I dunno if it's any good to other people

not gonna lie, having some of my classmates from studio class say they think my art is actually really good/interesting/they wish they could make some of the design choices I do is still really wild to me

like.. i am very used to having my art looked down upon and that was especially true last semester but half the time these comments come from people i look up to in the class artistically and it’s… i am happy but also confused?? it’ll take some getting used to

sheisalreadyhere  asked:

9,10, 19, 20

9. favorite non-binary character (canon or confirmed)? 

Hm i cant think of many canon ones off the top of my head ?? im sure there re some im just . Blanking

10. any perks of being non-binary that you’ve discovered?

i get to be gay for literally wvery gender bc I Am Every Gender

19. one thing you love about being non-binary?

i love the community + how great it is to meet other nb people (online and irl) its like ??? i dunno i know that there are other people like me out there but it just feels good to like confirm that there are people like me out there yknow ?? the community is just rlly great

20. your non-binary role model (if you have one)?

jeffrey marsh !!! they’re so kind and positive and i aim to be as bright and loving as they are :’) also they have bomb outfits

The Other Shore | For nowwheresmynut. Happy birthday Julia~ _(:3 」∠)_