I Me Mine

The pain wakes her. 

It’s a blend of dull and sharp pins that dance across her skin and under, running so deep she wonders if her organs are bruised, if her body is breaking on a cellular level. Her body feels like a canvas of pain painted with the heaviest hand.

 It takes her nearly ten minutes to open her eyes after trickling into consciousness, and another ten to hold them open against the harsh light from the nearby window. 

She realizes that a woman is sitting curled beside her bed in an overstuffed love seat, asleep with her face against her knees. The woman is snoring softly, and she has half a mind to let her sleep more but the pain in her body and the desert in her throat demand relief so she tries her best to speak. All that comes is a frazzled croak.

Still, it’s enough. The woman jolts awake with a gasp, nearly falling out of her chair.

“Kara!” She breathes out like an ache, “you’re awake!”


My name is Kara, she thinks, and wonders why it feels new and long-known all at once.

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books read in 2018
The Wicked Ones (Ghosts of the Shadow Market #6) by Cassandra Clare & Robin Wasserman

“Everywhere was a reminder of what he’d lost, the pleasures of a world no longer his.”


Meanwhile, somewhere else…

((im sorry but this was the only thing i could think of to draw after that terrifying big explosion of emotional whiplash that is the hellbent tsunami. but just. ???? ‘sunbathing’ in a forest in the middle of nowhere at night in one of those beach chairs with like a little fruity drink and one-eyed sunglasses and that cheesy reflector screen and everything while the whole video’s going on in the background like))

(speaking of, non-glasses version under the cut, wasnt sure which to go with but you can see the eye better if needed!)

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So I just got caught up on Deku vs Kacchan, Part 2 and… wow. Just wow. If I definitely didn’t ship Bakudeku before, I definitely ship it now.

When Izuku said “All Might was my hero but you were the one actually in my life”, I lost it. Also when he said that even though Bakugo did things that he hated, he admired Bakugo for so long that he couldn’t help but still want to be like him, regardless of all the shit he put him through, I died.

I can’t wait to see what Deku vs Kacchan, Part 3 will be like. Every time they fight, there’s always something new revealed to each other. Izuku decided to keep some stuff hidden from Bakugo so maybe in their third fight, he’ll probably reveal some stuff he’s been keeping hidden.

I love all this development so much. It’s gone from Bakugo disrespecting Izuku to actually starting to respect Izuku’s position as All Might’s successor. He’s not exactly happy about Izuku being it but he’s decided to suck it up and be sort of a support for both Izuku and All Might while retaining his same his same brash and screamy attitude, of course.

I’m living for the day when Bakugo calls Izuku “Deku” but does it like how other people do. With respect. That’d be the height of their development. For Bakugo, who used Deku as a way to disrespect Izuku, to use Deku in a way that finally acknowledges his respect towards him.

This development is wonderful and I’m excited to see where it goes.