I did a bunch of them

So I went to get TFA bookmarks printed (books will be in Friday! holla!) and I went to the same place as last time because they turned out so pretty? And this time I asked them to go ahead and cut the bookmarks out for me since it was only a few dollars and would save me a bunch of time.

So the girl up front was a different one than last time and told me first that they didn’t do bookmarks (which is obviously not true) so I had her call her manager who explained to her that yes they could (duh).

An hour later I return and she hands me a stack of book marks that look like this::

And I said “I asked you to cut them out” and she said “I did. See?”

“Well why is there a white border?”

“Oh well you didn’t say you wanted me to trim them, just to cut them out”

“Well last time this (showed her the PH bookmark) is what you guys gave me”

“Well maybe the last girl went above and beyond for you, but since you didn’t specify you wanted me to cut to the image border and do away with all the extra stuff, this is what I did this time.”

It took a manager interfering to get her to fix them for me, and I have to go BACK into town this afternoon to pick them up!

What kind of half assed lazy work is that????

Custom brush tutorial kinda??

Heres how you can make pixel brushes in Clip Studio Paint

first make a little pixel pattern and made sure that the background layer is transparent.

then you want to select edit -> register material -> image. this i remember from trying it before

next name it and choose a place for it to go among the others. doesnt matter where really. also check the texture box.

next to make the brush choose whatever brush that youd like to give it that has the properties you want and copy it. i just chose the standard oil brush. go to the copied brushes settings and click texture

click where it says none and find the brush that you made. after you click it change the setting to this

for me the texture works for subtract, multiply and compare. dont really know the differences between them all or form the others but for what i wanted those three seemed to work.

i did this for a bunch of different pixel patterns and brushes and got some cool effects! check it out!

i appreciate all the help and suggestions yall gave me!

maybe once i figure them out some more i could offer stylized commissions with them :V

Block and report k/e/i/c/o/u/r/s/e they’re my abuser! They lied about a bunch of shit and rbed nsfw posts from minors on their main. They also sent me into a meltdown that resulted in both of my suicide attempts as well as constantly did things to make me uncomfortable and made me feel forced to date them for a week in which I can only explain as being a literal hell! Like constant panic and fear of what would happen if I stayed or broke up with them. They’re extremely manipulative and very abusive! @webber-course @anna-discourse @corrin-anti @anti-robin @henry-against-pedos

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When was the moment you realized traditional craft was for you?

There wasn’t a single moment, and there was actually a moment where I realized “traditional craft” wasn’t completely “for me” either. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it elsewhere but I started practicing witchcraft as a combination of Southern Baptist folk magic and (essentially) pop-culture witchcraft (thank you Charmed). I did this for a few years and then met some Neo-wiccans in my teens and they told me I was “doing it wrong” and I went through the typical “find a patron, call them elements” shtick. It didn’t work for me, at all. I went through a bunch of phases at that time trying to figure out something that worked. I started to get a little closer with “shamanism” which was still kind of an appropriative train wreck. 

By college I had more resources to find folk magic and realize that what I had started doing as a child had its roots in folk magic throughout Europe and America. That was a major “a-ha” moment and I reinvested myself in Southern folk magic. There was a time when I wasn’t really sure about the title of “witch” either. I felt like I didn’t incapsulate what a witch did I wasn’t a fan of how the community as a whole treated EVERY magical practitioner as a witch. It felt wrong to me to ascribe “witch” to every act of magic. 

Going back home, to a recently developed area that was still mostly surrounded by swamps, I started to really form the basis of where I am today. I called to the swamp to eat things for me, I began reexamining my past experiences and trying to see what fit into the puzzle, to see what immediately clicked and most importantly what worked for me. The time I spent back in my home town (the same place I had discovered magic to begin with) is what led me on a more personalized path. This was also the time when I began to stop viewing my upbringing as a negative thing. I tackled my internalized classism and tried to actively embrace every aspect of myself. 

At this point I think is when I first heard the term “traditional witchcraft” meaning a non-religious form of witchcraft that is rooted in historical, local, and folklore derived magical practices. I didn’t completely fit me, but it was better than anything else at the time. 

Also during this time I joined a coven (I was having an “I need to be initiated to be a witch” crisis). That was… interesting to say the least. I struggled a lot with the practices in the coven but I was really hungry for community and the majority of the coven and its extended family respected me and my craft. But there was a heavy sense of conformity to the tradition that simply didn’t work for me so I left. Interestingly, during this time when I was in the mindset of needing initiation, my spirits gave me one. It was nasty and incredibly painful. They made me choose between not just my witchcraft and the coven, but also another path that I had begun to follow. My spirits (all of them) made it clear that I would have to dedicate myself to something instead of trying to have it all. Im very thankful that my spirits essentially prevented me from becoming a initiation-grabber. 

That initiation by spirit is what made me realize that there was literally nothing out there (name wise) that would ever incapsulate my practice. Names and traditions (as practiced by humans) are only useful for identifying like-minded folks- which is still useful! “traditional witchcraft” began to lose some of its appeal to me because of its conflation with Traditional Witchcraft (which, again why the fuck do we thing capitalization is a good means of differentiating terms?). So I started using folkloric witchcraft as a term to describe what I did. I was/am more interested in what the witches of folklore did than anything else. They were both people and spirits, something not wholly human. The stories could be literal or allegorical, and the witches defended ideals held by the people who believed in them. I’m not interested in reviving a witch-cult or being descended from an unbroken line of craft. I’m interested in how throughout time witches have been viewed and what roles they’ve played in a given community. Sometimes I feel like I line up with those witches, sometimes I don’t. But I’m always impressed with them. 

So my longwinded answer is; I never had a moment where “traditional craft” was right for me. I had several defining experiences where I realized that witchcraft was right for me. Witchcraft that has been shaped and influenced by so many places. Witchcraft that is most similar to what I read in folklore, but not identical. Witchcraft that is innovative, personal, and works for me. 

From Fox to Fox

I read a bunch of zootopia fanfiction and couple of them have this moment where’s Nick meet Gideon grey for the first time. But, the majority of it portrays their meeting with a strong tension, whether it’s because gideon once hurt Judy (which is perfectly logical in my opinion because that’s what make Judy cautious to fox) or just a simple jealousy from Nick. So looking at that, i’m thinking, why can’t they be nice to each other from the first time ? 

Then come this piece. 

I imagine even if Nick knows what gideon did in the past, he would be mature and compromised about it, trying to be friend with gideon. Also, as a little bonus, Nick gets to ask a very important question to him which is : 

“Anything particular i should now about Judy ?” 😉😉😉😉

For a better relationship

My writer sense is tingling wanting to create a story for this, but i don’t have the time for it :(

Or You could say i’m lazy

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Have you read the reviews for the Live Action in IMDB? They're hilaruous! The only bad reviews come from IH fans lmao And some complain about how In//o//ue was put aside together with Ch//ad. As if they were soooooo important during the agent arc in the manga too. I just can't stop laughing!!!

Tbh I have read just a bunch of them, not many but they were all positive I didn’t stumble on any negative one nor by IH. Tbh I am quite surprised it was so well recived, I’m glad for the cast. I am also surprised that I liked it so much, I mean I am so hard to please, it even has so many ichiruki moments I love missing (obviously) but what they did overall is still so good. God now I think how good it would be to have a Korean drama serie about the first arc lmao.

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hello? i have a question. are demis and ace considered part of the lgbt+ community? I've had a bunch of lesbian radfems hoarding at me that they are not included due to my commission art I did of a demi and ace and I tagged it as lgbt.

There is a lot of argument about whether or not aces are included, but generally most major LGBT+ things explicitly include them, and because demis are under the ace umbrella, I assume they would be welcomed too :)



What? I know! I did the research and I found that I was ethically able to order these swimsuits. They’re the only all-over printed items I carry which aren’t printed in the United States, but I talked with the manufacturer for a while to assure that I wasn’t supporting sweatshop labor. So! I’m able to (as ethically as I can) offer these kick-ass suits! And the best part?


Hey, do you have swim trunks?

No, not yet! But I’m working on that. I’m in communication with my printing company. I know! You want them! I want them too! As soon as I get them, they will be posted SUPER FAST.

What about [insert flag here]? How come you didn’t post that?

I posted the flags which most commonly sell in my pride flag items. But have no fear! If you’d like to purchase your flag on a swimsuit and I don’t have it posted, contact me and I’ll be happy to make sure that you can purchase it ASAP! As a poverty-line artist, I can’t afford to put up every variation of every flag – it actively costs me money to keep open listings that don’t sell, so I handle less-frequently-ordered flags on a per-request basis. That way everyone can get the suits they want and I can afford to pay my mortgage. 

I need it by [time], can you rush shipping if I pay for it?

No. :( I don’t have control over that. The average print time is 2-3 days at my print provider & shipping is 5-10 days after that since they’re coming from overseas. I cannot guarantee an arrival date, so order quick if you want them by a certain date! 

Okay, awesome! Where can I buy these suits? 

You can get them on NerdyKeppie, along with a bunch of other bomb-ass stuff. 

(Please note that free shipping ONLY applies to the suits – if you pick up other stuff, and it would be rad if you did, you’ll be charged for shipping for the additional items only.)

🔫(Ø▽Ø⌿ )

Things Sanders Sides gives us:
  • A decent one man show
  • A show with a non binary writer on staff
  • The least problematic version of the adult nerd character boiled down to its simplest form
  • A morally grey character that wears a lot of black and is ironically best friends with the most morally pure character
  • A refreshingly accurate representation of a person with severe social anxiety/mild generalized anxiety
  • An actual gay inner monologue
  • The character whose mind the series takes place in is gay and discusses this quietly but clearly without making that the main focus of the series or playing it up for pity points did I mention that?
  • 4th wall breaks coming out of the ears
  • A daydream session brought to life
  • Lessons simple enough for children to understand but nuanced enough for adults to appreciate
  • Puns
  • Singing
  • Puns and singing at the same time but with fruit spread and jelly
  • Characters that can literally do anything the imagination can come up with that still (mostly) just choose to look like themself and stand in a circle in their living room talking like a bunch of high schoolers during lunch break.
  • Reminders that good people can be flawed and that it’s normal to be flawed and not have all the answers
  • Puppies
  • A white dad character that is supportive and loving by nature
  • Cis male characters that aren’t ashamed of having slightly “feminine” reactions to things
  • An entire episode solely dedicated to breaking into Butch Hartman’s office at Nickelodeon and being magically changed into a cartoon character.
  • Did I mention there are two musical episodes and one of them is about jelly
  • Snake.