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A Plea For Hearing People

The world is not made for people like me. We are looked at as a nuisance; an annoyance. One of my friends had a nasty experience today which reminds me just how often deaf people struggle. You might say, Oh, that’s just one experience. Everyone’s not like that. But they are. I am met with eye rolls when I ask people to write something down. I get screamed at for being rude when people talk to me and I don’t notice. People “Nope” out of conversations with me and tell me “Never mind”. I am denied interpreters. I get blank stares. I get talked over.
People think the deaf are easy to ignore, because speaking English takes a lot of work, training with speech therapists and such; and not all deaf people have a desire to try and fit in. But we should not be shamed for wanting to EXIST and be treated with basic human decency. If a deaf person hands you a pen, please write. Please don’t think that because you turn on Auto Caption for your youtube video that you are magically a better person. Try muting a video and watching auto captions, you’ll see what I mean. If you are with someone who asks you to turn on the subtitles for a movie, even if they are not deaf, please do it. They may be hard of hearing or have an audio-processing disorder. And no, people do not owe you explanations, nor should they have to prove that they need basic accommodations that do nothing to hurt you. You can even go one step further, and learn some sign language!
I have had to come up with solutions to make it easier for people to talk to me because otherwise, they stand there and scream at me. Expecting that saying something louder will make the sound travel through my damaged ear canals and reach my brain. I am expected to shrug things off, and deal with it. In an airport or train station where announcements are made overhead and not made available to the deaf or hard-of-hearing, we often stranded, lost. The law protects us some, but often hearing people do the bare minimum and pat themselves on the back for doing so.
I have only been deaf for 5 whole months, and already I have come across so many obstacles, had to deal with discrimination. I am tired of being an outsider. When I go to dinner, I am placed in the corner and I watch everyone around me talk. When I am watching TV, it’s a gamble if the commercial or movie will have captions, or if a hearing person is willing to turn them on. I carry around tools to write on, but almost always a hearing person will look at my pad and pen, look back at me, and yell Very Slowly. I am deaf. I do not have mental problems. I just want to order my coffee. I don’t want customer service to give me a canned email reply or a free movie ticket. I want things to work and go smoothly the first time. I want to NOT experience discrimination. I’m tired of pretending that I am okay with being invalidated. I’m tired of doctors walking in, seeing my interpreter and turning to talk to my husband. I’m tired of rolled eyes and judgy looks. I have had a grand total of two waitstaff sign at me when I was at restaurants. Just the basic acknowledgment that I am a Person means so much to me.
I had the opportunity to meet with many ASL students recently, and it was amazing being surrounded by people who were able to communicate with me. WHO says that by 2050, 900 million people will have some degree of hearing loss. So it is very likely that you will encounter one of those 900 million people, doing the least bit to communicate will make both of your lives easier. This is my plea. Please treat me with decency. Please treat me with compassion. Please treat me like I am worth your time. us 900 million are worth it.


It kinda sucks. It really sucks. I like kids and I work with kids and I’m totally used to it and it still sucks. It hurts my feelings.

I didn’t become disabled and get an instant magical free training in how to teach kids about disability and diversity. I also didn’t sign up for a delicate unpaid education-and-outreach job every time I go to the frickin’ grocery store. (I actually don’t have time for that).

BUT. And this is a big butt.

I am actually learning to love it, this stupid important unpaid job that I didn’t even get to choose.

I know I know, I have an unfair advantage because I already thought kids were ridiculous and hilarious to begin with. And I worked with them before I started using a wheelchair. But working with kids and having to have the disability conversation in so many iterations so many times over is teaching me a whole lot about this whole situation! And it got much less stressful after I realized this helpful key secret:

kids don’t actually have a problem with disability.

Especially compared to the adults you encounter who will or won’t ask about it and will or won’t hire you or date you or what-have-you, so many kids have absolutely no problem with disability. Unless the media // the adults around them have gotten to their brains before you, this whole conversation might be alarmingly simple, quick, and painless:


“hey why are you on that?” [“on that” refers to my wheelchair]. 

(whenever possible I put down what I’m doing in order to smile and make eye contact for this. It will probably be less than 20 seconds).

“oh my wheelchair? Great question! I have a disability that makes my bones crack easily, so it’s safer and faster for me to use a wheelchair sometimes. It’s just how I help my body be at its best!”


“cool right?”


“did you have any other questions?” [I only throw that in on good days]

“um. nope!”

[kid goes to play]


My advice is to expect Scenario One. All you gotta do to prepare is have a one-sentence explanation of your assistive device / disability that you feel comfortable with. Kids do not give a shit about your diagnosis, and you don’t need to prove anything to them. All they need from you is a simple, casual answer.

I * always * explicitly use the word disability for a few reasons. I used to just casually say “I fractured my leg” which was also true, but kids learn really early on to feel pity for someone who has an injury, so they would say things like “ohh I feel bad for you” or “oh when will you get better” which always made the conversation longer and more uncomfortable. Then I realized I had a lot of power in shaping their interaction with disability (and their response to it) in these brief encounters, and also I GET TO DECIDE HOW I ANSWER! So I revised my answer to frame my injuries (and my wheels), as a normal, casual part of my life. Feel free to use my exact wording if it helps you:

“oh my wheelchair? Great question! I have a disability that   (very basic explanation)     so it’s safer and faster for me to use a wheelchair sometimes. It’s just how I help my body be at its best!”

Okay I studied sociolinguistics in college so here’s my geeky little break-down:

  • oh my wheelchair?” ← gives a nice nonchalant “oh this old thing” vibe and sends the message that it’s okay and normal to talk about wheelchairs.
  • great question!” ← teaches the child that disability is not shameful
  • I have a disability that ___” ← addresses the taboo right away, deflating any tension, awkwardness, and curiosity in the rest of the conversation. Suddenly you have all the power here, since there’s no secret anymore.
  • so it’s safer and faster for me to use a wheelchair” ← emphasizes the positive attributes of assistive devices. You could also say “it helps me do everything I want to do” or “my wheels are faster than my feet” or whatever you want. Again, simplicity works for you in this.
  • It’s just how I help my body be at its best!” ← hopefully kids are already getting some messaging about taking care of their bodies: brushing their teeth, eating a snack, sleeping enough, etc. This line should be relatable to them and also caps the conversation in a helpful way: it’s almost like saying “this is just how it is” and creates a sense of gentle, positive closure.

My personal opinion on the matter of disclosure is that the vast majority of kids don’t care at all about the fancy name of your disability. I don’t emphasize simplicity because I think kids need to be talked down to, I emphasize simplicity because it keeps the conversation clear, casual, and quick. In the adult world, disclosure is practically demanded of disabled people: even if they don’t ask, everyone wants to know what, exactly, is “wrong” with you. So my choice in not naming my specific disability in these conversations with kids is conscious and political. Not disclosing my diagnosis keeps our conversation out of the medical sphere (disabled people are so over-medicalized anyway) and gives us a chance to connect human-to-human. Some people feel that sharing a diagnosis will raise “awareness” for their illness or disability but I’m not sure that awareness is what I need from kids. I don’t need them to be aware that my bod has wonky collagen production, I need them to know how to interact with me respectfully. I’m not adamantly against specific diagnosis disclosure, (again, YOU GET TO CHOOSE what you say in these situations!) but I also don’t think it’s necessary or important and I think more often than not, it derails the conversation. Especially if you already didn’t have time for this to begin with. Guaranteed, a diagnosis disclosure will add time to this convo.

Often kids will ask what happened to you, assuming that you’ve had some kind of accident. I have a congenital disability, so even when I * have * fractured and had an ‘accident’ and that is why I’m wheeling instead of walking, I usually just casually say: “oh, nothing happened! Same old me. I have a disability…” and continue my spiel from there. 

They will also ask what’s wrong with you (which is the hardest to stomach) and I do the same thing: “oh, nothing’s wrong! I just have a disability…” etc. If I’m just absolutely not in the mood or if a kid seems weirdly aggressive (which is almost never the case, but it does happen), I’ll cheerfully say “oh nothing’s wrong, but thank you so much for asking!” and that usually shuts down the conversation. 

Lovelies, I know how fucking painful this is. Ugh it sucks so much. But it does get easier and gentler and sometimes kids say really goofy things that you get to laugh about later. This conversation is yours. You get to do as you please with it. Have fun. If you want, for little ones throw in an afterthought: “plus it gives me magical powers. But don’t tell anyone.” Having someone look at you like you could be legitimately fucking magical might make your day. 

Hell, you ARE legitimately fucking magical. Go you for reading this and thinking about this and doing you. 



Considering it’s been a few years since I first started professionally tutoring high school students, I know that this time of the year is always anxious for graduating seniors. You know what college you’re going in to, what you want to (hopefully) study for the next four years - it’s a good time for the nerves to start kicking in! I try to follow a little acronym called “hope” (nope it’s not my favourite word nope) and I pass on this advice to my students every year - so I thought I would share it with studyblr this year!

→ Hobbies Are Important!
Your hobbies are things that shape you and define you, activities that provide you solace and peace of mind when you need it. When college rears its ugly head and life gets busy, it’s really easy to drop your hobbies but it’s really important to continue on with them, as best as you can. Once you’re finished with college, you may find yourself with a lot of empty time on your hands. The workplace doesn’t need you to do homework, prepare for exams and make study guides - so what does one do in all this spare time? Your hobbies are as good as anything, here. No matter how significant or insignificant they are, remember to hold them close to your heart.

→ Organisation Skills Are Key!
Many of the studyblr community understand this already, so I won’t elaborate on this too much. Much of the work at the K-12 level is structured easily for the student to understand, with things like worksheets and handouts. They’re not common in college (in fact, I’ve only had them in 2 classes in 3.5 years), so to keep on top of things, it’s important to have good note-taking skills, maintain a good planner and use whatever review methods work most effectively for you to study! You may feel like college is information overload, so rather than trying to keep it all in your head, it’s better to keep it written down, so that your mind is free to absorb new information!

→ Preparing Ahead Isn’t Just For Nerds!
That’s right, cool kids can do it too! Nothing bad has ever come out of reading the next class’ chapter ahead of time or starting a study guide for the next exam right after you finish the one during last class. Being aware of the context when learning makes it much easier for your brain to comprehend and understand new material - so if you read up ahead on the chapter and you don’t understand much of it, chances are that when you go to class your brain would’ve remembered keywords, which it’ll pick up during class and help you retain this information more.

→ Expectations Are Personal!
Success is a very relative term and should be taken on a personal level. Doing your own best is always what is important - don’t be weighed down by the expectations that others place on you. Many of you will be living away from home for the first time and it’s not easy, at all. “Work smart, don’t work hard” and such quotes make it seem like being disciplined and diligent is all that matters but it is also important to take breaks and take care of yourself too! Know when to take breaks and when to take time for yourself- but also remember to try outdoing yourself before outdoing anyone else!

Once again, this is just my opinion and tips based on my college experience. It is, by no means, an exhaustive list and I believe that once you begin, you too will come to realise some things on your own. I truly wish someone had pointed these things out to me during my freshman year at college but I hope that you come across this post and don’t go through the same mistakes I did! As usual, my askbox is always open for if you ever want to talk/discuss/chat/rant/whatever! I’m so thankful for this wonderful community and I cherish you all lots, just trying to do my bit and give back!

- alli ❀

anonymous asked:

Since you are the official Fandom mom, what is your favorite thing about all your children?

jskag;hkls;gha;gsakhl; i’m still not entirely sure how to respond to this fandom mom thing but

Uraraka: i love how determined she is. i love how she wants to be a hero for money, but not for herself; she wants to make her parent’s life easier because they’v had to work hard their entire lives, and she’s damn determined to help them. even willing to go toe-to-toe with Bakugou, the scariest and one of the strongest of the entire class, to make it happen

Shouji: He’s so???? sweet???? oh my god???

he’s always looking out for the other students and he always does it almost instinctively??? he just. helps them and it’s the sweetest thing oh my gosh what a sweetheart. he’s also such a chill dude and i love him. he’s like the silent older brother of the class

Mina: SHES SO PEPPY AND UPBEAT. she’s just so super super positive and happy??? she’s also a little naive which is adorable

Momo: oh  my gosh i love Momo. she tries so hard to be the best that she can be?? she lost her way at one point, but she came up with a plan and go ther confidence back?? and she’s also really dorky too b/c she grew up in a rich household so she ends up seeming a little out of place (which is really adorable and the other students also find it cute). also she loves to help people???? she was so excited to help tutor the other kids oh gosh what a sweetheart. she’s a total cinnamon roll

Aoyama: i love how dorky he comes off as?? but he clearly does have some insecurities, but he really does want to be closer to the class. unlike the the shoujo stereotype he’s sorta parodying, he doesn’t wanna be better than anyone. he wants to be on the same level as everyone. AND HE WAS WILLING TO SACRIFICE HIMSELF TO LET THE OTHERS PASS THE EXAM AHHHH

Mineta: as much as he frustrates me with the perverted jokes, i really love the moments when he’s able to work through his fears and win

Tsuyu: another??? total????? sweetheart????????? she worries about everyone and makes sure they’re all okay and often compliments the others when they do something they’re proud of. she’s just like an older sister for the class and she’s just so sweet. i also love how observant she is!!

Kirishima: GOSH, ANOTHER TOTAL SWEETHEART…. he’s so emotional??? and he determinedly stays Bakugou’s friend despite Bakugou’s insults and rough attitude?? and he cried when Tsuyu was crying??? and he also got all sad b/c Tetsutetsu’s quirk is similar to his and he was like ‘NOW I’M EVEN LESS ORIGINAL!!!” and gosh he just cares so much but he’s also hot blooded and dorky?? i love him

Tooru: oh gosh she’s just so sweet. like i genuinely can’t think of a single bad thing about her??? she’s like an invisible ray of sunshine and positivity 

Sero: we don’t really know much about him, but he seems like a really chill dude??



Tokoyami: oh gosh… what a dork.. what an edgy dork…… he stands in front of his door to keep the other kids from seeing his room b/c he’s embarrassed and they have to PUSH HIM OUT OF THE WAY….. and honestly, he just??? he’s so free with giving compliments or thanks. plus his fucking “Banquet of Darkness” thing i just hska;gha you try so hard Tokoyami i love you

also, he has this really sweet moment with Uraraka here where he tries to cheer her up. i grabbed the official translation b/c the scanlations missed it

Ojirou: he’s another character we haven’t seen much of, but he seems like he has a strong moral code?? he willingly got out of the Sports Festival because he felt like he didn’t earn his place there. that takes a lot of guts

Kaminari: oh my god what a fucking dork. he’s just. so clumsy. like, he sticks his foot in his mouth a lot. or he’s just scared to fight. or freaking out in the background. or he tries to play himself up more than he actually is. what a kid oh my gosh. PLUS i love his moment where he pushed aside his fear to stand up for Bakugou ahhhhhh what a sweetie he cares about his friends

Jirou: SHE LOVES TO FUCK WITH KAMINARI AND HE DOESN’T EVEN NOTICE HALF THE TIME LMAO and she’s just so chill??? she’s super sweet in her own way and i love how she’s just ‘nope’ with drama lol. and i love how she just.. fucking loses it when Kaminari fries his brain lmao

Todoroki: OH MY GOD HE IS SUCH A DORK HE IS SO OBLIVIOUS AND JUST. THERE ARE ALWAYS DRAMATIC ZOOMS ON DULL SHIT HE SAYS. HE THINKS HE’S GOT A CURSE THAT HURTS PEOPLE’S HANDS. he is so sweet and dorky and he cares so much about his friends and he tries so hard i love him

Iida: HE’S ALSO SUPER DORKY. he makes weird hand gestures when he talks b/c he just gets so INTO what he’s saying, and he takes his role of Class President really seriously, and he tries to set a good example for the other students and???? he cares so much about his friends too??? and he wants to live up to his brother’s legacy???

Izuku: I LOVE IZUKU SO MUCH. He wants to be a hero so badly, beause he wants to help people and make them smile like All Might does. he had so little self confidence, but his relationship with All Might made him so much more confident, and he’s a natural leader??? and he just cares about his friends so much that he’s willing to do almost anything to help them??? and he trains so hard to get better and better at using OFA and he’s also such a dork and HIS ENTIRE ROOM IS AN ALL MIGHT SHRINE. EVEN AFTER MEETING ALL MIGHT AND BEING CLOSE TO HIM, IZUKU NEVER ONCE LOSES HIS ADMIRATION OF HIM AHHHH

Bakugou: MY ANGRY SON I LOVE HIM SO MUCH????? HE STARTS OUT AS SUCH A LITTLE JERK, BUT OVER THE COURSE OF THE MANGA HE SLOWLY BECOMES NICER AND NICER AND DEVELOPS SO MUCH AS A CHARACTER. GOSH and i think the moment i started to truly enjoy his character is after his match with Uraraka when he’s all “There’s nothing fragile about her.” and he is JUST as determined to be a hero as Izuku is, and nothing will sway him from that path. no offer could move him from what he wants to be, which is a hero like All Might. and he does care. he’s shown worry over All Might (more than once), he refused to use any of his more destructive moves in fear of hurting  Kirishima, and he knows there’s something between All Might and Izuku, but doesn’t push the issue. and then he thanks All Might, when at the beginning of the manga, he never would’ve done that. AHH HE’S SUCH A LITTLE SHIT BUT HE’S LEARNING AND GROWING AND I’M SO PROUD OF HIM AND AHHHHHH I LOVE MY ANGRY SON SO MUCH

Like a Puppy (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Hi! I love your writing so much and I was wondering if you could do a request :D could you do like the reader is really closed off and she always wear black and wears a beanie all the time just like jughead, and she’s like super sarcastic so one day jughead comes up to talk to her and follows her around all day ? SORRY THAT THIS IS SO LONG

A/N: I switched it up a bit so the reader is a bit newer to riverdale! (Sorry if it sucked.I’m writing it at 4am with no sleeping) Hope you enjoy it. Requests are welcome (ALSO THANKS TO MY BBY FOR READING THE BEGINNING FOR ME <3 ILY @jugheadneedsahome )


Like a Puppy (Jughead x Reader)

Jughead wasn’t one to chase after girls or even glance. He simply had his laptop and unless the girl had food with her, he wasn’t interested.

That was until she came to the school.

He didn’t notice her at first. Of course he didn’t. He had his face glued to his laptop.

It was Ronnie that pointed her out during lunch a few weeks after she started.

(Y/n) were more of a loner than he was. She didn’t want to make friends and gave a glare or snarky remark to anyone who tried.

People started to notice that she wore similar clothes everyday. It was always some combo of black jeans, tight black tee with some sort of leather jacket, and her hair controlled with her beloved beanie.

“She’s literally just like you, Jug!” He just looks up in confusion.

“Who are you talking about?”

The group roll their eyes at him and point to a lonely girl sitting at a table, buried in a book.  

He glances over and almost falls off the bench. Woah. He didn’t think he’s ever seen a girl as pretty as her. How did he not notice her?

“Juggie?” Betty raises her brow at him.

“She’s pretty.” the words escape his mouth before he even registered them.

The whole group froze and Jug turned to look at them.

“Did I just say that out loud?” His face turning a faint pink.

“Oh my god. Yes.” V all but squeals. “I ship it.”

Arch gestures to the girl in black. “Dude, Go say hi.”

He shakes his head quickly. “Nope. Not happening. We’re all going to pretend that most definitely did not come out of my mouth.” with that, grabs his laptop and leaves.

You were at your locker, looking for your Biology book when he walks up to you.

“Hi.” You glance at the boy with a beanie crowned on his head. It was similar to the one on your head.

“Can I help you?” You try not to wince. You always seem to sound rude without helping it.

Instead of giving the reaction most people do, he just gives a half smirk and nods his head.

“Jughead Jones the third. You?” You were a bit shocked that he didn’t seem fazed by your rude exterior.

“(Y/n).” You pull out the book you were looking for and slam your locker shut.

You turn to the boy and give him a two fingered salute. “Well Jugster. Nice to meet you but I must get going.”

He just shrugs and walks next to you to your next class, not saying a word.

It was free period when you managed to lose him. Jughead. He’s been following you around all day and every time you threw a sarcastic comment that most people would find rude, he’d just laugh and say something even more witty back.

You didn’t know what to think.

You weren’t one for friends. Hell, People never had the same sense of humor as you did so you never tried.

But Jughead. He was different.

He liked the comments you made in Biology.

He liked the snide remark you through at the Queen Ginger.

You sigh and close the book, unable to focus now.

A body plops down beside you.

“You know people will start thinking things if you keep this up.” You move your head to see Jughead grinning at you.

“Don’t worry what people think. They don’t do it very often.” He replies and you let out a laugh.

“Why do you keep following me around like a puppy, Jugster?” You decide to just ask the poor boy.

“I want to get to know you. Is that a crime?” He shrugs.

“Stupidity is not a crime so you’re free to go.” He just laughs and rolls his eyes.

“Keep rolling your eyes and maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” Before you could say anything else, he interrupts you.

“Have you ever been to Pop’s?” You raise a brow to the blushing boy.

“I’ve been a few times, Jugster. Haven’t tried his burgers yet though.”

He sends you a smile and asks, “Go to Pop’s with me?”

“Are you asking me out, Jugster? It’s only been a day.” Dating wasn’t something you were used to, but you had to admit he was definitely your type.

“Yeah. Let’s go for burgers and milkshakes.” His eyes meet yours and you find yourself nodding.

“Okay Jugster, but i warned you.”

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Halloween (Thundershield / WinterIron)

Ok so… more Cap and Thor because I love them. Also, I LOVE WinterIron as an established relationship where Tony is just loved and cuddled to death and all Bucky does is smile, so I think there will always be domestic WinterIron in the background of ThunderShield now.

This ended up longer than I assumed it would be!
As always, my Thundershield fics are for my darling @werewolfbuckybarnes.
This one is also for @littleredhotridinghood (you’ll see why lolololol)

Enjoy :)

Halloween at the Avengers Tower was fun.

Mostly because Tony regressed to about eight years old, ate nothing but candy for a solid month, ran around designing insane get togethers with themes, demanding that everyone wear elaborate costumes (and usually providing the costumes) and throwing the biggest party of the year Halloween night.

“Buckybuckybuckybuckybucky!” Tony came sliding into the kitchen, a sucker in his mouth, waving his hands wildly. “Heya Baby!” 

“Hey.” Bucky raised an eyebrow but kissed his boyfriend’s sticky lips. “How many of those have you had today, sweetheart?”

“A whole bag.” Tony made a face and wiped his goatee. “I think I need to wash my face.”

“And maybe eat some grown up food?” Bucky teased, and Tony just rolled his eyes. “What’s on your mind, honey?”

“Steve doesn’t want to wear his costume.” Tony was basically pouting, glaring at the big blond who came entered the kitchen behind him.

“Tony, I’m not going as the Cowardly Lion.” Steve folded his arms over his chest. “Absolutely not.”

“But Maria is going as Dorothy, and I’m Tin Man and Hawkeye is Scarecrow, so we need a Lion! Tell him, Buck!”

Bucky sighed. “Steve, we go through this every year. Just wear the costume. October is over tomorrow and Tony will go right back to being a mature–” Steve snorted- “well behaved, valuable member of our team. Just let him have Halloween.”

“Yeah, Steve.” Tony widened his eyes dramatically. “And we do do this every year. You would think you would stop bitching about it. I let you live here for free design all your tech. Honestly the least you could do is dress up like a lion when I ask.”

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The Best Gift

Merry Christmas @realityunacknowledged , I’m your Secret Santa!  I hope you enjoy this bit of love square fluffiness!  (If you have an AO3, please let me know so I can gift the work to you there as well.)

Read it on AO3.

Ladybug was nervous.  

She’d made plans with Chat Noir to meet up that night to exchange Christmas gifts, and she was really quite excited about that, but she was anxious about how he’d like his gifts. Or, more specifically, she was anxious about one of his gifts.  

She arrived to their meeting spot early because she’d been too wound up to wait at home.  Now, here in the secluded rooftop garden of an empty house, she was stuck waiting with nothing but her own thoughts to distract her. She groaned and sank to the bench in the center of the garden, hanging her head over the back to look up at the sky. She could always just…not go through with it, right?

“Good evening, my lady.”

Ladybug bolted upright. “Chat!”

“Why the groan?”  Chat placed a brightly colored gift bag on the ground and sat next to her on the bench.  “It’s present time!”

“Oh, nothing.  Just the holiday stress getting to me.”  She turned away from him and reached into the bag she’d left next to the bench on her side.  When she turned back to him, she held out a festively wrapped box with a big green bow on it.  “Merry Christmas, Chaton!”

“Ooh, for me?” Chat took it with a grin, then reached into his own bag and produced not one, not two, but three wrapped boxes, stacked atop one another like a pyramid and tied together with a red satin ribbon. “These are for you.”

“Oh my God, Chat, three? That’s too much!  I thought we agreed not to go overboard!”

“Did we?” Chat asked, twisting his mouth thoughtfully as he tapped his chin.  “Because I don’t remember having any such conversation.”


“Stop fussing and open them!”

“Fine,” she gave in with a fond smile, “but this had better be 3 parts of the same thing.”   She tugged on the tails of the bow atop the presents, and they slid free easily.  When it was loose, she used one hand to steady the stack of gifts and draped the ribbon around Chat’s shoulders with the other.  “Do try not to tangle yourself up in that, Chaton.”

He rolled his eyes at her jibe, but was so excited that he was practically vibrating in his seat and he let it pass without a rejoinder.  “Open the top one first!”

“Okay,” she said, pulling the tape carefully away from the paper.

He whimpered.  “You’re going slow on purr-pose!”

“Maybe,” she allowed, grinning.  

“Here, I’ll help you!” He hooked his claws in the paper and yanked, ripping it open so forcefully that a strip of the paper came off in his hand.  “Oops,” he said unrepentantly. “My hand slipped.”

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Oh, Man!

Hi, no one asked for this but I just wanted to share it with everyone because I love Peter and he is a smol bean I want to hug and cuddle with! That aside, it’s sort of like a continuation to not in that, you aren’t and it’s in Peter’s POV. There might be some mistakes mostly because I wanted to get this up before I leave for my flight! Anyways, hope you enjoy! 


“Dude, relax.” Ned watches as Peter paces about the room, nervous and jittery. “You are seriously going to wear a hole in the floor, man.”

Peter abruptly stops pacing to stare at Ned incredulously. “This is serious! I-I ask Y/N out on a date! On-a-date! Do you know how serious that is, Ned?“ His voice turns a little bit high-pitched by the end of his sentence because can Ned not see just how nervous he currently is? Peter has been hoping that the ground could just open up and swallow him whole!

Ned scoffs before throwing Peter’s pillow to him, surprising the latter but with Peter’s quick reflexes, he manages to catch the pillow right before it hits his face and he frowns at Ned. “Dude.”

“Peter, you got a date with Y/N – you should be happy!” Ned expresses incredulously. He knows how long Peter has been harboring feelings for you and he has also had to listen to Peter talking non-stop about you too ever since the incident that happened with Y/N finding out about Peter being Spiderman. From what Ned has gathered, Peter really has nothing to worry about at all.

(Ned recalls the times when he sees you checking Peter out – Peter always turns into a stuttering mess whenever you are around too – and there has been times when Ned catches your eyes and you would wink at him before going back to whatever you had been doing prior to looking at Peter).

“I am!” Peter exclaims, throwing the pillow back at Ned, hitting his best friend on the chest. Ned holds on to the pillow. “I am super happy and you have no idea how happy I am – I mean, you probably do but – it’s just crazy, Ned!” Peter pads over to his bed and flops down beside Ned. He turns his head to look at his friend. “It still feels so surreal. What am I going to do?”

Ned smirks. “Maybe you can ask May for some advice.” Peter’s eyes widen and he immediately pushes himself up to stare at Ned, a little bit horrified at Ned’s suggestion.

“Oh no,” Peter shakes his head. “I am so not ready for May to know, no way man, nope,” He says adamantly, shaking his head still. He definitely is not ready for May to know about this potential love life he might be having – if May freaks out, he freaks out too and just by the thought of having a potential relationship with you is making him feel giddy and nervous all at the same time.

The thought of May wanting to get to know you too is making him feel quite nervous and he definitely is not ready yet for any of those.

“So what are you going to do now?” Ned throws back the question to Peter as he flops back down beside Peter. Peter sighs before turning around so now he is laying on his back instead of his stomach, hand splayed on his stomach. He drums his fingers on his abs as he contemplates Ned’s question. How do people really go about after asking someone out on a let’s-do-it-whenever-you-are-free-date.

A knock sounds on his door, causing the two boys to stop talking to stare at the door. May peeks her head in with a smile. “Are you staying for dinner, Ned? The two of you look like you were in deep conversation.” May notes, grinning at the two boys.

The moment May said those words, Peter knew Ned was planning on doing something because he knew his best friend far too well but before Peter could even sit up and reach to cover Ned’s mouth, Ned blurts it out.

“Hey, May. Did you know Peter managed to score a date?”

Peter sputters incoherently when May turns to look at him sharply and his jaw drops as he tries to make sense and take control of the situation because right when the words registered in May’s brain, she lets out a very loud squeal, coming in to the room completely.

“Peter, why didn’t you tell me?” May smiles widely. This is the first time she has heard of anything remotely close to Peter having a date. Even though she feels a little bit sad that Peter did not tell her himself, May also knows how embarrassing it can be when you have to talk to your aunt about your potential love life so May definitely understands where Peter is coming from.

“It’s nothing, May. Technically I haven’t really asked Y/N out yet.” Peter flushes, stumbling over his words and narrowing his eyes briefly at Ned before looking at May, sheepishly.

“Nonsense.” May’s eyes twinkle with mirth. “This is not nothing, Peter. Y/N? Is that the name? Sounds cute. You have to tell me this over dinner. Come on, boys. My treat! Let’s go out for dinner.”

Peter swallows the groan that is about to leave and gives May a smile before glaring at Ned. Ned is grinning smugly at him and Peter sighs. Dinner is definitely going to be interesting tonight.


Pairing: Tom Hiddleston x Reader

Word Count: 2,529

Summary: Your boyfriend Tom and the world are left wondering why you’ve never been to a red carpet event with him.

Warnings: Insecure reader and the fact that I proof read this on finals brain so I’m sorry if my grammar and punctuation is super off.

A/N: Finals week is finally over and I can finally get back to writing! I’ll be free most of the summer to write and do things. It feels good to finally post a work again. For this particular work, I made it so that the reader works at a hospital on call as a nurse or doctor.

 After a brutal 12 hour shift full of code blues, cranky patients, and a short staff; to say you were exhausted was an understatement. You glanced at the clock and let out a deep breath you felt as if you were holding since the beginning of your shift. It was finally time to go home. You made your way to the locker room, peeling out of your scrubs on the way there. Upon entering, you spotted your good friend Trisha who was also getting ready to go home. “I’m so ready for this weekend.” you heard her say as she rubbed her eyes. You frantically nodded, “I hear ya on that one.” She giggled and continued to make small talk as you both retrieved your things from your lockers. “So, you got any plans with the boy toy this weekend?” She asked teasingly referring to your boyfriend, Tom. You giggled as you took your hair down. “Nope, he actually left two days ago. He’s going to be away for a week. He’s got a red carpet event to go to.” You replied as you put on your coat. “Oo la la, fancy. Why didn’t you go with him, Emily Blunt?” She teased as she zipped up her backpack. You shrugged as you shut your locker door, “duty calls.”

 You both walked to the parking lot and you jumped into your car. You checked your phone before starting it to find a voicemail from your boyfriend. You smiled. You weren’t allowed to have your phone on you while you were working. Tom knew this and liked to leave voice mails for you to listen to once you got off work. You put in your headphones pressed play.

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Farmer’s Market Hot

It’s been a few months, so forgive me if this is rusty. Here’s 3000 words of Farmer’s Market flirty fun and farmhouse sexy times. Modern AU, rated M - AO3.

To her left, her neighbor is providing a constant and delicious kettle corn flavored breeze, a welcome fragrant addition to her favorite day of the week. Saturday, Farmer’s Market day, a day filled with flannel shirts, leaves crunching beneath her boots and a good chunk of money in her pocket. The bushels of apples on her table are filled to the brim, collected from David’s orchard, a small pocket of trees she’s sure he only keeps tended because he knows how much she loves them. She sells the apples and gets to pocket half the proceeds, which she’s been squirreling away so she can eventually buy a place of her own. David and Mary Margaret’s guest house on the farm is nice and all, but she could really use some privacy. 

It’s an unconscious thing, she tells herself, as her eyes drift across the walkway to Killian and those stupid blue eyes and friendly smile she just knows will be directed at her. This happens entirely too often, the two of them catching each other looking, his obvious interest raising goosebumps along her skin. He’s entirely too attractive, with that carelessly tousled dark hair, ginger-tinged scruff and wiry frame. The fact that he bakes the best damn pies she’s ever tasted doesn’t help, either. He’s like her own personal dessert on display if she’d only just forget her diet and allow herself to indulge.

It’s been a long time, too long if you ask her body, since she’s let a man get close enough to touch her (both physically and emotionally). And she’s hungry…for both. So, Killian is scary, because despite her feigned protests, she’s past the point of curious and veering straight into potentially Bad Decision Central.

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anonymous asked:

im not sure how i found your blog but it is now my favorite, all this jikook content is saving my life i feel so blessed 🙏 if you don't mind me asking, what are your favorite jikook moments?

Awww…your making me blush you cute anon, staph it!!

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

But nice to hear that you like my weird trashy blog, feel free to stay as long as you like fam ;)But back to your ask on my favourite Kookmin/Jikook moments?…dear god I’m having so many war flashbacks right now of all the Jikook moments that those dorks have blessed and also made us suffer with. Where do I even begin?!?! Guess I have to try so you can watch me go and fail to make an essay on the couple that reduced me into a mess of tears. But before I start I have to say to everyone else who might read this, that these are only my personal observations and opinions on the dynamics of these two so if you don’t like it or don’t agree with me then please do not read. :)

So anyway first I have to start with the legendary Jikook V-Live… they high key just flirted through the whole thing, the minute Jungkook came running in with his unfinished lunch at his hands. After that they just stared deeply into each others eyes,  forgot the meaning of personal space and said things like…

Yeah they said things like that, I kid you not and also did you hear the sounds of me suffering jungkook?! Because thats what I was legit doing while bearing witness to this V Live! And his voice lowered a couple of noches when he said it and then the tension dropped harder than my sanity after that. Dear god Jungkook has no chill. Please go watch it if you have not, it’s art. Now to the next thing the back hugs. Jikook being the legendary back hug couple I just have to share with you a couple of those moments. Like this when…

Originally posted by gayjikookadi

…they where taking a group photo and Jungkook? Well he seemed to just straight up ignore that, deciding to focus on hugging Jimin instead. He even closed his eyes while doing it!! I repeat he closed his eyes!! It felt like I was intriguing on something since Jungkook looked so at peace like as if Jimin was his safe haven in the middle of all that noice and flashing lights…And yes I cried when I saw it, how could I have not. And now onto this…

Originally posted by jungkookflirting

….Back hug which happened somewhere after Namjoon and Jimin had their little wedding moment during a fanmeet. Not saying that there is a connection, but also not saying that there isn’t one. So as on cue let us move on to the legendary topic of Jeonlous. It being one of my greatest aesthetics I just have to include it in this. I mean Nochu has so many notp’s these days that, I firmly believe them to be the sole reason why he probably lives in the gym like his life depends on it. Like the wise satellite-jeon once said Nochu is out there lifting to win.  

Here are some great examples of the struggles of Jeonlous…

Jungkook: *sees JoonMin standing close to each other* Gotta go and separate that shit. If I could have a dollar every time Jungkook went between these two I’d be swimming in money…aaand onto the next one.

Now this had me weak I mean Jungkook just straight up pushed J-Hope away from Jimin while trying to gain Jimins attention. He also did the same thing to Jin in one of the latest V live’s, when he tried to just look over Jimin shoulder and Jungkook was like nope. This boi is struggling to keep his chill.

I have so many many more Jeonlous moments like these but this will become way too long if I try to add them all in. But what I will have to add in is him doing that tongue thing he does when ever Jimin is concerned. Because he does it so often that it can’t be coincidental anymore. I mean once is accident, twice is coincidence but three times is pattern.

Originally posted by satellite-jeon

I have a whole folder full of him doing that, and if you ask why I have it…well its for science okay….*sweats nervously*. Let’s move onto the last and my most favourite moments…them trying their best to make each other laugh or smile. And I don’t think these moments even need an explanation on why they are so precious to me, because they pretty much explain themselves.

Now there are many more moments that I would like to talk about, but as i said before this will become way too long and also I need to go to sleep since it’s 04:46 am where I’m at. Meaning that this would start going downhill and fast from here if I continued and I want to keep this pg. level while my brain still allows it :D Hope that this very, very bad and messy answer in someways met your standards anon and thank you again for sending me that ask!

Btw since some of the gifs are from my save folder, because for the life of it Tumblr would not find me the ones I needed so please tell me if you know the names of the ones who made those gifs so I can credit them properly :)

help-i-cant-adult  asked:

Nath/Nino + 'the fire alarm went off at 3 am and now the cute guy from the flat next door is standing next to me in his underwear’ AU ?

i’m…..suddenly so into this that i got carried away lol

words: 1409

Nino didn’t know what kind of an idiot could manage to trip off the fire alarm at three in the goddamn morning, but he was going to assume it was a special brand of idiot that he was thirty seconds away from chewing out. He needed to wake up in four hours to get to work on time. He didn’t deserve this. 

He was about to grab his noise canceling headphones and listen to music until he fell asleep, but then Nino heard frantic knocking on his front door and cursed loudly in his empty room. God, that was probably the landlord trying to figure out which apartment the alarm was coming from. Nino grabbed a tank top and put on his glasses, hoping that this was just some moron leaving their gas burners on by accident so that Nino could just crawl back into bed. 

So when he opened the door, the last thing he expected to see was a cute guy standing in the hallway in his underwear, bouncing on his toes and looking like he was two seconds away from having a panic attack. 

“Hey!” he piped up a little too loudly. “Horrible hour. I know. Quick question. Are you good at putting out fires?”

Nino blinked. “Putting out fires? Is there a fire in your apartment?”

“Um, maybe?” his neighbor winced, speaking almost too quickly for Nino to understand him. “Kitchen, technically, but uh, yeah. I kinda panicked and knocked on the first door I saw.”

“Oh my God, you left your apartment burning!?” Nino exclaimed, propping his door open with a shoe. “Where do you live?”

The two of them jogged down the hallway to the next apartment over and Nino almost slipped on this stranger’s welcome mat as he booked it inside, following the grey smoke that was billowing out of the kitchen and making the fire alarm screech. Nino covered his mouth with the crook of his elbow and was able to see a small saucepan on the stovetop that was currently holding a small fire and burning whatever contents were inside. Nino put the cold water in the sink on full blast, snatched up a kitchen towel, and threw the pot into the sink to extinguish the fire. 

Luckily, a fire extinguisher wasn’t necessary and the charred food – Jesus, what the hell was this dude trying to cook? – was immediately put out leaving nothing but an apartment full of smoke. 

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The Daring Escape of Roman

Warnings: Kidnapping, drugging, hurt/comfort 

Word Count: 612 words

Summary: Roman is kidnapped and its up to Logan to save him. Centaur au (belongs to @fangirltothefullest )

Authors Notes: Ok so I have never written anything before but this idea just would not leave me alone. This is also completely unedited so I’m sorry if there are too many mistakes. I hope that you like it! 

They were all huddled together in the barn, Thomas included. The projector continued to play the Disney movie in the background as everyone was asleep. Logan looked around, the brothers Patton and Emile had fallen asleep on each other, Dee was asleep next to them with Remy draped across both Dee and Logan. On Logan’s other side Virgil and Roman had curled up together. Thomas had fallen asleep on some hey that was near the group.

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Request: “A scenario where reader confesses their feelings for Credence and he just… doesn’t understand it. Like, he spends the next days just asking them to make sure, like ‘you… really like me?’ and they’re like ‘yep’ ‘you’re not gonna change your mind?’ ‘nah…’ ‘you don’t think I’m weird?’ ‘no, you’re adorable’ something funny, you know?”

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,439

A/N: Gender neutral!! Also this is my first crack at writing in a while. I hope it was worth the wait!!

You hadn’t meant for it to be this big a deal. Newt had warned you that being so straightforward might confuse Credence, but you hadn’t known it would be like this. You were a person who just… wasn’t afraid to feel what you felt. Your parents had raised you to be confident and strong and sure of yourself, and that’s exactly how you were.

So as soon as you had developed feelings for Credence and realized after some time that they weren’t going anywhere, you accepted it and formed a plan of action. It was a little odd that you had developed such strong feelings for such a quiet, reserved person, but you understood that this was a result of his upbringing and that the mind behind the silence was sharp and aggressively active now that it had escaped its torment. In the wake of everything, he was aggressively himself; that’s just how he adapted. But this didn’t mean he was confident about it. In fact, one might argue he had become more sensitive now that he understood and accepted himself as a completely formed personality. Because however someone felt about this Credence was how they felt about him as a whole and complete person separate from his adoptive mother and her cruel messages.

It was this sensitivity that led you to ask Newt how to proceed with telling Credence. He had been a little flustered at the question and unsure how to answer you, since dealing with human emotion wasn’t exactly his area of expertise,, but when you told him you just wanted to tell Credence flat out, he had confessed he thought Credence might not know how to accept that since he had only just recently accepted himself. However, since he didn’t give you much guidance other than that (honestly what had you expected), you had decided just to tell Credence anyway. Gently, of course.

It had gone a little something like this:

You told Credence that you wanted to speak to him privately, that it wasn’t bad news or anything, you just wanted to talk to him, and he had agreed. It was interesting to see how calculating he was now that he was free to be himself, the way his eyes narrowed just slightly to analyze your body language and how you could clearly see him thinking behind those active eyes, slightly darker now that he was assessing the interaction. He wasn’t afraid to let you know now that he was thinking and capable of judging a situation himself. No one would guide his opinions or force him to think any one way anymore.

So you both sat down on the couch, him sitting at an angle tilting toward you so that he could observe you closely still. You didn’t mind being under his intense gaze; in fact, that intensity was a huge factor in developing feelings for him in the first place. You thought this fondly as you just took a deep breath and said evenly and confidently, “I have feelings for you, Credence. Strong ones. Romantic ones. And I wanted you to know. And of course to see if you felt the same.” For all your confidence in yourself, you weren’t so sure about other people’s feelings for you.

You could see the wheels in Credence’s brain whirr briefly before coming to a stop while he processed the new information. “You…like me?”

“Well, that is what I just said, Credence.” You couldn’t help but chuckle as you reaffirmed your statement for him.

“Like… Like a boyfriend?”

“Yes, Credence.”

“You don’t think I’m strange?”


“You don’t think I’m a…freak?”


“You like me as a person?”


And of course, you hadn’t minded reaffirming your feelings for him. You knew that this was a new experience for him and that he didn’t know how to navigate it and that accepting this new attention was different, but it had been days. It had been days, and he still couldn’t get passed this new information. In fact, it was another of the same questions that drew you out of this train of thought. “I mean you… You haven’t changed your mind? About me? Still?”

You inhaled deeply through your nose. You hoped he didn’t take it as exasperation even though it kind of was and instead said flatly, “Look, Credence, do you want to go on a date with me? Because I’d love to take you on a date. A romantic date. Just you and me.”

You could have let out a sudden bark of laughter at seeing Credence blink over his wide eyes slowly as if this question was totally out of left field. “A… date. With me?”

You rolled your eyes playfully. “Yes, with you. Is 7 tonight okay with you?”

You took his gaping at you as a Yes and went to your room to read some quietly and to give Credence time to process again.


You read for a few hours before you got ready, picking your favorite outfit and hoping this was not a monumental err in judgment.

After hearing Credence fumble around for an hour prior, desperately asking an equally clueless Newt what it is he’s supposed to wear or do on a date, you emerged from your room. It was so entertaining to listen to and had left you laughing at the two of them, but now you had to face your nerves because it was time for the date–your moment of truth. But honestly, if you thought you were nervous, you weren’t prepared for a clearly and externally flustered Credence, entirely red in the face and looking intently at the floor while picking anxiously at a poorly tied tie with one hand while the other was stuffed in a pocket. You wished you could snap a picture, but there was no time for that. Instead, you just said, “Hello, Credence. I figured we’d just go for a walk in the park?”

“O-o-okay,” was all he managed to croak out before he followed you out of the apartment.

You picked as low-stress a date as you could think of and gave Credence plenty of space, though you noted happily that he was walking slightly closer to you than he would have before. Honestly, you just tried to strike up banter like you did before he knew you had feelings for him, and time passed much as it had before. A comfortable silence had settled between the two of you for a few minutes as you paced through a grassy path before Credence spoke. “So you still…have romantic feelings for me? Even now?”

You stopped abruptly, causing Credence to halt as well. He looked so confused, and you didn’t mean to be fed up with the questions and you knew that his uncertainty came from being treated so poorly and from being told he would never be important to anyone, but you just wanted him to know how strongly you felt for him. So you tried to make sure the determination on your face didn’t look too angry as you leaned into him (while assessing his facial expressions to see if it was okay) and pressed a quick, chaste kiss to his mouth.

Credence’s eyes were wide, light catching them in a way that made them a honey hazel color, not as dark as they sometimes seemed indoors, and his mouth hung open slightly as he reached a hand up to touch his face. So, so quietly, he asked one more time, “Even now?”

For the first time since confessing your feelings to him, under his heavy gaze, you felt vulnerable and slightly nervous as you whispered back, just as quietly, “Especially now.”

As you spoke, the certainty in himself returned to his eyes as they hardened, calculating again, less unsure and more confident, as he brought himself gently to you and kissed you slowly. It was all pressing lips, with a gentle urgency behind the pressure he applied against your mouth. You found yourself wrapping tightly to him as he pulled you closer by your jacket, hands flexing in the fabric as he kissed you passionately out in the open, unashamed and finally convinced that you really did like him.

You were so breathless with excitement that you had to pull back for a moment and rest your forehead on his, closing your eyes and smiling before channeling one of Credence’s most frequent questions and saying quietly but with feeling, “Please, don’t change your mind about me.” As you opened your eyes to see Credence already actively studying you, you had a feeling he wouldn’t.


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Imagine~ First meeting Kai in the prison world.

Word Count: 1248

You’d been stuck in this prison world for nearly six weeks now, all for nothing. Your so called ‘best friend’ had killed a coven member and blamed it on you, and everybody believed her. So now you’re here, Mystic Falls, in 1994 for some strange reason.

As you were strolling through the shop aisles you heard a bang behind you. This being the first time you’d heard a noise that wasn’t made by you, it made you jump. 

“Hello?” you called out, hoping somebody was out there. 

“Hello gorgeous.” a male voice said as a fairly handsome boy came into your view. 

You were confused, at first believing it was just a way for your brain to cope with the eternal loneliness. But then realizing that most likely wasn’t the case but you wanted to make sure. 

“Are you real?” you said before face-palming in your head about how dumb that sounded. 

He chucked before saying “I am, in the flesh. But I should be the one asking if you’re real because I’ve been alone in this world for about 20 years.”

“Wait what? I thought this prison world was made for me?” you said, confused. 

“Nope, just for me. Have you ever heard of Malachai Parker?” he smirked. 

At first you mind went blank before realizing who was standing in front of you. The boy who killed most of his family and was sent to a prison world as punishment. That explains why it was 1994.

He was cuter that you’d imagined but he was still a sociopath. 

“Your that siphoner that killed his whole family or should I say coven.” you said calmly, trying to keep your cool. 

“So you’ve heard about me?” he said, his smirk turning into more of a grin. 

“Everyone has. According to everybody you’re insane, but I always thought you were just misunderstood.” you say as your fear began to subside. 

“Is that so? But if you know about me doesn’t that make you a witch?” he questions which you realized he only wanted to know so he can siphon your magic and try to leave. 

“Yes it does. But I’m just like you, I don’t have any magic. I can only siphon magic from other people.” you reply truthfully. You didn’t have your own magic which is probably why everybody believed your friend over you. 

“Oh.” he replied, disappointment evident in his voice. “What was your name again?” he said as the disappointment faded. 

“You never asked in the first place but it’s Y/N. I would ask yours but I already know.” you say with a smile. 

“Since you’re the only other person on this planet. How would you like to get to know each other” he said like you didn’t already know everything about his past. But you didn’t object and sooner or later he led you to the Mystic Grill. 

*A while later*

“So she just pinned the whole thing on you?” he asked. 

“Yep. All whilst I thought she was my best friend." 

You and Kai had got to know each other over the last hour or so. And to be honest he was nice, nothing like everyone had said he was. Everyone called him a sociopath who had no feelings but he wasn’t like that at all. He’d just been molded that way. 

After talking for a while he offered to let you stay in the house he’d been staying in. 

"I’d love to. But I can’t guarantee I won’t eat all your food.” you said with a laugh and he laughed too. 

“Feel free Princess.” he said with a grin. This was the first person he’d spoken to another person in nearly 20 years and he actually liked her. So he was going to do everything in his power to keep her. 

*That night*

 You and Kai spent most of the night talking and playing board games and generally just having a fun time until around 1am when you both became tired. 

“Erm, where am I supposed to sleep tonight?” you asked realizing you hadn’t prepared a bed or anything. 

“Oh god, I didn’t even think about that.” he said nervously. “Well, you could sleep in the spare bedroom but it’s really cold in there and the other room hasn’t got a bed in it. I-I mean you could sleep in my bed with me.” he said, the last bit coming out weaker than he’d meant it to. 

“If it’s okay could I share the bed with you? It’s just I don’t like being cold or sleeping on the ground.” you said nervously but styling it out with a giggle. 

His face flushing a light shade of pink before saying “Uhm, sure I’ll grab you some clothes to wear for tonight and you can get changed in the bathroom down the hall" 

"Sounds good.” you replied as you followed him down the hall to where you assumed his room was. 

After a few moments you reached the room. It was really homey and suited Kai’s personality quite well. It was a dark blue with a large king size bed, it had an oak wood dresser and a bookshelf. 

“I decorated it myself to pass time.” he says as he pulled open the drawer. 

“It’s nice, it suits you well.” you said as you continued to observe your surroundings.

“Here’s some clothes to wear and I got you joggers and shorts so you can decide.” he said, passing the clothes to you. “Thank you.” you smiled and made your way to the bathroom. 

When you got there you set the clothes down and began to strip down. 

“Oh yeah, Y/N.” Kai said as he entered the bathroom, you quickly attempted to cover yourself up but failed miserably. 

Kai looked up and saw you as you were in the middle of getting changed. 

“KAI!” you shouted as he stared at you in surprise, but when he realized a smirk creeped over his face. 

“Hot.” he said chuckling, as you became frustrated. “Get. Out!” you shouted yet again. 

“Alright, alright. I’m leaving.” he said still grinning as he exited the room. 

You quickly get changed into an over-sized top which you assumed was Kai’s and a pair of shorts. 

As you entered the room Kai was lying in bed shirtless with grey sweats on. You’d be lying if you said he didn’t look hot. 

“You put on quite the show in the bathroom.” Kai smirked as he looked you up and down. 

“Ugh, shut up.” you groaned as you crawled into the bed next to him.

“Don’t be embarrassed Princess. You’re really hot.” he said as he scooted closer to you. 

“Thanks, I guess.” you say with a giggle, whilst blushing profusely. 

“I’m just playing, sorta.” he says with a smirk still playing on his face. He changed his position from sitting upright to lying down side ways. 

You could feel the warmth radiating off his body and it made you happy. You hadn’t felt anything like this in over a month and you couldn’t even start to fathom how he felt. 

Out of nowhere he pulled you into his chest, wrapping his arm around your hips.

At first you were confused, but then realized how safe and comfortable you felt in his arms. 

It was at this point you felt content with the thought that this was the person you were possibly spending eternity with, and with that you drifted into a deep sleep.

2 a.m. Cuddles

John Laurens x Reader

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1345

Warnings: Kissing, fluff, angst

Request: @askparanoidtwilight:Nervous laugh over read so much of yours aaAAAA-ahem. I was wondering if you could make a sUPER MEGA FLUFFY John Lauren’s x Reader? He’s honestly my adorable little freckled baby and Ive been in a constant need of John fluff-oh wait I have prompts-3,20,30, and 33 would all b really cute during like a thunderstorm or snow or something where they have to stay inside? Either that or just cuddling but who wouldn’t want to cuddle with John- and, preferably, modern AU? I’m sorry if I’m asking a lot-

3:  “You call this cuddling? You’re choking me!”
20: “Stop calling me cute!” “Stop doing cute things!”
30: “C-can you hold my hand?”
33: “Are you playing with my hair?”

A/N: I didn’t follow the prompt exactly, but I loved writing this one! I Hope you all enjoy!

“Party time!”

Your apartment door swung open without warning. A drunk on happiness, John Laurens falling through your doorway. A cluster of bags collapsing with him. John quickly jumped to his feet and kicked the door closed behind him and gathered the bags and their spilled contents in his arms.

“John! What the hell?” you shouted.

“Evening, darling.” he smiled, slamming his bags on the kitchen counter.

“John. It’s two  a.m.!” you pointed sharply at the clock.

“I am well aware, (Y/N).” he put his hand over yours. You stared awkwardly at it. It was going to be a long night. “Now, the question is why are you up at two a.m.?”

“It’s my apartment, John!” you yelled, crankily.

John gave your hand a quick squeeze, then swiftly pulled the book you were reading out from under your arms.

“Hey!” you reached over the counter. “Give that back! I have to study!”

“Study for what?” John turned over the textbook. “Ugh. Philosophy, don’t you know that’s the most useless major?”

“I’m not majoring in it. It’s just a throwaway class!”

“You consider philosophy a throwaway class?” John laughed. He skimmed through the book. “So, you would rather theorize whether the egg of chicken came first, than take an easy class like art or poetry.” he winked. “With me.”

“Ugh. John, sometimes you just drive me insane.” you groaned

“You are a college student after all, gotta keep you a little insane. Otherwise you’ll stand out. Mental breakdowns are a normal and required thing of a college student.”

“John.” you cried. “You aren’t helping.” You dropped your hands on the counter and put your head down, surrendering. Philosophy was the worst decision you could have made. You took it for the idea of it, not tests on Greek philosophers, their life stories, and to learn Greek. You had hoped John would have taken it with you, like he had promised last year.

But things change.

You started to cry. You started to have a breakdown. Mentally checking off a box in your head, the requirements of a college student, according to John Laurens. You knew John didn’t really mean it and he was only teasing and trying to cheer you up.

“Hey, (Y/N), no crying, we aren’t in kindergarten anymore.” that made you laugh a little. He tickled under your arms and made you spring back from your chair. He caught you and your head landed between his legs. Your tears rushed up your forehead. John laughed and smiled at you too. His energy was contagious, you couldn’t help but laugh.

John pulled you back onto your feet, and your fell against him as you tried to regain your balance. He gave a little laugh and steadied you with his hands.

You stood back up on your feet and John walked in the kitchen again. He started pulling everything out of the bags onto the counter.

“John…what is all of this?”

He pulled out cans of mountain dew, two pints of Ben and Jerrys, and several boxes of candy. “Midnight oil.” he smiled. “Except,” you pulled the textbook back out of your hands and closed it and put it on the counter. “Not for studying. Your brain is going to be fried if you study anymore. And I know you aren’t going to go to bed even if I tell you, so I thought I met try and cheer you up.”

John scooped the party supplies into his hands and dropped them on your coffee table then pulled you onto the couch with him. He bent over the table and pulled out some movies. “I’ve got Princess Bride, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Titanic. We can go through all of them or none of them. Whatever you want to do.”

You sighed and leaned in next to John. You rested your head on his chest. He smiled shyly at you.

“I’ll take that as a maybe then?” John leaned forward and put in Princess Bride. He reached over you and turned off the lights and handed you a carton of ice cream, along with a spoon. “Cheers.” he smiled, clinking your spoons together.

John snuggled a blanket over the two of you.

Halfway through the movie, John reached over to you. His hand between the two of you.

“C-can you hold my hand?” he whispered.

You smiled and laced your fingers through his.

“Thanks.” he blushed. You kissed him on the cheek. His eyes widened and a wide smile settled on his face.

John slung his arm behind you and rested his hand on your neck. You snuggled into him, pulling the blanket tighter around you.

A few minutes later, you felt a gentle tug against your head. You looked to see that John, had a small curl of hair wrapped around his finger. “Are you playing with my hair?” you laughed.

John blushed and dropped his hands. “Nope.”

His arms tightened protectively around you. Swaddling you in the blanket, in his arms. The blanket came just under your chin. Your movements were restricted. You tried to slide up to break free. “Oh my god!” you gasped. “You call this cuddling? You are choking me!”

John loosened his grip slightly and pulled the blanket from under your chin. “Sorry.” he frowned. “I just didn’t want you to get cold.”

“Well you about just choked me to death!” you teased, giving him a playful shove.

“You know what, (Y/N)?”

“What?” you laughed, staring into his eyes, the silhouette of the television, the film flashing on his face.

“You are cute.” he smiled, reaching for your hand again.

You laughed. “John, you’ve got to stop calling me cute! You call me that all the time!”

“Well stop doing cute things!” John laughed, slipping an arm above you and pulling you down to wrestle.

The two of you fell in a heap on the floor. John cushioned your fall and tried to hide his pain with a smile and laugh. “That didn’t hurt at all.” he laughed.

“You calling me fat?”

“Nah, babe.” he rubbed his back. “Just calling you boney.” he laughed.

“Well, my bad for having a spine!”

“Yeah, it is your bad!” John laughed, smiling at you. He rubbed the back of his neck and played with his hair. “You know, I don’t call you cute all the time. LIke tonight, I’ve only called you cute like once.”

“Well, I can hear your thoughts.” you laughed.

“Oh yeah?” John sat closer to you. You were still laying down on the floor. John hung over you, his curls falling in his face, masking his eyes. “What else are they saying?”

You leaned against the couch to sit up. His face was inches from yours.

“Everything.” you smiled.

John laughed. “You’d be right.”

“Let me shut them up then.” you sat up and met John halfway. Your lips collided and his hair brushed your forehead. His hand moved from your arm to your neck, to just under your ears. Holding you in his hands. He fell forward slowly onto you, and straddled his legs over you. He pushed you up against the leather couch. Your hair falling in your face.

He spared a finger to brush your hair away, letting it fall back behind your ear. His touch was warm and comforting. He kissed you slowly with sincere intent. You pushed up against him, up against the coffee table and kissed his chin, back up to his lips. They were small but long kisses.

Savoring each moment. Savoring each other. Savoring this foreign experience. This dream. This fantasy you always dreamed about. His heart beat like a drum against your chest. You put your palm over his heart and pulled away for a moment. Smiling breathlessly and staring into his eyes. He nodded slowly with you and his heart began to beat to a steady soft rhythm.

The credits of the movie played. Some snacks were pushed off the coffee table to the floor.

 It was four a.m. and you were kissing the boy you loved.

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I am living for your Isak w Aspergers head canons do you think you could do some more?

the first post

this headcanon means so much to me so of course I’ll be continuing it ♥ (this got fucking long oh my god)

  • one night during exam season they were going to bed and Even saw that Isak’s thigh was all mottled red and bruising and it took him a few days to realise that it was from Isak stimming and hitting his hand repeatedly against his leg while he worked
    • after that if he saw Isak stimming he’d weave his fingers through Isak’s and pull his hand up and gently dot kisses over Isak’s shaky fingers
  • when he was younger (read: when he was first coping with being labelled autistic) he tried going to a support group for people with autism because he was kinda struggling with it and while Jonas was so so good about it he didn’t really get it
    • Isak went to one meeting and never went back because it was too much it made it too real he didn’t want to need a support group like some drug addict just because his brain worked a little differently
    • (it didn’t help that he felt so different from everyone there, despite the fact they were all there for the same reason)
  • the first time Even’s parents cook for him they put raw tomato in the salad and Isak’s heart sinks because raw tomato is his ultimate Nope™ texture
    • he tried so so hard though because he didn’t want to mess up the first dinner with his boyfriend’s parents so he talked the talk and dazzled Even’s parents but when he tried to eat one of those tiny lil baby tomatoes he just couldn’t
    • when he bit into it his whole body shuddered and he was 90% sure he was going to vomit everywhere and he was spitting it back out before he could consciously think about it
    • he quickly excused himself to the bathroom and sat against the door and tried not to cry because he was sure he’d just ruined their impression of him and they were going to think he was so rude and everything was ruined and- 
    • and Even of course came in and wiped the few tears that had squeezed their way out from Isak’s cheeks and reassured Isak that his parents didn’t mind they just felt kinda bad that they didn’t know he hated tomatoes
    • all subsequent dinners together involved tomato-free salads
  • sometimes Isak gets bouts of hyposenstivity (nowhere near as often as he gets hypersensitive, but they happen) and his responses are about five seconds slower than usual
    • sometimes it’s funny, like when Magnus will try to throw shade at him and then a few seconds later Isak drags Magnus even though someone else is talking
    • sometimes it’s less funny, like the time he was washing his hands and the plumbing fucked up and hot water poured out and Isak didn’t even feel it and finished washing his hands. Even had to put burn cream on his hands and Isak had to talk him out of calling their landlord in a rage about the state of their plumbing
  • Isak almost never has meltdowns, but when he does they take it right out of him and they’re usually triggered by something that anyone else would deem menial
    • there was an unfortunate incident when Even was having a manic episode and he reorganised everything in their flat in a way that totally made sense to him at 2.30 in the morning. everything including Isak’s school notes which were meticulously ordered
    • there was shouting, a lot of struggling to breathe, and the crushing certainty that he was going to fuck up his classes because his notes were a mess
    • when the episode was over Even apologised for messing with Isak’s system and Isak apologised for losing his shit when he knew Even couldn’t always help it
  • when Isak was little he was always the child who watched other children rather than engage in the play himself
    • his parents were always trying to push him to play with the other kids, but Isak was much happier observing them
    • fun fact: Montessori (one of the most renowned people when it comes to theory about children’s play and learning) noted that some children preferred to observe first before they attempted things themselves, and that adults should not try to force those children to engage before they are ready because children know when they’re ready and will move forwards with their play/learning when they’re ready
    • Isak wishes more people knew about that because he always felt like grown ups were pushing him to do things before he was ready
  • Magnus once found out that there was a girl in their class who was also on the spectrum and told Isak and Isak was just like and????? because he wasn’t going to befriend someone just because they were autistic too it didn’t work like that there isn’t a secret handshake or something Mags just drop it
  • occasionally people will try to use his autism as a weapon. in his maths classes he used to sit in front of a kid who always sneered that Isak was like a shittier version of Rain Man (Mahdi may have sold that guy some high quality shit at a high quality price that was actually just oregano)
  • Isak hates hates hates when the school chooses an autism charity for events because yeah it’s a great cause but whenever he sees signs encouraging people to ‘raise money for autism’ he feels like such a fucking charity case some pathetic loser who should be pitied because his brain is different
    • he will also use those times to get the boys do things for him out of spite because he really hates those posters (”you can help people with autism right now by shutting up, Magnus” “you raised money for autism? cool, can I borrow a tenner for some dinner?”)
  • whenever he hears or sees the words “cure autism” a part of him dies because he hates how misinformed people are but there’s also a part of him that wishes so badly sometimes that he could cure it
    • most of the time he just doesn’t give a shit tbh it’s just part of his life it’s not like he’s at the other end of the spectrum and he’ll need a carer his whole life he considers himself pretty lucky honestly
  • he’s never really been good at relating to people emotionally. he doesn’t really get emotional like everyone else seems to so he has no idea how to process it when people start crying on his shoulder. with Even’s help he’s getting better at it though.
  • as time goes on, Isak gets more and more comfortable with his identity as an autistic gay teen and will be vocal about his limitations in both
    • ”I’m gay, Mahdi, I don’t know if she’d like that position????????”
    • “I’m having a bad day, please don’t talk to me just let me sit here on the edge without talking or looking at anyone okay”
  • sometimes Even will draw a jigsaw puzzle piece on his own wrist and then draw the piece that would fit next to it on Isak’s same wrist because they’re both a little bit dysfunctional but together they always make it work (also because a puzzle piece is the logo for autism, as Isak points out, but mostly the cute romantic reason Even insists)

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Holiday prompt: Bellarke college AU where they share a class and they keep fighting each other until they decide to let off steam through hate sex... Which somehow turns into fwb and feelings (Thank you so much for doing this, also all your fics I amazing and they always brighten my day!)

“Okay, we need to do something about this,” says Clarke.

Bellamy wants to disagree, but Professor Pike took them aside after class and issued a formal warning to them both about being disruptive, which means if Clarke reforms and he doesn’t, he’ll be the troublemaker.

If he’s going down, he’s taking her with him, but the wiser choice would be for neither of them to go down. If Clarke can be mature, he can be too. After all, she started it. And she’s apparently stopping it.

So he nods. “Yeah, you’re probably right. Did you have something in mind, or are you just asking questions and planning to shoot down every answer I offer like you always do?”

She rolls her eyes. “I’m trying to make peace here, can you not be an asshole for like thirty consecutive seconds?”

“Maybe twenty on the outside.” He sighs. “Seriously, what were you thinking? I’m open to suggestions. We could set up a weekly lunch where we–”

“I think we should have sex,” she blurts out, and he stops short.


“Me too,” she says, with an overly dramatic sigh. “But it seems like the easiest solution.”

“Based on what? How did you even come up with that one?”

Clarke shrugs. “Bang out the resentment. It’s an option, right?”

“Is this how you solve all your problems?”

“Of course not. Just the ones I think it might work on.”

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Smile with Me

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: You were having a bad day, but you didn’t want Jungkook to worry. However, Jungkook did worry and he wanted nothing more but for you to smile again.

Word Count: 1767

Originally posted by bottomkookie

If anyone took a look at your bed, they’d just say it was a total mess with the blankets all jumbled up in the middle. Was that the case? Nope. The blankets weren’t JUST jumbled up in the middle, they were jumbled up with you in the middle. You were encased in a blanket burrito in the center of your bed sobbing because today just wasn’t your day. 

It started off pretty good. You woke up to the birds chirping, your breakfast wasn’t burnt this time, and your boyfriend was actually able to stay and eat with you in the morning. That last one was a rare occurrence especially the kind of job he held as part of an idol group. It was all going well until you had missed the bus. You would’ve asked Jungkook to drive you but, he had his own work to get to and you knew how demanding it was. Instead, you decided to walk over to the next station hoping that there would be another bus you could take to school. You didn’t actually reach your class until an hour in, and by the time you took a seat the lecture was already almost finished. Your professor wasn’t all that understanding either and gave you a full absence. And since you couldn’t attend class during prior occasions, you were forced to drop it for having too many absences. 

After school, you headed off to work where you thought you could relax. You liked your work as an employee at a local clothing store, but one ill-tempered customer just had to disrupt your peace. The customer claimed that you had insulted her when she had asked you how a dress she was trying on fit her. You simply said that she might want to try a larger size not because you were trying to insult her, but because she just plainly looked uncomfortable with the snug fit. But of course, she went all ballistic on you and called for your manager who had to repeatedly apologize and ended up giving the lady the dress for free. Your manager was a little more understanding, but that didn’t prevent him from cutting your pay for the rest of the month in order to pay for the dress. 

You weren’t the type of person to share your problems easily, and so you tended to keep your stresses all bottled up. These incidents with your added stress from the everyday things in life had finally pushed you over the edge.  You were breaking down, your head hurt from overthinking everything.

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