I hope she does well with her fashion thing

Me, starting season 2: Shana’s leaving!!?? Whoever replaces her will never win any of my love!

Raya: *shows up*

Me: I would die for you without hesitation

Double Trouble

Here’s another post TVD finale drabble, hope you like it!

Two years later - Mystic Falls

Klaus drove past the familiar sign, although he wasn’t sure if he was going to be very welcome in town after her threatening letter demanding his presence to discuss Hope. She’d been studying at Caroline’s magic school in Mystic Falls for about six months now, after all Klaus couldn’t think of anyone better to teach his daughter. She’d certainly taught him a lot over the years and given his age that was saying a lot.

Klaus smiled thinking back to the day he received her correspondence in New Orleans. Kol had bounded excitedly into their kitchen throwing the letter in his direction, although not before gleefully teasing him about being in trouble with the school principal. He’d muttered something about minding his business and taken it into the courtyard far from his brother’s prying eyes.

Klaus lifted the envelope flap in anticipation. He couldn’t believe how nervous and excited he was at the same time as he perused her neat cursive.

Stop dodging my calls and sending your relatives to deal with your daughter. Get your hybrid butt to Mystic Falls now. I’ll be here waiting and none of that however long it takes either, Mikaelson.

Ms Caroline Forbes - Principal.

He had to chuckle that such an informal parent/teacher letter was signed so formally at the bottom. Only Caroline Forbes. He couldn’t believe she’d use his own words against him either, she was obviously pretty desperate to get him there. Maybe he’d dodged a few calls and sent Rebekah in his place last month but he knew exactly why she wanted to see him. It wasn’t just his daughter that was in trouble and he knew it.

“Took your sweet time,” Caroline said by way of a greeting as he pulled up outside the former Salvatore Boarding House. She was dressed casually in jeans and a cornflower sweater that only brought out those blue eyes he remembered so well. Her arms were crossed over her chest and her brow was furrowed. She made the perfect principal with that unamused expression, he was probably more scared of her than her students right now.

“Do you greet all the parents this way, or am I just lucky, love?”

“Not sure I’d call you lucky, Mikaelson,” she growled. “Come right this way.”

“Where are we going?” He asked noticing they were walking away from the house and towards an older looking building nearby.

“To my private office, wouldn’t want to scare all the children now would we?” Klaus was tempted to tell her just how hot this angry principal act was making him as she strode ahead her hips wiggling tantalisingly, but he thought better of it.

“Is that where you keep your whips for punishment?” She stopped walking momentarily and turned to face him, her eyebrows raised curiously.

“I don’t whip the students but I might make an exception for you,” she shot back, before continuing onwards. Did that mean she had whips? Klaus was suddenly desperate to know but again thought better of it given her current temperament.

Her office was surprisingly modern and spacious with a large desk and a couch seated by an antique fireplace. Before he could get too comfortable she gestured towards the chair at the desk. “Sit.”

“I think you’ve got me mixed up with a dog, love. Us wolves don’t generally sit on command,” he joked. Her stony expression remained unchanged even though Klaus thought it was pretty funny. “Sorry Ms Forbes.”

“I don’t need to tell you why you’re here given the fact you’ve been avoiding me.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he lied.

“Not only can’t you compel me but you are the worst liar,” she drawled. “At least try hiding those dimples when you do it. I should know given your daughter does exactly the same thing. Look, Hope is a wonderful child, talented too but I don’t need to tell you that either.”

“Well she does have those impeccable, Mikaelson genes.” Klaus couldn’t miss her exaggerated eye roll, it was definitely a look he’d missed all this time.

“You know the first day I taught Hope I thought it was sweet, albeit a little old fashioned, when she gave me an apple. But then came the beignets, the chocolate truffles and the many bunches of flowers.”

“She’s also inherited my fine taste,” he boasted. Klaus noticed she hadn’t mentioned his latest gift though and he wondered why.

“Oh p-uh-lease,” she groaned. “You need to stop with all the gifts and the gestures and even more so stop making your daughter do your dirty work, Klaus.”

“Well, I’d hardly call it dirty work,” he scoffed.

“Not only is it unprofessional for me to accept such lavish gifts from a student, it makes the other children feel insecure because they can’t compete, Klaus,” she explained, obviously trying to reason with him. “The last thing Hope needs is for the other kids to resent her.”

“She can most probably annihilate them all so making friends isn’t all that important,” he insisted.

“Says the friendless, Original Hybrid who daggered his own siblings and kept them in coffins for years,” she responded.

“And here I thought that we were friends now, love.”

“Not if you keep giving me gifts via your daughter. Please, Klaus?” Then came the adorable puppy dog eyes and Klaus knew that he had no choice but to relent. Klaus had come to think of his little gifts as a way to keep their connection alive. He’d missed her terribly and although he meant it when he said however long it takes, it didn’t make it any easier having to wait for the love of his life.

“Fine but I wouldn’t put it past my daughter to improvise, she can be extremely creative and I know just how much she adores you already, love.” The smile that crossed her face was exactly what he’d been craving since arriving at the school.

“I’ll be ready for it.”

“So, it’s probably best you return that particular gift to me then. I wouldn’t want it to be inappropriate or anything.” Caroline regarded him curiously across the desk, her hands clasped together as she did.

“Oh of course,” she said finally, busying herself with her desk drawer. “Thank you. This thing feels as if its been burning a hole in my pocket.” What she slapped on the table wasn’t what he was expecting. The cheque he’d written two years ago in all its glory. Klaus knew it hadn’t been cashed but he figured she was waiting for the right way to spend it. She was a perfectionist after all.

“This is for the school Caroline. I admire what you’re doing here and believe me this place is a worthy recipient of these funds.”

“I can’t accept it, much like all these other gifts.”

“Well, consider it extra tuition fees for putting up with Hope,” he pleaded. “She can be a handful when she wants.”

“Only when her father interferes.”

“I’m curious, why is it so hard to accept anything from me, love?” She paused, her eyes cast downwards and firmly trained on the cheque between them. Klaus moved forward impatiently in his chair desperate to hear her explanation.

“It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gestures, Klaus. I do,” she paused again momentarily. “But to be honest I want something more. Something deeper, more profound and special from you Klaus. I think I always have.” His throat was dry and Klaus was unable to answer if he tried given the desperation and hope pulsing through his body. “I want you.”

“You do?” He blurted out, gone was his composed front after hearing the words he’d wanted to hear for so long.

“However long it takes,” she murmured, placing her hands over his comfortingly.

“The letter,” he murmured, still trying to come to terms with her frank and unexpected confession.

“I thought it was fitting to put it in my letter,” she grinned. “But I’m curious, if you weren’t expecting the cheque what did you want instead?”

“My sketch,” he said. “Hope gave you that a few weeks ago as far as I understand.” It was something that had come to Klaus in the middle of the night and he’d stayed up for hours perfecting her expressive eyes and those free flowing, golden waves. It had been inspired by their moment after graduation when he’d promised to be her last love. Looks like that started today.

“You’re going to have to fight me for that, Mikaelson.”

“Looking forward to that, love. We do have forever after all,” he smiled, standing and making his way around the desk desperate to hold more than just her hands. He pulled her flush against him, leaning down to brush those pink lips he’d dreamt of since the woods that fateful day.

“I thought I was supposed to be punishing you right now,” she whispered when he was only inches from her waiting mouth.

“Should we bring out the whips then?” Before she could reply his mouth was on hers and all of a sudden the world didn’t exist because they were too caught up in each other and their long future together.

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Wait, eggplant? You’re the one who made this [redacted]? I always reread that post and reminiscing the good ol days of king Nathan since forever :’). Nathan’s career is such wild ride. Tbh I actually thought he will never be a top contender and become an ss god™ quadless king of murrica because of his problems with 3A. And now he is plotting​ world domination with his beloved 4 different quads (“4lo soon™”). I am honestly terrified with him now. Goddamit kid

HAHA yes (removed the link but it’s not that hard to find anyway, i guess) can’t believe i’ve literally been watching nathan since he was 10 years old. he always learned jumps so fast (3A excepted) and was competitive and consistent (when he wasn’t injured) so i always thought he would be successful, but i didn’t expect him to uh. have THIS many quads lmao. i’m both surprised and not surprised at all about how successful he’s been this season. he’s got that special combination of jumping talent, persistent hard work, steely nerves and refusal to lose that will take him far, i think, as long as he can stay healthy. he is a tough competitor.

im v excited but also VERY nervous about marin’s senior debut… also, about squad, when would they even get the chance to be on the podium together now, i feel like they’ve missed their chance in juniors bc yuzuru always gotta be up there and ruin my dreamz smh

i never know what to expect from marin…when she’s off she’s off, but when she’s on she’s really ON. hopefully she’ll have a good GP debut but she usually peaks later in the season. a lot of people are gonna be watching her so i hope she can deal with the nerves well. as for sQuad, lol hopefully they’ll be on a podium together someday…they still have time. i hope. (just GIVE THIS TO ME UNIVERSE, at least ONCE)

trickleficklepickle: Nathan can jump his 51 quads in his polar bear onesie.

breaking records in jumps and in fashion, truly an innovator

what are the qualifications for one to be a card carrying sQuad member? for ex yuzuru does a good number of quads and has made records with them but he isn’t in the sQuad. is it an age range thing?

i never really thought about this because it’s like…not that deep lmao. but hmmm, well you gotta have multiple quads, and the harder quads, not just toe and sal because lots of skaters have those, you have to be able to land those quads most of the time, you have to be pushing the boundaries in some way and light a fire under your seniors’ ass straight out of juniors, and yeah you gotta be in the same generation, more or less. yuzuru’s def pushed technical boundaries but he’s not really in the same generation as shoma/boyang/nathan so it feels weird to include him? and he’d already been around for a while before the whole quad revolution started. i see sQuad really as this “new face of skating”, vanguard of the new generation kind of thing, children of the quad revolution. so it’s very dependent on timing as well. like, vincent is a bit younger than shoma/boyang/nathan but he’s part of this “new face of skating” thing so i kind of consider him as the fourth musketeer, for now. sQuad version 2.0. i wonder who from his generation will join him. (btw none of this is to brush off what yuzuru and older skaters before him have done i shouldn’t have to clarify this but just talking about why it feels weird to include him in this one light-hearted label that my friend came up with on the fly)

Awwwe, I wish we freeze time for the sQuad.

i’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but what i wish for them is good health for as long as possible ;;;; i don’t know what all these quads will do to the younger generation’s bodies. sometimes i worry that they don’t have that much time left. there’s something to be said for incandescent, but short, careers, but 1) i’m selfish and i want them to compete longer, and 2) age and experience gives skating another quality that simply doesn’t exist when you’re younger.

boyang and shoma tornado BOYANG AND SHOMA TORNADO

it’s been many hours and i still feel blessed in my entire body and soul (i just want them to be friends so bad ;;;;)