That little highlight in the anime showing Midoriya overhearing their conversation made me think of something

Old Roman: Anxiety is a villain and I will stop at nothing to get rid of him.

Roman now: Virgil? Yeah, he’s great, a wonderful Side- *trips* *hundreds of photos of Virgil fall out* Oh, heck, this is probably exactly what you think- *casually trying to pick up the photos* yeah these are all mine, I have tons- *slips on another pile* Do you want one? I have plenty


shouta takes his work very seriously
hizashi has some fun at shouta’s expense (to make up for being a love struck idiot) but shouta doesnt mind too much

Important take-aways from tdp i havent seen anyone talk about but really they should
  • Callum knows some ASL!!
  • Rayla didn’t question Gren translating for Amaya. Therefore, there are deaf/HoH elves!
  • The life expectancy of an elf is over a century 
  • Elves build snow elves. I’m sure Rayla may wish to build a dirt elf.
  • Ava is so big and strong she can carry two (2) humans on her back!!
  • Ezran calling Rayla’s impression of a human accurate
  • Jofus
  • Soren’s hatred for magic
  • Gren’s freckles…sexy
  • Amaya’s scar… sexy
    • Also how did she get it
  • Where the fuck did that Blond Coran looking bitch get that dagger from¿¿
  • Callum not hesitating to pretend to be Ezran to save his life
  • Callum not hesitating to dive into the frozen lake to get Ezran out
  • Ellis was so ready to protect Ava she straight up went up that cursed mountain by herself honestly what a bad ass
  • i have no idea what happened in the final because arachnophobia but it sounded like Callum did that jerkface dance. amazing. best big brother ever.