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Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)

a mini update

here’s a lil bit of dogfather to tide y’all over until tomorrow. he’s getting on the train soon, I swear.

  • the next few weeks pass too quickly and too slowly, all at once.
  • Harry knows there is a lot of frantic planning going on, all around him: Hedwig comes and goes with letters almost daily. Padfoot goes back and forth nearly as much. everyone seems to be planning his trip to Hogwarts with the sort of grim determination Harry usually associates with films about the invasion of Normandy.
  • but there are too many pleasant distractions for him to be very worried. he makes a valiant attempt at reading his schoolbooks, and gets at least a few chapters into each before he gives them up in favor of the large stack of wizard novels his mum brought back from Diagon Alley.
  • (“well, they’re not exactly Wodehouse,” is his mum’s considered opinion, “but they’re not bad.”)
  • anyway, he doesn’t really think anything bad could happen. Padfoot has explained how the Fidelius Charm works, and Harry doesn’t see how there’s any way around it.
  • (he is not exactly right. the secret Remus keeps for him is this: that the boy who lives at Harry’s address was once known as Harry Potter. it will keep Death Eaters from his door, but will not prevent the observant from drawing their own conclusions, in the world outside the safety of his home.)
  • so Harry spends the end of his summer lying on the window seat with a book, and his mum in the armchair behind him with her own book, and the radio on. he lets his dad live his dreams of all-England cricket vicariously through Harry, and goes for long walks with Padfoot. he pages through the photo albums Moony gave him, which are full of laughing strangers with Harry’s eyes or face or smile. he learns to make crepes with his dad. he sits through yet another of Padfoot’s lengthy lists of Things He Needs To Know About Hogwarts.
  • “let’s see, that’s all the secret corridors but one,” says Padfoot. throughout this recitation, he paces back and forth, from kitchen to living room and back again. “damn, I wish I still had the Map–”
  • “you’re coming with me, you know,” says Harry.
  • “yes, but I’ll have to be a dog all the time, so I’ve got to make sure I tell you everything important now,” says Padfoot, very reasonably. “I can’t turn into a wanted criminal in the middle of Gryffindor Tower just to tell you I remembered where the last secret corridor is.”
  • “you might have to turn into a wanted criminal in the middle of Ravenclaw Tower,” points out Harry’s mum, who has been watching this from the armchair with some amusement. “Or– what’s the other one called? oh no, there’s two more, aren’t there–”
  • “I shan’t turn into a wanted criminal anywhere, because they won’t like it any better in the Ravenclaw common room,” says Padfoot. “or in Hufflepuff. if it was Slytherin I’d probably earn you the House Cup, but if you’re sorted into Slytherin I want you to know in advance that you’re disowned.”
  • “I don’t think you can disown godsons,” says Harry, who knows that Padfoot doesn’t really mean it.
  • “well, there’s an easy way to find out,” says Harry’s mum.
  • “don’t encourage him!” says Padfoot.
BTS reaction to your american friends not understanding why you would date a  Korean


He’d be more than upset. Point blank. He would have created this whole idea of your friends loving him as much as you do and even spent the weeks in advance learning english so he could hold conversations with them. Although you defended him with all of your heart to your friends it didn’t stop him from closing himself off in your room.

“Oppa, please come back out. Its not the same without you there.”

“Theres no point if they don’t like me.”

“Well they’re just going to have to get over it aren’t they.”


Anger is the only feeling he would hold. He knew the girls surrounding the two of you probably didn’t think he understood them since a lot of the conversation was being translated by you, but he understood every word. Nevertheless he would stay by your side though and squeeze your hand as you told the girls to shut up. He so was thankful you decided to leave early where he was taken back to your house to your dad, who did his best to communicate without you. 

“At least your parents like me.”

“They are the only ones who matter.”


Since language wasn’t a barrier everyone was really nice to his face. It wasn’t until he excused himself from the kitchen did your friend start her interrogation. “But why? You could have anyone here, why would you choose someone not only thousands of miles away from us but also of a completely different culture.” Despite you shutting your friend down Namjoon stayed in the kitchen where your mother comforted him. He looked at you with sad eyes but still managed to press a smile as you walked frustrated into the kitchen. “Y/f/n is leaving.” You would say pulling him into a hug. 


Hobi would be torn apart. Even though he tried his hardest to keep a composed smile while talking to your dad, he couldn’t help but let his eyes continue to  wonder over to you and your friend in the middle of a heated argument “Don’t worry about that, Hoseok. We like you more in the three hours you’ve been here than we have in the ten years of knowing that girl. You’re here to stay.” Your dad would tell him poking at Hobi’s chest while your mom nodded beside him. You walked over after your friend had stormed out and wrapped your arms around Hobi’s waist, sighing when he wrapped one around your shoulders. “I love you so much you know?” 


You wouldn’t even entertain the conversation your friends were hinting at and when one said “But a Korean? Really? What about that guy you dated before you left. He was so tall and handsome”  you would ask your friends to leave before following him back to your room where the two of you were staying. He’d be pouting with good reason and would try to avoid your eyes but secretly appreciated it when you took ahold of his chin and forced him to look at you. “Forget them. If they can’t see how happy I am right now and how head over heels I am for you then I don’t want to be their friends.”


The comments from your friends would probably go right over his head and he’d just laugh along with your friends while you crossed your arms and started to grow angry. As the girls continued to put down Tae you would eventually snap and tell them to leave, not caring if you made a scene at the welcome home party your parents had thrown for you. The rest of the party Tae acted concerned, not fully understanding why you were upset and would end up forcing you to tell him. “My friends are assholes and they can’t see how much I love you. All they see is someone who isn’t a college football player who goes by the name pork chop or something stupid.” You said throwing your hands up, feeling terrible as Tae’s face dropped and he thought about what you said. You waited as he shook his head and his sweet smile found his lips again. “You love me?” 


Kook would just smile and excuse himself, leaving you to deal with your friends. He didn’t think your friends not liking him would hit him this hard but he couldn’t help but let his head fall into his hands. If your friends didn’t like him maybe that meant you didn’t really have feelings for him. He couldn’t help his tears as the thought of you leaving him took over his every thought. When you walked in to see him so vulnerable all you did was kneel in front of him and wrap your arms around his shoulders. “Please don’t leave me.” He’d whisper sniffling. You couldn’t help but feel hurt. “Kookie.. Its them that need to leave. Im right here.” You said moving your hands to his cheeks to wipe a tear and place a sweet, loving kiss on his lips. 


a/n: whoop whoop two posts in less than 24 hours, i am oN A ROLL BITCHES!!!! also, thank you to just…everyone??? like you read, you like, you reblog my posts/writing and engage with me and are such sweet, wholesome people thank you so much bc sometimes i feel like i really don’t deserve it. x
requested?: nope, i just had an idea that wasn’t leaving my head until i turned it into something so…i avoided sleep and turned it into…something????
warnings: none?? at least i’d say none lol
word count: 2,709 words

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The Golden Ones (M)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and some crazy smut

Word Count: 2,745

Warnings: oral sex, curisng and foul language, just smut 

Request: for @teenagehopless : 8, 23, & 50 w Mr. Jeon Jungkook. Make it fluffy and maybeee a little smutty please ~ thanks so much love

Summary: You and Jungkook are the best of the best at school, the Golden Ones. But being the competitive people you both are causes for some mischief.

A/N: Hi everyone. I’m back with another one shot from the prompt list. I hope you like it. ~admin L

8: “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”

23: “If we get caught I’m blaming you.”

50: “Did you just flick me?”

You and Jungkook are both the golden students everybody wants to be. You both excel in your academics, you are both advanced in any sport, and you both are just overall great at anything you do.

Many would expect you both to get along well. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

Another thing you and Jungkook have in common is your competitiveness. You both want to be the best and only the best. So it’s fair to say that you both didn’t get along well at all.

If you exceeded him on a grade on a test, he would run more laps than you. If you beat him in basketball, he would paint something better than you, and the process goes on.

You are both also the most desired people in school. Every girl is all over Jungkook and every boy is all you. But because of your blinded rivalry, both of you have never noticed.

You are rivals and you alway have been since you’ve known each other and nothing is going to change that.

Until you were both chosen to be on the same team for a soccer tournament at your school.

It’s sports week at your school and everyone is hyped. A handful of the best players compete in different sports and are ranked on ability. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show what you’re made of and to beat Jungkook.

You both played on opposing teams for every sport up until soccer.

You were put on the same team and will have to work together to win … together.

You’re not happy but at least you’re captain which means you get to call the shots. You made your whole game plan and as much as you hate to admit, you have to use Jungkook a lot in order to win. Cause that’s what’s important.

Your team gathers on the field and huddles around you as you explain the game plan.

"Do you all understand?” you ask.

A loud roar of agreement from the team erupts and you all chant before dispersing to stretch.

“I wonder by how many points I’m going to beat you by,” says a voice next to you while you are stretching.

You turn to the voice to see Jungkook stretching out his arms across his chest.

“I don’t know if you noticed but we’re on the same team,” you say sarcastically.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” he says with a smirk.

“Listen Jungkook, I’m not in the mood to compete with you,” you sigh. “I’m just trying to win the other team.”

“Oh we will, because of me,” he presses.

“No, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be because of me. I am the captain after all,” you smirk.

He frowns but before he can retort, the referee is calling for the teams to get into place.

Before you know it, the game has started and everyone is running around.

The game started out well. Your game plan was working well, everyone doing what you said.

It wasn’t until Jungkook kept getting the ball that it went down hill from there.

He would have the ball but would immediately be cornered by the opposing team.

“I’m open!” you yell from a couple feet away. He makes eye contact with you but then looks away and still keeps the ball. He runs all the way to the goal and luckily makes it.

He wasn’t quite lucky the times after that. You would yell and run to his side to help him make the goal but he would just push you away or run somewhere else.

It wasn’t until when you had the ball that you were done playing games. You expertly made your way past the opposing players toward the goal but right before you can reach the goal, Jungkook steals the ball from you and makes the goal himself.

You groan angrily as he takes credit for your work. But you let it slide for the sake of winning.

He does it a few more times, taking the ball away from you and engulfs in the cheers of the crowd.

When you got the ball again, you made sure to play a different game plan than the one you presented to the team. That way, Jungkook couldn’t take the ball away.

Just as you were running to the goal, Jungkook runs up to you and trips you, causing you to tumble on the floor and land hard on your knee and then your face.

Everything becomes quiet. The players and the crowd are in silence as they process what had happened. The ref and your team come by your side to help you up. You slowly stand up on your own and shove the helping hands away from you as you try to insist you are okay.

“I’m fine, I’m fine. I promise,” you say convincingly as you just want to get back to the game. You look up and see Jungkook looking at you worriedly from afar.

Suddenly you feel liquid run down your knee and you look down to see blood streaming down your leg.

“Fuck,” you mutter. “I’m going to bandage myself up and I’ll be right back. Jimin, take my place.”

You slowly limp away toward the locker room and bandage yourself up. You weren’t as badly injured as you thought you would be. Besides the cut, you were just sore so you were pretty much set to play again. As you limp back to the field, you see the audience screaming and your team carrying Jungkook on their shoulders toward the locker room, cheering him on.

You go up to the ref. “Wait, what happened? I thought we had 20 minutes left.”

“After your injury, we decided to cut the game short and played one more round before finishing. You’re lucky Jungkook is on your team, he made the winning goal.”

You are absolutely pissed. Not only are you injured because of Jungkook, but he’s getting praise for the game you led. You could have sworn smoke was coming out of your ears.

You stomp to the boys locker room, ignoring the slight pain on your knee. Your adrenaline was preventing you from feeling any pain at the moment. You walk in to find half naked men getting dressed. They all gasp when they see you, but you ignore their surprised reactions.

“Where’s Jungkook?” you ask one of the random shirtless men.

“Uhh, he should be by his locker two rows down,” he says awkwardly.

You walk over to where you were directed and see Jungkook, shirtless, talking to one of his teammates.

You turn him over and push him against the lockers.

“What the fuck,” says Jungkook, getting ready to fight whoever it is until he realizes it’s you, causing his eyes to widen.

You laugh sarcastically. “What the fuck?” you mimic him. “I think I should be the one telling you that right now.”

You look around and notice that everything is quiet. Everyone is looking at your interaction right now.

“Everyone get out,” you say looking at everyone in the room. “Now.”

And with that, every single person is walking hurriedly out of the room, giving you some privacy.

Jungkook tries walking out with the rest, but you grab his shoulders and push him back on the lockers, making him wince.

“You’re not going anywhere,” you demand.

Once everyone is out of the room you turn back to Jungkook, arms on either side of him, caging him in.

“What’s your problem with me?” you ask Jungkook.


“What the fuck is your problem?” you repeat.

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he avoids eye contact.

You don’t know if it’s your words or your proximity that is making him nervous but you continue nonetheless.

“Not only did you ignore my game plan, but you took my shots and you caused my injury,” you say through gritted teeth. You lean in closer, trying to catch his eyes. “What are you so afraid of, huh? Are you afraid that a girl might be better than you? Is that what it is?”

His eyes flick up to look at yours and when you think he’s going to say something, he leans in and captures your lips with his. He grips your hips and turns you around so that now you are against the lockers. You’re still in shock, staying still as he leans away from the kiss.

“You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad,” he mutters against your lips.


“I said you’re hot and I like you.”

“You like me?”

“Yeah,” he says as he leans back in to kiss you. This time your lips respond back, causing him to smile into the kiss.

So many things are going through your mind that you push him back slightly.

“Wait what the fu-” you say before you were flicked on the forehead by Jungkook.

“Did you just flick me?”

“Yeah, now shut up and kiss me.”

And with that he leans back in and attacks your lips. You don’t know if it was your confused mind or the  loss of blood but you kiss back and wrap your arms around his neck and pull him closer. He smirks into the kiss and slowly lowers his hands from your waist to your ass. He gives it a squeeze causing you to gasp, giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue in your mouth.

You moan in his mouth as he rocks his hips against yours.

“Fuck,” you moan as he travels down your jaw to your neck.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he mumbles against your neck as you pant.

You slip your hands down his shirtless torso and rock hard abs and made your way to his bulge.

You fondle him through his gray soccer shorts, feeling him harden under your touch.

“Oh shit,” groans Jungkook. “Feels so good, baby girl.”

Wanting to feel more of you, he lifts up your leg to grind against you but you whimper in pain as he holds your injured leg.

He let’s go of you immediately, eyes wide. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry Y/N. I completely forgot. Shit, I’m so stupid.”

You slowly limp to the bench in between the locker rows and sit down, massaging your knee.

“It’s fine Jungkook,” you mutter in pain.

“Fuck, I’m so sorry,” he apologizes again.

“I know you are. I told you I’m fine. I just need to take some pain killers and rest it and I’ll be as good as new.”

You try smiling up at him to reassure him that you’re fine but he  wasn’t having it. He frowned and pouted apologetically.

You didn’t know what to do at this moment so you decide it’s time to go.

“I should get going and rest this knee,” you say as you get up and try to balance yourself.

“Wait,” Jungkook comes up and settles you back down on the bench. He’s on his knees, looking up to you while holding both your hands.

“Let me make it up to you,” he says.

“No, it’s oka-”

“Please, Y/N. I want to make you feel good,” he says lowly.

That’s when you notice the darkness in his eyes. Lust filled eyes looking back at you expectantly.

“W-what?” you mumble. “How?”

“I gave you that injury,” he says guiltily as he let’s go of your hands and places them on your thighs, rubbing them up and down. “So it’s only fair that I make you feel good.”

Before you can say anything, he leans up and kisses your lips softly. This was a huge contrast compared to the passionate, desperate kisses from before.

As you kiss back, he reaches for your waist and pulls down your shorts. You lift your hips, making it easier for them to come off.

“Fuck, you’re so beautiful,” he says as he leans back up to kiss your lips.

He then places one of his hands above your clothed core and slowly rubs it in circles.

“Jungkook,” you moan against his lips.

“Yes, baby?” he asks looking you in the eye.

“If we get caught, I’m blaming you.”

Right then he slips his hand underneath the waist band of your underwear and rubs your clit. “Then so be it.”

Your back arches at the sensation, your head thrown back, allowing him the opportunity to attach his lips against your neck.

He sucks a bruise you know will be there later. You’ll just blame it on the injury, you thought.

He soon sticks two fingers in your entrances and begins pumping in a slow rhythm.

“Shit,” your eyes roll back.

“You like that baby?” Jungkook mutters against your neck.

“Fuck, more. I need more,” you moan.

“Say my name,” he demands.

“Jungkook,” you moan quietly.

“Louder,” he says as he curls his fingers in you.

“Jungkook!” you moan loudly, your voice echoing in the empty locker room.

“Thank you baby,” he says as he detaches himself from your neck leans down lower toward your naval. He removes his fingers so he can take off your underwear.

Before you can question his absence, you feel his tongue lick your core.

Your back arches against nothing while a whimper comes out.

Jungkook looks up and doesn’t break eye contact with you while he continues to lick at your clit while pumping his fingers in your entrance.

“You like that baby?” he mumbles against your core.

“Y-yes,” you moan. “Fuck,” you whimper when he begins to suck on your clit.

You reach down and entangle your fingers in his hair.

“Fuck, Jungkook. I’m so close.”

“Cum for me baby.” He begins pumping really fast while sucking on your clit. The sensations are too much and with loud moan you’re coming. He begins to pump slowly, riding out your high before pulling out and kissing your lips.

He then gets up and opens his locker to get a towel. He cleans you up quietly, while you sit there trying to catch your breath. After he’s done, he puts his towel back in his locker while you pulled your shorts  and underwear back up.

You get up and he turns around to look at you.

“Well I better get going,” you start. “Umm, thank you for this, I guess.”

“It was my pleasure,” he smirks.

You chuckle nervously. “Yeah, well I’ll see you around.” You begin to walk away before he catches your arm.


You turn around and face him as his eyes flicker down to the floor.

“Yeah?” you question.

“Do you want to go out some time? I know usually this process is the other way around but I really like you.” He grabs both of your hands and leans forward. “So do you want to go out with me?”

Before you could say anything, you had to clear up some things.

“Wait, if you like me, then why were you such an asshole to me? You fucking injured me for fucks sake.”

He scratches the back of his neck. “That was too far, wasn’t it? I didn’t mean to hurt you that bad. I don’t know,” he sighs in defeat. “It’s just that I don’t know how to act around you.”

“You could have just talked to me like everyone else.”

“I’m sorry I just didn’t know another way to get your attention. Every guy is all over you and I didn’t know what to do. I thought this rivalry would get us somewhere but it just did the opposite. I’m sorry, I’ll never hurt you again.”

He looks at you waiting for an answer but you stay quiet. Should you date him? He did cause your injury but then again it wasn’t necessarily intentional. There was a genuinely innocent motive behind it.

“Okay, fine. I’ll go out with you,” you say looking down. That’s when you realize he’s still shirtless. A blush creeps onto your cheeks and you look back up.

“Umm, do you mind putting on a shirt? It’s a bit distracting.”

He smirks, “Anything for you babe.”

After you’ve gathered all your things, you begin to head out.

“Do you need a ride home?” he asks.

“If you don’t mind …” you begin.

“Not at all,” he smiles.

All of a sudden he picks you up bridal style and walks to his car.

“And maybe we can have round two,” he suggests.

You laugh. “You’ll have to earn round two.”

“Challenge accepted.”

A/N: Thank you everyone for being patient and please make sure to stick around for more to come. 

Critical Role Fireside Chat Summary

Brian is in a silk robe. Possibly only a silk robe. It’s very luxurious, and they have a stream of a genuine fire going too. Only Matt is also in a robe; everyone else is in normal clothes, the schlubs. A few quick pre-show announcements:

  • CR VM Origins #4 will be released January 24. Get it at digital.darkhorse.com, the Apple store, Comixology, Kindle, Nook, or Google Play.
  • The VM d20 set is still out of stock, but they’ll notify everyone via social media once the dice are back in stock.
  • The last batch of CR audio podcasts (100-115) are going up Monday, January 8th.
  • Signal Boost is currently on hiatus (very funny aside as Sam asks Marisha if it’s okay if he goes on another G&S show before Signal Boost), but they’ll be on other shows in the meantime.
  • The CR podcast won a top ten podcasts award from Podbean.
  • New campaign starts next Thursday, January 11!

Today is a continuation of the wrap-up. Brian starts by asking how the new character creation is going.

  • Everyone: culture shock! And the feeling they no longer know how to play D&D. Each person did a private, unrecorded session 0 with Matt to feel out the character. Only Marisha & Laura have gone so far. Laura found that she constantly wanted to say “darling” as she spoke and had to consciously stop herself.
  • Liam, Marisha, and Laura rolled well during creation. Travis rolled three single-digit categories, but Ashley rolled even lower. Oh no.
  • Liam asks Matt about what would have happened if Vax hadn’t stopped Raishan at the end of the Thordak fight. Matt mentions the torturous Speak with Dead spell, which she would have completed, and says she would have then just left them alone and disappeared. “If you hadn’t stopped her then, she would have gone off on her own and tried to be untraceable, and probably would have ended up a villain in the new campaign.” In a twenty-year jump, she would have had time to establish herself on the new continent and would have left Tal’dorei to VM (in peace).
  • Everyone starts joking about Taliesin running for mayor of Tucson. It’s hilarious and I don’t understand the reference.
  • Travis loved giving three vials of blood to the Vasselheim trader instead of the two he asked for. It was one of the first times he realized he could have a lot of fun with Grog being stupid.
  • Simon the belt came from Pathfinder and was a random trader find (at least, as far as Liam and Matt remember). It was very early in the campaign. Matt likes small, insignificant items that become part of the character’s development. Liam remembers cheering up a kid on the way to the forge. Liam: “He was my pet, and he was less problematic than Vex’s pet.”
  • Marisha felt Pike’s encouragement to not wait to love someone was significant in her choice to go for the relationship with Vax. “I’m pretty sure she said, ‘you know, just have fun!’“ It also helped when Vex stopped making “horking noises.”
  • Sam is asked about his plan for the triceratops mansion attack. Sam: “Plan? Plan?” He didn’t realize until the middle that he had no fire, which was critical to the plan of setting the mansion on fire. He thinks it was amazing and notes that none of it was planned. It’s one of his favorite moments of the whole campaign. Liam remembers some great art of of Scanbo holding Bigby’s Hand like a gigantic AK-47.
  • Percy was pretty aware of Vex’s concern over his involvement with Orthax, but Tal repeats that he had no understanding of how the gun or curse worked as it was going on. He didn’t know where his character was during this time.
  • Vex thought the RQ was going to force them to fight Orcus immediately after she made the promise to slay him in exchange for Vax’s life, and is glad she didn’t, since they had to fight Vecna so quickly. Matt says the RQ felt this was a somewhat impossible promise and didn’t take it seriously, but also felt she had taken enough from “the family” in taking Vax. Laura also notes she didn’t have any idea who Orcus was either in or out of game, and after Matt gave her notes on him outside of game, realized how seriously out of their league Orcus was.

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Nights to Forget || Bucky Barnes x reader

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

Summary: Bucky has nightmares, that’s far from being a secret, and even though everyone in the tower tells you to ignore it, to live with it, you can’t bear the painful screams coming from his room at night without at least trying to help.

A/N: I’m actually really proud of this. Really hope you like it, let me know what you think! Probably gonna write a second and maybe even a third part!

Words: 2370

Warnings: li'l angsty, barely proofread, slight violence (if you look for it lol)


It’s been weeks. Very long weeks. Weeks you spent settling down in the tower, weeks you spent finding surprisingly close friends in the Avengers and weeks in which you tried dealing with all the different but equally deadly superpowers that all seem to break every physical law you ever heard of.

It’s been weeks in which you learned to suffer and weeks in which you learned to fight.

But unfortunately it’s also been weeks since you last slept through a whole night without waking up to screams of pain, coming from the room only a couple of doors down the hall.

Steve warned you about it the very first night you stayed here. He told you to use earplugs like everybody else. He told you to stay away from his room, since you can’t do anything against the nightmares anyway. They’ve tried, all of them tried, but the only thing they managed was to wake him up, which only happened to be a temporary fix until he fell asleep again.

Bucky Barnes knows he keeps people awake at night, it’s not hard to find out even though everyone seems to avoid talking about this whole nightmare thing at all costs.

He tried staying awake as long as possible, until he couldn’t longer fight the overwhelming desire to close his eyes and fall asleep. He hoped that, the more tired he got, the deeper he would sleep and the deeper he slept, the less nightmares would appear. Of course that didn’t work.

He also tried keeping himself awake in the gym, training until every muscle in his body ached and his eyes threatened to fall closed in the middle of lifting weights. Didn’t work either.

He tried everything possible to get rid of the nightmares.

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Sparring Partners (Cable x Reader)

Request: Could you please do one for Cable where reader x Cable are practice fighting; she pin him down getting the upper hand. She make a move on him. It escalate to more? - requested by @uknwwhttheysayboutthecrzy1s

AND - The sparring in that last one really made me crave a Cable x reader sparring session (pretty pretty please with 9000 cherries on top?) Thank you I appreciate your writing - requested by anon.

- I combined the two because they were similar 👍🏻

Word count: 1,900ish

A/N: SMUT - this is like the second time I’ve written smut so it is probably terrible and I apologise in advance for the monstrosity that this probably is, this is why I tend not to write smut.

Originally posted by fandom-imagines-for-fans

Colossus made you all take part in mandatory sparring sessions at least once a week, to make sure you were always ready, and continuously learning new moves that may be useful.

Usually, Wade and Cable would spar together, Negasonic and Yukio were together, and you and Domino were together, with Colossus joining in whenever he saw fit.

But this particular day, Colossus decided to change things up, to better prepare all of you for different types of fighters. So this time, Wade was with Yukio, Negasonic and a Domino were together, and you and Cable were paired.

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blurrysleeps  asked:

Could you post some studying tips? Thanks in advance! 💕

Okay so here is some real ass shit that has helped me get through my classes. I’m not the best at studying but here we go!

1. Find out what your learning style is (click here to take a quiz & find out!) -knowing how you percieve information the most effectively is super important if you wanna be successful. You wanna study in a way that YOU can understand. Flashcards don’t work for everybody kiddo.

2. 1 Notebook = 1 Class - organization while studying is what will keep information clear in your head. This has always been a golden rule of mine throughout my entire middle school, high school, and college career. Dedicate a specific notebook for each of your subjects so that notes are easy to look back on. If you get handouts back from a class, I suggest glueing it into the notebook as well! If you don’t like notebooks, a binder with dividers is cool too.

3. ACTUALLY TAKE NOTES - do not be the slacker that takes a picture of the notes with their phone or just reads the slides at home. Just write the shit down dude. Writing shit down helps you remember information a whole lot better and that goes for everyone. I don’t care if it’s tedious. Skip the pics, they aren’t gonna be what saves you on an exam (struggling to know how to take notes? click here for a How To guide!)

4. Revise, Revise, Revise - revising is so important. Even if you don’t get full credit for going back and correcting your mistakes, you should always know what you did wrong so you can correct yourself in the future. Don’t just revise big assignments either, revise hw assignments and quizzes. It’ll help you learn the material if you didn’t get it the first time around and there’s no problem with that. This tip is probably the one that helps me the most. 

5. Go to study groups - if your school has a designated lab or time for students to go in and ask questions or study together, go for it dude. Everyone’s gonna be confused but there’s gonna be people to help get your shit together so it’s no worries and hey if people aren’t your thing don’t EVER be afraid to go to your professor or teacher directly. They’re there to educate you, it’s what they’re being paid for. Don’t let your grades suffer because you don’t reach out to others for help! Getting help is a good thing!

6. Don’t wait til the last minute - just don’t do it dude. It is not worth half assing a study session at 1am right before your quiz in the morning. You won’t absorb as much information and I promise you that your body is gonna fucking hate you for not letting it rest. Take the time to study at least 30 minutes every day for the entire week leading up to whatever test you’re gonna take. I know it sucks but it had to be said honey, procrastinating doesn’t work all the time plus it totally isn’t punk rock.

7. Listen to music - there’s some sciencey shit behind this one but I can’t remember it aha. It’s supposed to help with the neuron dendrites axon synapsey brain lobey blah blah blah just (click here for 3 hours of classical kickassness!). Honestly gaming music helps me study too because it’s literally designed to keep you focused on tasks (click here, nerds). And hey if you’re into Studio Ghibli their music is PERFECT for studiyng imo (you know the drill)

8. Take care of yourself - TAKE A FUCKIN SIP BABE. Get yourself a tall glass of rebull vodka water and some healthy brain food lvl shit to go along with it. You can’t expect yourself to absorb everything if your body is too busy focusing on taking care of it self because you’re too busy studying. Honestly just take 10 minutes before you start studying and grab an apple! I like to make smoothies and light an inscence stick or something just to make sure I’m 100% IN THE ZONE. Ya know? Do your chores or run those errands first. Then study. It just really helps when your body is taken care of and you don’t have other things to worry about. 

9. Turn your phone off - oh the horror that comes with this one.. the texts, the calls, the snaps, the notifications, THE MEMES. How ever will you survive without them?! HOnestly? Pretty damn well actually aha. Just turn your phone off to garuntee you’re giving yourself the best oppertunity to study possible! Don’t cheat yourself out of a good study session by checking your phone constantly. Tell your textin buddies your busy and to send nudes after. 

10. Reward yourself after - go out with friends or have a good, relaxing evening afterwards. Seriously. SPOIL YOURSELF GORL. You deserve it for studying your fanny off!!! This will keep ya motivated to keep studying throughout the week because you’ll be running on a praise/rewards system. This is more of a psychological trick but I mean it’s also just really nice to spoil yourself after a long day heh. Take it easy and remember to let loose once you’re done with all your studying for the day! 

Well that’s all the tips I’ve got! Thank you for asking for help and I sure hope this list is what you needed to read! Best of luck sweetpea~ xoxo

Viserys x Female Reader

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

Imagine being Viserys’s wife and queen of the Seven Kingdoms where you are known for your feisty yet caring nature.

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

\ Request from anonymous /

You have no idea how much I’ve missed your imagines!! I was wondering if you could do an AU plot where Viserys is Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and the reader is ruling with him as his Queen? ♥ Hope you’re having a wonderful week and thanks in advance, darling~!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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anonymous asked:

During vet school, did you ever practice on animals and then euthanize them? Were there ever experiments, etc done on animals that would cause them to suffer in any way? Did you ever practice on dead animals that were killed in order for you to learn?

Ah, a hard hitting question.

So, some of you are not going to like this question, or its answer. Some of you are going to have very strong opinions and some of you will probably like me and my profession a lot less after this answer. Some of you will find this topic confronting.

The short answer is yes, animals are used in the education of veterinary students, and some of them die.

But significant effort is put into reducing the amount of animals used and how invasive the activities they are used for are.

For example, vet students need to learn how to do a physical exam. You need to be taught how to take a heart rate, how to take a temperature and blood pressure, etc. You can really only learn how to examine a living animal. Other learning situations substitute something else for the living animal.

I would also preface this topic by saying that non-recovery surgeries do and did happen, but nobody is particularly proud of it. However they were at the time deemed necessary for a veterinary education and of benefit for animal welfare as a whole by educating vet students.

This is a big topic so I’m going to try to divide it up into sections:

  • Experiments
  • Dissection
  • Non-Recovery Surgery
  • Practical handling.


As some examples from my vet degree, early on in physiology courses we had ‘experiments’ to do, which involved either videos of mice administered different medications, on ourselves, on tissue samples from a single animal distributed among the class, some very energetic rats and pithed cane toads. As for whether they suffered or died:

  • The mice in the videos probably did not enjoy the sedatives they were administered, but the small number of mice used then went on to educate many years of students.
  • A single animal (a laboratory rabbit) was euthanized to provide tissue samples for the entire class. One additional rabbit was used to demonstrate the effects of medication in a living system for the entire class also.
  • A few dozen rats spent half an hour or so in a sealed tube designed to measure their oxygen output, then went on to live their lives.
  • The pithed cane toads were definitely killed for our education, but they are a feral pest species in Australia and would have been killed anyway, we just benefited from a useful body to learn from.

The ethics of these examples are all a little different. Yes we used a lot of rats in one experiment, but it was very low stress and caused them no permanent damage and no significant compromise. The pithed cane toads were all dead, but they didn’t die for the purposes of education, they were going to die anyway, we just used the bodies. The rabbit was directly killed for our education, but one rabbit educated 120 students and so it was deemed worthwhile and a justifiable cost.


‘Dissection’ is a word that no doubt conjures up vivid and grotesque imagery of animal abuse, however dissection strictly occurs strictly on dead animals. Yes, we dissected animals in vet school. Lots of them.

In the first half of the course we learned anatomy in part by performing dissections. Most of these initially were on greyhounds: dogs that were euthanized as ‘waste’ from the racing industry. Some poor gentleman had the job of calling clinics which serviced the racing industry and requesting cadavers for our studies. Some weeks we had more dogs available than others.

The benefits of greyhounds is that each group had a body that was more or less the same, they were entire (not desexed), had really good muscle definition and were healthy.

(There were some vegans in my year that refused to participate in this for ethical reasons, and the university struggled to find people willing to donate their euthanized pets’ bodies to be dissected instead.)

It’s a kind of weird situation to be in. You’re in vet school because you really care about animals and their welfare, yet here are some that have sort of died for your education, for you. They haven’t really died for you, the racing industry was going to kill them anyway, yet here they are.

It does dwell on your mind. Everybody reconciles this differently. Myself, I promised the sacrifice (as I saw it) of those twelve dogs that I would be worth it. That I would use the education I gained to make a difference, that I would save at least twelve more.

We also dissected parts of animals and those that died of natural causes. ‘Waste’ organs from abattoirs were a common example, because they always have hearts, lungs and uteri to spare. Some wildlife, lambs, aborted fetuses and chickens were used in this way also.

So these animals weren’t killed directly for our education, but they were kind of harvested for it, if indirectly. They were killed, absolutely, but they weren’t killed for us. We just used the waste.

Non-Recovery Surgery

This is probably the topic you really anted to know about. Did we, or did I, use animals in our education that would then either suffer or be killed.

Killed, yes. Suffer, no.

There were three classes in my vet school days that required dogs to be used for non-recovery surgery. These were surgeries where the dog was placed under general anaesthetic, so they feel nothing, the procedure was done while they were alive, and then they were euthanized while under the general anaesthetic.

If that feels ethically kind of weird to you, it should. It is very much in a grey area. Let me give you some more information about these dogs.

  • Three dogs were used for each group of three students, averaging one dog per student.
  • They were all taken from ‘death row’ from animal shelters. Dogs that had not been adopted and run out of time.
  • Most of them had behavioral issues. Some had medical issues.
  • They were treated with the same care and respect as a recovery surgery.
  • Under general anaesthetic they are completely unaware and unconscious.

So the dogs were considered, unfortunately, a ‘waste product’ of society. Hundreds of thousands just like them are put to sleep for the same reasons every year.

Once they are under anaesthetic, they feel nothing. This is where the animal’s consciousness ends. Euthanasia involves an anaesthetic overdose, we just didn’t overdose them until the end.

The surgeries performed included a spey, a lung lobe removal and an intestinal anastamosis. If the students had performed these imperfectly, the animal would not wake up to suffer, nor would it need to endure the recovery period.

They provided an educational opportunity for both surgery and anaesthesia, which are important learning areas.

That this happened a decade ago. I personally have been graduated a long time, and technology advances in the meantime. There are better surgical models available now for training students, especially with routine procedures such as speys. The amount of animals used in this way is decreasing, and if you want more information you’d be best to talk to a current veterinary student, not a vet who’s a decade removed from the practice.

But I have to say, there is nothing quite like having your hand inside a living, breathing animal for the first time. You’ve trained and practiced on long-dead, frozen things prior to this. Now you have a ‘patient’ who’s warm. They have a pulse. They’re not gently rotting with a permeating shade of green. You can see the life in them, and it’s both wonderful and terrifying. It is most certainly humbling.

But I can’t pretend it’s a black and white ethical issue.

These animals did die in order for me to learn. They would have died anyway, but they died for us.

Practical Handling

As a vet you have to know how to hold a cat, restrain a dog, herd a cow and not get murdered by a horse. You have to know how to do a physical exam on a living patient.

The university kept ‘teaching animals’ of a variety of species. These animals were generally placid and used to being handled, and were used for teaching all sorts of basic skills from how to take a temperature to how to do a pregnancy test.

It was possible for them to get stressed, especially with lots of handling, so care had to be taken to rotate them out and give them a break. Some of these animals also doubled as blood donors.

There’s not really a substitute for a live, thinking animal when learning handling. At some point you need the real thing.

So these animals might have been stressed, and you could argue that they had the potential to suffer, but they were closely supervised and weren’t killed for our education.

I hope that has answered your question, Anon, though I’m sure there will have been other questions raised. I don’t mind discussing this at all, but like I said it was a decade since I did some of these things, and there are fresher vet students who should be listened to in this topic too. I hope everyone can remain civil towards each other in this discussion.

Chin Up Kiddo

Summary: Stan comes to Eddies aid and finds out things he had never known about his smallest friend.

A/N: There is multiple ships mentioned in this but the main focus is Stan and Eddie’s friendship. I don’t think there’s fiction about these two as friends and I wanted to write something different

Word Count: 2416


Stan sat beside Bill, his hand encased in his as they watched the football players scrimmage. It was a warm day, the September chill was late to Derry this year and Stan found that this kept everyone in a rather joyful mood. He looked up to his boyfriend and smiled, admiring his chiseled jaw and deep blue eyes. He was perfect, so absolutely perfect that he still, even after six months of dating, had butterflies in his stomach every time they touched.

The other losers laid lazily around them, admiring Mike as he was pitted against his own team. Stanly watched him walk to the sideline, waving up to his friend’s enthusiastically. They waved back, and Richie even cat called.

“Geez Rich, keep those kind of sexual advances for Eddie.” Beverly joked, snuggling closer to Ben’s side. Her boyfriend accepted her weight, throwing his arm around her petite shoulders.

Richie smirked, “I would if he was here.” For the first time that evening Stan noticed the small boy’s absence, he looked to Richie who shrugged, answering his nonverbal question. “He said he’d meet us here, he has gym last period and has to take a shower. You know how he can be.” 

This sufficed for Stan, who melted back into his boyfriend. As time progressed, and the game neared the end he noticed Richie become anxious at his own boyfriends absence, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet. Bill muttered something about Eddie that Stan couldn’t make out, he turned to ask what he had said when he felt his mobile vibrate in his pocket. He pulled out his phone and noticed the text message from the missing loser.

Eddie: I need you to meet me in the boy’s locker room, come alone and don’t tell Richie.

Stan smiled at the text, assuming it a continuation of Eddie’s and Richie’s prank war that had started at the beginning of the semester. Typically, Stan had been one of the main players throughout Richie’s relentless tricks but he honestly refused to pick sides.

Bill noticed the message and smirked, letting go of Stan’s hand. Gently he planted a kiss against his curly hair causing Stan to blush. “Go ahead, I’ll see you after.” Bill whispered in his ear sweetly. It took a few moments to pry himself away from his boyfriend but eventually Stan left the group, telling the others he needed to use the restroom.

The halls of Derry High School were empty. Stan’s heavy footsteps echoed around him and he found himself rather creeped out at the lingering smell of hormonal children. He neared the locker room and smirked, hoping what Eddie had planned was as unrelenting as what Richie had pulled last week. He opened the door, surprised to see the lights were off.

Stan flicked the switch, illuminating the space around him. “Eddie?” He called, looking down all of the isles. As he approached the last row of lockers he felt his stomach twist painfully. He knew this wasn’t right, something was wrong. “Eddie? Are you in here?”

There was a small whispered in response and Stan could just barely make out his own name. He turned towards the last row and froze, his blood running completely cold. There in a heap against the lockers was Eddie, or least a bloody version of Eddie. His bare chest was painted crimson, obviously originating from his nose. Black and blue welts ran along his face, down his neck and across his torso decorating his fragile body. He held a small towel, using it to cover his naked shame.

“What the fuck?” Stan blurted, quickly moving to his friend. Eddie looked at him and offered a broken smile, which only caused Stan to cringe. “Are you okay Eddie?” He muttered, unable to bring himself to touch the battered loser.

“Peachy.” He croaked, leaning his head against the green lockers behind him. “Fucking peachy.”

“What happened to you and is that-“He paused, noticing shimmering particles in the boy’s messy hair. “Glitter?”

Eddie cringed, nodding his head. “Some guys, they caught me in the shower.” He explained, adjusting himself into a better seated position, wincing with every movement. “They beat me pretty bad and doused me with fucking sparkles, can you believe the irony?”

“No, I can’t.” He admitted, frowning at his friend’s dark humor. Eddie rolled his eyes, “I should call Richie.”

“Don’t.” Eddie hissed, suddenly grabbing ahold of Stan’s wrist.

“He needs to-“

“No.” The small boy practically shouted, “Do not call him.”

Stanley flinched at the harsh command, feeling Eddie’s desperate fingers bite into his wrist. He could see fear in the small boy’s eyes but behind that was something else entirely, something that was seldom seen among the losers.  “Okay.” Stan whispered, placing his other hand gently against his friend’s tense hold. “Just tell me what you need.”

“They took my bag, it had all of my clothes.”

Stan nodded, pulling himself away from his friend. He went to his own locker and pulled out his gym uniform and his shower shoes. Eddie thanked him, attempting to rise from the floor only to crash back down once his weight had shifted.

Stan had to fight back tears as he helped him to the bench, treating him as if he was made from china. It took everything he not to scream in frustration, instead forcing himself to focus on attending to his wounded friend. Gently they pulled the shirt over his head, almost immediately becoming soaked in his blood. Eddie profusely apologized for this but Stan ignored him as he helped him into the shorts.

“Okay now what?” The taller boy asked, forcing himself to swallow his emotions.

“Did you drive?”

“No but I have Bill’s keys.” He replied, touching his back pocket lightly. “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Eddie shook his head, “No, my mom would flip shit if I did.”

“Okay well how about my house? My parents are at my cousin’s bar mitzvah out of town, we can go there and get you cleaned up.” Eddie agreed to this, again apologizing for everything that he was asking of him. Stanley frowned, watching the tears stream down his friend’s bruised face. He swallowed the lump in his throat, pulling the almost weightless boy from the bench. Eddie’s arm wrapped around Stan’s shoulder, leaning on him for support.

Although it was a short walk, it took them fifteen minutes to make it to Bills car. Eddie did his best to suppress his discomfort, however every few steps a helpless whimper would squeak through his chest. Out of respect Stan pretended not to hear it, instead focusing the uneven asphalt. They made it to the vehicle and Stan helped his friend into the passenger’s seat, wincing as Eddie dropped his grip on his shirt. He shut the door and made his way around to the other side.

The ignition breathed life into the car, its soft hum being the only noise between them. Stan paused, pulling out his phone. Eddie noticed, suddenly tense. “Who are you-“

“Just Bill.” Stan replied quickly, knowing that his friend was going to ask. “I’m telling him I’m taking his car and that he will need to catch a ride home with Rich or Ben.”

Eddie didn’t say anything else the entire ride, instead he just stared out the window, watching Derry pass them by. They pulled into Stan’s empty drive and he killed the car, looking over to the small frame beside him. “Eddie?” He whispered, afraid of what he was going to ask but the need for it to be answered suffocated him.

“Yeah.” He replied, looking up to him.

“Why don’t you want to call Richie? He would be able to take care of you a lot better than me.”

Eddie shifted in his seat, uncomfortable tension growing in the air. He took in a deep breath, releasing it slowly and a bit staggered. “They guys who-“He paused, motioning to his face. Stan nodded, understanding. “They did it because of something Richie said. They targeted me on purpose.”

Stan felt the air leave his lungs. His heart cracked loudly and he was almost sure that Eddie could have heart it. “I don’t understand, if it was something Richie did then why come after you.”

He could see tears in the small boy’s eyes as he looked away, ashamed of himself. “Because I’m small, weak and going after Richie is like going after a jackrabbit.” It was meant to be a joke, Stan knew this but he didn’t find any humor in the situation. “Richie says things, and it’s not his fault, not one bit. People who take his humor the wrong way know that they can get to him by going through me. In fact it’s the easiest way because when it comes to me, he is so impulsive. If he would have found me instead of you, he would have gone after them and gotten himself killed Stan.”

Stan didn’t reply, gripping onto the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. He shook his head, biting back the tears that filled his vision. Eddie gently placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder, causing him to jump slightly. “I texted you because you are the calmest, most composed person I know and that’s what I needed. I’m sorry to put this on you, and I know your more Richie’s friend than mine, but I just thought you were the only person who would remotely understand.”

Stan understood. He understood a million times over and that’s what made him even more broken. Even though Richie was seen as the strong one in his and Eddie’s relationship, Stan knew that that just wasn’t the case. Eddie’s strength wasn’t physical and just by looking at his small stature you would assume he was the weakest of the group when in fact, he was the strongest person of them all. “Okay.” Stan finally muttered, opening his car door. “Let’s get you inside.”

They didn’t speak to one another much, a thank you from Eddie as Stan handed him a pair of fresh clothes and a mumbled response when the smaller boy left to take a much needed shower was their only exchange. Stan was relieved to be alone, left with his thoughts. He was overwhelmed with the situation and could feel his obsessive compulsion crawl just under his skin.

There was a vibration from his pocket and he pulled out his phone to notice Richie’s stupid face plastered on his incoming call. Stan heard the shower turn on across the hall and with a deep sigh he rejected it. He knew that Richie was being ignored by his boyfriend and that was why he was calling him but he still felt dirty snubbing his friend. That was until the second call came in, again Richie. Stan groaned and ignored it, repeating the action with the third and fourth calls.

Stan grumbled, laying on his bed he stared at his phone, watching the calls roll in. Then they stopped, and a sense of relief washed over the curly haired boy. A few moments passed and he felt the all too familiar buzzing of his phone, only this time Bill’s face appeared across his screen.

With a smile he answered, “Hey babe.”

“Is he with you?” It wasn’t Bill. The deeper and much angrier voice sent Stan’s stomach to the floor.

“Is who with me?”

“I’m not in the mood for games Stan. Is Eddie with you or not?”

Stan looked over to the bathroom door, still hearing the shower run. “Yeah. I have him. “

“What the fuck is going on?” Richie sneered into the phone, “Why is no one answering and why in the hell did I need to use Bill’s phone for you to take my call!”

“It was Eddie’s idea, he didn’t want you to-to-“He paused, knowing that it wasn’t his place to explain. Richie was his best friend but he had a responsibility to the boy in his care.

“Did I do something wrong? Is this supposed to be a fight?”


“Is he hurt? God, please tell me he isn’t hurt.”

Stan didn’t answer, finally hearing the water turn off in the bathroom. He could practically feel Richie’s heavy breath through the phone, begging for the validation that his boyfriend was okay. Stan knew he couldn’t answer and he refused to lie. “I’m on my way.” Richie’s voice cut harshly.

A panic spread through Stan, “No. Richie please don’t come over. Eddie will call you when-“But the line went dead before he could finish.

“He’s on his way isn’t her?” Stan looked up from his phone and noticed the small boy, the spare clothes hanging awkwardly from his small body.

“I’m sorry.”

Eddie shook his head, “There is absolutely nothing to be sorry for Stan. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me today, Richie was bound to find his way here.”

There was a faint smile on Stan’s face, feeling his heart swell in his chest. “I would do anything for a friend.” He replied honestly, “And you’re as good as they come Eddie.”

Richie arrived exactly four minutes later, bursting through the front door unannounced, Bill in tow. Eddie waited for him in Stan’s room, sitting on his bed and fidgeting with his oversized shirt. The moment Richie laid eyes on his boyfriend he broke, dropping to his knees in front of him. Eddie tried to sooth him but the sobs ripped through the trashmouth violently.

“It’s okay Rich.” Eddie whispered as his boyfriend buried his face into his lap. The small boy ran his fingers through Richie’s frizzy hair, breathing sweet nothings into him. Richie’s apologies soon came, he repeated them over and over again until his voice was horse.

“I never thought I would ever see Richie like this.” Stan looked beside him, noticing his boyfriend for the first time. He smiled, accepting a gentle peck on the cheek.  

Stan shook his head, appreciating his friend who now had his face in his boyfriend’s hair. “Let’s leave them alone for a minute.” He whispered, pulling Bill out of the room and closing the door.

They started down the stairs, Bill close on his heels. “Do you think Eddie will be okay?“

Stan replied honestly, feeling a sense of pride grow in his belly. “Eddie is the strongest person I know Bill. He will be fine.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

4th July

On the first day of the month, Steve arranged things.

Hotel and cab booked, tickets sorted, overnight bag packed. He was ready to go at a moment’s notice. He’d even pre-written his letter of apology to the others, in case he didn’t have time to say goodbye.

He was prepared.

Last year, he’d been stupid. Left it too late, and then faced the consequences throughout the whole damn week.
He wasn’t going to be stupid this time. He was prepared, see.

Unfortunately, it was very difficult to plan anything when you had people like Tony Stark living in the same tower as you. That man was predictably unpredictable. Damn him.

“Steve?” Came the confused voice from the door, and Steve jerked, turning around quickly and looking up, spotting Tony leaning against the wall with his arms folded, looking at him in confusion.

Well, not him. The bag he was re-packing was what was grabbing all the attention right now.

“What… what are you doing?” Tony asked, brow furrowed deeply as he stepped further in and took a shirt from the pile of luggage. Steve quickly snatched it back, stuffing it into his bag defensively.

“Nothing, Tony, I’m just…packing,” Steve muttered, searching for his toothbrush among the mess.

Tony paused, and Steve got the feeling he was holding back a sigh of exasperation. “Hmm- yes, I gathered that much. I was just wondering, y’know, why?”

Steve kept his eyes fixed on the shirt he was folding in front of him. “Birthday plans,” he lied, before spinning around to face Tony, preparing to usher him back out of the door.

He stopped when he noticed how obviously Tony’s face had fallen, and the hurt look that was lingering on his face.

Fucking Tony. It had to be Tony who had caught him. Anyone else, and he probably could have just let it slide.

“What’s wrong?” he said with a sigh, because he was a fucking sucker.

Tony quickly smoothed his face over and smiled, that horrible brittle one that made Steve want to argue relentlessly with him, just to bring out some semblance of an emotion on his face instead of that thing. “Nothing, nothing. Go, be free, it’s your birthday, you need to relax. I’m happy you’re actually taking a break for onc-”

“Tony,” Steve asked, raising an eyebrow and grabbing his shoulders between his two hands, “what’s wrong?”

Tony paused, and for a moment it seemed as if he was going to continue to bullshit his way through it, but then his face just sort of…fell again, and he shook his head. 

“I…uh, remember we had- uh- plans? Your big party at the tower! and then you and me were going to catch a movie afterward? I don’t… I mean, obviously, you’ve got other plans, and that’s fine, I don’t mind, honestly,” Tony assured him, blustering around back and forth between his two feet and generally looking like he’d rather be anywhere else than in Steve’s room.

As soon as Tony had begun speaking, Steve realised he was right. Shit. He hadn’t been paying too much attention to the dates when Tony had spoken about it- too busy having a little crisis over the fact that Tony had pretty much asked him out to notice about the when and where of it all.


“I…” Steve stumbled, trying to think of what to say to try and fix this, to try and not be such a stupid fucking idiot, “I’m really sorry, I forgot completely-”

Oh, fuck, that just made Tony look even more sad. Steve was pretty sure if he looked any more upset he’d make Steve start crying through fucking exposure.

“No, wait, I didn’t mean it like that,” he said quickly, grabbing Tony’s forearm desperately, “I was just… God, I just need to leave for a week. Okay?”


Steve winced. “I just… have to, okay, but we can do it when I get back! I-”

“Steve, if you don’t want to, and you’d rather be alone, that’s absolutely fine,” Tony said, giving him a sad smile as he began backing away, “you go, uh, do your thing. Have fun, be merry, it’s your birthday, you deserv-”

“I can’t handle the fireworks,” Steve blurted, and then immediately balked.

Shit. Shit shit fuck shit fuck fuck shit, he shouldn’t have told Tony that. He’d made sure not to let anyone know that, God dammit, it was so fucking stupid-

“What?” Tony asked blankly.

“Nothing,” Steve jumped in immediately, desperately trying to quell the sickening shame in his gut and the red on his cheeks as he put an arm on Tony’s shoulder and started pushing again, more forceful this time, “listen, Tony, I’ve really got to get back to-”

“You can’t handle fireworks?” Tony asked again, and shit, it didn’t seem like he had missed that like Steve had hoped.

Steve stopped. Sighed. Let go of Tony’s arm and turned away. “uh, yeah- no, I can’t. It’s a thing, I don’t know, I just… I’m fine, I’m just gonna… head out to the country for a week or so, because, y’know,” Steve gestured vaguely to himself, “4th of July and all.”

“Lots and lots of fireworks,” Tony said slowly, eyes widening a little in understanding. “Right.”

They stood in silence for a moment, before Tony opened his mouth again. Steve, however, got in first.

“Please don’t, Tony,” he said, shaking his head, “whatever you’re about to say, I don’t… just leave it. I’m fine.”

“But it’s your birthday,” Tony said weakly, “don’t you want to… I don’t know, celebrate that?”

“Maybe in a world where I’d never gone to goddamn war, yeah,” Steve snapped angrily, “I would love to get through one fucking birthday without screaming, y’know, would be swell, but unlucky for me, life doesn’t agree. So sorry I’m not gonna be present this week, but believe me, it’s for the best.”

He was fucking tired. What the fuck was it with people setting off fireworks a week in advance to the fucking celebration? It made no fucking sense and Steve was sick of coming back to himself after a minute of sheer panic and realizing he’d crawled under his fucking bed to stop the non-existent shrapnel burying itself in his skull-

Tony said something, but it was white noise to Steve, and he’d marched out of the room before any of it could sink in anyway.

It was 4am. Everyone was asleep. No one would notice him slipping out, and he’d left his note for them in the morning. Turns out it was easier to explain his absence on paper than it was face to face.

“Steve! Just wait a second!”

God fucking dammit.

Wearily, he turned again, watching Tony hurry toward him, jumping down the stairs two at a time in his ratty jeans and faded band tshirt. “What do you want, Tony?” He asked.

Tony stopped moving once he got to Steve’s side and grabbed his hand excitedly. “Listen- I’m going to propose something awesome to you that you really should have thought of before deciding it was best to fuck off into the middle of nowhere on your own, but whatever, I won’t hold it to you, I am a genius-”


“Right, yes, yes, okay,” Tony paused, and took a breath before looking Steve in the eye. “Let me come with you?”

Steve stopped. That was… certainly an idea. Bad or good, Steve wasn’t too sure.

“ I know you might think it’s weird and forward or whatever, but a) fuck the stereotypes, just as a matter of principle more than anything, and b)-” Tony’s hand tightened briefly around Steve’s as he shrugged in an attempt at nonchalance that, in Steve’s opinion, didn’t work out for him very well, “you shouldn’t be alone on your birthday, Steve. That just sucks. You… you deserve better than that. You deserve someone to be there with you.” He shrugged again, biting his lip, “and I know I’m not like, y’know, this Special Thing or whatever, and really you should have someone better here for you, but at the moment everyone else is asleep and-”

Tony was cut off as Steve laid his hand across Tony’s moving mouth, effectively silencing the fast-derailing thought process. He couldn’t help but chuckle a little as he watched Tony just stand there, Steve’s hand over his mouth, not knowing quite what to do.

It was honestly more than a little adorable.

“That would be… nice,” Steve admitted softly, “but Tony- it’s really late, and you have work, and I don’t want to inconvenience you-”

Tony scoffed, removing Steve’s hand to speak. “Believe me, this would be my pleasure. I’m pretty sure Fury’s out for my head this week anyway, so I need somewhere to lay low. Don’t sweat it, Rogers, I’ve got it all sorted.”

Steve looked at him for a moment; watched the way his gaze flickered briefly from Steve’s eyes to his mouth and then back up, or the way his heart was beating just that little bit faster than normal through the pulse in his wrist.

“Sure, Tony- come along for the ride,” Steve said with a smile and a fond roll of his eyes.

Tony positively beamed, and then held up a finger as he rushed over to the kitchen counter, where he pulled out a bag of his own and then hurried back to Steve’s side, still grinning.

“You were confident, then,” Steve said dryly, eyeing the bag full of stuff.

Tony raised his eyebrows. “I am very persuasive. I hedged my bets.”

Steve just huffed and hid a smile behind his hand as he pulled Tony into the elevator with him, feeling the all-too-familiar sensation of butterflies in his stomach as Tony smiled up at him.

The sky was beautifully clear, and the place was utterly, utterly silent.

Well. Apart from Tony. Of course.

Don’t you think it’s so incredible? Literally, Steve, look at them. Look at those insignificant, stupid little dots in the sky. They created every atom in your body. Every atom on this planet. Each atom in the visible universe. And they’re up there. We’re looking at…creation,” Tony gushed, hands waving through the air as they pointed at random objects in the sky.

They were both sat on the grass outside the tiny barn Steve had rented, a blanket under their backs as they stared up into the blissfully clear skies.

The stars hadn’t changed. That was all the same, at least. It was comforting.

“-and, I mean, there’s so much we don’t know yet, and probably never will. It frustrates the damn hell out of me. I hate not knowing stuff. Main reason I never pursued astronomy or theoretical physics. Theoretical physics, Steve- a whole branch of science dedicated to not knowing things,” Tony shuddered, and Steve felt it reverberate through his shoulder, “Good lord, the horror.”

Steve just smiled and nodded along, listening as Tony explained how stars were made and something about dark matter. Steve didn’t really follow it. He was more interested in how Tony’s hands moved, and the way the moonlight illuminated each curve and crease in Tony’s face, and the fact that he hadn’t thought about bombs even once since this trip-

“Thank you,” he whispered suddenly, cutting through Tony’s speech more effectively with those two quietly spoken words than Fury could in a direct scream.

There was silence as Tony paused, and turned his head to look over at Steve. He opened his mouth, undoubtedly to ask ‘what for’ before he caught on and nodded in understanding.

He didn’t say anything. Just grabbed Steve’s hand and linked their fingers together. 

Closing his eyes and once more reveling in the silence and lack of terrifyingly familiar hisses or whines that had always haunted his birthday before, he brought Tony’s hand to his lips and kissed the knuckles there.

Steve heard Tony exhale ever so slightly, and felt with amusement as his pulse suddenly spiked. Neither of them said anything, but Tony shifted a little after a few moments; shuffling closer until his body pressed against Steve’s. 

“Happy birthday, Steve,” Tony said softly, his head falling against Steve’s chest.

It was soft and silent and perfect, and Steve let his spare hand trail aimlessly over the soft curls of Tony’s hair as they lay there on the thick grass in the dead of night. Honestly, they probably needed to talk about a few things that had changed tonight.

But for now, Steve was just going to enjoy the stars above him and Tony beside him and the fact that the world appeared to have stopped, just for tonight- just for him.

Midnight Mishap -- Older!Damian Wayne x Reader

I haven’t written anything for Damian before, so I hope this turned out all right. Sorry in advance in anyone seems out of character! I was originally planning on writing this for a Tim Drake x Reader prompt, but decided to do this instead. Enjoy my lovelies!!

Also, Happy New Year!!

Word Count: 1344

You nervously sipped at the drink you held in your hand as your (E/C) eyes took in the room before you.

New Year’s Eve was, apparently, a big deal at Titans Tower. Kori had busied herself with planning the party even before Christmas. She’d been nearly intolerable the past several weeks fluttering about to make sure everything would be perfect. You’d been roped into helping the alienated princess in her preparations one time too many. You loved and respected Kori, but there were times she could go overboard with things.

Regardless, the party was planned and seemed to be going off without a hitch.

Titans, both former and current, were all throughout the tower mingling and catching up with one another. You stuck close to Raven all night. Neither of you were the partying type and you’d rather not risk another incident. Last time you’d let your social anxiety get to you, you had accidentally used your Canary Cry on Jaime. He’d been quick to reassure you that it was fine, but you knew that the Scarab still had a chip on it’s shoulder from the supposed “attack” on its host.

“Hey there little bird,” a voice said as an arm was thrown around your shoulder. “What are you doing hanging out here all by your lonesome?”

You gave Roy a look. “You realize that Raven is here too, right?”

“You do realize she’s over there talking up your crush, right?”

Immediately, you searched for the two people your older brother figure had mentioned. The redhead spoke the truth as the two dark-haired teens spoke quietly to each other.

You’d had the biggest crush on Damian Wayne since you’d met as your alter egos almost three years ago. Your mentor, Black Canary, had been hesitant to let you on patrol that night but relented when she heard that the infamous Batman would be backing you up with his own protégé. Patrol had gone off well, except for your first meeting with the new Robin. He’d been rude and brash just like Jason had described.

That hadn’t been what drew you to the Son of the Bat.

His will to succeed, his drive to better himself and to become more like his father. That’s what made him so attractive to you. Not his skill, not his name, and definitely not his attitude.

“So?” You finally settled for as a response to Roy’s statement. “They’re close friends. It’s not that weird that she’d be speaking or hanging out with Damian.”

The older male shrugged his shoulders. “Just letting you know that you’re chilling here all alone, (Y/N). C’mon, you can hang with me and Jay.”

“And have him tease me all night? No thanks. I’ll see if I can find Donna and hang with her.”

Fifteen minutes later and you found yourself right back where you started. Donna was with Jaime and the two seemed to be having a good time. You didn’t have the heart to interrupt them, so you resigned yourself to spending the evening by yourself.

“Great,” you grumbled under your breath. “Another New Year’s Eve all by myself.”

“I still don’t understand why everyone is so keen on ringing in the new year with everyone else.”

A squeak escaped your lips as Damian sat down beside you. He gave you a dull look at your reaction. It seemed to elude the current Boy Wonder why you acted so strangely around him. Everyone else was perfectly content with letting the two of you sort things out by yourselves.

“I-It’s just a tradition Damian. Not many people like being alone on the holidays.”

Damian huffed in annoyance. “I’d hardly call changing from one year to the other a cause for celebration.”

You chuckled nervously at his statement. “Guess I can’t argue with that logic.”

The two of you fell to awkward silence. At least, it seemed like an awkward silence to you. You kept your gaze anywhere but on the teen sitting beside you. You swore he could probably hear your increased heartbeat at the proximity of you two.

“Is there a reason you’ve been avoiding me as of late, (L/N)?”

The sudden question caught you off guard. “W-What do you mean?”

“You’ve been avoiding all interactions with me as of late and I intend to find out why.”

“I’m not avoiding you! It’s just…” You wracked your mind for a decent excuse. “O-Our missions have kept us both busy! Neither of us are sent on the same ones very often.”

“As I recall, Grayson told me you requested to be sent on separate missions than me.” Damian drawled. He gave you a pointed look. “You’re avoiding me.”

You opened your mouth to respond, but quickly closed it and glanced away. “Damn it Dick, you said you wouldn’t tell anyone that.”

“If it makes you feel any better, he didn’t give me the information willingly.”

“No, that doesn’t help any.” You sighed heavily and buried your face in your hands. “I didn’t mean to offend you or anything. I just needed some space and time to think.”

Damian’s eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “You needed time and space to think? Think about what exactly?”

How could he be so dense?! Damian was the Batman’s son! Surely, he had picked up on the obvious signs. You stuttered more around him. Your face was in an almost permanent blush when around him. You fidgeted more often, and your actions often faltered when you were under Damian’s piercing blue gaze. How many times had you gotten injured because you’d felt his eyes on you?

“(L/N)? Are you even listening to me?”

You blinked owlishly at the hand that was waved in your face. Your eyes focused on Damian’s face as he stared intensely at you. A deep blush fell across your cheeks at how close his face was to yours.

“N-No? Were you saying something?”

“I asked if you-!”

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!” A chorus of voices cried out in unison.

As if in slow motion, you watched as Garfield bumped into Damian’s back thus causing the teen in front of you to fall forward. When his lips clumsily crashed into yours, you felt your heart stop and your body tense. The kiss was by no means magical or what you expected, but it was definitely memorable.

Damian hastily pulled away from you. A deep blush filled his cheeks as he averted his gaze. That was a sight you thought you’d mever see.

“A-Apologizes (L/N),” Damian coughed to clear his throat from the slight crack that had filled his voice. “I did not mean to-!”

Instinctively, you reached out and grasped Damian’s shirt collar. You pressed your lips against his once more. This time it was his turn to tense up. Your courage was rapidly evaporating, and you began to pull away. Damian’s hand reached up and caressed your cheek gently while the other was placed firmly on your waist. You two stayed like that for what felt like years before pulling away for air.

For a moment, you two were in your own little world.

Then that moment was over.

“Holy shit, that was awesome!” Jason’s voice was the first one to cut through the pleasant atmosphere that had settled around you.

“That’s one way of telling (Y/N) how you feel!” Dick’s teasing tone came next.

“What the actual hell?!” Roy cried in both anger and shock. “Get your hands off my little sister!”

Before you could snap at any of them, Damian had swept you up into his arms and quickly left the room. Your face erupted into a blush once more as the two of you got further and further from the living room of the tower.

“D-Damian, put me down!”

“Not a chance, (L/N).” Damian replied, a smirk crossing his lips. “We need to talk a few things over.”

You pouted at him, but relented. A small smile graced your lips as you settled against the teen’s toned chest.

This was arguably the best New Year’s Eve party you’d ever been to.

Fridays at Jack’s

Pairing: Jensen x Reader, mentions of Jared

Warnings: Fluff, suggestive content

Word Count: 2.6K

A/N: This was floating around in my head for two nights. Finally, Saturday night, Jill told me to write while I was motivated. I threw it up on paper in a little less than an hour. Hope you guys like it. I’m kind of in love with it. Want more?

Feedback is greatly appreciated  :)

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Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Draco wasn’t sure who said it, or even the exact words that were used.  They said Hagrid was carrying Harry.  There was only one reason he would be carried back to Hogwarts.  Draco was right; Harry was dead.  He felt a sob rip from his chest as he scribbled down one last line in his journal before shoving it in the pocket of his jacket.

Draco stepped into the courtyard.  His eyes moved past Voldemort but didn’t reach the crowd of Death Eaters advancing on the school.  Draco only had eyes for Harry.  Harry, in Hagrid’s arms, looked so small.  The usually chilling voice of Voldemort was nothing more than a roar in Draco’s ears.  The smell of blood and smoke faded around him.  The slight chill in the air was gone.  Draco was near losing himself completely when he heard his mother’s voice.

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❝ I love you too, Jungkook. ❞

Plot: You’re an idol and you’re dating Jungkook. You show up at one of his fan sign and he says to everyone that you two are dating. 

Pairing: JungkookxReader 

Words count: 1,8k+

Genre: Fluff 

For anon, I hope you like it cutie! - M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Deciding to go meet your boyfriend during a fan sign didn’t seem to be any more a great idea as at the beginning. The black mask covered your face and fortunately your eyes didn’t reveal much of who you were. Yet the feeling of being perpetually observed didn’t seem to disappear and so the anxiety increased to every minute that passed.  

But you haven’t seen Jungkook for weeks, and if that was the only way to change the situation, you’d be well-born to be discovered.  

“Next time I’ll close you in our room.” Your best friend muttered, as well as the leader of your group and the worst advocate in the world; making you smile amused from underneath the mask.  

“I didn’t ask you to come.. Then we repeated several times that we’re their fans, even if they discovered there I know hey couldn’t see anything strange… ”  

“YOU KNOW? I swear that if I read another article where they ship me and Taehyung I shoot myself. ”  

“What a bad thing Unnie…. In short, Taehyung is an incredible guy. ” You whispered in response, not understanding all that boredom towards that sweet and a little crazy boy. “Then he is also extremely beaut–”  

“But think of your boy!”  

“You Like him! That’s why you’re bored by the articles…. because you’re ashamed to talk to him. ”  

The slap that came soon after on your shoulder only made you entertain more, while patiently expected your turn to go to get the album signed.  

He was as beautiful as always but he seemed particularly cheerful that day, he could even not to bully his hyung and his smile could make you completely melt. It’s been seven months since you started to date and you’ve already figured out you were falling in love with him, but you were too intimidated and scared to confess your feelings. It was your first serious “relationship”, although not yet effective because he didn’t really ask you to be his girlfriend and you were both so young that you were afraid that he could run away in front of your confession.  

“Jungkook-oppa!” “Jungkook, you are beautiful!” “Jungkook I love you!”  

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Another episode I need to process. This time it’s not so much about Dany or any characters in particular and more about the technical choices made by the show and how it’s dragging down the whole structure.

This season has been quite baffling to me especially since it came after the highly efficient sixth season, which gave me faith that once freed from GRRM’s books, the show could actually be THIS good. Instead, I find myself quite puzzled by each episode of Season 7 - always liking but never without something irking me. The fault rests in the decision to reduce the number of episodes and cram everything up. So of course it makes for a compelling viewing experience with storylines moving much faster and characters coming together but it also accentuates two of Thrones’ biggest problems - the portrayal of time and the loss of character(s).

It’s always been a known thing that the show never cares about time consistency with characters randomly popping up everywhere in Westeros whenever it is necessary. Viewers are supposed to assume that the required amount of time has passed. But where Thrones made up for it in previous seasons is that it actually showed characters travelling while making reference to passing time. A few notable examples being Robert’s travelling north from King’s Landing to Winterfell or Arya journeying the whole of Westeros or going to Braavos. But lately and especially this season, characters seem to magically teleport when in fact they do still travel - it’s just not shown anymore. The reduced amount of episodes paired with the numerous developments crammed within even one episode really makes it hard to make the effort of remembering that time passes and that one single episode actually spans at least days if not weeks.

This season never acknowledges explicitly how much time has passed since the season opener - perhaps because if it did, it would blatantly point out its biggest flaw. But taking some time to think about time (!) might help with some of my concerns regarding this season and this latest installment in particular. Considering the time spent to travel to Dragonstone from Winterfell alone on Jon’s part, the time allowed to stay there and mine the dragonglass (By the way was the whole point of mining it to create a charged scene between Jon and Dany? That dragonglass would have been handy beyond the Wall. Just saying…), how much time a raven takes to fly across the whole continent to deliver a message and the fact that Sansa says she hasn’t heard of him in weeks (funny how there is not a SINGLE episode where she doesn’t mention him), it’s actually much more acceptable to think that feelings might have emerged between Jon and Dany rather than over the course of a few days as was first assumed. This same amount of time also really makes it easier to accept that the Northerners have grown weary of Jon’s absence because really it’s been weeks/months now.

But that’s the problem - so much time passing in so few episodes and it being not explicit creates confusion. Not to mention sometimes clear whiplash. This episode was a particularly good example of this.The first shot of Jon’s Magnificent Seven heavily implied that the group had gone far north, way beyond the Wall. So that’s at least a few days we assume. Then when all hell breaks loose, Gendry is sent back running to Eastwatch to send a raven to Dany who is still in Dragonstone. Let us all just assume that Gendry’s legs are as muscular as his arms and that he could run without stopping (!) all the way before finally collapsing right before the door to Eastwatch (how convenient). But you can’t possibly accept that the run spanned in less than one day, especially in heavy snow. That the show implies that he was back at the Wall by nightfall baffles me immensely. And that’s also assuming Gendry magically didn’t get lost - apparently he’s better at finding his way back in snowstorms than in calm seas - and that he wasn’t attacked by a wight. Why Jon and the rest didn’t go with him I still don’t quite understand but let’s just assume that they wanted to make sure one of them made it out alive to tell Dany what happened instead of them all dying together… Anyway, Gendry takes at least a full day to get back to the Wall. They send a raven to Dragonstone which takes at least another full day. Then Dany flies all across the continent to beyond the Wall. Assuming that her dragons fly very fast, I can accept that in a day or perhaps less, she makes it in time to save Jon and the rest of the band. So that’s at least several days that Jon and the band were stranded on that rock. Assuming this really sheds a new light on the battle and makes more sense than the whole thing happening over the course of one day. In a similar way, we are to assume that Jaime and Co were travelling for some time back from Highgarden for Dany to reach them on their way. I can accept that dragons fly fast but the Dothraki do not have superfast horses. With this assumption, that’s at least another day or two that Jon stayed at Dragonstone to meet Theon while Dany was away.

This very problem of pacing is why this season - while very compelling to watch - also feels rushed. Everything accelerates, racing towards the endgame and we can’t really catch a breath. Every move made is crucial not in itself but rather in advancing towards a certain point. While the whole wight hunt is important, the plan itself is very weak if not outright foolish and we could see miles away that nothing would go as planned. That Tyrion is the one behind it makes it even worse. In fact, Tyrion seems a bit at a loss when it comes to his plans this season which is a far cry from the wit we have seen during past seasons. What is his purpose if Dany never listens to him ? His schemes are intelligent and clever and it’s still buyable that he could be outdone by his own siblings but to come up with this kind of plan and have it validated by both Jon and Dany and everyone else by thinking that Cersei will come to her senses just by seeing a wight is beyond me. What was the point of Jon actually going ? Couldn’t he have sent someone (Tormund) ? Why risk the King in the North’s life for something as futile as this ? Hasn’t he said that he will protect the North as long as he can ? How is this foolish expedition protecting the North if he loses his life so recklessly (which he almost does) ? Where’s Sansa’s no-nonsense speeches when they’re the most needed ?

All in all, that single wight is captured but the whole expedition seems to have been designed specifically to bring about Viserion’s demise. It’s a rather weak plot device that just has Jon and Dany traveling Westeros back and forth and forth and back, losing a particularly formidable asset to the Enemy. The feel of past seasons where characters acted and traveled for valid reasons instead of poping up wherever the story requires them to is sorely missed. Of course, that’s just how the show goes and the loss of a dragon was something that had been expected for years now. After all, Dany could not have gone on forever unchallenged. Losing one of them was the only thing that could rock the foundations of her storyline. Even so, Viserion’s death is another example of the show’s accelerating problem. In a similar way to Season 4’s The Watchers on the Wall, the major casualty is squeezed between two scenes. Now I know that this is how Thrones works - especially this season - and perhaps it was intended as pure shock with no intention to let viewers breathe but sometimes it is beneficial to just… well… breathe. Viserion was never the focus of the attention. Drogon always was since the beginning. In fact, it’s not even explicitly said that Viserion is the one who bit the dust. Inconsistency in how his horns are depicted doesn’t help either. But his loss is nevertheless a game changer and yet we’re not given any time to mourn him that we are hit with another twist - which is him being brought back by the Night King. Had the death been placed at the very end of the episode, it would have made in my opinion a much more powerful impact like Robb and Catelyn’s deaths during the Red Wedding which were placed at the end of the Rains of Castamere episode giving us a full week to adjust and mourn before the next installment aired. Similarly, the episode here could have ended with Jon being left behind while Dany flew away and that would have made for a great cliffhanger. The finale would have opened with Benjen’s rescue and then the boat scene we saw as an epilogue, transitioning smoothly to the boatbang we’re all expecting. With the final scene of the season being all but known at this point, Viserion’s turning - while exciting to watch - would be rendered useless and this final scene would have more than made up for it, accomplishing the same purpose of showing Viserion’s transformation. That the show does not even take the time to name its major casualty during this episode really speaks volumes on how it is intent on going forward and put the focus on the story rather than its characters. Really how easy would it have been to have Dany utter Viserion’s name ? Not necessarily during her rather quiet reaction to his death - not what I had in mind but as equally sad and beautiful and probably the first time this season we are shown genuine emotion on her part; it’d be interesting to compare Dany’s supposed fiery temperament and her “cold” reaction to her child’s death, to Robb (supposedly a child of ice) reacting with a much more heated behavior when he learnt of his father’s death, admittedly the kind of reaction I was expecting from Dany - but couldn’t she have mentioned him during her whole epilogue with Jon ?

That’s the problem with Thrones lately. Yes, it is visually and technically impressive. But storywise ? Not so much. The Spoils of War was the first exemple of this. Unfortunately, try to look past the spectacle in terms of visuals and you find yourself with a lot of pills to swallow. Apart from the baffling time problem, what were the odds of finding one small group of wights led by a single White Walker ? What exactly were they doing separated from the body of the army ? How easy was it that it just happened that ONE wight was probably not turned by that White Walker and all the others were ? How come it just had to be because the Hound decided he was bored and threw some stones that they all realized the lake had frozen again ? Let’s just skip over the fact that Dany arrives in the nick of time to save them all - that’s a basic rule of all TV shows. But if they showed us a very Harry Potter-esque shot of undead wights sinking in a fiery lake, then how come some were able to come up and drag poor Tormund (kudos here for having us really worried for a few seconds) ? More importantly how did they manage to wrap Viserion in chains? Must we assume that some jumped to the bottom to never return/live underwater and did the whole work and then signalled the rest above to start pulling ? Where did those chains come from anyway ?

Aside from these admittedly minor plot holes, the show’s pacing and emphasis on sheer spectacle is detrimental to its characters and that unfortunately cannot be overlooked. This is why the first part of the episode where the Magnificent Seven do nothing but walk and exchange words is one of the best parts of the episode. It’s been a long time since we had a proper character-driven scene and the show has clearly become better at large scale action sequences than at writing its own characters. Gone were the compelling quiet but ultimately oh-so important exchanges that said little but meant a lot. Here everything is said blatantly, the meaning and purpose very clear and intent on propelling the story forward (with the exception of Littlefinger who continues to babble meaningless stuff while meaninglessly wandering the corridors of Winterfell). This unfortunately means out-of-character behaviors or character misreadings on our parts. Why Jon chooses to bend the knee regardless of what he’s been saying and been told this season regarding the North’s loyalty to the North only is still up to debate. But clearly, this is not being smarter than his father or his brother.

But more than this, the Winterfell storyline is even a better example. After Jon and Sansa reunited last season, viewers were eager to see the rest of the Starks back in Winterfell. Wish granted this season. But with a twist as the siblings behave quite oddly, ranging from blank stares to downright psychopathic behavior. Starting with Bran/Three Eyed Raven who dismisses so easily poor Meera (the girl hardly gets any recognition for what’s she’s done for Bran, from him or his family for that matter), goes on to not hug one sister but hugs the other and casually triggers aforementioned sister’s PTSD. All the while not sharing crucial information about their brother/cousin and also about Littlefinger being the ultimate reason behind Ned’s death. Perhaps that could come in handy in the Sansa/Arya conflict, easily the weakest storyline of the episode and the entire season. After years apart, one would think that you could actually put your childish sisterly bickering behind and work together or at least make an effort. To have Arya act like this is so infuriating that you can’t help but wonder who on Earth thought that this was a good idea. Especially since Arya’s arguments can all easily be debunked. Why the show didn’t go the same route as Sansa and Jon who clearly exchanged their respective stories and instead chose to have Arya and Sansa not communicate baffles me. One would think that is the first thing one would do after reuniting for years. It was already irking when they reunited that Sansa didn’t mention that no she didn’t kill Joffrey but that she was the one who ended the man who took the castle. Here Arya conveniently omits the fact that she also saw Sansa screaming and trying to free herself for her father’s life when he was executed and that she spent a whole season serving Tywin Lannister - living with the enemy and choosing not to kill them all just like Sansa did. Seeing Arya go so far as threatening her own kin’s life when it was made clear last season that she wanted to retain her link to her family is out of character and even if theorists are true in speculating that she was playing a game with Sansa, it’s still a shitty move to make instead of you know… just talking and a rather weak plot device at that, placed here just for the sake of creating drama.

This leads to Sansa sending Brienne away right after Littlefinger points out that Brienne ought to take someone’s side should Arya and Sansa be pitted against each other. The show does not dwell anymore on making its characters’ minds clear. Move forward it must and it’s up to the viewers to guess what their characters are thinking. Jon, Dany, Bran and Arya have all fallen in this blank stare problem but it is even more obvious with Sansa. Because the character itself polarizes the fandom, her unreadable expressions pose more problems than other characters because viewers are more prone to misinterpret the character’s mind. Take her dismissal of Brienne this episode. Clearly, she was intent on having Brienne gone. But it’s not explicitly said why and of course, some are already saying that’s because she wants to kill Arya without Brienne interfering. That people assume Sansa would want to kill her own sister when Arya was clearly the one making threats is beyond me and shows how Sansa is misunderstood as a character. No matter how Thrones shows that she places her family above all - unlike Jon and Arya for that matter - there will always be some misconception about who this character is because of the errors she made when she was a teenager and the unfair hate she gets for it. A more proper explanation is that either she’s playing Littlefinger or that she sent Brienne away so that she wouldn’t have to hurt Arya should Arya attempt something. The most plausible one is that it was just an excuse to have Brienne magically pop up in King’s Landing next week and reunite with Jaime. Likewise, Sansa’s look on Arya and Brienne fighting in The Spoils of War could be interpreted as jealousy. But think about it and it does not make any sense. Jealousy over what ? Fighting skills ? Sansa would have no reason to be jealous of that - she’s never been one to physically fight. That’s not her place. What she showed (or rather chose to not show to Littlefinger) was probably how she was upset that her sister came back as a complete stranger who would more than likely go on the battlefield sooner than later and that yet again, her family would be scattering to the winds. Unfortunately, these interpretations are not the most easily guessed and one has to really put thoughts into it - which is more than most viewers do really.

Reducing the cast in a rather drastic move last season supposedly held more screentime for the remaining cast. While that is mostly true, the show still struggles to balance and write its still numerous characters properly. It helps that it’s able to direct most viewers’ eyes in another direction but really… where is Theon? What of Yara? What’s Euron doing ? Has Melisandre already arrived at Volantis ? Thrones remains one of the best on television right now. Unfortunately, the decision to speed up while reducing the number of episodes amplifies problems that had been so far acceptable. But for all the sheer spectacle the show now excels at, it’s not enough anymore to mask blatant pacing problems and loss of character consistency. Usually, TV shows are asked not to linger for too long. In Thrones’ case, it’s more of the opposite in that it’d be best if they just slowed down a little bit.

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Even when Haggar is working in Lotor’s shadow in her projects and sometimes commanding the ships, he still holds control over the armies and have duties to attend as the new Emperor. This means, he has to keep fighting against Voltron. Unlike his father, Lotor has no obsession towards any of the Lions, and is capable of making formidable plans. He doesn’t aim to kill, though. And even when he manages to defeat Voltron several times, he doesn’t capture them.

This is a relief, really. Since they aren’t the top one priority on Lotor’s list and don’t have to be running away all the time, this gives them time to heal, train and more importantly to make better plans to stop Lotor and Haggar.

Sometimes they win, sometimes they lose, and sometimes, Voltron and the Galra Prince meets on equal grounds.

Allura always take these moments as an opportunity to try and get closer to Lotor or at least try to make him see reason. Lance also takes advantages of their little meetings, standing close the Prince to exchange some words with him.

He jokes, he smiles, and when the Prince looks at him with curious eyes, he pretends not to notice his absence.

Lance is not stupid. He changes from place constantly and he talks to everyone to avoid raising suspicions. He can’t give Lotor his undivided attention, at least not yet.

When their encounters finish, Lance makes sure to always be the last one to go. He does this in order to talk to the Prince on his own, at least for a few minutes before anyone notices.

A simple “Good bye, my prince.” Accompanied by a wink or a joke is a good start. It’s a small gesture, but he can see how surprise and embarrassed the prince is. He keeps doing this for a while. Sometimes instead of jokes, Lance gives him compliments. Never failing to make him blush. The prince never replies him, he only laughs or smiles. When he finally does reply to Lance, he only says “Good bye, my paladin.”

Lance feels incredibly happy. He knows it’s something small, but it was progress.

They talk when no one is around.

“What a day, huh?”

“You never get tired of wearing that heavy armor?”

“How do you manage to keep a hair so perfect in every planet you visit?”

Their conversations are simple, about nothing important but entertaining in a way. Lance jokes, and makes the prince smile a lot. He also flirts, calling Lotor sweet names. Recognizing which one makes Lotor blush the most and sticking with that one. And really, Lotor’s reactions are lovely. Sometimes Lance remembers that Lotor probably is the same age as Allura, and like them, he probably is fighting a war he has no interested in. It’s hard, but he pushes those thoughts away from his mind. If he pities Lotor, he will care. And if he cares, he will be throwing his plan to the trash because he won’t be able to take the risk to hurt him.

He sighs, and calls Lotor “My love” with no real feelings behind the words. He’s getting bold, he knows it. He test his boundaries and starts looking for any little excuse to touch Lotor. Lance analyzes his reactions and let Lotor get used to one thing before trying something new. He starts by casually grabbing the Prince shoulder or putting his hand on him in a friendly gesture. He instantly notices Lotor is not used to being touch and Lance blames it to him being part of royalty and not letting people be near him.

He touches his hair next.


“Because I need to prove if it’s as soft as it looks. Now, stop complaining and come here.”

Lotor hair is soft. And really, at this point Lance was jealous of his perfect hair. Still, no matter how jealous he can’t keep his hands away from it. When he lets his hands fall and frees the prince from his exploration, he makes sure to slightly touch his neck with his fingertips.

Lotor jumps and blushes like he always do, looking at Lance scandalized.  Lance acts oblivious and pretends not to know what is happening.

Of course, it couldn’t remain a secret.

The princess eventually notices something is going on between Lotor and the Blue Paladin and Lance is forced to explain what’s going on. He’s not happy to tell her, but it’s necessary if he wants her to keep trusting him. To his big surprise, the princess is not mad. She actually really proud, and even encourages him to keep doing it.

Thanks to this, Lance had more time to talk with Lotor after every meeting. Meaning he had more time to make a good approach.

He informs Allura about his advances. Sometimes she helps him to plan what to do next or find excuses to make the other paladins leave the room faster to let Lance do his magic or making all the paladins wear the traditional attires of the planets they were visiting just to  make Lance wear some tight clothes.

He can’t truly complain. Not when he looks so good and when his prince seems to be enjoying it too.

When Lotor starts looking eager to see him, Lance changes the rules of the game.

He starts paying more attention to his friends or anything that wasn’t Lotor and starts leaving the room when everyone does. It forced the prince to act. To make Lotor reach for Lance to make him stay with him.

He starts touching Lance on his own will. Lance looks coy whenever the prince does it, and suddenly, he’s not so flirty or confident anymore. Lotor is the one in control. Or something like that.

Lance is allowing the prince to do the chasing, the flirting. And to be honest, Lance is enjoying it. He can see the prince is new ‘Flirting’ thing, but it’s endearing.

Allura decides to send him in a solo mission to a planet where Lotor is to help him things go faster. Of course, when he arrives and the half-Galra sees him, he acts surprise and lets Lotor know what a great causality is to find him there.

Lotor doesn’t let him talk much, and takes him somewhere away from his guards. They hide in a dark alley, and when Lotor decides they are safe, Lance hugs him. The prince returns the hug and embrace Lance with hesitation but eagerness.

He looks at Lance with longing in his eyes, and he can’t help but blush. Lotor has his hands on his waist, keeping him close.

Lance bits his lip, and Lotor takes a deep breath. For a moment, Lance thinks the prince will kiss him… But he doesn’t. Lotor is not ready, he looks doubtful. So Lance breaks apart, and only gives him a sweet kiss on the cheek.

Lotor looks a bit disappointed.

“It’s good to see you, my prince.”

Lotor’s smile returns, and he nods leaning to kiss him on the cheek too. “The pleasure is all mine, my paladin.”

The prince starts telling him about his day, omitting important information related to the Empire as always.

Lance doesn’t mind. He knows all his efforts will be worth it. If he wants to be successful, he needs to be patient, right? Lance could already see the prince cracking, fighting with himself to open up to the paladin.

Slowly, but surely, he could see Lotor falling harder for him with each passing day.

The week passes quickly.

“It’s time for me to go.”  Lance says.

“What? Why?”

“Lotor, I finished my mission days ago. I need to return to my team, they need me.”

“Can’t you stay a bit longer?” Lotor takes his hand. His grip on him is strong.

“I’m sorry, but I told you I need to go.”

The half-Galra looks devastated, and hugs Lance tightly to prevent him from leaving his side.

Lance smiles. He had Lotor where he wanted.

He cups his face in his hands, and looks at him directly at his eyes.

Lotor has a deep purple on his face and Lance knows he’s blushing too.

Lotor finally kiss him.  It’s soft, sweet and kind. Nothing like he had expected from the son of someone like Zarkon.

He welcomes it, though. And joins the kiss with eagerness, thinking he had the right to enjoy the moment as a reward for his hard work.

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I’m sorry, even despite the mockery they made of him in Thor Ragnarok, Loki is canonically unbelivably smart and powerful. He is the only one in Asgard with the power to shield himself from Heimdall’s sight (a power that is granted to him by a freaking Infinity Stone) and is also the only one who knows the hidden passages to travel through the Realms. Not to mention he is shown to have similar powers to Heimdall to watch over the Realms (when he is seeing Thor and the Destroyer fight) even though they are nowhere near as advanced. Also, he learned how to use his Jotunn powers AND the Casket of Ancient Winters in less than three days after learning of his heritage. He fell through the Void, a place so desolate and dangerous that everyone in Asgard thought it was imposible to survive it, and not only got out alive, but also managed to get two powerful weapons (the Scepter and the Tesseract), the favor of one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse (Thanos) and the promise of an Army and a Realm to rule if he could lead the invasion. He also made an alliance with HYDRA within two days of his arrival to Earth, and build a small army of at least 200 people to help him defeat SHIELD and keep the Tesseract protected. Yeah, his arrogance lead to the Window finding out about his plans, but against all odds that didn’t stop him from carrying them out perfectly. In the end, Loki’s invasion of Eath was NOT stopped by Thor, not by SHIELD, not even by the Avengers - it was stopped by a freaking NUCLEAR BOMB. Yeah, he was beaten down by the Hulk, but pretty much everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn’t stand a chance against him, so there’s that. In the Dark World he killed a small army of Dark Elves using only a dagger, and manged to kill Kurse - a freaking monster from Asgard’s ancient times. A monster that upon giving Loki a first glance was so utterly concious of his power that he refused to let him out of his cell, even thought he freed literally everyone else. He was outsmarted by Thor once, whereas Loki has played Thor like a fool in literally every movie before Ragnarok (making him fall for his illusions at least 3 times, faking his death, telling him his father had died, ect). In fact, in the Dark World he sucessfully tricks Thor even thought he was already anticipating to be betrayed from the beginning. Even in Ragnarok, Loki is shown to be so poweful that he managed to defeat and banish the Allfather himself without anyone finding out about it for 4 fucking years. Not to mention he gained the Grandmaster’s favor (another of the most powerful creatures in the multiverse) within 2 weeks of arriving to Sakkaar and covinced a revolutionary cell to go to the other side of the galaxy to fight in a war that had nothing to do with them for a Realm whose name they had never even heard. Ok, Loki was totally beaten by both Strange and Valkyrie, but Strange is a sorcerer who gets his power from, surprise, surprise, another Infinity Stone, and Valkyrie is an elite worrior who is probably 5 times older than him and who also managed to deafeat Thor. I hardly see how that is a display of weakness.