I don't even care anymore


I seriously had to post this about 4 times, one time it did post but it actually didn’t? Good thing since every time I did the tags, I got more and more insecure and started regretting it more.
O h w e l l.

  • Ben: *telling Peggy to get across the lines so she'll be safe*
  • Me: no but have you Considered,
  • Me: history's already out the window, babe
  • Me: You,,could Marry Her
  • Me, softly: Married Spy Friends
Reasons why Hero is on Hiatus

(not a serious post. very much a shit post.)

1. Needed to figure out how to make more money off of it

2. Need to implement a new combat system. Punching costs 5 diamonds. Dodging attacks cost 10.

3. Need to figure out how many expensive procedures and operations Kenji could need to be saved from impalement. each costing 30 diamonds.

4. Mystery girl’s name? 50 diamonds.

5. They have to figure out her name first though, and that is taking them awhile. Maybe uh…. ka…ra? No, uh, Lara? Lara. Lara….. Sinclair….? 

6. They’re going to introduce a storyline with Meiko being corrupted by an alien parasite. Want to save her? 150 diamonds per chapter.

7. What if the books cost money to read too?? Instead of keys??????