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"I cry because she survived the sweating sickness and two miscarriages, but could not survive her husband." omg ow :'(

it’s true and…that truth is honestly part of what bothers me so much of how she’s represented in pop culture. 

she is constantly referred to as ‘ill-fated’, as a quick google search shows:

like…i don’t even believe in ‘fate’ or what-have-you, really (to me destiny is just a perfume) but even if i did? 

anne boleyn isn’t an example of someone from the time who was ‘ill-fated’. arthur tudor would be. 

had she died of the sweat, we could honestly refer to her as such. had she died during childbirth, had she fallen off a horse while riding, etc. 

fate didn’t kill anne boleyn. i don’t think there’s any ill intent behind the phrasing, i think it’s more just a common habit and has become more deeply embedded in this narrative every time it is repeated, but regardless it frames the situation as one that was totally out of anyone’s control. it frames her execution as something that was unavoidable and would’ve happened no matter what, it absolves henry viii of his role. 

it is because of henry viii that anne died. there were other factors and other people involved to be sure; but this remains undeniable. he did not merely sign the execution warrant, but was “‘morbidly concerned’ with the execution plans, including the building of the scaffolds and ordering that expensive French executioner from Calais (his price of £23 6s 8d should be compared with Holbein’s salary as court painter of £30 a year)”

because “where a borgia used poison, a tudor used the law.”

anyway…i’m happy people read the essay after i posted, so thank you. i wrote it a year ago and i love to reflect on it. 

she’s important to me and i think she is and will remain a relevant figure. 

the end of her story was, in a way, its beginning.

that le temps viendra was so prescient when you think of it this way:

the most powerful man in england decided it was time for anne to be silenced…that she was to be silenced in the most final, violent way possible. 

and yet?

she has spoken to us for centuries. 

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What do you make of Kareem Abdul Jabbar on the Veronica Mars writing staff?

Honestly, I didn’t really know Abdul-Jabbar as anything other than a basketball great before last night, so I was a little puzzled, but after a quick Google search or two, I’m really excited he’s in the mix…

He’s a New York Times best-selling author who’s many books include Writings On The Wall, about racism, gender equality, and other social and cultural issues in America, and Mycroft Holmes, a mystery about Sherlock’s brother. All greatly relevant to the VM world.

Not to mention, he’s a person of color and a Muslim in an (as of yet) predominately white writer’s room for a show both featuring people of color and which is seemingly about to introduce Muslim characters. To say he could be useful is an understatement.

He’s also been a regular contributor to Time Magazine and was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by Obama. Sounds like he’s really going to class up the joint in addition to having a lot of valuable knowledge to share.

Plus, I’m sure he’s gonna write Wallace like a BAMF basketball coach. ;) 

All good things in my book!


Hi! I’ve been seeing a big mistake being made lately, and I would like to spread some information to correct said mistake.

Batik fabric looks like this:

Or this:

Like this too:

This is NOT batik:

Neither is this:

And certainly not this:

These are examples of tie dye. Tie dye and batik are completely different. It’s honestly disrespectful to equate the two. A simple google search of batik will show you how different it is from tie dye.

This is a mockery of batik:

So is this:

And so is this:

These are over-simplified and hideous versions of batik. It’s absolutely disgraceful to the technique and to the Indonesians who have dedicated their lives to producing the fabric by hand.

All but the glue shirt were found on depop under the batik tag. Depop sellers are huge perpetrators of this problem. If you see this issue, don’t be afraid to correct it. I’ve cropped out the sellers’ names so they wouldn’t be harassed if this post gains traction.

Why I Hate The New EA Skin Tones and How EA Could Improve:

The obvious reason would be that the skin tones are very patchy. That is the main reason people have been jumping onto the sims forums and into the sims community asking if anyone else has had this same issue. The answer is YES. The second reason is why are the skin tones of such weird colors? I did simple searches on google of dark POC and compared them with the EA skins. I used my poor girl Giovanna to show you the main concerns: the patchiness. 

This one is bad, but sadly not the worst of the bunch. There is patchiness on mostly the nose and little on the mouth. This is the darkest shade they released

This is the second from the last darkest and the patchiness starts to show up a little more. Either way, both of these are still unusable no matter what cc you put over it. 

The third from the last darkest is where it becomes very painful to look at. The patchiness becomes orange on the nose and the mouth reminds me of some sort of disease. 

This is the fourth from the last darkest and the last one with this patchiness problem. While this one is still horrible, the third one really takes the cake as the worst one. 

NOW onto the actual skin tones. Two stood out to me as either very pink or very gray with their undertones. EA has had problems with gray undertones before, making dark skin tones look very ashy. 

I looked around on my little friend, Google, and tried to find skin tones that are similar to these. I honestly couldn’t. I could not find one person as pink or as gray as these two. If you guys can find one, comment so I can correct this. But to me personally, they look off, especially in game. Here are some beautiful people of color that I found with a simple search that EA could have used as references: 


My guilty pleasure is drawing demon generals in business suits (as per the post-series fanfics in the Loyal Retainer). Also I have a hard time with male physiques so the three of them are good practice because they have different body types: Hokushin’s more slim, Kirin is muscular, and Shachi is more bulky. I’m trying to think of things to say about them that I’ve never said before, so have some random office headcanons and a bonus salaryman AU!


Partly because of his experience during the Heian era (see: Loyal Retainer) and partly because he’s super organized, he’s madly obsessed with stationery. Pens, notebooks, matching letter paper, sticky notes, scented novelty erasers - you name it, he’s into it. The first time he set foot inside a Tokyu Hands he very nearly lost his freaking mind. And oh my god don’t get him started on fountain pens and fountain pen ink. Or desk accessories.

Salaryman AU: Polite, diplomatic project manager forever herding cats chasing people down for updates. Notorious for detailed status reports that are basically carefully written walls of text documenting everything since the beginning of time. No one reads them so he ends up being the only person who knows what’s going on. Always remembers coworkers’ birthdays and compliments people on new glasses and haircuts.


He’d much rather punch someone in the face or long-distance skillet-fry all the soft tissue out of their skull, but he’s actually insanely good with spreadsheets and data. He can set up complex formulas and pivot tables like a world-class Excel champion. Sometimes, if he’s had too much coffee, weird occult characters get into his cells, and then his spreadsheets can summon demons. Does that sound weird since he’s a demon? OK, summon mind-controlled slave demons and evenly disseminate neatly-rounded curses and stuff like that. And skillet-fry soft tissue. Alongside this real-time analytics dashboard check out the animations oooo!!

Salaryman AU: Amiable and super chill business intelligence analyst you keep running into around the office. You’ve chatted with him numerous times but when you think about it, you realize you don’t actually know anything about him because he never says anything substantial about himself. You’re never quite sure what he’s up to, but he seems to get his work done…? Whatever it is, anyways. You don’t quite understand what he does, honestly.


This guy’s dead, what’s he doing here? Well, in a universe where Fish Head somehow survived Kurama splitting him in two and made it to the new Demon World administration, I envision him as a self-styled PowerPoint expert. Because he knows how to use the animations in PowerPoint. All of them. At the same time. (Yoda did not let him make the presentation in Yomi’s boardroom.) Also, GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH IS NOT YOUR CLIPART LIBRARY, SHACHI

Salaryman AU: Loudmouthed blustery guy in sales who’s full of himself and always has the most disorganized paperwork. Really good at taking credit for other people’s ideas. Never replies to Hokushin’s emails, always messes up Kirin’s data and skews the results. No one likes him, why is he still here.

This was entirely too much fun to imagine lmao

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Sweats,,,, Jeremy w an S/O who is super fuckcig stressed out and never sleeps?? And who like,,,, does dumb doodles for him whenever they sleep over and leave his house before he wakes or smthn? ?? O:

what the fuck is this me

under the cut :0

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A World Without You (English) Ch. 10

Summary: One day, you woke up in a world without Bangtan Sonyeondan.
Note: HAPPY 4TH ANNIVERSARY, BANGTAN!💕💕💕 Consider this update as a gift, hahaha~ By the way, I don’t know if people think Caramel Macchiato is sweet, but for me it’s incredibly bitter and I felt that Bangtan was lying to me when they said it was sweet lol

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“(Y/n), are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been acting weird for, what, almost 2 weeks?”

(Y/n) didn’t answer and kept sipping her Caramel Macchiato while looking outside.

(F/n) huffed. “Besides since when did you like Caramel Macchiato? You said it was too bitter for your liking.”

Yes, (y/n) thought that Starbuck’s Caramel Macchiato was so bitter. She wanted to try it because of BTS’ song, Coffee, that stated ‘you’re Caramel Macchiato, your scent is still sweet on my lips’. When she tasted how bitter it actually was she would always joke about how Bangtan lied to her about said beverage. In fact, the only reason she was drinking it right now was to remind herself of Bangtan. Sometimes she would also order Cafe Latte and Americano because both also appeared in the song.


Bangtan didn’t exist in this world, right? How could she dislike Caramel Macchiato here as well? She tried the bitter drink because of Bangtan!

(Y/n) glanced at her friend, “Why didn’t I like Caramel Macchiato?”

(F/n) frowned, “I told you that you said it was too bitter. Seriously, (y/n), you’re acting weird and you’re forgetting so many things. Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital? There might be something wrong with the nerves on your brain, we’d never know.”

(Y/n) shook her head. “I’m fine, honestly. But why did I try this Caramel Macchiato? I don’t like trying new drinks and always buy-”

“Green Tea Cream Frappucino, I know. Until two weeks ago, that is. You started buying Caramel Macchiato, Cafe Latte, and even Americano. You don’t even like coffee! Why are you like this?” (F/n) sighed. “You said that you wanted to try it because you heard a song in your dream about Caramel Macchiato.”


“Mhm. If I’m not mistaken you said something like ’you’re Caramel Macchiato, your scent is still sweet on my lips’, that’s why you wanted to try it. But once you did you were upset about it, weren’t you? You said you were being lied to.”

When (f/n) lifted her gaze from the panini on the table, she saw (y/n) gaping like a fish with wide eyes.

“Hey! (Y/n)! Close your mouth! You want a fly to get in there or something?”

(Y/n) snapped out and blinked a few times. “I… I dreamt of a song?”

(F/n) looked at her weirdly, but nodded nonetheless. “You sang it as well. You said you didn’t know the language, but you knew what it meant. Weird, isn’t it?”

Absentmindedly, (y/n) started singing softly, “Baby, baby geudaeneun, Caramel Macchiato, yeojeonhi nae ipgaen, geudae hyanggi dalkomhae, baby, baby, tonight…

“Ah!” (f/n) yelped. “Yeah! Just like that! How could you remember a song from a dream months ago?! I think it’s been more than a year, even!”

(Y/n) ignored her friend who was surprised, deep in thoughts. ‘Dream? I find one Bangtan song in a dream?

“Excuse me…”

Both of them glanced at a young woman standing beside their table. “Ah, is there anything we can help you with?”

That woman smiled at (y/n), “That song you sang is Coffee, isn’t it?”

(Y/n)’s eyes widened and she stood up abruptly, “Y-You know that song?!” There was someone else who remembered? She wasn’t alone?

The young woman giggled. “There aren’t that many people who remember, but yes, I do. You’re an old fan of Ou too, huh?”

“Ou?” (F/n) frowned.

“Yes, Ou! Written with this hanja.” She took out her phone and showed them her lockscreen, 鴎 hanja on top of a photo of-

“J-Jeon Jungkook?”

She giggled again, “Ah, I knew it! You really are an old fan like me, aren’t you? Coffee is one of his earliest drafts long before debut after all, and he never published it!”

Ou? From what she knew, Ou in Japanese meant King, but the kanji wasn’t like that. That hanja was so similar to hanzi and kanji of bird or crow, 烏.

Bird? The only bird associated with Jungkook would be…


“Yes! Ou, or seagull. But I do understand why Jungkook would pick hanja over hangul, 갈매기 (galmaegi) doesn’t really sound like a stage name.” She smiled. “Ah, look at the time! I must go-”

“Um, may I know your name? I don’t meet old fans often.” (y/n) asked. Who knows, maybe she’d need her help. “I’m (y/n).”

“I’m Clara! Ooh, you know what? Maybe we can talk more as fans of Ou! Here’s my Kakao Talk ID.” Clara opened her Katalk and showed it to (y/n). “Until then, (y/n)!”

“Psst, (y/n)! Who’s Ou?”

Ah, (y/n) almost forgot that (f/n) was sitting in front of her.

“You said you knew the song from a dream!”

“That’s true, but maybe I heard it once and it showed up in my dream?”

“Then why did you said you’re an old fan?”

“I want to know more about Ou.” She answered honestly. Yes, she wanted to know more. But not really about Ou per se, she wanted to know more about Jeon Jungkook in that world.

Once they separated and went home, (y/n) tried searching for each members’ name on Google. She started from two members who were most likely to be working in entertainment, Namjoon and Yoongi. Strangely enough, she couldn’t find any articles about them. Hoseok and Jimin who had chances to become dancers were nowhere to be found as well. Let alone Taehyung who wanted to be a farmer.

Until she searched for Kim Seokjin.

There were a bunch of articles about the visual. “Oscar and Grammy?” She muttered. “Jin’s really successful, huh? Hm? SM? Ah, he was casted by SM before BigHit.”

Afterwards, she tried looking for Jungkook’s article.

Jeon Jungkook (Hangul: 전정국; born September 1st,1997), better known as 鴎 (read: Ou, lit. seagull), is a South Korean soloist from JYP Entertainment. Jungkook made his debut at age 15, on June 13, 2013 on Mnet’s M! Countdown with the track ‘Begin’ from his debut album, 형제 (read: hyungje, lit. brothers.)

(Y/n) frowned, “The debut date is the same as BTS… His first song is Begin from Hyungje? Begin is a song about his hyung in Bangtan, right?”

She opened YouTube and typed Jungkook’s name followed by Begin. There she found a video titled ‘鴎 (Ou) Begin MV’. Without any hesitation, she played the video.

Very familiar music greeted her, making her felt relieved to hear such a song she thought she would never hear anymore.

Amugeotdo eobtdeon, yeoldaseosui na…

Yup, no mistake. This is Jungkook’s Begin from WINGS.

The MV, strangely enough, was so similar to WINGS Short Film #1 Begin, including the weird and creepy painting that most theories said was Yoongi.

After watching the MV, (y/n) continued reading the article about Jungkook and his first album.

The album was dedicated for his older brothers who were never introduced to the public. It was stated that the album was a gratitude for his 6 older brothers.” (Y/n) frowned again, “Jungkook only has one older brother, Jeon Junghyun… He made that song for his hyung in Bangtan, his six older brothers…”

“Could it be… That all members still communicate in this world?!”

Once she finished reading about Jungkook (which impressed her with his achievements), she looked for Jin’s.

Kim Seokjin (Hangul: 김석진; born 4th December, 1992), better known by his stage name Jin (Hangul: ), is a South Korean actor from SM Entertainment. He is best known for his roles in television dramas;   Seven Princes (2013), Heirs (2015), and Hwarang: The Beginning (2016), and the films Boyfriend (2014), Eat or Die (2014), Different (2015), Destroyer of Memories (2015), One Night Stand (2015), Vampire Hunter (2016), Seven (2016), and The One and Only (2017).

“W-Wait a second! Hwarang?! Jin played in Hwarang, replacing Taehyung?!”

After she hastily searched for Hwarang article, she found out that yes, Jin played in the drama that she was very familiar with, complete with Choi Minho, Park Seojoon, Park Hyungsik, Do Jihan, and Jo Yoonwoo.

“Ah, but Hansung is played by Yoonwoo… Jin played Yeowool. It would be weird if Jin was to play Hansung… Hm? Oh, he still sang Even If I Die, It’s You, but alone.”

And so, she decided to try and watch Jin’s debut drama, Seven Princes. “Hmm? The first airing date is June 13th, 2013?”

Twelve for Twelve: July 25

Continuing my contributions to the Thank You, Peter Capaldi project. EDIT: Due to a mistake on my part this was queued incorrectly and was posted a day earlier than intended. Since it’s already had some Notes I’ll leave it be and take tomorrow off!

July 25: Scene That Made You the Most Emotional

I was 46 years old when this happened, and I was bawling like a baby:

It was supposed to be a run of the mill adventure. The Doctor and Clara, united, simpatico, in love with adventure (and each other). There was nothing universe-shattering about a mystery about a tattoo. I mean, just two weeks earlier they stopped an entire alien race from declaring open rebellion on Earth. They were still giddy from an adventure involving a garden - the Doctor giving Clara a look that cannot honestly be interpreted as anything other than desire. They were the Hybrid and god knows what the two of them would get up to next.

And then, in the course of only a few hours - the last 12 minutes or so playing out in real time (I checked) - a mistake is made, there is a lack of communication, and then … Clara learns she has minutes to live and the Doctor is powerless to stop it.

Do a google search about the Five Stages of Grief. In this scene, you see the Doctor and Clara, in simpatico with each other, go through all of them in a little over six or seven minutes. It is an amazing performance as we see Clara devote the final minutes (or so she assumes) of her life to comforting the Doctor, much as she comforted him when he was a little   boy  in the barn on Gallifrey. And she also devotes time to talking him down from raining hell, just as she’d once done on Gallifrey (again) when three of   him  were going to activate The Moment. That’s all on Jenna to perform and she does so amazingly. But Peter - he takes it to a whole new level as we see a 2000+ year old Time Lord emotionally devastated in front of our eyes. Too grief-stricken for tears (but look at how red his eyes get). At the same time, he is so immensely proud of Clara, the woman who at this point has been by his side for untold years (do a check on her ages and you’ll find her chronology is as confusing as UNIT’s), not to mention literally with him from his earliest days, throughout his adventures as her echoes. And she is about to be ripped away from him, screaming - more than 18 months later, it is still difficult to watch. Clara did not deserve this, and the Doctor did not deserve to see the woman   he   loves die in agony.

How can anyone criticize the Doctor for going rogue and telling the Laws of Time to go screw themselves, embarking on a 4.5-billion-year gambit that ultimately will end with Clara becoming an immortal, and a Time Lord in all but name. Is it not the ultimate expression of love to elevate one’s lover to godhood - literally? Clara is the only companion (and I include Jack in this as we do see the Face of Boe eventually expire, plus the Laws of Time weren’t keeping him alive) who could - and very well might - outlive the Doctor. The Doctor’s gambit is destined to be a near-total success. Sadly, however, such things come with a price. But hopefully it’ll be a long time before Clara has to experience that scream for real. I don’t blame Moffat for saying he won’t write the story where Clara returns to Trap Street (safe bet it won’t happen at Christmas).

But all of that was still to come as Face the Raven came to its close. First … the Doctor needed to have his hearts broken. It is the most devastatingly emotional scene I have seen on TV in many years. The performance of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman is a masterclass in acting that blew everything out of the water. Again, I ask: why did Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman not get award nominations for their work in Series 9?

I’ve made a few critiques lately mentioning the annoying trend of arbitrarily giving characters “Mickey Mouse gloves”, so I suppose I should probably talk about the big man himself. This design is so timeless and iconic; there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with this character, right? WRONG. This design is utter trash. This is such a far cry from what a mouse actually looks like that I’m honestly offended that they think they can pass it off as such. In case you have any doubts, here’s a mouse skeleton I found on Google image search to prove I’m an expert:

With an eye trained in the art of character design I can tell you that there isn’t even the slightest resemblance between the two. The nose is too big, the ears are too round, the tail is too thin…I could honestly go on and on about how awful this design is. Not to mention the odd choice of making the face a different color than the rest of the body, which seems absurd until you realize they probably did it to make him look more Caucasian just to remind you that he was created by and for white people. And then there’s the fucking ears. You didn’t think I would go this far without mentioning the ears did you? They’re a fucking sin. EARS DON’T FUCKING WORK LIKE THAT. You can’t just have them show from the same fucking angle no matter which way his head is turned. You may call it an artistic design choice but I call it fucking garbage because that’s where this character belongs. 

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Two Part question: What Episode did you say ‘Tell more about tolerance, guy who fucks chicken sandwiches to keep the gay away’? Also who is that guy, because he sounds like he a hilarious google search.

Oh man I honestly have no clue lol.

Maybe Destiny- Namjoon Scenario (Part 1)

Part 2

It was right at the beginning of your last year at college, when your life suddenly took an unexpected turn, in a way that you would never be able to change. After that one moment, the life you once knew, would never be the same again.

You had always considered yourself a good girl, you played by the rules. You had never cheated on an exam, you handed in all your assignments on time, and you kept a policy of honesty about everything you did. You didn’t even go out clubbing much, and when you did, you would rarely drink, always ending up being the sober friend that takes care of her friends. You didn’t mind much, in the end it was fun, and you were glad you were there to get them out of trouble.

Which is why you never expected the things that happened.

You were working, as per usual, at the small café you always worked at, wondering whether if you turned the hands of the wall clock, your boss would notice. The day was slow, and you hadn’t gotten many customers, and honestly it bored you.

You leaned against the counter, humming softly, when a group of 7 boys walked in. They definitely looked foreign, and they were dressed in quite a peculiar way, they didn’t really fit in with the people you usually got at the café. You hissed to yourself, this was probably going to be difficult. You placed your best smile on your lips, and walked to the table the boys had sat on with the little notepad.

“Hello, could I help you guys with anything?” You offered, beaming at them with your most charming smile. You tried to make your tone as clear as possible, just in the hopes that at least one of them could speak English.

The boys turned to look at you, stopping the conversation. A couple of them looked at you in sheer panic, their minds obviously going blank as they tried to grasp any English knowledge they had ever gained before. Others smiled at you charmingly, although they never uttered a word, but one of them, as soon as his eyes met yours, could not bring himself to look away.

Namjoon stuttered to remember how to speak English, although he had always been confident, almost borderline arrogant about his fluency in speaking the language. Yet the moment your beauty came into his view, he was at loss for words.

You stared at them for a while, patiently, trying to see if any of them would answer. If they didn’t after a few minutes, you would just have to whip your phone out and use the not so reliable google translate, or perhaps just search pictures of the items on the menu.

“Oh, right. Eh, we will take three coffees, two hot chocolates, and two sodas please. And to eat, I think we will all just go with whatever you suggest.” Namjoon spoke, with perfect ease. You sighed, your shoulders relaxing.

“Oh thank God, you speak English.” You replied, with a relieved smile, as you noted down everything he had said.

“Honestly, I suggest the strawberry and custard tarts, not to brag or anything, but they are that particular chef’s specialty.” You told him with a cheeky wink. Namjoon smiled, and was glad that his cheeks were not yet blushing as deeply as he thought he would.

“Oh? Who is the chef?” He asked you, smiling a peftect white toothed smile.

“Me.” You replied, before giggling, and walking back to the counter, ready to make the drinks, and place the tarts on the trays.

You felt your cheeks redden, and your hands shake slightly from nervousness. That boy was gorgeous. They all were, but there was something about the tall one’s dimpled smile that had the butterflies in your stomach going crazy.

You turned around with the still closed sodas in your hands, ready to place them on a tray, when your body collided with a larger one.

“Oh sorry…” You quickly apologized, as you tried to regain balance. A strong pair of hands held you in place by your shoulders.

“No, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come up behind you like that.” You head the familiar deep voice tell you, and you looked up to see Namjoon’s deep eyes staring into yours, his dimpled smile perfectly placed on your lips.

“Why did you come all the way over here?” You asked him, as you finished placing all of the items on the trays.

“To help you of course, we ordered many things.” He laughed, as he took one of the trays from your hands, and balanced it on his perfectly. Secretly, he was hoping he wouldn’t do justice to his nickname and break everything he was touching.

“You do realize that is part of my job right?” You laughed, as you took another tray, and began following him back to the table.

“I know, but I was hoping if I made your job a little easier, I would be able to take you out later.” He replied cheekily, wondering where the hell the sudden confidence came from. He thanked the lord that none of his band members understood English as well as he did, for if they had heard the corny pickup line he had just used, he would have lost the little respect he had left.

“Smooth, very smooth.” You replied, as you started distributing the drinks on the table.

“Is that a yes?” Namjoon asked you hopeful. You laughed, as you placed the last hot chocolate on the table.

“Only if you promise we will do something fun.” You replied with a wink, as you walked back to the counter, swaying your hips a little more than usual. Namjoon grinned like an idiot. He didn’t even know your name, but he was already falling for you, for your movements, for your smile, your cheekiness, and the beauty of your aura. He knew this was impossible, he knew it probably wouldn’t last, but he couldn’t help but dream about a lifetime with the girl he just met.

Writing Short Stories.

Originally posted by tierramarga

I’ve gotten a few questions recently asking if I’d talk about how to write short stories, so I thought I’d make a post about it. I actually write short stories somewhat regularly. They’re great. They can be written in a week easily, but with that said, they are a form all their own. 

Short stories are not short novels. Learning that has probably made the biggest difference in my writing. Short stories are generally meant to be under 7,000 words which doesn’t give you a ton of time to really dig into the story the way you might for a novel. It essentially starts with a conflict and then ends soon after. You want the character list to be kept short too. Maybe two, three, four characters? I’ve written a short story with four and that was a bit crowded. More than that might be a struggle. You only have a short time to develop these characters, so all must be essential. 

Writing short stories involves reading short stories. There is honestly no better way to learn. I suggest picking up an anthology, going to the library, google search - find short stories from a number of different writers. Read them. Take note of what they’re doing that you like. Look at them on a technical level. This part is very important - at least it was for me. 

Eventually when you’re coming up with ideas, you’ll figure out which ideas are “short stories” and which ones are “novels.” Some ideas will strike you as short stories from the moment you’ve come up with them - one way to tell which is which is, in short stories, the problem is almost paramount from the get go. There isn’t a lot that needs to build. It will build but only enough to end the story. The conflict needs to be confronted sooner than later. 

Someone told me that short stories are about theme. I’ve also heard that’s not true at all because short stories have many themes, but after awhile, I really just think they’re about a feeling. To form a connection to the characters in such a short time span, you will have to get into emotions somewhat quickly. Short stories tend to have a lot of emotion. The good ones tend to leave the reader still thinking about them even when they’ve put the book down. That’s not exactly something that can be taught, I don’t think, but it can be learned. Read enough short stories and I think it comes a little more naturally, or at the very least, you’ll know when you’re on the right track. 

Happy writing. 

Okay so I thought it would have been fun to write down my reaction to the seventh episode of Shadowhunters “Major Arcana” as I watched it.

You will find the whole thing under the cut! 

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verily-i-say replied to your post “i just saw your post about the superinjunction stuff, which i hadn’t…”

Ted Cruz just had all mentions of the Zodiac Killer scrubbed from his google predictive searches…

this is an excellent (and honestly hilarious) point.

i tried two different browsers and both gave me nothing.

and unlike the truth behind the rumours of simon cowell’s sexuality, ted cruz isn’t actually a serial murderer from the late 1960s (as far as we know anyhow….) and he still had his searches scrubbed. 

Yo sometimes I fucking hate twitter

#PrayForNigeria is trending rn and everyone is on their usual 30 second moral outrage circlejerk, everyone in the fucking tag getting off on “ZOMG WHY IS NOONE TALKING ABOUT THIS WTF AMERICA” 

5 second google search shows the (incredibly tragic) event everyone is circulating images of the headline of happened…wait for it…

Two months ago.

And two months ago, when it first aired, multiple news outlets, MAJOR news outlets covered it in detail. With videos and everything.

Dumbasses are in the tag like “WHY AM I JUST HEARING ABT THIS” I dunno nigga maybe cuz y’all weren’t paying attention?

Everyone is tripping over themselves to sound like the better person in the tag and manufacture outrage when, aside from the incredibly tragic event itself, there is nothing to be outraged about. 

Fuck outrage culture, honestly. Generates the most idiotic people.