I am very bad about posting regularly

it’s funny how people are still following me even if I’m inactive af

eh, I’ll come back eventually, but these past few weeks I felt too stressed to think about my responsibility as the admin of this blog, and I am exhausted. yesterday I realized just how bad my exhaustion is or let’s say I noticed for the first time that I’m not just physically exhausted but mentally as well due to stressful situations in school and in my private life, and therefore I won’t be able to say when I’ll start posting regularly again.

I need some time to rethink my life and change things, so that this exhaustion doesn’t get worse to the point of turning into something very ugly, dark and demonic.

I hope I can come back as soon as possible, because the point of this blog is to make people smile, or feel better even if it’s just for a few minutes. But for now, I just want to focus on getting back on track.

Hello again Tumblr!

Willow and I are still alive!

We took a very long break from social media back in December/January - sorry about that - mainly for my personal mental health.

My life has changed quite a bit since then - lots of bad luck and unfortunate events has led both Willow and I to lose a lot of things in our lives.

I’m happy to say my mental health is doing better these days although I am still in a rough patch so I’ll try to post regularly!

I got tagged in two different asks by @stillastranger and @saltycannibaldonut. They had some of the same questions so I’m fusing them as one :3

Name: Anna
Nicknames: None that’s stuck, you don’t get good one’s from Anna sadly
Gender: Female
Height: 162 cm/5′3′‘
Nationality: Finnish
Sexual orientation: Grey-A but I don’t like to talk about personal things like that on my blog
Birthday: October 15 1990
Starsign: Libra 
Favourite color: Black, purple, crimson
Favourite food: Pizza
Lucky number: Don’t have one
Average hours of sleep: Anything between 2 and 12, my sleeping is messed up
Cat or dog person: Cat
Favourite fictional character: Snape, V from V for Vendetta, Nemi
Favourite band: The Birthday Massacre, The Cure, Rammstein, mind.in.a.box, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, The Sisters of Mercy, Type O Negative…
Favourite solo artists: Lana Del Rey, Michael Jackson, Emilie Autumn (pre-FLAG)…
Song stuck in my head: Pet Shop Boys - I Don’t Know What You Want But I Can’t Give It Anymore
Favorite song right now: Gene Loves Jezebel - Desire
Do I play any instruments: Not really, only the very basics of piano
Dream trip: Tokyo, NYC, touring Europe
Dream job: Costume maker
Time right now: 21:29
Last movie I watched: Memento
Last TV show I watched: The Simpsons
Last thing I googled: “moses with horns” (I was reading about Michelangelo)
What am I wearing right now: Black velvet top and trousers, black/white/crimson 90s vintage oversized fleece
What kind of stuff do I post: Gothic fashion, literature, architecture and music, horror films, tips for babybats, nature, all things macabre and spooky
Do I get asks regularly: Yes, but I’m quite bad at keeping up with them at the moment
Why did I choose my url: The Spooky Loop is an instrumental by The Birthday Massacre. All my usual usernames were taken when I joined deviantART and I just went with something thinking I’d change it later. To keep things consistent I used it when I joined Tumblr and here we are, almost a decade later.
When did i create my blog: August 2011
Do I have any other blogs: Yes, @macabremillinery but I don’t post on it regularly
Followers: 35k+
Following: 415

I don’t tend to tag cause I’m so bad at remembering usernames, but let’s go with @haus-of-grotesque, @louiselafantasma, @lilithlovegood, @mszombi, @thegothicalice :3

…Sigh. I know i’ve already apologized before, but i just felt the need to do it again because..yeah. Anyways, i know i’ve become really bad at regularly posting, and i really am sorry about that to anyone who actually likes this blog at all - i dont even have any physical reasons for being unable to post regularly. Or answering asks (of which im still very behind on hehe). But yea. Just wanted to say sorry to y’all again. Yep. Cool. Sorry

i feel bad that so many ppl feel bad abt their art bc of the number of notes they get.. like i totally, totally understand the need to feel validation and i am in the same boat, i get it, but if ur feeling down about it & u want to feel better heres my experience w the Tunglr Note-Art Economy and how to handle it Skillfully:

  • the ppl who post regularly get the most notes. ive seen tons of incredible artists who only post a new piece once every few months and get very few notes, while some less advanced stuff gets 1000s of hits bc the artist posts smthng every few days or so
  • so POST UR ART!!! of course u want to be proud of what u put out, so if youre really not digging it, no pressure! but it will be good for exposure & for ur motivation and improvement if you challenge yourself to post every two weeks, or every 5 days, or every tuesday and sunday. whatever works best for you!
  • it helps to stay committed to one topic if youre just at the start of your Art Posting Career™. i know, i know, that sounds boring and dull and like an art. cage or something, but honestly!! like, you have your home fandom already. draw crap! draw lots of crap for the fandom! it will be fun, you will be learning, and ppl will follow you bc they know you are the Blog With The Fresh Steven Universe Content. or Undertale Content. or  whatever the youth are into these days
  • doodles count!! you dont have to be pumping out full-page color illustrations every 3 days. just try to post something!! 
  • that tiny morty u were messing around w in sai for 15 minutes…actually looks pretty cute?? well heck, post it, u dont have to wait to meticulously line it and color it and give it a background if u dont wanna
  • its YOUR blog, your art, and you shouldnt feel ashamed posting anything or comparing urself to others!! were all learning, this isnt a professional portfolio, just. post it. and they will come. i cant tell you how much ive improved bc i just did it. i posted my art. when you post it makes you feel accountable for it, it makes it feel more serious, it makes you get more serious about it. i need a good kick in the butt to motivate myself and posting my art publicly did that for me
  • remember to tag ur art lmao
  • ppl tend to go for character interaction and little comics and things. consider: you could post a standalone fully rendered mabel drawing, thats Cool! but if youre feeling like u want to challenge yourself, draw mabel hugging waddles asleep on the porch. as a beginner on here, unless you have a VERY unique style to the lone mabel drawing, the second option will get more notes!! people will feel emotions deeper looking at the second option regardless of your skill level and that makes it more marketable. (same w comics, etc, its about character interaction thats what the people want)
  • OKAY! so youve followed all of these steps. good for u my guy 
  • the last one is to BE PATIENT. it takes a while for this stuff to really catch on, its a commitment. but if youre looking for note validation w your art thats how id recommend getting it. as you post more frequently youll get more followers which = more ppl to reblog ur stuff which = more notes which = more followers, etc. it all builds exposure!! the hard part is breaking into the cycle.
  • now you have fun tags on ur art to read! neato!
  • and now that you have an audience you can introduce original content that lots of people will see and take interest in as well!! see how that worked?? NICE
  • if youre not into doing this im just gonna leave w saying that the number of notes does not reflect the quality of the art. of course there are exceptions, but do not beat yourself up over a lack of notes. notes come down to promoting yourself on the tunglr and that takes time and its hard. if you want notes, go get them! if not, thats fine too. notes are not a measure of the quality of your work, a lot or a little. what really matters is how you feel abt ur art and how you improve along the way
  • thank u im gonna go pet my dog now