Black & White

Watch the whole thing.

I cannot believe I heard this Cockles Space Pants story with my own ears (and saw it with my own eyes). This was a wild panel, y’all. And Misha mentioned Jensen more than once.

It’s honestly the Vancon panel that keeps on giving.

Bonus 1: Misha impersonated Jensen’s giggle during the space pants story. Yes, my friends—he did.

Bonus 2: Misha’s Drag Queen name is DEANNA WINCHESTER *does bowlegged walk*


Here are the requests I managed to get done this weekend. Thanks to everyone who sent in requests, and sorry if I didn’t get to yours!

1. Ford and Fidds playing DD&MD, requested by @misterinkwell
2. Portal Ford meeting the Doctor, requested by both @pirably and @eregyrn-falls (none of you specified which Doctor, so I went with the sixth one because a) he’s my fav, and b) I feel like there’s a Sixie’n’Sixer joke in here somewhere)
3. Stan getting sick on the Stan ‘O War and Ford worrying, requested by @piixelations
4. The Stans dancing with the kids, requested by @mythomagically-delicious + Stan teaching Dipper to dance, requested by @amigolupus
5. Dipper and Mabel reuniting in the Timestuck AU, requested by @cartoonsareeverything
6. What family costumes Mabel would pick for Halloween, requested by @pieces-of-jade
7. Stan possessed by Bill, requested by @1schadenfreude
8. The Stans sharing a cup of hot chocolate, requested by @momoqueen26
9. The Pines family baking cupcakes, requested by @ashesforart


“I suspect that no matter what happens I will allow it to hurt me. Eat away at my insides, as it were—as it will be. As it always has been. Why am I so accessible? Why do I give myself to people who will always and should always remain strangers?”  (The Princess Diarist)

Happy Birthday Carrie Fisher (October 21, 1956)


Sansa Stark Appreciation Week Day 7 ♕ Historical Parallels or Free Choice

Sansa Stark + Medieval Heiresses 

Despite popular belief, Sansa Stark does not fit completely into a single historical counterpart. Her story is a blend of several historical women that live in the late medieval period. Martin seems to have drawn inspiration from historical women who either had no brothers or whose brothers had all died. These women were the sole heir to their families titles, lands, and fortunate. These heiresses were left in extremely vulnerable positions, and sought after by the men around them. Sansa storyline is marked by men who consistently try use her for their own advantage. Her storylines often have her on the cusp of agency but never fully achieving it, similar to her many historical counterparts. Martin uses Sansa to explore the medieval woman with a claim; showing his readers how dangerous this time period was for such women.

not to be explicit but like i just want a cute boyfriend to send nice selfies to for a bit of adoring hype whenever i feel a bit down

in it lives beneath, the emphasis on the fact that your friends’ nerve will actually impact events throughout the game, rather than just at the end, leads me to believe that there’s going to be at least one scene where one of the characters is being mind controlled by either the lake monster or someone from the cult (or both? they seem to be linked), and whether they manage to break out of that control will depend on their nerve score

my first guess is that it will be parker—his loyalty towards kelley, the head of police who is Definitely Suspicious and Probably Part Of The Cult, makes him seem like a likely target for manipulation. there’s also imogen, who we’ve seen be pushed around by her parents who are Probably Evil Too, and who may also fall easily to manipulation by them