I’m feeling crippling art block in this chili’s tonight

im not a fan of kai’sa design…
it was a great opportunity for riot to make something really cool



 oberon turned on his side as his eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the sunlight beaming through the window/ he sat up on his elbows and looked around the room wearily. the body next to him was one he recognized, a body he’d memorized like a map the night before. he sat near the edge of the bed, staring down at his clothes sprawled out across the floor.

 he reached down to grab his jeans, startled when he felt tessa’s warm hand against his arm. he turned to look at her, she was still bare chested and she didn’t attempt to hide herself underneath the sheet, her eyebrows were fixed into a concerned frown, “you’re leaving” she asked, her hand slid down his arm- to his wrist.

 he shrugged, “i figured you’d want me gone by sunrise.” she searched oberon’s eyes in confusion. one night stands were something he’d gotten accustomed to during his time in new orleans, he didn’t know how long he would stay and he didn’t plan on settling. tessa sat up, “your assumption was wrong.” she half smiled. he wanted to argue, but after the night they’d shared- he couldn’t walk away. he couldn’t bare the thought of never seeing her again now that he knew he stood a chance.

 “fine. if you want me to stay, i’ll stay.” he said nonchalantly and lied back down. tessa laughed at his response, rolling her eyes as she climbed out of bed. “you like pancakes, right? never mind, everyone likes pancakes.” she waved off oberon, picking up his shirt from the ground and pulling it over her chest as she walked out of the bedroom.

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Confession #145:

I wonder if the cast ever reads confessions. I even wonder if they send them.