Okaaay, I’m playing a bit with a customize program for Shirts, Caps and stuff.
I’m still struggling with the selling process because of all the law in Germany and taxes etc. Stuffs so complicated…
(but I keep ya updated when I finally found the courage to open an online shop XD)

‘God help anyone who disrespects The Queen’


so awhile ago I asked if it would be weird for me to post art cuz im learning and stuff and no surprise everyone was saying to do it I love this fandom but there are very few pieces I’m proud of so Ive chosen not to post them. 

This one however I like

I’m not sure if anyone has drawn Virgil as Harley Quinn/ in a Harley Quinn-esqe outfit before (If anyone has then let a boi know) but Ive had this idea for a while now and finally got around to drawing him. (If you wanna know anything about him or this AU then let me know)

Let me know what I should draw, I’m not doing commissions or anything Im not good enough for that lol but I want to get better at drawing and the only way to do that is practice! Help a boi out and suggest something, Love ya- Bear

ps idky its kinda fuzzy when you click on it, idk how to fix that sorryy

Adding my fanfiction Taglist cuz why not, I haven’t uploaded any content in months I might make a separate Taglist for art stuff, let me know what you think!

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here’s a dump of out of context/vague doodles from this past week feat. Jay (Magpie), Zelda (Glide), Drew (Sonic Swift) and Sunray/RD @gruvu

it’s been wild.

also a bit of Red Devil’s final battle (some angst) below-

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Nikohl Boosheri, alexis Floyd and Peter Vack on set for TBT 309