I bet you look good on the dance floor

playlists ☻

(some song choices are based on lyrics, but most are based on the overall feeling/tone of the song)

aries playlist:
- cake // melanie martinez
- i bet you look good on the dance floor // arctic monkeys
- hurt me // låpsley
- got it // marian hill
- don’t let me down // the chainsmokers
- i would like // zara larsson
- rio // duran duran

taurus playlist:
- don’t worry baby // the beach boys
- night ride // the growlers
- falling for you // norman doray
- hold on you // jake bugg
- comfortably numb // pink floyd
- we won’t // jaymes young
- hurricane // halsey

gemini playlist:
- hermit the frog // marina and the diamonds
- grey matter // oingo boingo
- make a circuit with me // the polecats
- don’t leave // snakehips
- sneakin’ // drake
- thinking ‘bout you // dua lipa
- brand new moves // hey violet

cancer playlist:
- this charming man // the smiths
- coming down // halsey
- the quiet // troye sivan
- for no one // the beatles
- happy // marina and the diamonds
- no. 1 party anthem // arctic monkeys
- say something // a great big world

leo playlist:
- call me // blondie
- dangerous woman // ariana grande
- guys my age // hey violet
- maneater // daryl hall & john oates
- not afraid anymore // halsey
- hey ladies // beastie boys
- you don’t own me // grace

virgo playlist:
- lowlife // that poppy
- i see fire // ed sheeran
- rocket man // elton john
- the greatest // sia
- scared to be lonely // martin garrix
- nobody // alxxa
- daddy // rotana

libra playlist:
- hold me close // overcoats
- weak // ajr
- no matter // frances
- nowhere man // the beatles
- cave me in // gallant
- your girl // violet days
- inbetween days // the cure

scorpio playlist:
- hypnotic // zella day
- back to me // marian hill
- bullet with butterfly wings // smashing pumpkins
- what you do to me // john legend
- cry baby // the neighborhood
- i don’t care // ariana grande
- gingerbread man // melanie martinez

sagittarius playlist:
- shape of you // ed sheeran
- fragile // gnash
- stairway to heaven // led zeppelin
- heaven knows i’m miserable now // the smiths
- blue // troye sivan
- young and beautiful // lana del rey
- haunting // halsey

capricorn playlist:
- sad boy // g-eazy
- game plan // ojivolta
- tell me the truth // låpsley
- i walk the line // johnny cash
- big lie // post malone
- make you feel my love // adele (original: bob dylan)
- hotter than hell // dua lipa

aquarius playlist:
- some kind of drug // g-eazy
- i got you // bebe rexha
- love me now // john legend
- dancing with myself // bob dylan
- 24k magic // bruno mars
- H2O // jasmine sokko
- car radio // twenty one pilots

pisces playlist:
- california dreamin’ // the mamas & the papas
- things i’d do for u // astronomyy
- moonlight // ariana grande
- milk & cookies // melanie martinez
- colors // halsey
- waitress in the sky // the replacements
- ill be around // the growlers

I really needed to get this out of my system. Keith is dancing to I NEED U by BTS (in both pics. I love that dance move) and Lance is dancing to Fire by BTS in the top one and in the bottom, he’s dancing to NO MORE DREAM also by BTS. This was so fun I hope you enjoy.
Inspired by this fic 

notanotherjaneausten  asked:

I bet that you look good on the dance floor

(( OOC: Well the last time I was on the dance floor, apparently I looked good enough to have some guy sneak up on me, grab me from behind, literally wrap his arms around me and proceed to grind up on my arse… while I looked like this?

I don’t have that happen often, lol. 

Meg proceeded to literally grab the dude’s face and shove him away from me. 

My hero. XD )) 

anonymous asked:

can you recommend amazing fics ? some that everyone knows ? it's been a while that i have read a really good fic (ive already read, Shut Up And Dance With Me, On Thin Ice, Call Me Beep Me, Dirty Laundry, The Marks We Make, Watercast, and I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor),,,,, thanks !! (any AU in modern setting would be preferred <3)

‘fic that everyone knows’ yeah! we’ve made a list like that before, so i’m just going to continue from there with modern au’s
- Vallie

most popular completed fic post

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts (1/1 | 50,369 | Teen and Up)

Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

you never stood a chance by kagshina (1/1 | 12,221 | Teen and Up)

lance to hunk ♡
>i’m gonna fukin die hunk oh mygod i sent
>keith a work out selfie that i wan supposed to fcukin send to you and you know what it said

(Or, Keith is beautiful, Lance has a crush, and there’s lots of shirtless selfies)

of florists and tennis shoes by venpast (11/11 | 63,783 | Teen and Up)

‘Lance wasn’t sure if he’d imagined the brief tremble at the corner of Keith’s lips or not, that slight stutter that promised a smile. But before he could guess further, Keith gave his knee a shove and got to his feet. He reached out to him, “I’m done here, and I’ve still got some daisies to sell you.”

“Yeah,” Lance agreed, looking down at the extended palm, noting the little Saturn tattoo on the inside of Keith’s wrist where the sleeve hiked. He took the hand, “better not overprice those too, you asshole.”’

(in which lance is a broke university student trying to impress a pretty girl with flowers, but ends up falling for the florist that sells them instead.)


Not That Bad by varelsen (12/12 | 67,847 | Mature)

“Am I really going to have to explain this to you?”
“No, I’m totally fine with you shutting up right about now.”
Hunk cups his hands around his mouth. “You. Are crushing. On Keith.”

Or, a college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.


Costumed Identities by Trashness (3/3 | 41,538 | Teen and Up)

Lance and Keith are rival cosplayers, who only know each other by their online usernames. They are fiercely competitive, but are also desperately attracted to each other. You’d think they would just get together already, but there’s a couple of problems:
1. Keith crossplays, so Lance has absolutely no idea that Keith is a boy.
2. Both of them are idiots, and can’t seem to figure out that that hot cosplayer they like, is also that hot guy that they drool over every day at school.

I just really want them to dance to old school Beyoncé |x| |x| and Fergie |x|

And i blame this dance!au fic —> “I bet you look good on the dance floor.” 

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor - Arctic Monkeys

Okay, here it is!! My first ever taunt video! I would like to love and thank @c-3pno for the clips, you are such an amazing friendo and I love you so much!

Any way, I hyped this up so much because I was so excited, but I apologise if it is terrible (it is my first one, give me a break)

Tagging: @oceanee @lucilaura @chapinfan69 @revengeworld because these guys wanted to see it!

I didn’t give up with the timing at the end what are you talking about…

@boogiewrites masterlist.

Also on AO3 as JimJams83

Peaky Blinders - Alfie Solomons

Stranger Things - Jim Hopper

Frontier - Declan Harp

Lawless - Forrest Bondurant

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Weekly Roundup 1/7/18

Every Drarry fic I’ve read and enjoyed this week…..

Dragons Hide by featherflairs (Explicit, 60 K)

Summary: “Finally got me on my knees, eh Potter?” He smirked up at him, scandalously close to flirting with him as he put Potter’s foot on the scale.“Could you please carry on?” He coughed, awkward when faced with Draco’s brashness.Draco smiled dryly, reaching for Potter’s left foot after writing down the measurements.“You should consider yourself lucky. I’m usually quite picky with who I service.”

I Could Write a Book by groolover (Mature, 22 K)

This was just a huge ball of fluff :)
Summary: Ginny and her Holyhead Harpies team-mates have been drinking all afternoon. Harry is late. Things go downhill from there.

Anything But Ordinary by 0idontknow0 (Explicit, 37 K)

At the very start of this fic I was thinking omg, this is going to be so angsty, I don’t know if I’m in the mood for angst right now. But I had a feeling it would be brilliant so I kept on anyway, and I am so glad I did. It is SO good. 
Summary: “I got someone pregnant,” he said. “Draco Malfoy to be specific.”

I Bet That You Look Good on the Dance Floor by birdsofshore (Explicit, 27 K)

Summary: Harry felt lit up from inside as soon as he entered the bar. There were blokes dancing together, their bodies close to one another, not keeping a wary distance as Harry was always careful to do when he was near another man. God, he wanted this – wanted it so much he could taste it, a metallic tang of heat and desire. He suspected nothing would ever be the same again – especially when he saw who else was in the room.

He Was He and I Was Bunny by bryoneybrynn (Explicit, 37 K)

Summary: The war is over and “eighth year” is about to begin at Hogwarts. But for Harry and Draco, nothing is quite the same. Harry’s looking for an escape, Draco’s looking for a friend. Does a little black bunny hold the answers for both of our boys?

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout (Mature, 49 K)

Summary: Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

Shibboleths by zeitgeistic (faire_weather) (Explicit, 109 K)

So, I’m not really sure what I was originally expecting from this fic but I can tell you right now that it was completely different from what I got. It had me hanging until the very end.
Summary: Muggle Immersion co-Professor Harry Potter spends his days hanging with his son, reading to his “dog,” teaching magical kids about the internet with his cousin Dudley, and irritating Snape’s portrait. He’s understandably annoyed when his cosy life is interrupted by the Headmistress hiring on Draco Malfoy to be Hogwarts’ new Ancient Magical Cultures and Spellcasting professor. But then the explosion happens, and it turns out they’ll all need Malfoy’s knowledge if they want the magical world to survive.

Bed Music by LowerEastSide (Explicit, 29 K)

Summary: The new call-in sex advice show on the WWN is Very Inappropriate, Harry thinks. But he finds himself spending more and more time with Malfoy anyways. Will Draco be able to convince him of the necessity of open discourse on sex, consent, and intimacy? And what are the Greengrass sisters plotting? Caller, go ahead!

From this years HD Consentfest

The Vestigials by Ichigogalaxy (Explicit, 23 K)

Summary: Ron is sent to an abandoned warehouse to respond to disturbances, only to get there and find Draco Malfoy, bloody, naked and surrounded by dead people. In comes Healer Harry, assigned to help him and figure out why Draco Malfoy has shown up in St. Mungo’s after he was supposed to be dead.