i realized that Rick targets blonds

specifically, blonds who are male


Luke, a blond and male, died

Octavian, also a blond and male, died

Jason, ALSO a blond AND male, died

if Rick does anything to Will i will throw him into tartarus

Happy LWA Week! July 2nd - 9th!

Expanding upon my Happy LWA Challenge, I’ve decided to make it an event week for everyone who’d like to participate, be it artwork, writing, edits, videos, cosplaying, or anything else!

Since the final episode of LWA airs on June 25, let’s give ourselves a week to recover emotionally after that, and simultaneously keep our love for LWA alive even after it’s over! 

Therefore, I plan to start Day 1 of Happy LWA Week a week after the final episode airs. The week will go from July 2nd to July 9th! 

Here are the prompts!

  • Day 1 - Red Team
  • Day 2 - Blue Team
  • Day 3 - Green Team
  • Day 4 - A professor/staff member(s) of Luna Nova
  • Day 5 - A team/character of your choice
  • Day 6 - A familiar
  • Day 7 - A couple/ship of your choice

You can either include all three members of the teams or just include one or two characters! On each day, create content of the prompted character(s) laughing, smiling, crying in joy, or just being happy as can be!

Let Happy LWA Week be a fun celebration of such a unique, refreshing, beautiful show that’s captivated our hearts like no anime before it! Let’s show our appreciation for LWA and each other by sharing happy, positive content!

Engaging with your followers

hey! i’ve gotten several questions of late regarding how to get your followers to interact with you, how to get anons, how to connect with people on here, etc.

(for my tips on how to gain followers, go here. it’s linked through another blog because i accidentally deleted the source post lmao)

anyway, the gist of it is that it’s just a numbers game. the more followers you have, the better the odds that someone will see it and like/reblog/comment. and it’s really all up to the followers, anyways. there’s no magic formula, but there are some things you can do that will help!

-reblog multiple times. the more people see your stuff, the more chance they’ll interact with it.

-engage with the community. leave comments, leave asks, open a discussion. don’t be afraid to start a conversation! we’re all just people, even the bigger blogs, and (positive) attention is rad no matter who it’s coming from or directed to. 

-be direct. ask your followers! say, “anyone else want to weigh in?” or “what do you guys think i should do?”. i think one thing that stops people from commenting is that they’re afraid of jumping in with unasked for/unwanted opinions. let people know it’s okay to respond to your posts.

-change up your post times. maybe you’re posting to a time when tumblr’s dead, and nobody sees your posts. the queue feature is very helpful for this sort of thing.

-enable anon asks. obviously if you’re getting hate then keep it off, but anonymous asks are a great tool for shyer followers.

-be approachable. sometimes it’s hard to see how you come off, and you might accidentally be scaring people away. don’t! be! afraid! to use! exclamation marks!!! (seriously, though. irl i’m a sarcastic asshole, because that’s just what i default to. i like ke to think i’m more friendly on here, just because i have time to think about how my words might be viewed and don’t have to react right away.)

-quality over quantity. a few close friends are worth more than a hundred followers (although it’s nice to have both). find a subcommunity if you can.

-be patient. social interaction is difficult, no matter which end you’re on. people care about what you post. (why else would they be following you?) it might just take time to get them to show it.

and for people who want to interact more: i know i’ve said this before, but we’re all desperate for attention here. i promise you, you’re not being annoying. and if you are, nobody is going to be rude enough to say it. seriously, don’t hesitate to talk to me or anyone else. (because people apparently think im intimidating??)

Some of y’all, 20+ different occasions: “So, is anyone gonna die?”
Me: “Please stop asking if someone is gonna die.”
Some of y’all: *get pissy with me and continue to ask*
Me: *makes a long post about it*
Some of y’all: *sends me hate over it*
Some of y’all: “I know you said not to ask but…is anyone gonna die?”

I have a half a fucking mind to not post today swear to fucking shit. THIS is why fics don’t get finished. People continuing to disrespect a writer’s wishes even when they’re nice about it. SUCKS all the motivation and inspiration out of people. And to add in “I know you don’t like being asked but…” WHY ARE YOU ASKING THEN?

Empathy (Part One)

characters: Josh (dbh) x human fem!reader

warning(s): Violence, graphic language, injury

word count: 1,348 words

A/N: It’s been forever since I wrote an x reader but I’m SO READY to get back into the swing of it! There isn’t enough Josh love out here, so I decided to write a little short series on Josh’s origins and why he’s always cautioning peace and mercy for humanity– surprise, you’re the reason why! 

This was going to be a one shot, but then I kinda.. wrote more than I expected (you’re going to find that’s a theme with me, I have no self control)– I’ll post the next part sometime soon! 

Part Two

You had never considered yourself to be particularly brave; reckless, maybe, but courageous wasn’t the first thing that came to mind when you thought of what it was that you were doing. This plan wasn’t well thought out or carefully calculated; it wasn’t.. really thought out at all, actually. You had been walking down the seemingly endless hall, finally finished with your evening classes when you came upon a group of what you assumed was fellow students, all gathered in the middle of the hall. You hadn’t been able to really wrap your head around what they were doing, at first; they seemed to be.. hitting something over and over again with an arsenal of weapons, and only then did you realize that they weren’t hitting something, they were beating someone. You only watched in disbelief at the brutal attack for a moment longer before your feet were carrying you towards the assailants at such a pace that you didn’t even have time to consider how exactly you planned to stop them.

Throwing yourself at the much larger males seemed to be the only option you had, and thankfully, the stench of alcohol wafting from their general direction made it clear to you that they were very, very intoxicated. Thus, when your body collided with one of the boys, he toppled over and took the others down with him, and you might have thought it was comedic if you weren’t panicking at the realization that what you had done was ridiculously stupid. Your attack resulted in one of them dropping a wooden baseball bat he had been clearly using to beat the helpless victim along with the other attackers, and you quickly grabbed it up, noting how it was.. absolutely slathered in the most vivid blue you thought you’d ever seen.

It was then that you took a moment to take a look at who exactly it was that they had been so viciously beating, turning to peer over your shoulder with some uncertainty. There was no doubt that it was an android, you could see the LED on his temple flickering a violent red, and blue blood leaking from his nostrils and the corners of his lips, but he wasn’t just any old android; he was a PJ500 model, you recognized him as one of the androids that had come to give a lecture this week at your university. Your (y/e/c/) eyes flitted down to the ground, following a cobalt trail towards a room further down the hall that had clearly been pried open (with a crowbar one of them was brandishing, no doubt), and you realized that they had broken into that room specifically to attack the androids stored there. You weren’t sure if they’d already destroyed the others, but this android in particular had been trying to crawl away.. and they kept beating him mercilessly all the way out here into the hall.

Your eyes darted back to the android; his dark eyes were boring into yours, now, wide, alert… terrified.

Cursing from the drunken attackers finally prompted you to tear your gaze from the clearly frightened android, and your grip tightened on the baseball bat you’d stolen from them as you inched just a fraction closer to the android. They were slowly clambering back up to their feet, recovering from your sudden assault, and they looked beyond pissed. Their faces were red and contorted into hateful, almost animalistic snarl-like expressions, and you wondered how on earth you were going to get out of this mess.

“What the fffuck, you– bitch!” One of them shrieked, his wild blond hair sticking out in every direction and clinging to the sweat on his forehead. His pale blue irises couldn’t seem to focus on you, as though he were so drunk that his vision was uneven, which you would be thankful for if that was the case. He took an unsteady step forward, then, and you lifted the bat up threateningly, your eyes darting from him to his friends wildly; he paused, lifting his crowbar as though to defend himself.

“Just… just stay back!” You shouted, prepared to swing the bat if any of them came too close; you weren’t certain that you could do any real damage, and one of them could probably rip the bat out of your hands if they really wanted to, but your expression must have looked confident enough that they all stayed back. “Don’t come any closer!”

“Shit,” the blond started again, the corners of his lips twisting upwards in a lazy sort of smile; you were beginning to think he was the ring-leader in all of this, seeing as the other boys were mirroring his movements without even realizing it, shifting to stand at either side of him. “yer really gonna defend an android? For real? You’ve gotta be shitting me.”

You had no response to this, only shifting your weight from one foot to the other anxiously, your heart pounding so loud in your ears that you feared the boys would hear it and catch onto how petrified you were. You hadn’t known that it was an android that they were so viciously beating to death when you threw yourself at them, but it didn’t matter; what they were doing was wrong, android or not. You were aware that not all people saw it that way, and you would be lying if you said that you saw androids as no different to human beings. Of course, there were many differences that set them apart from humanity, but.. but that didn’t mean they deserved to be so mercilessly beaten for no reason!

The ring-leader took a daring step forward and your grip tightened on the bat, but he didn’t relent; had he caught on to how truly terrified you were of the situation you’d gotten yourself into? “We got er`selves an android lover over here, boys!” He announced, and the boys hooted and hollered tantalizingly, following in their leader’s footsteps and moving forward a fraction; they were testing you, to see how much they could get away with, how far they could push you before you caved in, but you weren’t going to let them push you around that easily. “Lemme guess, no real boy’s ever loved you right, eh?”

You could feel your own features contorting into one of confusion; what did he mean by that? That.. had nothing to do with this?? He was talking nonsense, but of course, you had to keep in mind that he was completely plastered, along with his little goons, so it wasn’t as though it was unexpected that he wasn’t making any coherent arguments. “Just– fuck off!” You finally retorted, lifting the bat just a tad higher above your head, preparing to swing it if you felt it was necessary, but it didn’t seem to concern him; clearly, he was underestimating you.

“Who-hooaa! You’re lively!” He took another step forward, and this time, you finally let out a cry and swung the bat directly at him with as much strength as you could; the wood collided harshly with the metal of his crowbar and suddenly, it was wretched out of your grasp and you felt a foot firmly planted into your stomach, sending you backwards and to the ground. The kick had knocked the breath out of you and you scrambled backwards whilst gasping for air, vaguely aware of an arm snaking around your torso and pulling you backwards a fraction. Only after recovering your breath did you realize it was the android you’d been defending. Even in his injured state, he was trying to do what you had been attempting to do for him; he was trying to defend you, too.

The two of you cowered on the ground, and for a moment, any barriers that separated you were diminished; android, human.. it didn’t matter. You were both terrified, unified by the simple desire to live and the possibility that you would both die here to a group of drunk punks with a really fucked up idea of a good friday night. 

Neil has a song titled ‘What Does a Name Mean’ and it’s kinda sad and slow and he sings it when he’s alone and thinking about running away from the Foxes before the Raven’s game and then there’s a reprise of it when ‘Neil Josten’ becomes legal and official that is the opposite and it’s hopeful and bording on happy but kind of cautious and just like Neil’s soliloquy type thing and this is what my brain does at 1 am ok


@jonxsansafanfiction remix day 4 - movie couples - Mia x Adam (If I Stay)

How come you’ve never written a song about me? I’m not really good at writing about things that make me happy. If you want a song you’re gonna have to like, cheat on me. What do I have to do for a whole album? Come on, don’t get greedy.

If I stay drabbles here, here and here

im going to make an astro powerpoint for anyone interested in getting into astro so pls like/rb/send me a message if you want me to send it to you and also pls REMIND ME TO MAKE IT BECAUSE MY LAZY ASS KEEPS FORGETTING thanks