I can relate to this


happy birthday to our honey boy yoongi!
thank you for being our inspiration

First body paragraphs: Eloquent, lovely. Unparalleled beauty in both diction and grammar. Thesis is strongly supported. Wide vocabulary. A semicolon is used. 

Last body paragraph: Short. Ugly. The crops are dying. Using the word “because” 56 times in only a few lines. Sentence structure whomst’ve? Forgot what my thesis says. In the distance, screaming

hot take: villains don’t have to die to get redemption. 

it’s more admirable to see them live with their past choices and make better ones to show their growth.


In the eyes of a child… 


The comic is based on the video theory linked above. Go on and check it out! Also, this is an excuse to draw a good boi Baldi so…

Damn I actually made something that isnt traditional art

I apologize if some images are slightly blurry/low quality. Tumblr wont let me post more than 10 pictures.


Baldi belongs mystman12

Art belongs to me

Theory belongs to SuperHorrorBro

I’ve been following the @/strawberriesklance comic on ig lately and it’s really cute I recommend yall to check it out, super excited to see where the story is going,,, anyway i wanted to do a little redraw of my favorite scene from the comic,,,,, just,,, oof heart eyes man,,, made me super soft


new friend!! new friend!! hope this one doesnt die thirty minutes into the next episode!!

wrt to the cliffhanger i wont claim i wasnt as surprised as the next person but i feel like we shouldnt be surprised that the guy in the ‘goth dad’ t-shirt secretly gave his character one of the gothest name possible

fanfic: i’m a slowburn, 200 000 word fic, featuring your otp in enemies to lovers with sufficient angst and a tasteful smut scene three quarters through

my mind: it’s 3am.


my mind: bItch n0

me: bItch yEs

Putting the “weight” in “wait, those babies calves are better than mine”. 

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