under control.

She walks over to the closet, grabs one of Rick’s t-shirts and pulls it over her head.  She is tempted to borrow a pair of his pants but was honestly too afraid they just might fit.  She didn’t want to consider that she was big enough to fit his pants. She moves into the bathroom and proceeds to dress in his bathrobe as hers would be gaping in the front.

She faces the bedroom door, contemplating whether to go downstairs or not, knowing Rick and Carl would ask about her attire.  If she could manage to keep her emotions in check, then she could just tell them she is going to stay home and take it easy for a change.  They’d both welcome that since they’ve been beyond worried ever since they found out she was pregnant.

She wipes her tears with the sleeve of Rick’s robe and takes a deep breath, trying to muster the courage to go downstairs.  She stands at the window, looking out at the snow covered ground, wanting to enjoy the beauty of it all.  Maybe Judy and I could get out and go for a walk…..She looks down at Rick’s bathrobe and sighs heavily.

The bedroom door opens and Rick walks in.  “Hey. You coming down for breakfast?”

She keeps her back to him, afraid if she looks into those gorgeous blue eyes of his, the hormones would take over and she’d be an emotional wreck…..again.  “I…..”  Her voice feels stuck so she clears her throat and manages, “I’ll….be….”  A noticeable hitch.  “….down…in a sec.”

Rick notices the difference right off and walks toward her.  He puts a hand at her waist and turns her to face him.  He takes in her reddened eyes and damp cheeks.  “Babe, what’s wrong?”

Her bottom lip starts to tremble.  “I….I don’t….have….anything….to wear.”

He pulls her into his arms, relishing in the warmth their two bodies together always generate.  He can only surmise that she has gotten too big for her regular clothes and needed something a bit bigger.  It was on their to do list but just never got around to it. Seems like it took forever for her to even show.  Now the baby seems to be growing by leaps and bounds and all overnight.  

He rubs her back in small, slow circles.  “It’s gonna be ok.  Why don’t you just stay home and relax today?  I’ll even send Judy over to Maggie.  I promise you’ll have something to wear before the day’s over.”

“I’m not…wearing…Abe’s clothes,” she states.

He giggles.  “I know.”  He steps back and gives her forehead a light kiss.  “Come on and get something to eat.”

She nods as she wipes her cheeks again, sobering up quickly.  “I’m sorry.  My hormones are all over the place and I cry about anything.  I shouldn’t be this upset about my clothes.  I just thought I’d be able to get something and now I’m huge and I have nothing.”

“It’s ok babe.  I promise.”

“Rick, I don’t want you going out in this weather.  I’ll wear Abe’s clothes if I have to.”

“Stop worrying about this ok?  It’s fine.”

They make their way downstairs and Carl greets his stepmom as usual followed immediately by, “What’s with Dad’s robe?”

Michonne gives Rick a pleading look and he says, “Hers is dirty.  Can we eat breakfast without all the questions?”

Carl frowns.  All the questions?  Huh? He shrugs and goes back to eating his breakfast, watching Judith as she devours hers with gusto.

An hour later, Rick kisses Michonne goodbye and delivers Judith to Maggie.  Afterwards, he organizes a supply run with Carl, Glenn, Abe, and Sasha.  They pile into the van and move out cautiously.  He had spoken to Denise earlier and she drew them a map to a small plaza that housed a maternity shop and an apothecary that she’d been trying to get to for weeks.  They had a short list of the items she needed and hoped to return within a couple of hours.

Later that afternoon, they make their way home, having to take a different route as the snow got heavier. They also saw a little walker action but it was nothing they couldn’t handle.  Rick is thankful that Sasha was there to help him choose clothes for Michonne. He and Carl walk with Glenn to retrieve Judy and then walk home.

Michonne is there in the kitchen, preparing dinner and still wearing the robe.  She smiles as she greets them and Rick is relieved to see that she seems to be doing a lot better.  She walks toward him, giving him a kiss as she takes Judith into her arms.  “Are you two ok?  Where have you been?”

“We went to this place for Denise but there was a store there with clothes for pregnant women so Dad got you all kinds of stuff to wear,” Carl explains.

Michonne feels the tears again, but fights against them.  She swallows with some difficulty but manages, “Thank you.”

Rick hugs her and Judy. “I told you it’d be ok didn’t I?”

“You did.”  She smiles.  “I love you.”

“I love you too.”  He tosses one of his bags onto the couch.  “Let’s check this stuff out so you can tell me how good I did.”

Radio to the Youth: Over and Out

The finale of the fic I have been writing about Jim Morita. Perhaps of interest to stoatsandwich, hansbekhart, bangawang, sonickitty, portraitoftheoddity a-social-construct.  There will be a sequel. The full story is posted here on A03. (Comments are love).

Seventy-five percent of German intelligence comes from intercepted radio transmissions. So you spend a lot of time learning to lie. Sometimes you send false broadcasts; often, on missions, you use sound equipment to broadcast the noise of troops larger than yours, to misdirect Hydra as to your location. At one point an officer who looks like Jack Palance comes up to your unit and goes,

“Hello, Captain America sir, can you please share with us the common songs you Commandos sing?”

“It’s Captain Rogers,” breaks in Barnes.

“You should see our kickline to The Star-Spangled Man,” Jones jokes, and Dugan says, “Yeah, we sing that a lot, but not with the same lyrics necessarily.”

The man who looks like Jack Palance goes, “We need to know because we’re going to be faking some radio traffic to confuse the Germans as to your location. We’re bigoted here, you understand, it’s Top Secret stuff. We’ve got ourself a Captain America of our own, you see. Ours can pick up tanks.” He smiles, like it’s a joke.

‘Bigoted’ means they’re in on the Plans. The stuff even you Commandos have to zip your lips about, to stay silent, the plans that come from high up as Eisenhower. They’ve been using that term since the leadup to the June attack on Normandy. There are several Captain Americas running around, of course. Only one is real, probably. But you never know.

Lies and libel. The Germans do a little radio skit of Captain America himself getting punched out by Hitler. It isn’t very funny. It doesn’t make you laugh. The Germans call Captain America a vaudeville nance.

Some of the things the Germans say are true.

A few months ago in a camp you heard–probably no one else did, just you and Barnes, who are both good at listening–you heard some soldiers going on about a queer who got the boot out of the army. Sergeant Barnes threw up right after he heard that. You looked at him. You thought: oh. You didn’t know what to say; what do you say about that? He’s been so friendly to you. You start to wonder about it. You wonder if he has Ideas about Orientals. You can’t help it.

Back home, you heard how after Pearl Harbor someone in Washington, D.C. cut down four cherry trees that were growing around the Tidal Basin, because they’d been a gift of Emperor Hirohito.

Captain America, the star-spangled man with the plan, has punched out Hitler over two hundred times. Steve Rogers, who is not Captain America, tells you about the USO tours at all of our prompting, and with suitable embarrassment. Sergeant Barnes in particular ribs him about it.

You wonder:

Why isn’t it ‘Let’s sock old Hirohito on the jaw?’

What bothers you is things like the Dr. Seuss cartoons, which show Hitler and Mussolini and next to them, just a figure labeled ‘Japan.’

If anyone would as you you’d say yeah Hirohito’s an ass, but it’s that they don’t even ask that. They just talk about the Japs.

Anyway. It’s not like ‘Let’s sock old Hitler on the jaw’ isn’t pretty silly anyhow. Even if people like Private Paul Welch seem to believe in the myth. People do: they believe in the Star-Spangled Man with the Plan. You do. Even if he is a vaudeville nance.

After Sergeant Barnes falls, the Captain goes very quiet.

You all help him look. Unlike usual, when he (and Barnes) would circle back to check up on the rest of the Commandos, who aren’t quite as strong on the march, he just forges ahead. You are all hard-pressed to keep. You try your best anyway. But there’s nothing. Just snow falling through silence.

You’re a medic with no body to tend. There’s nothing you can do.

There’s nothing you can say.

You try to keep up. But even Captain America can get frostbite, you reckon. At some point Phillips steps in, orders him to stop the search. Phillips’s voice on the radio is hollow. Cap starts to talk then. He rages over the radio while you listen. He sobs. He stares at you for a long bleak instant and you realize: Barnes told him you knew.

Some of the things the Germans say are true. The Valkyrie is real. The Germans do have secret weapons.

You do think about your girl back home. You went a little wild, maybe, one night looking up at the faraway stars, listening to the cold clarity of radio chatter in the 100-meter band. It was a good night for one hundred meters, and you could hear from far away. You could hear the British joking around: Miller promoted to full sergeant request full complement of beer stop.

You wondered if Miller really existed. You wondered if it was false traffic to confuse the Germans.

So what happened was this: you wrote a letter to Mika and asked her to marry you, and she said, Jim, I can’t think straight where I am. I’m afraid of making a fast decision. I love you, but I can’t even see your face clearly at night anymore. I want to hear your voice again before I’m sure, I want to touch you. Please, Jim, let’s wait. Please, Jim, let’s wait until after the war.

At the time you felt as if something inside you had been very gently wound up and put away, like a coil of radio wire twisted tight on its spool.

But what you think reading between the lines now is this:

You think of what Sergeant Barnes said. He said to you, six weeks before he died, standing outside of an inn in Hungary, he said, I just don’t make plans. You realize: Mika is afraid for you. She is afraid a promise will be an end. She wants you to keep on going, even with your heart half-broken open, so you’ll make it through, so you’ll have something not to fight for, not an engagement–the same word you use for battle–not an engagement. Not something to fight for but something to listen for. An ongoing plea, a whisper that will keep on sounding in your ear. Please Jim. Please Jim. Be careful. Wait. Let it be real. Let me see your face. You realize: maybe, for you, there is hope.

Not for everyone. But for you.

The thing about plans is this: they never do pan out the way you want them to. You ride along in them like riding along in a car that is halfway falling apart. Just barely holding everything together, praying, and losing parts all down the road and putting them back together and hoping like heck you will make it to the place you want to go.

Some of the things the Germans say is true, but they don’t even have half the story.

What songs do the Commandos sing? asked the man who looked like Jack Palance.

There were many. You were a regular barbershop septet. But after Captain America goes down with the Valkyrie, the song you sing is Auld Lang Syne. It’s a Scottish song but it doesn’t matter where it came from. It doesn’t matter. What matters is your voices, their clumsy harmony, and the wish, carried high, high up in the cold air, bouncing between radio waves, a message heard far away, a song sung by so many people in so many places, for so many reasons.

Movie Night

To distract Steve from yet another blind-leading-the-blind lecture on technology, Tony pulls out a movie Peggy is sure to love.

Features most of the Avengers, minus Thor, who’s still got shit to do.

“It’s for music, like a record.”

“But surely a needle would scratch it.”

“That’s just it, the needle is some type of laser!”

“I don’t understand, wouldn’t a laser just cut through it?”

“No, apparently not. Some sort of…science.”

“Okay, I’m going to have to stop you there,” Tony cut in, and Steve and Peggy looked up from the compact disc they were examining.  “This is actually physically hurting me.  Aun–Peg, take it from me, Scuttle here is not the person to talk to about modern technology.”

“Scuttle?” Peggy asked with a frown, and Tony sighed, shaking his head.

“Tell you what, you want some entertainment from after your time, follow me,” he said, beckoning toward the common area.  “I just got a new copy of this movie, apparently there was a bit more demand following the party in New York.”

“Why do you keep calling it a party?” Nat asked.  “That wasn’t a party.”

“Shindig, then.”

“Shindigs tend to be less violent,” Bruce put in, dropping on to the couch.

“You haven’t been to enough concerts,” Tony said, tilting his head a little.  “There was one time–nevermind.  The time capsules even missed Beatlemania.”

“Was that some sort of…illness?” Peggy asked curiously, and Tony glanced back as he put the DVD in its tray to see her cuddle up to Steve on another couch.

“Not quite.  Anyway, we had schwarma afterwards.  That counts.”

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anonymous asked:

would you write a human klaroline drabble where klaus proposes to caroline when she's naked? and caroline's first reaction is "seriously???"

Inspired prompt anon! Hope you like it : ) Let’s just say it ended up being ridiculously fluffy, I just couldn’t help myself.

Thinking Out Loud

Take me into your loving arms

Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars

Place your head on my beating heart

I’m thinking out loud

Maybe we found love right where we are.

“Your tongue needs to come with a warning,” Caroline panted, rolling off his chest slowly in her haze induced state, stretching out on the bed next to him.

“Just my tongue?” He smirked, propping his head up with his hand and cocking his left eyebrow in her direction.

“Maybe a few other things,” she grinned, knowingly. “But I wouldn’t want you to have an even bigger head given I’m already struggling to share the same space with your ego as it is.”

“You secretly love my ego,” he scoffed. “Just as much as some of my other body parts.”

“Just so you know this overt arrogance isn’t at all attractive, Mikaelson.”

“I’ll remember that next time you’re screaming my name and begging for more, love,” he quipped, pulling her towards him so that her back was now flat against his chest.  He inhaled the sweet, strawberry aroma of her hair thinking just how lucky he was to have met Caroline Forbes.

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