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#the art of the dramatic entrance: a biography as witnessed by the lightwoods #look at the difference between then and now #magnus as a stranger vs a family member #also still laughing because #bold of isabelle and jace to think magnus bane needs an invitation


a bit late to the party but hey,, netflix aggretsuko?? a cute n great show that yall should totally watch if you havent already

god i had a weird dream that the Mcelroy brothers started doing their own paranormal adventure show but it was just them going to haunted places and rating them based on how haunted it was. 

At the end of the show Justin was like “yeah it’s a haunted hospital so it loses points for being overdone but Griffin got possessed and ghosts tried to kill Travis so that brought in some fun and flair. 7/10″ 

i literally cannot comprehend the people who act like shipping is some kind of crusade or moral obligation. like if you ask them why they ship something they say “oh it’s groundbreaking representation” or some shit instead of talking about how they like the way the characters interact. obviously representation is important but nobody is going to give you a medal for only shipping wholesome healthy all-natural 100% organic gmo-free pure pairings, you’re allowed to just…have fun. sometimes you just want two characters to kiss. you’re not a bad person for not writing a thousand-page thesis mathematically proving that your otp will end oppression across the globe

Acoustic session dood

+bonus smitten boys


I used to get slightly annoyed when I’d see people online insisting Kirk and Spock are gay, cause I thought it was just tumblr people misinterpreting things for shipping reasons, but like… I can’t even come up with a heterosexual explanation for some of this shit. You got me there

I feel like I have been very unproductive and unmotivated lately and it’s getting to be very boring so I decided to do a little tiny animatic thing with the audio of a great vine. I did the first three frames months ago and then forgot about it oops

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Ravenclaws love taking in new information and that doesn’t always mean reading. Sometimes they like listening to other people’s opinions and thoughts. Other times they want to try something new, and learn in a hands on way. Sometimes it’s just them finding joy in observing the world around them.

do you ever just

ship something so much

that you’re all fluffy


because same

So you see, when two androids love each other very much...
  • Simon: So you see, when two androids love each other very much...
  • Connor: Uh-huh.
  • Simon: And then a third android appears that is very attractive...
  • Connor: Yes?
  • Simon: And apparently very naive...
  • Connor: Okay.
  • Simon: Then the two androids in love create a not-so-secret plan to seduce the new android.
  • Connor: Alright.
  • Simon: ...
  • Markus: ...
  • Connor: Is that the end of the story?
  • Markus: ...
  • Simon: I was fairly certain this would work.
  • Connor: So, this was more of a short story?
  • Markus: I'm pretty sure it went right over his head.
  • Connor: It is very reminiscent of Hemmingway's style. Good job, Simon. I am proud of you.
  • Simon: 😅
  • Markus: 🤦