Banana Fish Fandom in a nutshell :D

Inspired by @sadbananafish‘s lovely post HERE 👌
Here is what I think is The most frequently used words in the Banana Fish fandom :D

- no no !
- How dare you?!
- gfdfg$%)^%RJHD(*!!$5t#$ * emotional noises mixed with swearing in your own language xD*
- Yo!!!!
- leave my baby alone!
- Noooooooooooooo~
- can’t they just be happy?
- is there any happiness in this world?
- what is love?
- Wait..what?!!
- Shorter done nothing wrong !
- please don’t!
- give him a break!!
- give them a break !
- Die ~~~😤
- don’t die please!! 😰
- no way (in hell) !! 
- Damn you MAPPA!!
- Thank you / bless you MAPPA!
-  You can’t do this to me!
-  Oh YES!…oh NO!
-  kill me now!
-  he\ they deserved better !
-  this anime will be the end of me
-  I love this show to death!💗

(Please Feel free to correct me and\or add more phrases from our weekly struggle 😅)

Day #18: Eyeball

“Haven’t you seen the prince at all this month?”
“No. He hasn’t been seen in weeks.” 
“I heard he locked himself in the castle.”
“I’ve heard howls from his dungeons all night.” 
“And I heard he went off the deep end.”
“Yeah, well… he always goes a little mad during October…” 

A spoopy prince for your spoopy month~ 

Unknown… when in doubt name the baby Katie?

@ellen-reincarnated1967 - There, it’s done, his son’s name is Katie. Or Katy. Or, if we’re feelin’ really fancy, Cady. And then when it’s revealed that baby Cady Nick Jr. is the real killer (don’t ask me how he hammered himself, it’s Buckleming’s brainchild, we don’t question those) then we get to say:

some french asshole hacked my spotify account earlier today but like instead of yoinking it or fucking with my music he just kept saving this really stupid rap playlist ??? it’s all secured and shit now but i’m like

🍎 ━ Applejack’s up bright and early this morning, as usual. This time, though, she seems to be even more spirited than usual. She’s having her own personal concert in the orchard and is rocking out like the silly pony she really is. Mainly because she’s confident nopony’s around.

That’s the night that the lights went out in Appleloosa,
that’s the night that they hung an innocent mare.
Well, don’t trust your soul to no backwoods southern lawyer,
‘cause the judge in the town’s got bloodstains on his hooves.. 

To her credit, she really does have the voice for it. ━ 🍎


…those shadow silhouettes totally look like grown-up versions of Bakugou and Kirishima, and IT DOESNT MAKE ANY SENSE dammit.

so i saw @chonideno‘s post today morning before reading this week’s chapter and I did the verbal equivalent of shfhdgfdfhdgdhgh, basically.

overall, it’a a ridiculous theory, an absolute wild heckin stretch, but i love it to bits and Kiri looks damn good with a pineapple ponytail, so. here’s my contribution.

check out @unbreakable-red-riot‘s post too, there’s a bit more info and speculation there.