I kno u lov th colours father


 A   N   A    C    T U    A    L  B L   E   S   S I   GN  HO  L  Y  S A  C R E D   WO N D ER F U L    A M A ZI N G  W   O      W

  • Thace: The Blade of Mamora is with you, Paladin.
  • Keith: Cool. So, does that mean I'll be able to look after myself too?
  • Thace: Yes, but we'll be there, we've always been. From the moment I cradled you in my arms. My son.
  • Keith: wait...wtf, so you're my dad? Wtf???
  • Thace: Yes.
  • Keith: Why didn't??? Anyone??? Tell me??? Like first I'm told I'm part Galra now I realize I have a dad I probably never met?? ?
  • Thace: *sacrifices himself to save Voltron and possibly the galaxy
  • Keith: ??!?11!!!??