I don’t think I ever uploaded any art of 2D here

Grumpy bitch

Is an aardvark……..kinda

Has a pixel form and a normal(?) form
Pixel form is literally 2D
Chromatic aberration is a must when in pixel form

Will hurt your eyes and laugh at you
Speaks mostly using sign language or Emojis, she swears way too much when speaking

Finally finished my sweet girl Star charm design! Hoping to have her for sale at Nekocon ;3c

okay so i give Merlin crap all the time for being stupid–and he is, BUT Freyja can be just as dumb as him sometimes. rarely. because she’s, like, super smart. Freyja is my huntress. she kills spiders for me all the time. when we had our ant infestation (don’t ask) and the spiders were out of control, i would see 4-5 spiders a DAY in the basement and she would get so excited when i had to do laundry and run down there and kill them all. an angel. an angel of death but an angel!!!

so when she started attacking this crack between the bathroom vanity and wall, i knew. the crack was so small tho that she would just lie on her side and stick her whole arm in, trying to claw at this. she got SO mad fighting it. i refused to look because if there was a spider, i didn’t want to see him and imagine him running over my toe when i got out of the shower. and then i worried what if it’s an earwig…or a silverfish. *HURK*

well tonight, she was going to town again. trying to attack inside the crack. she was sniffing loudly and mewing and being a pest. i’d ask her what and she’d respond with a yowl (she talks to me). so i said OKAY. i’ll go get the swatter and we’ll kill this spider for good.

It was a Qtip.