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Hey! Would you make an AU Disney, with the characters of BNHA?

if i can ever get off my depressed ass but//SHOT

with his father leaving him and his mother full of debts midoriya izuku and his motherโ€™ is forced to sell their little dinner and work their ass off. their family friend the bakugous offered to help, but inko and izuku couldnโ€™t bring themselves to trouble the bakugous, wanting to do it on their own. they take on work at a restaurant in town, where inko cooks and izuku works as their waiter ย while also taking up numerous side jobs, hoping to one day get his motherโ€™s diner back.

with the city throwing a party for a visiting far away royal family, izuku and inko was invited to serve their food for the occasion. there he met the visiting prince, cursed into a frog.

donโ€™t mind my bad bad frogs

even as badly drawn frogs theyโ€™re adorable

the aligatorโ€™s uraraka probably, also he doesnt die

fuckin all for one can be facilier and like used dabi to poison todo so shigaraki can take his place as the prince or something, all mightโ€™s mama odie//SHOT

and the biggest reason this stuck with me


Earlier, I reported that people started seeing dolls and cardboard cutouts featuring Sonic for the Sonic Movie. I dug deeper and managed to get some more details from Sonic’s Carboard Cutout look for the Sonic Movie with someone who managed to look at it:

Apparently, they’re still aiming to use Sonic’s Modern design, as also shown in an early promotional image for the movie.

SONIC will debut in U.S. cinemas in November 8th, 2019.

so you might be wondering why i haven’t posted a fic or filled a prompt since i still have quite a few in my inbox in a while

well, here’s your answer:

and this isn’t even counting the fic i was working on (and hope to get back to) before inspiration struck for this one…

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If I don't get Aaron loudly proclaiming his love for Robert to everyone at the wedding I'm gonna be so sad :( we got months of Robert talking about how much he loves Aaron to anyone willing to listen, I Need these villagers to know without a doubt that it is absolutely 100% mutual

I feel this so hard. I think because Aaron’s character just isn’t the “shout it from the rooftops” kind of character sometimes it can get frustrating for me (and honestly the same goes for Robert sometimes too?) because I just want to shake them both until “I love yous” fall out of them.

I *think* because of that spoiler about them writing their own vows you and I will be very pleasantly surprised about what they will say in front of the guests, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself!

Maybe this is my obsession with Robert forgiving himself and letting go of some of his guilt shining through, but a beautiful Aaron speech at the wedding would help with that I think. Make Robert Feel Good About Himself 2K18