The Houses as Tumblr Text Posts Part 2
  • Hufflepuff: Me having not left my house yet: god I can't wait to get back home
  • Ravenclaw: I can't even say "asking for a friend" because everyone knows I have no friends
  • Slytherin: You ever catch yourself overthinking then you're like bitch what the fuck who cares
  • Gryffindor: i don't get why we need driver's training. driving is just like mario cart except slower and you can't throw blue shells at people

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it seems u don't like touka.

Where do I state that I do not like Touka? It is pretty telling that in response to me making a post that calls everyone in the Save Kaneki Squad out for their morally wrong behaviour (this especially includes Hide and Tsukiyama as well), a post whose sole purpose is to explain, with the help of the narrative, how Mutsuki is a foil to Kaneki so you should wish for their redemption leads to me getting asks in my inbox that wonder if I hate Touka specifically.

But I’m not mad anon, I like to go and explain myself so I will. =) For the record, I do not hate Touka. She‘s easily in my top 10 characters of Tokyo Ghoul (my ultra favourite is Suzuya, if anyone’s wondering) and I ship TouKen as much as I ship HideKane, which is telling because I rarely ship characters. I’ve even cosplayed her once, wings and all!

I simply hold every character in this Manga to the same standard.

Hide is my second favourite character and his friendship with Kaneki is one of my all-time favourite friendships, yet I ripped said friendship apart in this post. What’s more, I explored Hide’s and Touka’s deliberate decision to just…not talk about how much they suffered because of Kaneki here.

Writing an analyses means holding every character to the same morals, the rules apply to all of them, even my favourites. If a character is wrongfully lashing out, then I will rip them apart for it. If they show extreme bravery, then I will applaud them for it. It just happens to be more of the former because our main cast is deliberately refusing to show growth for ages now.

I even stated in my “Mutsuki is irredeemable (…is a concept that would throw Kaneki under the bus)” post that from a narrative standpoint, we are supposed to stand with Touka. We are, the narrative doesn’t call her out for her double standards (yet, I hope). I want Kaneki to be redeemable and likewise, that means Mutsuki has to be redeemable. But that means that I have to acknowledge that Touka and Hide and Tsukiyama and many, many characters more are choosing to walk the path of least resistance, where they don’t have to face their inner demons in favour of a colourful illusion of happiness and peace once they dig their best friend/husband out of his fleshy cage.

Getting him out of his prison isn’t the hard part, folks. The hard part is making the world forgive him for these actions. So these characters who have suffered from Kaneki the same way that Mutsuki has (Hide got abandoned by Kaneki, Anteiku got abandoned by Kaneki, the Quinx got abandoned by Kaneki) should know what it feels like and see past Mutsuki’s irrational fear and hatred. But they don’t.

Hide is a character who, after getting his face maimed, chose to not face Kaneki because he has no idea how Ken might react and instead of granting Kaneki peace of mind decided that having Kaneki think Hide is dead would be a preferable situation.

Tsukiyama is a character who lost most of his family in part because of Kaneki. He lost Kanae especially because of Ken. And in favour of Ken he puts all of those grudges aside as if they mean nothing.

Touka is a character who is so worried about Kaneki wanting to go off and die again that she puts herself dead last, even when her best friend is threathened to be executed. Since she is an active character she deliberately pursues this goal of keeping Kaneki happy and having Ken be safe and sound drives her so far that she seeks out danger even though she is pregnant and she totally forgets that her dear husband killed innocent people and children because of his need to protect her.

The thing is, and this has been shown to us again and again, that the world doesn’t revolve around Kaneki. The simple people on the streets don’t care about what he went through, they care about the fact that he stomped their relatives to dust and destroyed their homes. Kaneki isn’t a main character out of his own volition, he’s been forced into this role and believes that he’s got the reigns to the plot in his hands. We saw how that turned out.

Kaneki’s flaw is that he relies only on himself and that causes him to lose. Mutsuki has the same flaw - it comes with abuse, not wanting to be a bother to people and ignoring those who care about you due to it. It’s also the exact opposite of the Kaneki Rescue Squad: Those guys rely on Kaneki so heavily that they see past the hurt that they have endured for his sake.

Kaneki is a character who never learns and he is responsible for what happened to him. He even acknowledges this on his own! Kaneki says about himself that he is a person who will always find someone to protect - because if he doesn’t, there’s no point to him being alive. He walked to the end of this cliff on his own two feet and has to accept the results. Furuta could only corner him because Kaneki was an open book so easy to figure out that Ken had no option but to lose - and that option was the only one available because Kaneki always went the way of least resistence until there wasn’t a path to hop onto anymore and he could only crash the train that he was riding in.

We can’t condemn Mutsuki for suffering abuse and becoming mentally unstable because of it while we raise Kaneki up for the same misdeeds.

What did Kaneki do when he was held captive by Yamori? He waited it out until he lashed out. What did Mutsuki do? They held it out until they lashed out. Both of them killed their captors in horrific ways, yet it is Tooru who we condemn for their brutality.

Ken and Mutsuki both believe themselves to be hideous, terrible monsters due to their abuse. They hate themselves for who they are and the fact that they can’t seem to ever do anything right, but the fandom points a finger at Tooru while gathering a blanket for Kaneki.

Mutsuki murdered countless ghouls, Kaneki ate 100 children without batting an eye. Murder is murder. You don’t get a gold medal for trying to not kill people when you end up with more than you can chew, literally.

They are the same. That isn’t a concept that’s hard to grasp when the Manga goes out of it’s way to give Mutsuki a mask that looks almost like Kaneki’s. They should be held to the same standards because of it.

If Mutsuki is an insane murderer, then so is Kaneki.

If Mutsuki is irredeemable, then so is Kaneki.

The fandom likes to ignore that, just like the Save Kaneki Squad. And that’s exactly the reason why I want to see Hide, Tsukiyama, Touka and Co. fall flat on their faces. Not because I hate them. But because otherwise they won’t grow and acknowledge the own pain that they have suffered because of Kaneki. Likewise, Mutsuki has suffered pain because of Kaneki. It is time that Ken is being held accountable for his actions.

Only then can he be redeemed.

And I want him to be.

Me, starting a project: alright we’re gonna do this in order. None of this writing the end first and getting stuck. We always do that. Let’s try another method. No skipping ahead. None.

Me later, the last 30 pages of the book fully written out, the first chapter in shambles, completely stumped on how to progress through chapter 2: oh goddamnit

Emma and Killian go sailing together and train together, and Emma’s getting pretty damn good with a sword, and Killian has learned how to use a modern gun, and they’ve started a football club for the Lost Boys, and Emma is learning how to cheat at cards and Killian is learning how to hack a phone

every now and again they travel to other realms to help out someone in need, bantering while they fight bad guys, Emma complaining about the local cuisine and Killian grousing about bad form

they’ve begun to rate their enemies on a scale of one to ten, and argue about it during fights

(“That was a rather clever ploy, using Henry’s voice to lure us here, I’d say that warrants at least a seven.”

“But we knew it was her all along. A seven? Come on. She made a hand joke, you shouldn’t be nice to her. And did you hear that evil laugh? It was practically a cackle. I give her a four.”

“Fair point, love. Shall we split the difference?”

“Five and a half? We agreed no half-points.”

“Five, then.”

“Aww, you giving me your half-point?”

“Not at all. I’m calling it six, and subtracting one for the hand joke.”)

they also do normal-people things like watch TV and make dinner together, although Killian criticises every movie’s sword fights and Emma has yet to figure out how to prevent pasta from boiling over; but these things are byproducts of life, not its focus, and neither of them was made for sitting still for long

when Emma has to sit still for a while, due to breaking her leg in a move that even she will agree was reckless (but really, if you don’t get to swing from a chandelier at least once, what’s the point), Killian takes down the chandelier in their hallway (“just in case you get any ideas”) while Emma glares at him, and he reads Harry Potter to her and does all the accents and voices (including an excellent Gilderoy Lockhart), and takes her out to the park so she can go on the swing (“if you really must, Swan, though I suppose you can use the practice”), and helps her get back on her feet before she’s strictly supposed to

they’re both very relieved when she’s able to walk properly again

Emma has a temper and Killian has a temper and they both have issues, so they come to blows because inevitably one will use the wrong phrase and the other will feel ignored or upset or taken for granted, but they never walk away, they don’t run, they’re both stubborn and they stay and keep shouting and talking and venting, and their arguments turn into explanations rather than accusations

sometimes they argue about completely arbitrary, stupid things like the plot of The Princess Bride, just because Killian likes to see Emma’s eyes flash and Emma likes the way Killian leans close when he gets fired up

it drives everyone else crazy, except for Henry, who joins in, and Snow, who tosses in the occasional point to keep them going

they also attend balls and parties and other formal occasions, even if they never quite fit in, what with Killian’s pirate get-up and Emma’s distinct lack of royal manners; they dance a little bit too close and Killian always ends up making the kind of scandalous comment that leaves people flustered while Emma grins like the cat that got the cream, and they have a reputation for sneaking away early or being caught in flagranti somewhere, and apparently he’s a pirate and she goes around fighting people… but they manage to charm most people they talk to, all the same

everyone loves a good love story, after all

Caught In a Dream

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Genre; angst, implied smut

Word count; 1.2k

Warnings; cheating, mild sexual themes, extreme freaking angst…get ready

A/N hello everyone! this is my first time writing on tumblr and I hope that everyone will like the content I post on here! now please enjoy this really crappy piece of writing that I will continue later on

Jeon JungKook.

That name is all but too familiar for your liking. Everywhere you go, the name, “Jeon Jungkook” is chanted like a prayer; all under his religion.

Everyone adores him like some god from a Greek myth or a celebrity from an action movie. But in reality, he’s just a normal college student going for a degree in computer science at Seoul National.

You hated every single thing about Jeon Jungkook- from the way he talks to the way he walks. You hated how he’d always kiss up to a teacher to get an extra day to finish an essay or how he’d always ask you for help on the simplest  things like cooking rice or how to turn on the heater. You also hated that you were titled one of his best friends.


Because you were in love with the boy that is suppose to be your best friend. Jeon JungKook, your childhood best friend is now someone you force yourself to hate - someone you always downgrade in your mind to trick yourself that you weren’t love with him. That you were in love with your best friend.

But what does that do? You always end up falling for his bunny smile, his built physique, his round doe eyes and his soothing voice all over again. Everything about Jungkook bothered you in both good and bad, if that made any sense. You hated his bunny smile because it made him look like a child. But at the same time, you loved his bunny smile because he looked so innocent. Like someone without a single care in the world.

You could never confess to him what you’re feelings, though. JungKook is a taken man. A man taken by none other than your other best friend, and childhood friend. Hyun ShiYoung. ShiYoung, Jungkook and you were always together throughout your lives. You were all born the same year and had houses right next door from one another, your’s being in the middle of the three. The three of you grew up together, going to one another’s houses on a daily basis or walking to the park that was a few blocks away from where you lived.

Back when you were children, you didn’t have to think about finances, feelings, falling in love, school or even getting hurt. Because you knew that there would always be someone looking after you, someone protecting you. Now, you were all on your own. Thinking back to the times where you were so carefree and innocent made a frown come across your face.

“Why the frown, (Y/N)?” your seat mate asked as he look up from his computer.

You snapped back to reality when you heard his soft voice echo in your mind. Ah, you were in school.

“Nothing, Jimin,” you answered, a weak smile spread across your lips. You shouldn’t be thinking about this now.

“Alright. Just tell me if something’s wrong ok?”

“Mhm. Thank you,” you smiled. Your head then turned back to your computer, trying to figure out how the page you were writing for your paper would link to the thesis you were given. You were a law student, studying at Seoul National, same as JungKook and ShiYoung.

You were midway into a sentence when the professor announced the end of the period, telling you to leave his class in an orderly manner.

“Like that was going to happen.” You inwardly told the professor, knowing how  the students in this class were suffering as much as you were, trying to get the year over with. Looking around, you saw students practically running out the door of the class, some even tripping over themselves from walking too fast.

Gathering your things, you put your belongings into your bag as you looked for ShiYoung at the door. She always waited for you after this period, knowing that her professor always lets her class out 5 minutes earlier than your professor. When you saw her smiling face, you sighed as you quickly paced down the steps from where your seat was.

“(Y/N)! You take forever, hurry up! He’s probably already in his car waiting for us!” ShiYoung exclaimed, dragging your wrist the parking lot of the school.

“I still don’t know why I have to come with you guys. I’m just going to third-wheel your date,” you huffed as the two of you continued to walk quickly, approaching a black Mercedes C-350 that was parked with the engine on, waiting for the two of you to enter.

Immediately, you walked to the right side of the car, sliding into the backseat, while ShiYoung took her spot in the front passenger seat next to her boyfriend as they shared a peck on the lips as a greeting.

“Sorry we’re late, (Y/N) here was being a turtle again,” ShiYoung joked as her boyfriend start d driving toward the theater.

“It’s fine. I was only in here for about five minutes anyway,” he smiled, looking back at you through the rear-view mirror. “Thanks for coming with us (Y/N). The three of us haven’t hung out together much after ShiYoung and I started dating.”

“Anytime. You guys are my best friends after all,” you forced a smile to the boy.

“Kookie-ah, what movie are we watching?” ShiYoung looked at her boyfriend lovingly, grabbing onto his hand that was placed on his side.

“(Y/N) gets to pick this one. We picked the last two times already.”

“It’s fine if you guys want to pick! I’m cool with anything,” you said, not caring much about the movie.

“Okay. How about Iron Man? They’re playing reruns of them at the theater we’re going to,” JungKook smiled his bunny smile at ShiYoung, hoping she’d give in. You never really thought about how much Jungkook loved the Iron Man movies until you saw him have a whole collection of action figures.

“JungKook, we saw Iron Man last week for date-night. Can we watch that new melodrama movie that came out yesterday? It looks really interesting and (Y/N) said she wanted to see it too, right (Y/N)?” ShiYoung asked, looking back you with a smile on her face.

“Huh? Oh yeah, that one. Sure, I guess it seemed cool in the trailers,” you answered looking up from your phone.

“Alright then, it’s settled!” JungKook beams.

Throughout the movie, all the two of them would do was make-out and giggle to each other. That made you feel like an absolute third-wheel. Halfway through the movie, you excused yourself to the bathroom after the two of them stopped making out for a good five minutes.

 Instead of turning to the bathroom, though, you headed straight to the exit, because what you hated most was that you were head over heels in love with your best friend who was in a relationship with another one of your best friends. And that hurts.

A few weeks after the movie with JungKook and ShiYoung, you were on your couch in your apartment, FaceTiming your friend from high school back in Busan.

“How’s school going down there for you?” you asked JiHoon as he settled down into his chair with a cup of coffee.

“It’s been ok. Bet the schools up there are better though. Busan is still the same as always, which is good, I guess.” JiHoon wasn’t always the man of change. He liked everything staying the same, which is why he is currently still in Busan, studying for a literature degree.

“That’s good. How’s your music going? Still writing lyrics?” you asked, earning a bright smile from him. He always loved talking about music. Music has always been his passion and has always been his dream. But instead of taking a music course and going for an entertainment major, he took up the literature major since he thought he wouldn’t need the music major later on.

“It’s been going great actually! I’ve been working on a song for this one girl I really like. She works at that coffee shop the four of us used to go to after-school all the time,” JiHoon smiles as he thinks about her. JiHoon never tends to take interest in dating and relationships but seeing him happy makes you happy.

“That’s really great! I’m glad you’re happy,” you smile at him as you take a sip of your now-cold coffee that’s been sitting on your small coffee table for the past two hours. “Does she know about your alias, Mr. Woozi?” you joked as he blushed a light shade of pink. He thought up of that alias when he was just 15- when he first started writing music.

“Not yet. Not many people even know that Woozi is me, yet everyone knows who the infamous "Woozi” is. It’s comforting to see people liking my music,“ he smiles. You loved the dedication he put into his music and the meaning of every single song he’s ever written.

"You seem to like the girl! You should make a move before it’s too late.” The encouragement in your voice makes you think to yourself. If you’ve made a move before JungKook and ShiYoung became an item, would you be here now, or would you be wrapped up tightly in JungKook’s arms as the afternoon seeped in?

“(Y/N-ah. Earth to (Y/N)?” JiHoon snapped at the camera of his laptop, bringing you back from your train of what-if’s.

“Yeah? Oh sorry, I blanked.”

“Thinking about him?” JiHoon was the only person beside yourself to know about this crush you’ve had on JungKook for the past four years.

“Yeah, just a brief thought,” you said weakly, taking another sip of your cold coffee. You really needed to heat this up.

“Just tell the him. You’ve been in love with JungKook for four years. Four fucking years, (Y/N). That’s a long time,” he mumbled, writing something down in his notebook.

“I don’t want to ruin anything…”
Oh you’re definitely going to ruin something. You were pinned up against the wall of a frat party. Pinned by JungKook, ShiYoung nowhere in sight.

“JungKook, w-what are you doing?” you asked, barely able to meet his eyes properly. This is wrong. Something’s wrong. JungKook would never do something like this because he is always, always right.

“Don’t act all innocent, ShiYoung. I saw how you were staring bullets into my back over there. Don’t you think it’s weird for my own girlfriend to not approach me at a frat party?” JungKook asked, his voice slurred, evidence of too much alcohol consumption.

Your eyes widen when you hear her name slip out of his mouth. Was he that drunk to not realize you weren’t ShiYoung? Slowly, you looked up at him, eyes widening when you see him biting his lip, making them red and swollen.

“JungKook-ah, get yourself toge-” you were cut off when his lips crashed roughly onto yours, making you gasp. This wasn’t right, you should push him off, slap him, make him realize he’s with you and not ShiYoung. But you didn’t. You let him kiss you like there was no tomorrow. You let him kiss you like he was actually yours and not her’s.

As the two of you pulled away for air, you looked up into his eyes, filled with lust and desire. No, you told yourself. No, walk away. Run away. Do something to stop him from making a mistake. Stop yourself from making a mistake.

But before you could’ve done anything, his lips crashed back onto yours, but this time, twice as rough and filled with more lust. You were fucked.

 The two of you somehow managed to make it to the second floor, squeezing through many, many other couples passionately kissing on your way up the stairs. Both of you stumbling into an empty room, JungKook didn’t bother locking the door.

“I love you so much,” JungKook mumbled into your neck. You felt a wave of hope that he was talking about you and not ShiYoung but you knew he wasn’t. She was always on his mind. She was always there.

 You let out a whimper as JungKook nibbled at the nape of your neck, surely making a mark and marking you his own, though you knew you weren’t. He started moving his lips down, leaving butterfly kisses along the way down to your collarbone. You let out a gasp as he sucked on a specific spot, making chills run up your spine.

“Only you could make me feel this way, ShiYoung-ah. Oh baby girl, you make me so horny, wearing such a skimpy dress like this. I want to fuck you so hard,” JungKook sighed as he unzipped the back of your dress. “Only you, ShiYoung,” he sighed again as he slammed you into the wall.

Your heart shattered after hearing those words slip out of his lips. This was the moment you were waiting for, though. For the past four years of being in love with him, you’ve always dreamed of this moment. The moment where he would tell you he loved you. The moment where he would leave love marks on you. But all of this was wrong.

“What’s wrong baby girl? You look upset,” JungKook looks at you with concern.

“Nothing, Kookie-ah. Continue, please,” you begged.

That was probably the biggest mistake you’d ever make in your life.

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Prompt: Jeremy kissed/made out with Brooke and Chloe when he was squiped and now Michael is embarrassed because he hasn't kissed anyone yet. And so he looks "how to kiss" in wikihow, doesn't delete the history and Jeremy finds out. (The part of searching it in wikihow it's meh, I just want Jeremy to find out and be like "dude, you don't have to worry. I'm sure you kiss alright) and then they kiss. Ahhhh, I'd love you even more if you do it.

Sorry it took so long (._.) Here you go;; Thank you for the prompt!

“Hey dude can you grab me a soda while you’re up and moving?” Yelled Jeremy from across the room, too lazy to move from his fixed position on the beanbag. 

“Since when was I your maid?” Michael joked, tossing his best friend an ice cold soda nonetheless. “I’ll be right back, don’t play without me.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Jeremy muttered in response whilst taking a small sip of his drink. The two boys had just spent the last few hours clearing floors off of a DLC of Apocalypse of the Dammed Michael had managed to find in the old retro game shop down the street. Within half a day the boys had almost gotten through the whole game but given their poor diet of mountain dew and chips the two often had to pause for bathroom breaks and refills, slowing their overall progress down.

Jeremy set down his drink and looked up at the ceiling in contemplation. It had been a month or so since the Squip incident and everything had virtually settled down. Jeremy had gained a bunch of new friends from the experience, despite how traumatic it had been. This included Christine, a girl on whom Jeremy had lusted for years. The two had tried to date, they really did, but it was soon apparent that despite how well they got along together, they only saw each other as close friends. When Jeremy had told Michael that night, his friend assumed the worst, instantly offering to come over with a horde of junk food and movies to distract him. Surprisingly for both boys, Jeremy felt great. He assured Michael that nothing was wrong and that he was the happiest he had been in a while, and strangely, he didn’t miss the slight change in Michael’s tone of voice, almost as if he was smiling sweetly over the phone. 

Jeremy didn’t miss the soft blush on his best friend’s cheeks whenever he complimented him.

And Jeremy certainly didn’t miss his sinking face whenever he talked about his time with Brooke or Chloe, despite how much he hated to think about it. 

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Scenario with Tsuna, Hibari, Reborn on a mission & mistaking their future S/O's motorcycle for their getaway ride. They tell them to "drive, now" & the S/O glimpses the gun, panics, & races off. Is actually more than half-decent for a first-time getaway driver through narrow streets of Italy & losing angry pursuers with GUNS. Nothing seems to be amiss until the enemy is lost & they stop, nowhere near the Base. They rip off the helmet to meet a fearful civilian, pleading, "please don't shoot me."



“Where the fuck are we?” You were pretty sure you had a heart attack when the attractive man hit your helmet with his gun.

You ripped off your helmet, jumped off your seat and raised your hands, “Please don’t shoot me!”

“Shit,” the man said, pulled out his phone and glared at you, “you move an inch and there’ll be a bullet in your head.”

“I won’t move an inch.  I’ll even hold my breath!” you promised. You sort of wished you weren’t acting so coldly but the man looked he ordered murders for a living.

He walked away and started hissing into his phone. There were a lot of expletives. You wanted to run but it was better to die later than to die right at that moment. He walked over to you when the call ended and he gun lowered when he saw you shivering.

“What’s your name?” The man asked. “And where do you live?”

“No,” you said sharply.

“No?” He asked.

“I don’t care if you kill me- I mean, actually, I do but the point is,” you tried to square your shoulders and look brave, “I won’t let you kill my family as well. So you’ll never find my identity!”

The man’s glare disappeared and he chuckled. “You’ve got some fire in you, don’t you?”

He came really close and his handsome face was just a few inches from yours. “How about this? You come over to my place and be my lover for a few days. If we play around a little, I promise you I won’t hurt anyone as long as you keep your pretty mouth shut about the incident.”

He tugged your hair behind your ear and your face went red. 

You might be his prey now but Tsuna had no idea that he’d end up falling in love with you.


“Where are we, you stupid herbivore?” Hibari Kyoya snarled and you fell off the bike. 

You didn’t know how you ended up driving the Demon of Sicily to the middle of nowhere. Clearly the universe hated you.

“Please don’t shoot me!” You ripped off your helmet. “I’m too young to die! And I didn’t even get my degree yet. All that college tuition down the drain..” You started bawling at the thought.

Hibari froze and you started crying harder. All that ramen and suffering amounted to nothing in the end. You were gonna end up dead in a ditch-

“Can you stop crying, insect?” Apparently, he had decided to lower your status in the food chain. “Else I’ll bite you to death.”

His dreaded catchphrase made you wail more. “Please make my death quick and painless. Don’t do anything to the face-”

Hibari covered your mouth with his hand and knocked you out with a flick of his fingers against your neck. 

“Am I in Hell?” you asked the moment you opened your eyes and found Hibari Kyoya glaring down at you.

“Stop talking gibberish,” Hibari forced you to sit up and then he took a seat across you, “and listen carefully.”

You couldn’t help but notice how expensive the place was. You almost felt like you were sinning by pressing your butt against the cream-colored sofa. And was that your drool on it? Oh, dear.

“Wow. Your office looks so fancy. I bet if I licked the floor, I’d have dust particles in my tongue that would cost more than my student loans,” you said absently.

“Why would you lick the floor-” Hibari’s face twisted into an unreadable expression. “The point is that you know too much. You have two options-”

“What’s the option that does not involve my death?” you asked. “Because that’s my favorite option.”

“You seem educated enough to be a secretary,” Hibari noted distastefully. “If you work for me, for the Vongola and the Foundation, you will be bound to us by omerta and that will ensure that you never say anything that you shouldn’t.”

“What’s my other option?” Hibari remained quiet. “..oh. Then option one it is.”

“You start tomorrow.”

“You must be pretty desperate if you want me to be your secretary. LOL. I bet that glare does not keep the ladies around you for long-” Hibari silenced you with a death glare. “Sorry, sir!”


“What the fuck-” You heard the man say as you accidentally drove straight into a pond. 

You usually didn’t drive into ponds in the middle of nowhere but, hey, it’s not everyday a serial killer demands a ride from you. It was a good thing that the pond was only waist-deep.

“Please don’t shoot me!” You ripped off your helmet and raised your hands. Your sudden abrupt movement made you fall back into the water and you started choking for air. 

Strong hands pulled you out of the pond and you felt lips pressing against yours.. was the Devil sucking your soul out?

“Dame-Tsuna’s got nothing on you-” You sat up quickly when you heard the voice and something warm fell off from you. Obsidian eyes were trained on your.. chest. 

“Where are my clothes?!” You grabbed the blanket and pulled it over you. You were lying on a bed.. in some hotel room? 

“Relax,” the man (crazy gun dude!) said. “I just took them off to make sure you didn’t get hypothermia. You should thank me instead of fussing over your nakedness-.”


“I will ask the questions here, love,” the man was suddenly inches away from you and you tried not to curl up when his hot breath fell on your neck “so don’t try anything funny.”

“What do you want to know?” You were pretty proud of yourself for not stuttering.

“Well, for starters, how do you feel about being a gateway driver for the Vongola? If we remove your fear of guns and your tendency to crash into ponds, you’d make a decent ride.”

“I don’t want to-”

The man flashed his gun and smirked at you, “You should think twice before saying ‘no’ to the greatest hitman in the world, love. This isn’t really a choice.”

Chloe is Strange

Life is Strange: Chloe is a hard rocking weed smoking angry girl with blue hair and tons of tattoos who has abandonment issues and starts a relationship with her childhood best friend. She also has a perplexity to get shot and her best friend/lover has to literally rewind time to save her ass multiple times. Until she doesn’t and let’s her die for the greater good of the town. Or they ride off into the sunset together (like in my own playthrough). It’s hinted her problems lie at the death of her father, loss of contact with her best friend, her mother getting a boyfriend who is abusive towards her and living in a dead end town that is dying. She has nothing.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm: Chloe is an edgy 16 year old who puts herself in really dangerous situations because she is suicidal. Her dad died two years ago, her mom is trying her best but can’t handle her teenage daughters response to losing her father and her stable homelife. She thinks this military douche bag can help, and essentially lets him control her and her daughter. Chloe is smart but school doesn’t interest her. Despite how she makes it seem, the people around her are pretty open to being her friend but she’s kinda like nah. She’s angry and then the most popular girl in school breezes into her life and uses her to skip school. Maybe the popular girl sees something in her that she hides within herself, but she uses her for the most part. They become fast friends within like 2 days and also develop a romantic relationship. 

With this narative, we don’t really see what made Chloe so bitter in the “prequel”. We know more about Chloe’s character in Life is Strange than in Before the Storm. Using that information, we can build on what turned her this way. Another thing that probably created this change is Rachel. After manipulating various situations (faking fainting and manipulating Chloe to lie to get a wine bottle because Rachel wants to drink), (The scene with Principal Wells where Chloe gets expelled to stick up for Rachel because Rachel pouts when she can’t perform in the show), (Playing along with Victoria and making Chloe seem dumb when she tries to tell her Victoria spiked her drink),(Alternatively Rachel spikes Victoria’s drink when she gets kicked out and manipulates Chloe into talking to Victoria long enough so she doesn’t notice), (Manipulating Chloe into joining the play and that whole onstage emotional stunt),(Brings her clothing so she doesn’t go home from the Junkyard and stays with her), (Convincing Chloe to skip school when she’s on her last straw and manipulating her into playing an “acting” game when really Rachel wants to just spy on her dad), etc. 

We know Rachel ends up ditching Chloe in Life is Strange for fucking Frank. In Before the Storm (ep.2) we see that Frank hangs out with Rachel’s real mom. Could this be her reason for getting close to Frank? Like with Chloe, she needed something so she gets close to them.

Rachel is also super cryptic with the things she says “what if you’ve been acting so long you don’t know who you are” or something like that. Chloe says she has a personality, she says she’s talking about her dad (yeah okay girl). During the train ride to skipping Rachel says something like “Chloe, don’t be suprised if one day I just disappear”

So Chloe expected Rachel to just be gone one day. In Life is Strange a lot of people think she just straight up left. No one knew her real personality or a hint of it except Chloe and probably Frank. 

So question….how is all of this going to be tied up in the last episode? Will we get to see why stepdouche decides to become the security at Blackwell? Why he’s spying on his family wife and her bastard kid he hates? Did Nathan kill Samantha? Is Mr. Jefferson even around yet? We know from Drew that Nathan was taking creepy photos. Why did Chloe dye her hair blue?  How else would Chloe have gotten expelled if she didn’t stick up for Rachel? Why is Samuel so creepy? What does the raven spirit have to do with Chloe? Is everyone into drama this year and next year everyone decides to love photography? Did Frank get fucked up because Rachel also left him? Does Victoria do something to Samantha because she’s jealous she’s close to Nathan? Is that what happened to Nathan to drive him over the edge (besides, you know…his dad, being bullied, and being a horrible person)

Did Rachel really ruin everything? 

After burning down half the forest around town she also burns out the people she touches?

I Don’t Want the World to See Me (Cause I Don’t Think that They’d Understand) #9

Here’s another little piece from Bucky’s POV - it takes place during Part 39.

***If this is your first time reading through, and you HAVEN’T yet read through part 45 of WEMtbB, this will contain major spoilers***

Word count: 1331 (so much for this being a drabble series)

Warnings - Angst, anger, thoughts of violence/death, thinly veiled threats of violence/injury/rape/death, violence, injury

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trashkazuya  asked:

I want something with the bakusquad can it be a scenario? It really don't have to. ehhhhhhhhh maybe they wanna go somewhere and baku takes his s/o btw I just wanna thank you! Andddd I love ya 💙

I love you too! I hope this is okay~ I did a Bakusquad meeting Bakugou’s S/O for the first time.

Bakugou Katsuki:

Four figures were standing near the crowded train station entrance, each hanging around and waiting for their fifth member and undisputed leader to arrive.

“He was supposed to be here 20 minutes ago, what’s taking him so long?” Mina pouts, getting tired of waiting for Bakugou to show up.

“He said he had to go and pick something up. So he’s most likely running late.” Kirishima stated, looking out over the moving crowds to try and see the familiar mess of ash blonde.

Sure enough, an explosive top of hair was seen making its way towards the statue the group was scheduled to meet at. As he grew closer, it could be made out that someone was walking awfully close to him. And as he came into direct view, it was seen that Bakugou and this smaller female in fact had their hands linked.

“Who…is that?” Kaminari asks the group, just out of Bakugou’s earshot.

“His girlfriend…?” Sero shakes his shoulders. She looked like she was his girlfriend, but at the same time, this was Bakugou and you could never be sure.

“Hey Bakugou!” Kirishima greets, flashing a smile to his friend and then giving one to the girl next to him. “Hiya!”

“Hello.” She greets, smiling softly and waving her free hand to the confused group of four in front of her.

“What are you fucks looking at?” Bakugou growls, tugging the girl’s hands towards him a bit more.

“Relax Katsuki.” She smiled, giggling at his attitude. “They just wanna know who I am. From what it seems like, you’ve never mentioned me before, huh?”

“First name basis?!” Kaminari whispers to Mina, the pink haired girl fawning over how cute and sweet this girl is. Even more so that she’s dating their group’s resident demon.

“Shut up pikachu, anyway you shits since you’ll annoy the fuck outta me if I don’t tell you sooner- this is (Name). She’s my damn girlfriend.”

“So romantic~” She teases, her words making Bakugou scoff and slightly blush.

“Ah! Its nice to meet you. I’m-”

“Kirishima. I know.” (Name) interrupts Kirishima as he speaks. “Katsuki has told me a lot about you. I also know that your Kaminari, Sero, and finally Mina.”

She points to each figure, the correct name going to each. She turns to Bakugou in the next second, a pout visible on her features and her eyes narrowing.

“How come you won’t shut your mouth about them, yet you don’t say a word about me?”

He scoffs, breaking their connected hands and then gently punches her arm. “Who the hell would want to talk about you?”

“Well… I guess it just shows how embarrassed you are to admit you have other feelings besides anger.”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” Bakugou yells, causing the girl to laugh.

It was so unexpected to his friends: not only did he have a girlfriend he was obviously head over heels for, but she could keep in line line as well. A true miracle for not only Bakugou, but possibly them all as well.

“S-So tells us about yourself (Name).” Sero mutters, driving you and Bakugou away from your own personal realm of teasing.

“Well I’m (Name), but you already know that. I attend a preparatory high school for students who wish to enter the medical field, and I’ve been dating Sir. Grumpy Gills for about 4 months now.”

“Fuck off…” Bakugou rolls his eyes, tongue clicking as he finishes.

“Oh! Do you want to be a doctor?” Mina asks, breaking forward and excitedly waving her arms up and down.

“Yes, for children.”

“That’s so cool!” Kaminari joins in, his golden eyes glimmering in the midafternoon sun.

“Why are fucks so excited about that? We go to UA!” Bakugou spats, though he was just as impressed about his girlfriends chosen career path. But he had to keep his darling ego up after all.

“Yeah but being a doctor is so much harder.” Kirishima waved his finger up and down. “Even after high school we’ll be done, but (Name) will have to go to college and then medical school. In the end, she’s doing a lot more hard work.”

Bakugou’s eye twitched, feeling as if Kirishima was stating that his chosen path was less work then (Name)’s. Before he could snap, his bicep was touching lightly, making him turn his gaze to (Name), his features softening.

“Relax. You’re going to be an awesome hero. Without heroes like you all, my job would be more hectic and more people would perish. All of you are amazing.”

(Name) smiles gently, leaning forward and kissing Bakugou’s cheek as she does so, feeling the skin underneath heat up considerably.

“Yeah yeah… no more sentimental crap. I’m gonna be sick. Now come on you shits, we’re gonna miss the movie if you don’t hurry.”

He walks away, shoving his hands into his pockets- face hidden to hide his red blushing cheeks. He won’t admit it, he won’t say it… but he was glad to have brought you along today. He had long wanted his so called friends to meet you, as he wanted to spend even more time with you.

His reasons for not talking about you before was not that he was embarrassed, but rather because he wanted you to make your own impressions on them without his words. You were amazing, and him simply attempting to say anything would not do you the good you deserved.

Maybe that’s why he fell for you, because you were too good for his words to even describe.

anonymous asked:

I'm the Wanda anon :) I'm finding I agree with a lot of what you said, like ppl not allowing her chances like they do other characters, and the dehumanisation I suppose too, though I don't get heavily involved in fandom discourse so I haven't seen much of it. That said, she changes sides during the movie yes but only bc she and her brother were going to die not bc of others' deaths. When she caused the Hulk's rampage, she didn't care then. She changes after the battle, I wish they’d shown it1/2

2/2 I guess that’s what ff is for. In addition as far as Tony goes, though I think he’s irrelevant here, you could argue he makes Ultron as a result of what Wanda does to him. Is Bruce responsible for the deaths of those ppl? If not, Tony can’t be held any more responsible. They both react to what Wanda does, and she played on their worst fears. I think we forgive the others more bc they start as heroes, you know? We don’t know their crimes in detail, I’m talking movieverse here btw, not comics.

Yeah, I’m sorry anon, I still think you’re reaching. She changes sides when she realizes Ultron is going to wipe out humanity, yes, but it’s incredibly cynical to think the only thing she cares about is “oh, I’ll die too” considering we see her and Pietro both going out of their way a lot to rescue civilians, such as in the whole train sequence – which is not necessary just to stop Ultron. If all either of the twins cared about was stopping him to save their own skins, they wouldn’t have actively risked their lives and been willing to die (Pietro sacrificing his life to save Clint and a child, and Wanda very nearly dying too.) To treat them as callous monsters requires ignoring the bulk of their actual characterization. 

Wanda gives Bruce a vision that prompts him to hulk out, yes. It sucks, yes, and it was a bad thing. I wholeheartedly agree. (And frankly think the whole Hulkbuster sequence is dumb and pointless and slows the plot and shouldn’t have been in the movie, but that’s a separate rant focused more on technical flaws of the film.) But a LOT of people have pushed Bruce to hulk out over the years, so if your argument here is that Wanda should be tried for enacting Ultron’s plan to cause Hulk’s rampage, so should everyone else who has ever prompted him to Hulk out. This is one of her bigger mistakes, agreed, and she isn’t there to witness the aftermath – or I think she would have changed sides sooner, because we see how Wanda reacts to seeing suffering up close and personal. 

Also, we see perfectly well how crappy both Tony and Thor are before their redemption arcs, so your argument there is kinda moot. We see Tony brag about the Jericho missiles, and Thor go on a gleeful killing spree, destroying even more of Utgard than Hulk does of the city in AOU. Yet you forgive them both, easily. 

Finally, I don’t know if you’re trolling here, but why is Wanda responsible for Tony’s choices?

Tony is a grown, adult man, with free will. Wanda gave him a vision of a possibility of things going bad. Tony, and Tony alone, made decisions based on that vision. If Tony had been to a fortune teller, seen an apocalypse movie, or had a particularly bad dream, he might have gotten a similar “what if” scenario – and had just as much free will when it came to his subsequent actions. Wanda did not control his will after the fact, did not influence his choices. Tony decided that the response to a scary, manufactured vision based on his fears and not an actual look into the future was to be reckless with his tech for the sake of ‘protection.’ Tony built Ultron. Tony played god. Tony made his choices, and Wanda did not make them for him. And if you will recall, Bruce was opposed to using the scepter to make Ultron and Tony didn’t listen. The choice to be reckless was Tony’s.

(Shit, if you wanna play the secondhand blame game, why not say Tony is responsible back at the start since his bomb was what killed Wanda’s family, driving her to Strucker, who gave her the powers she then used to put the vision in Tony’s head that lead him to make Ultron? We can go back and forth with ‘who influenced who’ all day.)

To blame Wanda for Tony’s choices and hold her to a greater level of responsibility for Tony’s actions than Tony is held reeks of misogyny. Not to mention how people zero in on Wanda alone and never blame Pietro, despite the two of them acting in tandem. And to anyone who feels the need to scapegoat Wanda and then make myriad excuses that don’t hold water for why the rules apply to her and not to anyone else; I invite you to sit down and have a long, introspective look at your own biases, especially when it comes to the standards you hold women to over men, both in fiction and in reality. There’s a lot of misogyny in our societies that we carry over into our interactions in fandom, and we owe it to ourselves and to everyone else to take that long, hard, uncomfortable look at ourselves and our reasons for being shit to certain characters, and consider if we’re being the kind of person the heroic characters we love would be able to be proud of. 

“Lonicera Paellax”

Ignis/Aranea (FFXV) | 3.2k words | I’ll tag it M but it doesn’t really deserve it

Authors Notes: Oh god, there wasn’t enough content for this ship so I made some??? Have 3,000 words of Ignis over-intellectualizing the entire universe, and Aranea being her generally sassy self. Pre-Altissia. Canon compliant where there’s actually canon to be had. Vague musings of Iggy’s backstory. Allusions to Aranea/Ravus. 

“So what is this plant we’re hunting for, again?”

Lonicera Paellax.”

“Great. Got anything more helpful than that, Ivory Tower?” Aranea’s voice was a taunting barb a few paces behind him as they picked their way through the beach rose and scrub pine of the Vannath sea-cliffs. “I’m not writing a dissertation. I’d just like to be able to spot the damn things before I’ve crushed them all to hell. These boots aren’t exactly ballet shoes, you know.”    

Ignis smirked. Of course he new that the scientific name was useless in their current context, but he liked the sound of the words… and maybe the sound of her frustration.

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libertea-scone  asked:

I don't know if you do these, but can I request something loaded with angst?


“Hey, who’s calling?”

“Alfred, is that you?”


“Oh my god, it worked…”

Alfred stood still and listened to the guy crying.

It was autumn. Pumpkin-spiced lattes, thick scarves, bonfires in the distance, rain on the window, leather boots and fingerless gloves. Alfred was dressed to combat the cold. Every morning, he took the train 40 minutes south to his university town to study, and every evening, he took the train 40 minutes north to his home town to fall asleep. At 5pm, his backpack felt heavy, and the taste of his gum had worn out. He chewed it one last time, spat it out in a bin, and returned to his phone.

“Who’s this?” he asked, and the crying on the other end subsided.

“You’ll never have to know,” the guy spoke. His voice was frail. There was noise in the background - not music, more like an echo. An empty, hollow echo, the kind you get in public restrooms at night when no one else is there.

Alfred frowned and took off his glasses. He rubbed his eyes in the sleeve of his jacket. “Listen, man, I don’t know who you were trying to call-”

“I called you, and I got you. I can’t believe I got through to you.”

“-but I’m not it,” Alfred said.

“But you are, Alfred. Alfred Jones.”

At the mention of his last name, Alfred bit his inner cheek and narrowed his eyes. He put his glasses back on and slowly glanced around the station. Across from him, a couple walked the platform. Neither were on their phone. To his right, a businessman was reading the paper. He licked his fingers, turned the page to the comics, and laughed quietly. “What?”

“Alfred Jones. That’s your name. You’re the one I wanted, and I got you. I can undo all of this. This is perfect.”

“Who are you?”

“Sorry, I’m Arthur. That’s.. that’s all I can say. I’m Arthur.”

“You know my last name, but you won’t say yours?”

“I’m sorry, it’s better this way.”

“Is this a prank call?” Alfred breathed more easy at the thought. He straightened up and smiled, “Gilbert, right? I knew it! You’re such a fucking loser.”

“Gilbert is at Elisabeth’s, and you know it. She wouldn’t let him prank you,” the voice, Arthur, spoke.

Alfred’s hold around the phone tightened. “You know Gilbert?”

“I know all of your friends, Alfred. I used to be one.”

A train rolled up to the platform on the other side. Its engine groaned. For two minutes, it stood still, then, with a roar, it took off again. The couple was gone. Alfred glanced up at the sky and noted the stars had started to come out.

“What are you, some.. crazy ex-friend?”

“No, that’s the point. We’ll never be friends. We’ll never meet.”

“Look, I’m about to hang up-” Alfred threatened, but he was cut short by Arthur’s laugh.

“You never hang up on people. You can’t even hang up on sales calls!”

“That’s not true!”

“Remember when you bought a years worth of dog food? - and you didn’t even have a dog!”

Alfred smiled. “Oh yeah, that was pretty dumb. Wait, how’d you know?”

“I told you,” Arthur said, his voice gentle, “I used to be a friend. I used to be your partner.”

A chill ran down Alfred’s spine. He started sweating. How can you sweat when you’re cold, he wondered. Yet he did - patches were forming under his arms, and he started pacing the platform, unnerved.

“I don’t have a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend,” he added, “I’m not even-”

“Maybe you won’t. I don’t know. Most likely you will. We won’t meet, I won’t get to know.”

“What do you mean, we won’t meet? If you know me so well, we must’ve met!”

“Oh, we have,” Arthur said.

“You’re not making sense.”

“Today is Tuesday the seventeenth of August, 2015. In five minutes, we will meet. I will come on your right. I’m taking the train to the airport. I’m catching a plane home. On the ride, we will talk, we will exchange phone numbers, and I will make you feel things you never thought possible.” Arthur spoke with confidence.

Alfred started pacing the platform with more rapid steps.

“We will chat. On Skype. On Facebook. You’ll upload private Youtube videos, just for me. We will fall in love. We will fall in love deep. And we will never separate. Not in spirit, anyway. It’ll be our downfall.”

“Why?” Alfred asked. His voice came out weak and dry. “What do you mean, downfall?”

“You will die.”

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if u've talked about this already, but pls help me understand S13 SPN Gabriel face planting on Cas' crotch, and everyone reacting. What. Did. It. All. Mean??? Queerbaiting? Het men doing gay sh%t is funny? A real Story narrative that will be concluded next season? 🤪It's driving me crazy!

Hi there! To be honest, I’m not sure I’m the right person to answer this question? To me, most of Supernatural’s sketches portraying bodies or sexuality are stretching credibility, but then again, I don’t know anything about US culture, so there’s that. For instance: I always assumed Sam and Dean would be intimately familiar with each other’s body, and generally unashamed of their own? After all, they trained as soldiers from early childhood, and they always lived in very close quarters. In my mind, that suggests cleaning up each other’s wounds, bumping into each other on the way to the (only) bathroom, showering in the communal showers the Bunker’s likely to have - not to mention the child-rearing duties Dean was tasked with from the age of four (in my experience, children are pretty enthusiastic about their own nudity until they’re six or so - I distinctly remember my sister pulling down her pants and underwear in the middle of a busy street to check on a booboo, and the young students of my swimming course hunting one another around the pool with their bits hanging out), which means changing diapers, sure, but also bathing Sam, or with Sam, and I see nothing weird or prurient in any of that? Our bodies are just bodies, after all.

That said, this is not the reading Supernatural is going with. While the easy and well-practiced dynamic between Sam and Dean is shown in a variety of ways (and I won’t say ‘ad nauseam’ because I love to see it, but it’s really something the narrative insists on over and over and over again) - for instance, in how well they fight together and understand each other without speaking, or how they’ll toss each other beers and catch them without looking - well, when it comes to physical stuff, it’s a very different matter. For starters, they’re never naked around each other (or: half-dressed) - I read somewhere Jensen’s not particularly comfortable with it (which, okay and yay for bts factors) and also there’s zero focus on their daily life (this, on the other hand, annoys me to no freaking end, because after thirteen seasons I’d take one single scene of Dean vacuuming those concrete floors over yet another behading any day of the week) and what’s even weirder is how freaked out they are (Sam especially) by each other’s bodies. And again - it could be a cultural difference, or simply comic relief, but I don’t get that at all. Look at Sam’s intense reaction the one time he walked in on Dean having sex (surely that must have happened before? and after? didn’t they share a room for seventeen years?), or at how disgusted he is when he realizes Dean swam naked in a hotel pool (if you shower beforehand and there are no other guests: not the end of the world, Sammy). And sure, some of it has to do with the fact that to him, Dean’s a parent figure, and none of us are particularly keen to think about our parents’ naked bodies, but still: as I said, these guys trained together and fought together and cleaned monster goo and burns and wounds for each other, so in my opinion what we have here is one narrative layer contradicting the other. 

And I know there are other issues (such as Dean’s irrational but understandable fear of being half-dressed after he came back from Hell), but on the whole, one of the few interactions I’d consider normal for that kind of world was the one between Dean and Richie - a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, and also something we all considered a clear indication the two had slept together - precisely because of how comfortable they were in each other’s space.

(And, again - sure, you may have that with someone you’re sleeping with, but in my experience it’s also what happens with team members, or when out in the wilderness: bodies are mostly forgotten about, because they don’t matter all that much. Girls shower together and chat in their panties about strategy and what to do during the next game; and we’ll all turn our backs and change in the middle of some clearing, knowing that other people will politely look away, because wearing soaked and storm-ridden clothes is never a good idea.)

When it comes to Cas, there’s an additional layer of madness: the fact things are being coded as if Dean had a personal stake in all of it (Cas’ body, Cas’ naked body, Cas’ sexuality). As I’m sure you know, all relevant moments have been analysed to death, so there’s no sense discussing them now; but against this backdrop, what happened with Gabriel is more of the same - comic relief because OMG A PENIS and also a cheeky excuse to entertain the tantalizing thought Cas is a sexual being (if he weren’t, he wouldn’t have been bothered by Gabriel’s face landing in his crotch by accident) and a way to get Dean’s reaction (we never get Sam’s for some reason, don’t see him at all during this scene). And maybe I’m just bitter here, but I hated what they did with Gabriel and particularly his blushing and stammering when it comes to anything sexual? This is an archangel, for God’s sake. An immortal being who was pretending to be the god of mischief for thousands of years and also someone who - like most other angels, because Cas was always the exception here, not the norm - was generally okay with a bit of human fun - including casual sex and orgies. His fumbling with Rowena, and his embarrassment at being caught - quite literally - with his pants down - to me, that was just bad writing. I mean, I’m not against some comic relief, especially in a story as dark as this one, but I also don’t think comedy should come at the cost of canon, you know? And this things with Cas - here we see it again. This was an accident, nothing more, and yet Cas is completely weirded out, Gabriel’s suddenly Mr Heteronormativity and seems positively shocked by the realization his brother’s vessel has a human penis under its clothes, and Dean generally Alarmed and Not Pleased.

(Sam, as I said, never even notices the exchange: if you remember, at first he’s not even in the scene, and then he’s shown with his back to it, checking the forest around them.)

So, I don’t know. I guess I’m the only one who didn’t find that either funny or necessary? Then again, I generally dislike this kind of middle school jokes, and I always found it beyond weird that Americans get so precious with nudity, in any case - US movies are the worst when it comes to this - from women sleeping in their bras to men shuffling their boxers back on after sex for some reason, to foreign actors being good-naturedly bewildered by how sex scenes are filmed - I don’t know. My feeling is that there’s something there that needs fixing (especially considering the impact this seems to have on RL), but I could be dead wrong. Variety’s the spice of life, and all that. But also:

hibiki45  asked:

Those Todomomo/Satoru/@akeemi-life's twins are so cute, akeemi also created a daugther (can't remeber her name right now) if you're in writing mood you should write about the day that she born. Poor Hino and Rei, they don't have a single clue of what is going on and just know that their mother is in pain, the little cinnamon rolls

Yep i’m still in writing mood (even more now that my stylet broke) and @akeemi-art also drew an adorable daughter ! But i don’t recall her having a name yet. Anyway i asked her how many years there is between her and the twins, it’s about 3 years difference. Satoru would then be out of UA and one of the reaosn i’m not writing Satoru’s years at UA is because i don’t have the plot (and especially the end, Satoru and Mahô’s situation is quite unclear in my head) yet…SO everything i will write now is not set in stone, okay ? ^^ Plus it’s Akeemi’s daughter and if there is anything she doesn’t like, i will change it.

Still this is such an adorable ask, i couldn’t resist to write it ! 

So here is the very hypothetical scene…

This time Shouto was determined to do things right this time. He prepared Momo’s bag himself, days before the due’s date, and swore tat he would be ready to go, even in the middle of the night. He even dowloaded an ap that could call a cab, since Momo really didn’t want him to drive. Bakugou still talked about the way he saved their fucking life by driving Momo to the hospital three years ago, there was no way they asked him again !

Beside, it was summer and Satoru was home, back from his college, so he could count on him to stay with his little brother if they had to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night. Momo couldn’t help but chuckle everytime Shouto was preparing the big-day.

Everything was goint to be all right, everything was planned.

Of course, life doesn’t work that way.

First, when it happened, Shouto was on a mission with Tenya, Ochako and Izuku. He received the text message right into the middle of the fight.

Satoru – 11 AM 22 July - Momo is in labor, i called the cab and we’re on our way to the hospital with the twins. Can you meet us there ??

He supposed that turning back and run back home wasn’t the most heroic attitude ever.

-Where are you going ?! Yelled Tenya as he kicked one villain in the guts.

-The baby! He said.

His three friends gasped as they punched down another villain who thought he could use the opportunity.

-You’ll take too long to go to the train station, Ochako ! Claimed Izuku.

-I’m on it ! Answered Uravity as she slapped Shouto and his back.

And before he knew it Izuku had threw him above three buildings. This was probably not the best idea neither.


Momo tried her very best not to panic. Satoru was already a mess, the twins were crying because they were too small to understand that the pain their mother was feeling was not a dangerous-kind-of-pain, and Shouto…

Well Shouto was here when they arrived at the hospital, but he had probably a broken arm. A broken arm he assured was not broken and could wait till the baby was there to be seen by a doctor.

The said doctor who was in charge of the family for so long (he took care of Satoru when he was 9 and delivered the twins…) gave Momo a tired glance. All she could do was sent him back a tired smile. Then she turned to her husband and took his not-broken hand :

-I’m glad you made it here.

She was, this time the contractions came way faster than the previous time and she had been worried he would not make it here in time. The thought of giving birth without him by his side, holding her hand and repeat every instruction the doctor said with a calm voice, it was terrifying. Last time he had been worried about him not being able to do anything to help her, but he did. Him being here helped.

Now the other problem…

-Satoru, we’ll go to the deliver room, you can keep an eye on Rei and Hino ?


Rei hiccuped, big tears rolling on his cheeks. Satoru was already carrying him in his arms, craddling him a bit to ease his worry. Hino was a little better, os soi t seemed, but when they tried to move away, he tried to restrain them here by hugging Shouto’s legs.

-Don’t leave…He whispered with a broken voice.

Shouto hugged him, and hold him so he could see his mother. Momo patted his head :

-Don’t worry Hino, i’m going to be fine, she said. But you can’t follow me where i’m going now, it’s not a place for little children. Please be a sweet heart and listen to your big bor while we’re away.

Rei asked :

-You come back ?

-Yes, they will come back very soon, promised Satoru to his little brother.

-When ? hiccped Hino.

-Very soon, explained Shouto. –We’re just going to get your little sister, then we’ll be right back.

-She lost ? Asked Hino.

Satoru let out a laugh, and took Hino back, so Momo could go.

-No, no she’s okay. Remember what Papa explained to you, how babies are made ?

Momo grunted as she disappeared in the room, and for a moment Shouto was certain it was not because of the contraction pain.


Three hours was a long time to wait, especially for little kid of Hino and Rei’s age. They were barely three and time was still a hard concept to grasp. Fortunately Satoru was very good at handling kids. He made sure they were far enough sot hey couldn’t hear Momo’s screams (he remembered all too well ho it terrified him the first time) then organized a drawing contest he let them win. When they were tired and worried about their mother and father’s whereabout, he told them a story. He was thankful they were there in a way, getting them occupied kept him away from worrying too.  Especially when one made one of the weirdest comment like « this is the longest poop ever ».

Thankfully, Shouto came look for them soon enough, and he lead them to a tiny room. Momo was already there, looking equally happy and tired. The little baby girl was a little bigger than the twin were, and Momo was already breastfeeding her. She had the cutest chubby cheeks ever.

-It’s a glutton, remarked Satoru with a smile, as he helped Hino to get at the right heigh to see theirlittle sister. Shouto did the same with Rei.

-She smol, commented Rei.

-You were way smaller you know, explained Shouto.

-Lie ! Claimed Hino.

They poked the baby feet and she made a noise as she cowered up in her mother arms. The twins laughed.

-I like her, decided Hino.

-We keep it ! Approved Rei.

Satoru laughed again, and couldn’t help but say :

-Yep i like her too, can we keep her and give those two back ?

Rei and Hino made the funniest chocked face ever. But Momo made a sign so they all gathered near her, she put the baby in Shouto’s arms and stared at the marvelled expression it drew on his face. She would never get tired of this. But right now, she did feel exhausted, so she closed her eyes and let herself fall into sleep as she heard her family’s ahppy chatting. That was the best lullaby she ever heard.

Hitman AU: Mark Tuan

Gif not mine credit to owner

Authors note:I’ve wanted to write a hitman series forever but i don’t really want to write write so i bullet pointed it.

Warning(s): Cursing, mentions of guns, very minor death just to keep it going.

  • Yeah you did some shitty things
  • But thats why you left your old life behind and started a new one
  • Sitting at a desk from 9-5 definitely sucked ass
  • The pay was shitty
  • But at least it wasn’t illegal and you didn’t have law enforcement trying to take you down
  • You had left on ‘okay’ terms
  • Your old boss hit you with the good old
  • “This makes you a loose end”
  • One that’s rude af
  • Two he can eat a dick you were his right hand woman and could definitely handle yourself
  • He has you fucked up if he doesn’t think you can handle some punk
  • But nonetheless you carry on your days like normal until days turn into a few years and your content with your boring life
  • Until one day when driving home from work
  • Turn after turn
  • Stop after stop
  • You even got gas 3 (three) times
  • Yep. Definitely being followed
  • Welp looks like your boss is going to get a big fuck you when this idiot gets killed and your storming into his headquarters guns blazing
  • You drive the short distance home
  • Carrying on like you had no idea what was happening
  • Going up to your apartment and locking the door before grabbing a kitchen knife
  • KNOCK muthafuckin KNOCK goes the front door
  • You grab the handle ready to strike as you open it
  • But your shocked
  • You can’t just stab the man at the door-not right away at least
  • “Uuuuhhhhhh what the fuck Mark??? Why are you here???”
  • “Oh you know just passing by and thought I’d say wazzup…;)”
  • You eye him up and down not caring about the soft smirk that his lips held
  • Mark and you had trained and perfected your skills as client killers together
  • Years of being together had left you two with a string sense of loyalty a great friendship and some very obvious sexual tension
  • Dating had always been off limits for the both of you
  • Your boss claiming it would make you weak
  • Yet it didn’t help that where ever you were Mark wasn’t far behind or directly next to you arm draped over your shoulder as he said something lame to you
  • As quiet as he could be sometimes he it seemed like he was always talking around you
  • If you weren’t being followed by Mark-who was most likely going to try and kill you-maybe you would have kissed him and risked looking over your shoulder till the end of your days
  • But nope not today
  • No matter how much you missed his stupid cucumber puns and bright smile you couldn’t get caught up in your emotions
  • You laughed at him he hadn’t changed a bit since you left which only meant one thing
  • It was now or never
  • You use your free hand and punch Mark square in the nose knowing that while your technique had always been better than Mark’s his speed was his biggest asset and putting as much space as possible between you both was you best shot at not having to actually kill him
  • Grabbing your car keys your keys you dip down the hall
  • “WHAT THE HELL????!?!?!??!” is all you hear before your running down the 6 flights of steps to where you had parked your car
  • As you get closer unlocking your car you see the slashed tire
  • Alrighty then down the street you go
  • Taking off into a dead sprint trying to distance yourself from the apartment complex hoping that your punch slowed Mark down enough
  • Yet the farther you ran and maybe the fact that nobody was yanking your arm or tackling you by now you’d say you hit Mark pretty good
  • You left with keys a knife and house slippers and you know as you slow down your run to a mild walk you must look crazy and probably gross from all the sweat
  • You have no clue where you are when you hear Mark’s all to familiar voice
  • “I should have punched him harder” you groan not wanting to begin running again
  • You turn your head getting ready to run as you spot Mark waving his hands.
  • “LOOK!” Mark yells pointing to the lamp post a few feet away from you
  • You turn and see a masked man pointing his gun towards you
  • 'Shit shit shit shit’ is running through your mind
  • You don’t want to die but you know that it’ll take you 0.72 seconds to grab the knife from your pocket and throw it
  • While it’ll take the man 0.32 seconds to shoot if the gun is already cocked
  • BLAM
  • You drop down assuming the masked man missed before grabbing the knife getting ready to throw it until you see the man fall
  • “Come on, we gotta skedaddle!”
  • Mark is yanking you into his car before you have a chance to even ask what the hell had just happened
  • “Uuhhhh?????? What the fuckkkk?!??”
  • “Some info about the crime rings got to the police and your the last person alive that knows anything about it.”
  • “Woooooooow rude he really does consider me a loose end”
  • You gonna be honest it hurt a smidge
  • “No he doesn’t. I have no clue who that guy was he wasn’t sent by us”
  • “Then why were you at my door??”
  • Mark was the silent before he smiled widely at you
  • “Like I said, I was passing by and thought I’d say wazzup heheheh..”
  • “You greasy ass mofo let me out I’d rather die”
  • Mark only locks the car doors chuckling softly
  • You both sit in silence before you hold you hand out
  • Like clock work Mark grabs the gun you left in his care years ago
  • He hesitates to hand it to you holding it above your waiting hand
  • “You don’t have to do this”
  • “Then why did you come to my apartment if I dont have to come back?”
  • “I’m going back to America and I want you to come” he said pulling the gun back into his lap, the seriousness in his voice throwing you off
  • “What? Why? Are you in trouble?”
  • Panick set in as your mind began racing through all the worste possible scenarios
  • “Sorta but it’s not THAT bad. I messed up a hit and somehow the person survived i swore they were dead and I have to leave now”
  • “MARK TUAN!!” you scold him
  • How you two had been put in the same expertise level was a shock
  • It was like Mark had never seen a movie or heard of double tap if your unsure of the kill
  • “Listen that’s not the point”
  • “Why not it could be fun”
  • Mark’s shocked. He was expecting a argument or you to complain maybe even for you to punch him again
  • “Really?!??”
  • “Mark Tuan I will happily go to America with you but on one term”
  • “Shoot. Ill do anything”
  • “Kiss me already”
  • Mark’s eyes widened looking over at you his smile bright and overly ecstatic
  • Pulling over the car and grabbing your face and you think he mumbled a 'finally’ before he smashed his lips into yours
  • The kiss is long, sweet, and overdue and as you pull away gasping for air you can’t help but shake you head softly giving his lips a quick peck
  • You definitely could get used that

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Hey! I wanted write a ff, so I would like to get some headcanons from childhood of Marley heroes (I want to understand, which I agree with and which I don't accept bc it would be easier to imagine smth) Thanks =)

Okay, here we go. Mod’s still trying to wrap her head around all the new information and characters, so it might be RBA heavy, but she will do her best to make it as comprehensive as possible.

So. We know that the Marleyan government has a system in which Eldian parents can volunteer their children (and children can volunteer themselves?) to join the titan program for the price of better benefits for the family. The Eldians are treated like dirt all the time, and the Eldian children submitted to the titan program are being groomed to kill their own race, told that they’re the scum of the Earth, but still have to fight like the best of them. They’re put through vigorous training to decide who will receive the titan’s power. With all that being said:

  • The Marley put those in the titan program through rigorous physical, intellectual, and emotional training to determine who was the all-around strongest candidates to receive the coveted titan power. 
  • They put these kids through brutal training, preparing them for war. The teachers and commanders were harsh, unforgiving, most hating every child no matter their successes. If someone reached the impossibly high bar they set, they set it higher still, never satisfied. These children grew up believing they would never be good enough, and yet they knew that giving up would be a worse fate than carrying on treated like dirt. 
  • But they go through it with the ingenuity only children have. They pushed on in the hope of becoming heroes. Because some of the kinder teachers (they did exist) promised them glory if they succeeded. And that’s what most of the kids set their sights on. 

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The clarification that you don't mind/aren't opposed to the reading of Tom and Carl as gay makes all the difference in the issue in my mind. Like, you're not going to tell us what to think rather than you don't want us to think they're gay.

Oh, jeez, telling people what to think is always a nonstarter. (You wouldn’t get very far with me in that department, I can tell you.)

Leaving schools of literary criticism aside for the moment, I would have to be the Dimmest Writer On Earth if I seriously thought that people weren’t already doing exactly what they liked with my characters in their heads… just as I do with other people’s characters. This is just the way things are, and the writer who tries to keep this from happening is riding for a fall.

They’re also potentially cutting off their own nose(s) to spite their face, because a writer who tries to interfere with that fiction-shaping impulse in the reader’s mind is  messing with something that has the ability to significantly enhance or even save their career. I’m referring to the reader’s ability to make what they read, in the act of reading, better than it was to begin with.

…This takes a little explaining. I believe that everybody who reads for pleasure is party to this effect to at least some extent, especially if they’re already committed to either the writer or (past instances of) the written. And this phenomenon slops over into others of the arts as well. I first experienced it this way when I was ten.

On some summer night in 1962, my folks took me to the drive-in and we saw a film called First Spaceship On Venus. (God only knows why they did this, except I was already a space nut and they were humoring me.) To say I was absolutely smitten with this movie would be putting it mildly. Even so I wasn’t smitten enough to last all the way through to the end: this was the era of double features, I have no memory of what the first movie was, and then as now I wasn’t much good at staying up late. But I carried the memory of FSOV well into adulthood as a terrific movie with a beautiful spaceship and wonderful aliens – just a completely fabulous movie, a seminal experience in a life already grounded on an understanding that science fiction was a wonderful thing.

Fast forward twenty or so years, to the point where I’m working as David Gerrold’s assistant. David has always been an early adopter, and he had gotten one of the very first domestic VCRs, a massive U-Matic thing (I think this is the one. Dear God what a dinosaur). At some point or another I noticed that FSOV was scheduled on TV on one of the LA-area channels that showed old movies late at night. I begged David to record the thing for me, as though I hadn’t seen it since I was ten, I could still remember how it thrilled me way back when.

So he recorded it, and the next day after I finished what work needed doing, I sat down and watched it.

I wouldn’t be understating to describe this film as a train wreck from beginning to end.* (It’s been on MST3K, with reason.) I watched in horror as a badly put together plot full of stilted performances unspooled itself between two planets. And those cool little alien robots? They were ping-pong balls with pipecleaners stuck in them. I was, to put it mildly, disillusioned.

…And left in a quandary. What the hell had happened? Why were the little alien robots or whatever so wonderful in my memory? Why did memory insist it was a terrific movie when adult experience made it plain it was a turkey? It wasn’t about comparative critical ability… not that much. I could be pretty scathing about bad movies when I was ten. (Don’t get me started on The Brain from Planet Arous. Or The Crawling Eye, which terrified me out of my wits for about a week until I saw it a second time on one of the local NY stations that would repeat a single film three or four times in a day/week] and thought, in a burst of terrifying clarity, “Boy is this stupid!” )

I came back to the problem occasionally as the years went by and worried at it in search of answers, and got none… until I started getting fan mail on my books. The praise went way beyond heartening, sometimes. People were waxing enthusiastic over stuff I was sure I had not done – didn’t think to include, wasn’t smart enough (yet) to write. Textual inspection was no help. I knew what words were there but not how these readers were deriving what they saw and loved from it.

But slowly a theme started to emerge.  These readers, regardless of age, were making my work better than it really was – for the author’s value of “really”. They were doing with my stuff exactly what ten-year-old-me had done with FSOV. Their enthusiasm and wholehearted commitment to the material was helping them find virtues in it that I couldn’t feel responsible for… and maybe it didn’t strictly matter who was responsible, or if they were. Enjoyment happened. And who the hell in their right mind would step on that, just for the sake of being right?

At the end of the day, it’s just love, I guess. You fall in love with something and you’re impelled to make it better, willing to forgive it all kinds of faults and improve it inside your head. Here as in so many other places, perhaps it’s that simple: “love is the answer.” …Who knew. :)

Following this line of reasoning, I have to believe that readers apply their own readings of what’s going on with Tom and Carl to the characters at least partly because they like them so much. Gods forbid I should interfere with that.

So let’s let it lie there, as I have about fifty sort-of-businessy things to do today that have not been getting done, and then (for my sins) I think I need to watch FSOV again. It’s on YouTube, heaven help me. (And now I discover that Brain from Planet Arous has a sequel. I am doomed. Curse you, IMDb!!)

*At the meta level too, it turns out. Including uncredited, unlicensed music from other SF or horror movies, and a screenplay with three writing teams and twelve drafts of the screenplay. Sweet Thoth but the mind boggles.

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Hey, I know this is kind of a random ask, but can you do an analysis on Astrid's good points? There's been a lot of hate surrounding her lately, especially in terms of Hiccstrid, and I don't know, I would just like to see some positive things about her character, because I know those things exist, even if other people can't see it. :(


Astrid is a human being, and like all human beings, full of strengths and weaknesses. It is true that Astrid contains a number of flaws to her character - just like Hiccup does, and Stoick, and Ruffnut, and Gobber, and everyone else in How to Train Your Dragon. She also has some incredibly admirable strengths. There are a number of striking positive qualities I notice about her:

  • She is an extraordinarily gifted athlete
  • She is an incredibly hard and dedicated worker who never gives up
  • She is intelligent and well-studied
  • She is a very talented dragon trainer
  • She is a very empathetic and encouraging individual
  • She is a good follower and model citizen

Astrid the Athlete

One of the most well-recognized traits Astrid has is of being a warrior and an athlete. This reputation is incredibly well-deserved! I almost don’t need to talk about this skillset… I can just plop a few gifs in here, smile, and say, “Yeah, that’s right. She’s amazing.”

Just watch that gif above a few times. In about two and a half seconds, Astrid bends over backwards in a sliding limbo move to dodge Stormfly’s tail, front handsprings over a barrel, somersaults forward, grabs a shield, and holds it up before she can be shot by spines. She does that in less than three seconds. That is completely out of this world and demonstrates the full extent of Astrid’s dexterous, quick-footed, gymnast-like athleticism. How can she react so quickly? It’s like she has to predict where Stormfly’s spines are going to land!

This sort of talent does not develop overnight. It requires extensive training and hard discipline over the course of many, many years. It requires incredible strength and quick, practiced coordination. In order to become this athletic of a fighter, Astrid would have had to be doing this since she was little more than a toddler. By the time Astrid is a teenager in the first How to Train Your Dragon movie, she probably has already been diligently practicing her moves for a decade. None of the other youths come even close to this amount of responsible dedication or extensive training.

Astrid is in fact leaps and strides more skillful than any of the strong, fit adults we have ever watched in How to Train Your Dragon. No one else comes close to matching her speed, quick wits, flexibility, and gymnast-like tumbles. And her skills include both strong offensive attacks and nimble-footed defense, as well as training in archery, the axe, hand-to-hand combat/wrestling, and I imagine even the sword. The way she handles the sword in “Gronckle Iron” at least indicates she knows what a good blade should feel like… and how to use it.

We really cannot appreciate her enough. I know we watch so many action movies in which women and men are skillful fighters, yet Astrid’s gifts are above and beyond what 97% of the human population could accomplish.

And she never lets herself slack off. She is an incredible stuntswoman in her teenaged years, and even by the time of How to Train Your Dragon 2, she can hop and flip her way through any obstacle. I marvel over her extreme athleticism during the dragon racing scene here.

Like, oh my Odin, who just decides to do flips on a moving dragon? These guys are probably flying forty miles an hour hundreds of feet in the air!

And yet she does it with ease and complete trust she’ll be okay. She’s that confident and practiced in her abilities. The more you think about it, the more incredible it is.

Astrid the Overachiever

Astrid is probably the most dogged and determined character to succeed in life. She enters Dragon Training in HTTYD with a bold adamancy to come in first. When Hiccup begins to best her in class, she responds by practicing more in her spare time. Astrid is someone who has well-disciplined training skills; she knows how to improve herself and drive herself to success. It in fact bothers her when she sees someone else failing to drive themselves to their potential.

Her athletic prowess is one enormous proof of her incredible diligence. She is no lazy sportswoman, but a dedicated, ever-training warrior with the discipline of the very best. She is an achiever.

Not only do we see that achievement in Dragon Training, but we see it elsewhere. The world turns into a dragon friendly environment. Astrid once was the Viking youth with the greatest talents at killing and fighting dragons. She then becomes one of the most talented Viking youths at riding dragons, too. She also demonstrates high knowledge and capability of different species and other academic knowledge. She is flexible and capable of learning and achieving in any field. Astrid knows how to drive herself and build herself into something special at whatever she puts her mind to. 

She is probably then the most versatile of the members in the Dragon Academy. She masters an incredible array of skills from dragon lore to dragon racing.

Astrid the Intellect

I think sometimes we forget how intelligent Astrid is. She is not pure muscle, but a very crafty and thoughtful woman, too. Astrid is the individual who speaks with some of the most common sense of anyone in her peer group; she is seen critiquing and correcting Hiccup far more than once in Riders and Defenders of Berk. When Hiccup is not the one formulating the plan, Astrid tends to be the one spouting the ideas. Astrid has practical knowledge and can assess a variety of situations with great level-headed reasoning.

She also knows her texts. She’s got common sense and she’s got academic prowess. In How to Train Your Dragon, we see right away that Astrid has already read “The Book of Dragons.” Only she and nerdy Fishlegs have done that. Astrid is a student and capable of sitting down, reading, and learning information. At one point in Riders of Berk, we see her and Fishlegs go into a game of trivia against Snotlout and the twins, and she and Fishlegs dominate it. Astrid is answering the questions, not letting Fishlegs dominate the game. She knows her stuff. If she were in this modern world, she would be getting A’s on her report card. She potentially, depending on your headcanons, could even be getting more A’s than Hiccup.

Astrid the Dragon Trainer

Astrid’s skills flying and training a dragon are impressive. Her gymnastics skills are not limited whatsoever by the high speeds and elevations of flight. Furthermore, she has taught Stormfly to execute very precise commands and is able to get her dragon to aim and shoot spineshots wherever she desires. She and her dragon form a bond where the two know exactly what the other wants; when we see her flying full-speed, she and Stormfly could almost be as one. The youths, when they talk about dragon flying abilities, always place her right after Hiccup. And they’ve got very good reason to.

Astrid has a very fascinating approach to dragon training. She can teach dragons how to do more than straightforward things. While others can teach dragons to fly in certain directions or follow simple verbal commands, Astrid is able to teach a Terrible Terror the very sophisticated art of stealth movement. “Sneaky” does something that is almost uncharacteristic of a Terrible Terror, which tends to be a rather obnoxious and upfront sort of dragon. And she does this in a day. How do you even begin teaching a dragon to do that?

She is able to place a lot of trust in her dragons. She trusts Stormfly to do what she desires even when she does not vocalize any commands aloud. She trusts Stormfly to catch her and fly safely when she is off doing acrobatics. Astrid can do blind jumps and leaps and flips and fully believe her dragon will be there to catch her. That takes enormous time, training, and trust, indicating an amazing ability to bond with a dragon and understand them.

She’s just as good of a dragon rider as Hiccup is. And based on her skillsets, she can do some things he can’t.

Astrid the Empath

I can never talk enough about this wonderful trait of hers. It is true that Astrid can be a belligerent and affrontive individual, aggressive and sharp of tongue, with a mind oriented towards passionate action in times of duress. However, she also has a very tender, soft side which is astoundingly empathetic. She is probably the most empathetic and encouraging of all the dragon riders. Astrid knows how to listen to someone, understand them, and bolster their spirits. She does not give them the answer to their question, but instead empowers them to solve their own problems.

We see Astrid do this again and again. In the first movie, Astrid asks Hiccup what to do before the Kill Ring scene. Afterwards, when Hiccup feels like giving up, she tells him it’s important he was the first Viking to ride a dragon, and then encourages him to go off and do something crazy and stupid. In Riders of Berk Astrid supports Hiccup on his treasure hunting quest because she knows he wants to impress Stoick. In HTTYD 2 she tells Hiccup that the answers to his identity questions are inside his heart, but she goes off flying with him on the map project anyway because she knows it’s how he’s handling his own restlessness. She lifts Hiccup up and then supports the choices he makes. I cannot talk enough about how she especially supports Hiccup. What she does is amazing!

She not only does this with Hiccup, but we see this occur with Heather as well. Astrid and Heather are able to bond in Race to the Edge and become fast friends. She understands when Heather needs to leave Snotlout and the larger group as a whole, taking her away for one-on-one girl bonding time. Later, when Heather wishes to go after Dagur, Astrid understands this is dangerous and knows when to say “No.” But she cares enough for Heather that - as foolish of a decision as it is - she changes her mind. It’s because of how much she cares.

Astrid is an empath. She is not a cold, hard, brutal warrior. She does not live fueled on anger and temper. Not all the time. She knows how to care and bolster up peoples’ spirits. It’s no wonder that Astrid takes the forefront of creating new holiday traditions in Gift of the Night Fury to build peoples’ Snoggletog spirits! She wants to make the people of Berk happy. And frankly, did the eggs not explode, she would have had a very good and cheery idea.

Astrid the Model Citizen

Astrid is not a level five leader. She is not someone who devises revolutionary, out-of-the-box ideas. However, she is an incredible follower - something that every leader and group truly, truly needs. What she does is just as important as Hiccup when he takes the helm. What Astrid can do is stand up and be the citizen that Berk needs, executing plans, supporting Hiccup’s decisions, and taking on the talents that are Berk’s greatest assets.

Basically, Astrid can stand up and always do exactly what Berk needs for her at the given time. She does not balk, she does not argue her way is better, but she understands the sense of what needs to be done… and she goes out and does it. With great speed. With great skill. With great success.

No wonder Stoick is so proud and bubbly of her at the start of How to Train Your Dragon 2. Astrid is a wonderful woman full of many laudable facets. She’s a great personality with a deep heart. She’s a loyal citizen, a model for all of Berk. She’s deeply intelligent, full of common sense and knowledge of many things. She’s a warrior and an athlete. And she’s definitely someone to applaud and appreciate.

Harry is eleven years old and sleeping in an actual bed with a proper duvet and soft pillows for the first time in his life. The light glows soft from the tall window beside the bed- if he were to turn his head he would be able to see all of the stars in the night sky, quiet and benevolent, watching over the castle that is to be his home. All around him, the sound of deep breathing coming from the four boys he will live with from now on; a daunting thought for someone who’s so accustomed to solitude. Still though, he doesn’t mind. 

He’s been at Hogwarts approximately five hours, and already it feels much more like home than the Dursleys’ ever did. Harry can see possibilities for himself here- after all, he’s already made one friend, and it’s only the first day! At least… he thinks Ron is his friend now. He hopes. Truth be told, Harry doesn’t really know what having friends is supposed to feel like, because he’s never had one before. (There was that one kid in his old school who didn’t run away when Harry sat next to him at lunch, but Harry doesn’t count him- who would?) 

Turning around, Harry can just about see the outline of Ron’s frame in the dark, sprawled out across the bed like he’s trying to cover every inch of it. On the train earlier, Ron had told him all about his life as a wizard, about his family, his childhood, and (most interestingly to Harry,) the wizarding world. Harry really does hope they’re friends now because he thinks he’d like to have a friend like Ron. Maybe he’ll ask him at breakfast tomorrow- ‘are we friends?’- and just hope for the answer to be yes. 

Thinking about friends, another thought occurs to Harry- perhaps he won’t get bullied here either. There’s no Dudley to bribe kids to beat him up when the teachers are pretending not to look, so maybe, just maybe, it won’t happen. Harry hasn’t really met anyone he dislikes so far (well, there is that Draco kid in Slytherin who he met on the train, but Harry doesn’t think he’ll be seeing much of him as they’re in separate houses.) Besides, even if he was to be bullied, Hogwarts doesn’t seem like the type of place that would ignore the maltreatment of it’s students- or so Harry hopes, anyway.

He hasn’t been able to sleep yet. At first it was because he felt like there was too much space- he knows it’s going to be hard to adjust to this new way of living, even harder to separate it from his old life at Privet Drive- but now it’s the excitement that’s keeping him awake. Hogwarts is real. The place he’d been dreaming of since that night Hagrid came and changed his life by telling him he was a wizard- it’s real. It’s real and Harry’s inside it with a timetable of interesting classes, clothes that actually fit him, and (well, possibly) his very first friend.  

It’s almost overwhelming, to be quite honest. Harry’s never been as happy as he is in this very moment, with broad possibilities shining down like light from the stars. He’s happy. He doesn’t know what tomorrow will bring along with it but he does know that he’s excited for it (and a bit nervous, but that’s only to be expected, really.) 

Harry closes his eyes, and for once his resting mind is left free from dreams of a better life. For once, he’s happy just as he is.