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Ok so I just watched the new video and I’m in shock. I’m so overwhelmed?!?!? Like I can’t believe that just happened. They’re relationship is really something else, completely in a league of its own. I feel so blessed that we got to see that video wow

it truly and genuinely did feel like a blessing, like something maybe we aren’t sure we deserve but we’re so incredibly happy to have received. it was so lovely, and seeing them looking so at home and comfortable both with each other and with us just….hit hard, in a really good way.


kagehina whisper challenge~!

link to the video that I redrew: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzvtrgjI0jU


He Sean,

I really hope you read this. I’m writing this now since it’s still fresh in my head at the moment. I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m sorry for any grammar mistakes, btw.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I had the best (Thurs)day and evening ever with you, Wiishu, Dan and Arin. I waited with my sister for you at the airport. It took a while but there you were with Wiishu. You were surprised but delighted at the same time. I wanted to say so many things and all I could say was: You must be tired, and rambled on about how long your flight must have been and what not. Everything except for the things I actually wanted to say.

That’s ok. I still had Friday evening and the Q&A. The moment was there. We all could ask questions and I had one at the ready, but every moment Vernon came near I started to feel more and more nervous and my social anxiety kicked in hard. At that moment I asked my sister if she wanted to ask my question. Well… you may remember she didn’t ask a question but said how much you meant and still mean to me. Last year was…rough. You and Mark helped me to stay positive and not lose hope in humanity. You both keep me smiling. 4 Video’s a day I had to look forward too (2 from you, 2 from Mark). This year was finally a year where everything is falling in to place in my life and I sort of know what I want eventually. I’m working hard on it. I’m having such a good time at the moment that I have trouble to find time to watch your videos! 

Even now I still don’t know how to put my feelings in to the right words. The trouble I’m now facing is that I get emotional every time someone says it’s ok, “give yourself some credit too” and other uplifting words. I’ve always heard that it’s gonna be hard for me, what I want to do. I shouldn’t be doing this and that. Not by my parents and siblings, though. All the love for them. But it’s really demotivating to pick anything up when other’s don’t see the hard work you put in things and doubt you as a person.

Anyway, my sister caught me of guard with her speech. My anxiety was already on a high level and her putting me in the spotlight broke me down. I’m definitely not mad at her. She said the things I couldn’t say and I’m glad she did. I still feel like I want to say more, but I just simply can’t find the words. I just really hope you read this letter and hopefully I’ll see you again. May it be at VidCon Europe (*wink wink*) or at your EU tour of your own show.

Again from the bottom of my ♥




Ethan's content lately!

Y'all Ethan’s content lately is so on point! I absolutely love to see how on fire and energetic his videos are lately. I watch YouTube to help stay happy and get good creative energy flowing so watching Ethan has helped so much! And the editing! Y'all, it’s been so good! Especially the recent videos like Mutant Football and Drunk Side of the Moon. They have me laughing through the entire thing. Even after the shitstorm of October and how busy he is, Ethan’s not only posting 2 videos a day, but he’s super active on social media and busy with traveling all over the place for holidays and tours. I JUST REALLY LOVE HIM AND HIS VIDEOS AND REALLY APPRECIATE ALL THE WORK HE DOES FOR US AND HOW HE IS SO FUNNY AND REAL, OK?!

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im very excited for what you have to say about the bloopers later i.. wow that was a lot and i loved every second of it?

are you guys ready for the most extra thing i’ve ever put out into the world? well here it is, my thoughts on the absolute masterpiece of gay fondness that was some bloopers from phil is not on fire 9:

“pen is under my butt” “don’t waggle that thing around without a license” … ok, cool. creating a dick joke where there REALLY didn’t need to be one is just a normal thing now for these dudes. alright.

do i even need to say anything about this?

“whisk me daddy” like i know we’re all laughing and saying haha oh dan why are you like this, but like.. he’s literally just calling phil daddy as a term of endearment. that’s some MAJOR progression and it makes me feel warm

“this isn’t the sistine chapel, we’ve got a limited time dan” followed by a ridiculously fond and giggly “stop..” *dan snorts* “do it normally”… i feel like this moment harkens back to last year when phil utilized the ‘annoying prick technique’ :) i love parallels

just this.. their hands touching and looking at each other with happy smiling faces… i am not hard to please

“yes phil… you SPORK” the fondness is enough to murder me tbh

intense… eye contact… is my kink

absolutely HORRENDOUS ‘puns’ about ties… followed by whipping each other with said ties.. honestly they need to learn how to flirt like the adults they are (not really i love my still-smitten-like-teenagers bbys)


honestly just who gave them permission to be this cute??

“hi my name’s dan you can see mah thigh, why? i don’t know but he’s the guy with his flesh on show, what a ho, that’s. our. dan.” as weird and silly as this was it’s actually kind of impressive how well it rhymes and flows? maybe that’s just me but it’s actually v pleasing to listen to

“why did you never post it phil… smouldering” STOP. why is dan always so embarrassed by pictures of phil looking hot?

phil being instantly repelled by the sincerity of dan’s answer about the longer twitter character limit allowing people to be more articulate on topics about social issues and politics and yelling “boring question! no!”… interesting.

“reveal yourself dan” …k

this whole ridiculously fond and candid display of affection.. why is dan so endlessly endeared by phil messing with him? also phil’s natural voice makes me quake. i love any and every little moment of phil dropping the persona

“watch out popeye… some new guy’s in town” … 100% phil finds dan hot as shit and enjoys the results of dan’s self care exercise. i don’t make the news i just report it.

“better not be a penis”… because phil just knows that would be dan’s go to image to draw on his body? cool.

“idiot sandwich” *insanely cute weird laugh snorting* “what is our life?” OUR LIFE… never over it. and look at their goddamn faces

dan being surprised that phil’s bedroom isn’t dusty… suspitches.

“hold a pen each and perfectly connect their  *unnecessarily sexual crotch thrust* POINTY TIPS together” “are you ready for a TIP duel?” … PHIL! why tf are you so horny lately!! you don’t need to sexualize pen tips to the point that i’m physically unable to think about anything other than dicks! stop!

ridiculously cute celebration at connecting said tips

dan acting like he doesn’t already know his fursona and then instantly displaying above average knowledge of furries… fur affinity?? ok, janice. i’ve said this before but methinks this little snek doth protest wayyyy too much.

this whole cup flip thing… it just gives me hives honestly.. phil sticking his ass up in the air.. like THAT… dan just staring at it and laughing “you have no idea how horrendous this looks” aka dan can’t process phil assuming his fave sex position on camera for their most watched video of the year.. “give me more of a table”… let’s keep in mind that dan picked this fucking question, ok? he didn’t have to, he really didn’t. he chose this. he wanted it. “that laddy p is one thick bih. show me that phat philussy”… i can’t. i’m done. (just kidding i’m not that’s just so fucking GAY i’m sorry but it is. dan wyd. dan loves phil’s monster coke and his phat philussy and his table ass up in the air. what even is 2017 ???)

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Hey I don't know if it was from gekkan Shojo nozaki-kun but did mikoshiba kun try to get a figurine from a crane game with an attendant dumbing it down for him or am I thinking of a different franchise?

That’s Daily Lives of High School Boys (Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou)! that would happen to Mikorin too tbh

full scene here

I found this interpretation of ‘VISIONS OF GIDEON’ on reddit, and it’s so damn deep!

Originally posted by cillianmurphy

OK. I have read the book, watched the movie, listened to the song, learned Sufjan Steven’s writing style, and picked up my Bible. This is my interpretation:


This is Elio reminiscing his time together with Oliver, grieving the ending of their affair, asking “Did it really ever happen? Or was it just a picture?“



This will be long. Bear with me. First, who is Gideon? Gideon was a young Jewish man, who received visits from GOD.

JUDGES 6:12-13 And the angel of the LORD appeared unto him, and said unto him "The LORD is with thee, thou mighty man of valour.” And Gideon said unto him “Oh my Lord, if the LORD be with us, why then is all this befallen us? And where be all HIS miracles which our fathers told us of, saying, Did not the LORD bring us up from Egypt? But now the LORD hath forsaken us”

Gideon worshipped and loved GOD more than anyone, even in the difficult times. He was mesmerised when GOD appeared right in front of his eyes and asked Gideon to lead HIS conquest in Israel. However Gideon was a young and doubtful man, so he never stopped asking if his visions were even real but at all. GOD then came back and showed HIMSELF again and again to the apologetic Gideon, and reassured him to pick up his sword, because HE was indeed REAL, and was by his side, guarding him to victory in every battles. After the conquest was accomplished, GOD never reappeared again.

Elio was Gideon! Oliver was the visions of Gideon (GOD)! Elio was a young Jew like Gideon, while Oliver was clearly a God like creature who visited Elio’s life, loved him, beloved by him, and who disappeared only after his work finished. This song is a lament from Elio to Oliver, asking over and over whether their summer love were really ever there, just like Gideon kept asking over and over whether it was indeed GOD in the visions of Gideon.

So that is my interpretation.



out of my head, of my heart, and my mind ♪

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Ermm could you write some Analogical fluff with Virgil and Logan playing video games?? Maybe Virgil is stuck on a level, and Logan is surprisingly good at it, cos it's all about strategy and problem solving?

I actually had written this tiny thing before coming back and reading this ask, so It isn’t a pairing at all. Just a little moment. It’s also suuuuper short. 

Ok… So I got this ask sooo long ago (I’m sorry!) But it got buried in my box o’ things. Sooooo It’s here now! I actually really love this idea.

           "GRAH!“ Virgil suddenly yelled. Startling Logan behind him. Logan looked up from his novel and watched Virgil for a moment. Ah. He is playing that video game again. They had gotten that… What had Virgil called it? The.. new Nintendo thing. Logan didn’t have the time for all this video game nonsense. He watched the screen for a few moments. He was some sort of.. Orange shirtless creature in blue jeans? Why are these things so strange? Virgil was trying to jump from platform to platform and collect.. Apples? Mangoes? Why do people do this?

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That video was so soft tho in my opinion, I love how they talked about dan and kept adrressing him as if he were their own child. They also made a few random comments here and there that really made me think about their relationship and their future. I'd love to hear your thoughts, you are way better at articulating things! :D

YES dude (though idk about me being better this summary is SPOT ON!!!!) lots of cute moments and parenting insights in this. i loved it!!!!! i’m just gonna copy paste my running commentary while i watched hahah :)

  • ok right off the bat I’m just. laughing. dan’s words in the intro are so confusing hahaha. “‘won’t somebody please think of the children?’ we’re not. too late for all of you.” ……… what? i mean i think they’re referencing this clip from the simpsons and i think dan is trying to say they’re not ‘thinking of us,’ like to make a joke that they’re inconsiderate or that their content is bad (in the way he always does when he’s like ‘i’m so sorry this is a complete disaster,’) but instead he just sounds very much like he’s saying he and phil aren’t thinking of ‘children’ right now, like not thinking of having children right now esp bc he mumbles the ‘too late for all of you’ bit so it was all jst very jarring and i began this video w heart racing and eyes wide, ready to ~pick up on anything~ and for daniel howell and his dumb way of speaking to always keep me on my toes ugh what a mess
  • regardless. phil sassing dan at the beginning for talking over him,,,, yes. ‘i’m trying to do an intro! let me finish!’ the sweetest words in the english language
  • dan’s summary of toddlers: they run around, they get very angry, and they slowly learn to poop
  • musings on the audience: we’re ‘ready to pick up on anything’ and we ‘can see it all’ love this self-aware, multi-layered, meta humor, kings of comedy
  • 1:47 dan saying ‘how many years would you have to use a toilet and not clean it,’ made me confront the reality that dan cleans toilets at least once in a while. stars! they’re just like us
  • ‘dil get your hand down that u-bend stat’ is honestly so funny. phil’s giggle when dan is ‘not particularly comfortable’ is so cute
  • their sharing in a bit of nostalgia for their daycare memories and bonding over the similarity of their experiences. stop. i love how dan knows the distance from wokingham to manchester off the top of his head and characterizes their age gap as ‘a couple of years.’ i feel queasy
  • dil is werrrrqing it according to dan. he is also party miami dad
  • phil acknowledging the existence of the ripped jeans and envisioning them turning into ripped shorts. didn’t know i needed that. very into it
  • dan committing to wearing a crop top in the event that he ever has abs. can phil please tell him to stick to his guns about subverting society’s standards for male beauty and to therefore go ahead and rock a crop top regardless of his abdominal musculature, if that’s what he wants??? ?
  • phil actually hates the crop top and shorts. dan says it’s amazing and starts to criticize phil (‘phil stop be—‘ in his typical higher-pitched tone of indignation) but then gets thoroughly distracted by dil doing crunches lmao
  • this might be really weird but I’m obsessed w watching the way phil uses his hands when he gets excited. just like. watch his hands from 4:38 to 5:15 it’s the most heartwarming thing u will likely ever see. i think in this vid in particular he was even more expressive than usual and i noticed he clasped his hands near his chin or grabbed his own face a number of times and it was so cute. phil lester, actual king of gesticulation. i always wonder if this tendency is natural for him or something that he kind of forces in order to sort of appear more animated/performance-y when he’s filming (cause something about it sort of feels like a nervous tic at times!!! but idk!!!! body language experts, weigh in!!!)
  • 5:37 dan is confused then starts singing along and they make weird noises i have no idea what they’re referencing and i have never hated their connection more. i feel so left out
  • dan’s idea of a school-aged child is obsession w playstation and pokemon
  • dab is sprinting maniacally and in my current state of mind i find it fucking hilarious
  • dan has mentioned dil’s abs like 10 times in  7 mins
  • i like how they both immediately agree w no discussion that creativity is the most desirable trait of those options
  • also cheerful. dan says ‘i like cheerful’ and fuck I’m soft
  • dan is genuinely emotional about child dab which is so cute
  • i love how actually disappointed phil is that this child’s fav animal is a frog and how dan immediately comes to his defense. this feels like eerily realistic insight into a situation dnp would def get into with their child
  • ‘easy beans’ phil owns my heart
  • they buy dab an art table thing and phil says ’we need to make him the most creative child possible.’ i love that with minimal discussion they immediately want to get stuff for dab to encourage his talents it reminds me of dan ranting about what makes a good parent (someone who equips their child to pursue their passions)
  • dan says he needs to be connected to the internet and phil hesitates bc he’s so young and dan is immediately outraged. and then phil immediately caves. this also felt so insightful to me, like we were watching them kind of talk out their real life approach to parenting and exposing their child to technology 
  • 16:01 their enthusiasm about dab’s drawing like y’all i know this is a sim but they’re rly treating it like a real kid and it’s just too vividly mirroring how they would obviously react to their real child’s first ever drawing and I’m emotional
  • phil immediately suggests hanging it up and they both have a long awwwwwww aiwejroaiejroaier this is Too Much
  • omg the exchange at 16:54 about cake made me wanna die i feel like first off it is v rare to hear phil call dan by his name in videos (other than when he’s exasperated and yells ‘dan!!!!’ as an interjection bc dan is being a shit) so it immediately just felt like a more personal moment and then the way that dan was like ofc we can and must cater to ur random craving and order cake delivery immediately after filming like he just rolls w it and it’s just such a spontaneous and sweet little moment and godddddd they def curled up and ate cake after they were done w the video, on their new couch, in their new fancy lounge, in their new home, bc they can just do that. fucking hell their domestic bliss is giving me so much envy my heart physically ACHES with it
  • ‘baking a cake in your bikini that’s quite iconic’ phil is just out here empowering women to love themselves
  • then dan butting in with ‘what a milf’ nice, it’s been forever since he’s been that explicit about female attraction i was shook. i like that he immediately asks if he’s allowed to say it and phil immediately shuts him down. i mean there’s a slight chance that’s just for comedic value but it feels sort of in line w the notion that they (esp dan) have consciously toned down and all but eliminated female attraction mentions (or sexualization) from their dialogue in videos bc they’re aware of their mostly female audience (this speculation aside in all honesty why is eliza’s bod low-key bangin)
  • 18:16 when dan is like walking thru his vision for dab as the social arty kid and evan as the shy genius he is literally writing fic in his head idk why he’s even tryna make fun of tumblr’s interest in this ship he’s the biggest stan out there all of the dab x evan entries on wattpad will be by dan under various pseudonyms
  • para-BOWL-uhs is this how brits say parabola or is dan just terrible
  • 19:54 dan wants them to hook up confirmt

lol fuck this video was good and dnp are going to be fucking amazing dads idec that’s the only conclusion from this video that matters

(sims #39)

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ok so I noticed something from my own m&g experience and from watching other people’s videos? EVERY SINGLE TIME dnp feel slightly awkward even for a second they immediately look at the other and laugh/smile? It’s sooo cute and I guess they do it to remind themselves that they’re ok and just watching the other is probably really reassuring to them? Idk but it’s so wholesome. I love them :((

anon. you can’t. you can’t do this to me.

The hilarious, big-hearted, observant, down to earth, and adorable duo!

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I was wondering if you could upload the Diagnosis: Love Sickness! video here because. youtube won't let me watch it (it's location locked and idk why) and I would really like to see it? you don't have to if it's too much work but I thought I'd ask!

Ok so i was going to do this before but i forgot and got lazy. 

Yeah, this video got itself blocked in certain countries and i deeply apologize for not posting this here sooner!

Well, its up here and finally more of you guys will be able to watch this MAD i worked on during the holidays. 

If possible, please do watch all the people who worked hard on the song and Juby too! If you want to support me and this video too or just want some fangirling to happen, just share this video with others and have a merry well time! :3


Especially with Instagram and such. Be mindful and idc if your follower count is big or if you credit me. Full re-upload will not be tolerated. Please just recommend to this video or the one on Youtube.

Also news. I am working on a new MAD and its probably going to take more time. It’s for the Au i am working on, DRV3 with Hello Charlotte, Hello Ouma. I will disclose anymore information but more of its context will be on the ask blog.Follow @helloouma to find out more of this AU :3

Credits and stuff~

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190317 SWC V Toronto

old man jinki was spinning too much during ready or not & had to lean against the screen for a sec
cr: sophregrets

alternative account
Onew went crazy for ready or not spinning around. He then held a hand to the screen acting if he was all dizzy then just smiled at Minho
cr: MissEzri

jjong was walking at the very edge of the stage and he knocked the monitor over while he stepped over it pffft
cr: keyoemi

Taemin apologized for technical difficulties and fans started chanting it’s ok!! in korean, jjong said thank you
cr: keyoemi

Key: Recently I love reaction videos! I watch so many I look up “1of1 reaction video” they’re very funny!
cr: _hobi0218

When it was time to get changed Kibum told Minho to follow him to get changed and Taemin followed them b4 he realized it wasn’t his turn yet
cr: onjongtaes

During an Encore Minho was squinting to read the fan project’s banners
cr: onjongtaes

Shinee with their random bits of English. Minho really impressed me this his. Simpler sentences than Key but I think someone has studied!
cr: MissEzri

Minho is pure energy. And he was sneaking along the side wing close to me to try and get a little closer to the fans. Jonghyun too.
cr: MissEzri

They put Taemin on the spot suggesting that he should introduce the next song after their first talk. He was so nervous to do it in English
cr: MissEzri

There was some technical difficulties at the start, but they ironed out after the first 30 minutes or so.  The boys apologised saying they’d work with the staff to prevent difficulties for the rest of the tour.
cr: MissEzri 

It seems like Taemin kept having problems with the mic and at one point Minho suggested him to switch mics and they ended up doing that
cr: onjongtaes


I realized the fandom didn’t have one of these yet, and decided to fix that very serious problem.

(Guys I know I go off on the themes of this show a lot but I just love them so much)

Also seriously if I tried to add anything about character interaction into this thing it would be wayyyyy too long woah but just trust me ok the characters are GREAT

Other posts relevant to these interests: NinthFeather’s, Envy-Loves-You’s

Feel free to add anything I might have missed, guys!

we will revive this fandom if it kills us all

@ninthfeather @sapphireswimming @draconiform-algeeee @ anyone else who can spread the love and/or WATCH THIS SHOW

✓ ID #38368

Name: Lou
Age: 18
Country: Brazil

I’m Lou, nickname, 18yo bisexual woman.
I’m looking someone to be friends with. Note: if you want to be friends with me, please, be aware that I have problems with loosing people. So I’d like you to stick with me. I made a friend here before, but contact with her so I’m putting myself out here again.
As I’m bisexual, I’d love to meet people from the community as I don’t have many friends, let alone from the community.
I’m Brazilian so I speak Portuguese (no I don’t speak Spanish, I wish I did though). My English is pretty decent and I’m learning French and DuolingoLearning Norwegian. But if you speak any other language I’d love to know more about it and your culture.
My fav tv shows are currently One Day At A Time, Sense8, Skam and Orange Is The New Black. Also love Orphan Black, Black Mirror, Jessica Jones…
I love to talk about feminism and gender/racial related stuff. If you do too we’ll get along.
I’m trying to give a good imoression here, but I’m not this serious. Actually, I hope to have a lot of fun with you.
I’d like to start firstly online but I could snail mail gifts and all if you have patience enough to teach how to send a letter. Z generation!!!
I love to watch films. If you have recommendations I’ll watch them all.
I study informatic at high school. I like programming, even if I suck at it.
I love to talk. So if you want to have late night Skype conversations, depending on your time zone, I’d be down for it. Another thing, I’d prefer to do video/audio calls instead of writing, because I like to hear people’s voices. But if you only want to write I’d be ok too.
I just really want someome to talk too.

Preferences: I have no preferences of gender nor country nor age. But, Be Respectful of other’s existence religion, sexual orientation, etc…
Be ready to stick with me.
If you’re LGBT+ I’d be really happy.
If you want to learn Portuguese or English I’m here to help.