I absolutely loved what they did with Donna's hair in that episode

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suits is getting ridiculous.  (vibe spoilers)

i’m not sure why, but the slow episode that was 8x08 made me want to pull out my hair about the writing of the whole show. here’s my take that absolutely nobody asked for:

1) #darvey is arguably the couple pairing that most people care about right now (source: check mike ross’s recent darvey tweet and the 17000 likes) - but they didn’t have a single scene together in this episode? it’s season 8, y’all. darvey is your money maker, and this is just irresponsible if you want to keep your fanbase invested.  having them say the same things about how the first time harvey lost but kept fighting for mike wasn’t cute, it was pointless. literally can the writers actually talk for just five minutes about where they want to take the relationship? commit to it or end it, this back and forth between flirty darvey and nothing darvey is literally going to be what kills this show

2) wtf were the storylines this week??  we spent so much time on focusing on louis’s background story which is great and all because i love rick hoffman’s vulnerable acting but a) it was so long b) it didn’t even go anywhere and c) i’m still mad about the fact they never give these kinds of plot opportunities to donna or god forbid, any other female character on the show. aren’t they all supposed to be equal?? why not explore ALL of your talent cast and characters?? 

2b) not sure what samantha wheeler’s case did in terms of plot. glad to see she can lose gracefully i guess?? low plot build-up, great execution (k heigl is really serving these “get your ass outta my face” looks i’m here for it) but also low climax. seemed to fall flat.

2c) i literally did not get gretchen and alex’s plotline. i love aloma wright i’m all for more screen time but her plotlines were so half-assed, i didn’t see the point of it. it was just conflict, some detective work, some threatening, and essentially no resolution. 

3) where the fuck is amanda schull what is wrong with you people. also can you stop writing her like she’s in love with brian what literally was the point of that

idk where all this is leading to. i’m open to being completely blown away the next two episodes and having it all tie back to the mundane content that was this week’s. if they end up being as flat, count me out.  from this moment, it just seems so disorganized and fragmented, and this show has seen better days. i’d be happy to be proven wrong though. 

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Would you talk more about Martha x Donna? I could ship it

OKAY SO, I love RTD but I have to start this post by saying that he fucked up with Martha and Donna. Like, a lot. I have a ton of issues with how Martha was treated and I will always be bitter about Martha and Donna’s respective endings because… I mean, look at what he gave them.

Donna: Stuck with incurable memory loss because it was the only ending that would fit with the creation of Rose’s Doctor clone and tenuous happy ending. Had all agency and character development stripped away from her. Married off in The End of Time and given a lottery ticket as a consolation prize. Issues of plausibility and consent regarding the mindwipe are never addressed.

Martha: Inexplicably estranged from her fiancee Tom Milligan. Last seen as a freelance fighter. She is married to Mickey, a character with whom she has no on-screen chemistry or interaction with, because Russell T wanted to create a Smith and Jones pun (I am not making this up, that is from his own mouth. She got with Mickey for a fucking pun).

But putting aside that negativity, I have to absolutely applaud RTD for the sublime relationship he gave these two women. He didn’t have a lot of screen time to devote to them together, but in a short span of time he still made something beautiful. It blows all that ‘fighting over a man’ nonsense straight out of the water. There’s never any bitchiness or jealousy between them (thank God we didn’t have to sit through another School Reunion, right) it’s just respect among equals. 

In my opinion, when Donna and Martha met each other it was love at first sight. Platonic or romantic, whatever you choose to see, it’s undeniable that they’re drawn to each other from the moment they meet, and are instantly devoted to supporting and protecting one another. They are genuinely impressed by all the other’s achievements. Donna is always trying to make Martha laugh and she pays close attention to her wellbeing and feelings after a trauma - often closer than the Doctor. It’s a case of ladies protecting ladies and ladies loving ladies - and under it all there’s a whiff of special intrigue, or particularly tender warmth. They smile at each other a little too long. They hug a little too long. When they see each other again, they are drawn together, and they delight in the other’s company.

One of my fave moments: “I can see why he likes you. You are good.”

Me too, Martha.

Then there’s The Doctor’s Daughter where Donna is even more protective of Martha than the Doctor, shouting, “Her name’s Martha, and she’s not collateral damage, not for anyone, have you got that?”

This episode is also gr9 because when Martha reunites with the others, the Doctor gets to her first and hugs her and he’s trying to talk to her but Martha’s just

oh my god it’s donna

it’s donna

and she fuckin hurls the Doctor’s skinny ass aside so she can give the bae a big hug

ALSO while we’re talking about sweet, glorious lady hugs, let’s appreciate that in Journey’s End, the first shot after they fly the earth home is on Martha and Donna, who turn instinctively to one another out of everyone else in the room and hug.

Their relationship is just so pure and healthy: they protect each other, they treat each other as equals, they make each other laugh, and they’re a fantastic team when it comes to solving crises too. AND THEY HAVE REALLY GREAT HUGS.

The way I actually started shipping Martha and Donna was by fantasising over how I would fix their respective endings in canon. I’ve always adored their friendship, so I came up with the idea that Martha found her friend Donna Noble in the intervening months after Journey’s End (because hey - did anyone ever even tell Martha what happened to Donna? She deserved to know). She is working with Wilf to find a cure. The Doctor comes back as per End of Time. Martha absolutely chews him out for wiping her mind and abandoning her. She really lets him have it and they actually ADDRESS that it was non-consensual and that the Doctor was wrong to do it the way he did.

The mess with the Master happens, and thanks to Martha acting as Donna’s doctor and administering some kind of partial cure (probably against the Doctor’s wishes because he’d say it wasn’t worth the risk) Donna undergoes a partial regeneration and becomes a stable human/time lord hybrid like Tentoo was (AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON HOW IT MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE THAT TENTOO, A HUMAN WITH A TIME LORD BRAIN, CAN SURVIVE WHILE DONNA CAN’T honestly the Rose/Tentoo ending is a fucking mess ugh). 

Donna and Martha help save the world, but the Doctor is badly hurt in the process, as in canon. Donna and the Doctor get to have their tearful reunion. The Doctor asks Donna to come with him, but she says no. She gets to confront him over what he did to her. She chooses to leave. She cobbles together a time machine - perhaps by growing a TARDIS or building something of her own - and then she and Martha Jones fly into the stars together. She chooses a life in the stars with Martha, the doctor who didn’t abandon her; the doctor who stayed with her when she was sick; the doctor that looked for a cure; the doctor that saved her.

And THAT is when we discover that the prophecy of the DoctorDonna was actually referring to the duo of Doctor Martha Jones and Donna Noble, who travel time and space together. And the Doctor is terribly sad to see them go, but also proud. So, so proud. Because these are his soldiers - a fiery, red-haired woman who has never wielded a gun and who solves problems by being quick, clever and talkative, and an incredibly tenacious, courageous and compassionate doctor who will never leave a patient behind, ever. His song is ending, but the song of the DoctorDonna is only just beginning. They part on good terms, but it’s obvious he probably won’t see them again - except maybe in specials - and the Doctor carries on, regenerates, and Eleven’s run continues as normal.

I’m not a huge Moffat-era fan, but I was impressed with Clara’s ending because “flying off into the stars with her space girlfiend” is the ending I wanted for Martha and Donna, and that’s pretty much what Moffat gave Clara and Ashildr. Also I really liked Moffat’s not so subtle digs at RTD’s handling of Donna’s mindwipe.

tl;dr space girlfriends are good and pure and could probably solve all the problems in the universe. Let the good ship Martha/Donna into your heart.

Olicity Fic: Morning Chatter

Rating: All Audiences

Summary: Donna, Oliver and Felicity enjoy some breakfast in the morning after Felicity kicked Donna out (extra scene from the end of 4x06).

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A/N: I absolutely loved this episode and I hope you enjoyed it as much as me!! Can’t wait for more Olicity! 😍😍

Olicity Fic: Morning Chatter

There was still nothing that would ever prepare her to the wondrous feeling of waking up next to Oliver. To the feeling of contentment and being well and truly loved despite everything that had happened in the past few days was something that Felicity was positive she would never fully adjust to. Their disagreement and the struggle to find Ray had put an even more unprecedented stress on their relationship which Felicity had struggled to cope. But somehow it had opened a void which she hadn’t been aware of. But now she was glad that they had argued, that they had disagreed, and that they had made up. Because lying in their bed at that exact moment and being able to look over at Oliver lying on his side his hand still stretched towards hers allowed her to realise that what she was feeling was okay. That this feeling of adoration was what everyone always spoke about when they were in love. It was what everyone searched for in a relationship and somehow she had managed to stumble into this whole new, foreign world with Oliver which she was terrified of. And somehow she had fallen deep and hard but after speaking with her Mom, thinking everything through she realised that now it was okay. Felicity knew she wanted Oliver and she couldn’t imagine being with anyone else but him.

It was the clanging around in the kitchen downstairs which startled Felicity from her thoughts and as much as Felicity wished she could have spend the whole of her day in bed solely with Oliver, the sound of her mother pottering about in the kitchen thrust her thoughts into guilt. She groaned blearily at the thought of kicking her Mom out the loft the previous night to have a ‘talk’ with Oliver, something that she was sure her Mom had not believed a word of.

Pushing herself groggily up from her bed she cast a quick glance to Oliver who was still sleeping soundly, a quiet snore escaping his lips every now and then. It was nice seeing him still peaceful despite their argument and that was one of the reasons why she was so glad that they had made up. She would do anything for Oliver, for him to be happy and knowing that right now she somehow made him so utterly happy sent a fluttering sensation to her tummy, something that she hoped would never end.

Quickly, Felicity searched as quietly as she could for anything to put on seeing as somehow after their talk the previous night they had both ended up wrapped only in themselves and the soft bed sheet. Finding one of Oliver’s tops on the floor she pulled it over her head and slipping into a pair of panties before heading straight downstairs because after Donna’s disastrous cooking attempt previously Felicity knew full well that leaving her alone in the kitchen was a recipe for disaster. It was probably one of the only traits Felicity had managed to inherit from her Mom and she was hoping (or more like praying) that maybe if she intervened early she wouldn’t be homeless within the next hour. Not that she was really any better, it was another incredibly fortunate trait that Oliver had which Donna seemed to love reminding her of on numerous occasions.

“Well don’t you look exceptional happy and content this morning!” smirked Donna as Felicity flopped onto one of the stools at the kitchen counter, her head in her hands as she watched Donna warily. “I take it the make up sex was good?”

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