I find it very ironic that a show that is supposed to address the ignorance of others and promote understanding and compassion is completely disregarding the very valid feelings of a lot of people for the use of a racial slur. This is seriously disappointing. I want to love this season, but this is making it difficult. 

Oh my goodness, I just realized something???

Dick Grayson is a safety net for everyone else in DC.

Allow me to explain:  

So everyone knows how Dick’s parents died: Tony Zucco was a rude jerkface who sabotaged the wires for the Flying Graysons’ trapeze act, the ropes snapped, they fell to their deaths right in front of poor baby Dick’s teeny little eight year-old eyes, we all know the story. But the thing about this situation is that most acrobats would use a safety net in case they fell. The Flying Graysons, however, chose to do that particular act without a net in order to create more excitement. So they died because there was no one to catch them. Dick’s family died because they had no safety net

Cut to a little over a decade later, and Dick is Nightwing. He’s been with Batman, he’s been a member of several teams, and he’s met so many other superheroes in the DC universe that practically everyone is a friend of Nightwing. He has helped nearly everybody at some point or other, so he’s known for lending a helping hand to anyone who asks. Out of all the many, many, many superheroes in the universe, Dick himself is known as the one any person can go to for help no matter what. There’s never any doubt when it comes to Dick. He will always and without question be there for anyone who needs him. He’s their rock. 

In fact, Dick is probably one of the only characters besides a few prominent heroes like Batman and Superman who everyone can rely on. Everyone has their own reputations, whether it be a good or a bad one. Bruce’s is being dark and broody, but Dick’s is being trustworthy. Everyone can vouch for him. Dick can always be trusted, no matter what. It even says it right here:

And in this panel too, Superman tells Dick that he is the single person who in every place in the multiverse can never be corrupted:

See? Dick is one of the only guys whom every single hero knows he/she can trust and that this is something that will never change. Because Dick is good. Dick will never let anyone down or betray them, it’s just not in his DNA. If anyone is ever in need of help, then you can bet your little tush that Dick Grayson will answer the call, no matter what it costs him. He saves everyone who needs it and is willing to catch them when they fall. Like a safety net. Dick catches people. That is his legacy. He couldn’t save his parents from hitting the ground, but you can trust that he will bust his butt and try his hardest to ensure that from now on he will keep that from happening to anyone else. 

And ever since the Flying Graysons fell, Dick kind of has a thing with falling. It’s a conquered fear, one of which he confronts every day as he soars above cities and saves those who can’t save themselves. But he can’t stand the thought of falling without a net to catch you, so subconsciously that is the role he fills. He has become a metaphor for DC’s safety net, as in he is the one character who everyone can trust to save them, whether they be civilians or other heroes. They can always trust that they can go to him for help when they need it, and Dick in turn will always be ready to save them. He is the one holding his arms out, ready to catch people when they fall and support them for as long as they need him to. He refuses to let anyone down. Dick is DC’s rock, the one column that will never topple over no matter how hard you try. He is a safety net, prepared to catch people when they fall and ready to help them to fly again. Dick’s parents had no safety net, so Dick is going to make sure no one else will have to be without one as long as he’s there. And that my friends, is my epiphany of the day. 


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kanej + religion

There is nothing that can change how I feel about you.
—  Poets Love Her

“Grandpa It is I hansung. I’m doing well in Hwarang House. At first, you forced me to come here. But I like it here now. I learned from a dear friend.. that a hard land can become a path. I learned that when you leave your footsteps together, a rough land can become a path. I’m writing you a letter because.. I want you to know.. that I will receive my own punishment from now on.. Danse did nothing wrong. I do not know about the bone-rank system, but Danse is just my brother. He’s someone who is always on my side. Someone I can trust more than anyone. 

Grandfather, I made a friend among the Hwarangs; Who said he will walk with me. I will live freely. I will not think about family names and power. I will live as a Hwarang.”


Thank you to all who waited patiently for me to finally finish it ha ha.

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me: *plays a piece that I didn’t practice*

my teacher: good job. that was much better than last week.

me: how? I refuse to believe it was. it was just as awful as before and you know it. do you always lie to me like this? can I trust anything you tell me? are you even who you say you are? can I believe anything?

what most people my age do on saturday at 2am: partying

what I am doing: building a tiny house, fence and bench for my shrimp

anonymous asked:

Your poetry is terrible & lame, you should feel some regret & shame, just like your drunk elven father did, when he fucked your mom stupid

Not bad! If it’s not taking liberties with your impressive creativity, might I just make a few corrections in meter:

Your poetry is terrible and lame.

It brings regret to you, and brings you shame

Just like your drunken elven father did

The time he fucked your mother, plus you’re stupid.

You see, the first line was written in fairly passable iambic pentameter, and I thought it a shame that the following lines didn’t quite have the same structure. The kernel of an idea was clearly present in the poem you submitted to me, and some of the language was visceral and emotive, but I think that being a bit stricter with meter would lend itself well to the rhythm and flow of your lines, particularly if you ever had plans to read it aloud, although of course that would mean coming off Anonymous, so I completely understand if that’s not on the cards for your poetic career. I also really liked the rhyming of lame / shame. The fact that both are thematically as well as semantically linked works very well, connoting negative feelings of self-worth and reflecting in a nuanced yet obvious manner on the psyche of its author. 

I hope you make use of my suggestions. I truly have made them with the best of intentions. Let me know how it goes when you submit it to a prestigious poetry magazine; I’m sure it’ll be a veritable shoo-in.