anonymous asked:

Re: map of Elsewhere - I had a dream once that I was going on a museum tour and the docent gave me a map in case I got lost but the map was just a large, blue handprint pressed onto some some old dot-matrix printer paper. The whorls and lines of the handprint were supposed to represent the museum corridors but they kept swirling and changing, the palms lines branching off fractally wherever I looked. There was more to the dream, but this is what I imagine an Elsewhere map might look like.

qiromon  asked:

Hello! I just wanted to ask if you are aware of any new FUN events on the Switch version. someone in r/Underminers apparently found the Clampgirl has new dialogue (and it turns grey)!

(undertale spoilers)

Yes, we’re aware! We watched a video of this new dialogue from Clamgirl.

» view: GodOfTacos’ tweet – Clamgirl?

The video moves through the dialogue quickly, so for those who are unable to read fast enough, here is a transcript.

So you never met my neighbor’s daughter.
But please don’t despair.
Because the time that you will meet her…
… is fast approaching.

(You can read the old dialogue in our post, Clamgirl’s Dialogue.)

Unfortunately, I haven’t run into Clamgirl in my own game on the Switch. Until the PC version is updated with the same content, I won’t be able to properly test it and check what the exact conditions are. 

As for opinions, this could be Toby Fox hyping up his next game, which some have speculated to be about Gaster, given the quote he used in this tweet. It’s also possible that it’s something that will be revealed in the next update to the game, whatever that may be. Could also just as easily be a wild goose chase, but the man knows how to hype up interest!