Character Talk: Asami: Indulge me as I whine.

So I think we can all agree, Asami Sato and fashion are 10/10. The Standard outfit, the book 4 outfit, and the kinda of racing/engineering suit are all awesome and I’ll talk about them one day. But Indulge me as I talk about the most pedantic thing I will ever talk about here. Yes more so then the swimsuit post. And it all sparks from this.

The hell is this? It’s her luggage obviously just work with me here. Asami is well off. And she’s got style, so it’s safe to assume that the girl loves her clothes. Which is great, I do too, and she’s not snooty or snide about it. But can we not all imagine that she’s the type of girl that has a walk in closet bigger then some apartments. I present the above picture as exhibit A. I doubt all those cases are full of papers and books is what I’m saying.

So why the heck is she a one outfit kinda girl? For a year by the way. Same jacket, same boots. And don’t get me wrong, they’re awesome and they work but c’mon. (See? I told you this would be inane.) And yes. I’m aware of the legit reason she wears one outfit for three seasons. Animation is expensive and changing her outfit even once an episode is a lot to ask and isn’t needed for the show. I would just like to take this moment therefore to lament Asami’s wardrobe that we will never see, and to wish if the show had infinite money and time we could have seen some variety. And I’d like to cross my fingers and hope we see some variation in the upcoming comic. I mean we all want to see casual, pajama Asami. Summer Asami. Just think of the possibilities. Alright, inane talk over. Except to say her outfit is still perfect and I love it.