The dub’s version of Kirishima’s room scene has some golden lines LOL. The dub is so hilarious.

Kirishima: Not that I care, but you might not get what I’m going for…a DEN OF MANLINESS.
Hagakure: If I found out my boyfriend had a room like this, I’d dump him. Ochako: SO BOLD! Makes me wanna work out!
Kirishima: YOU GET IT!!!

What do you mean Bakugou and Kirishima didn’t share a bed??

(tbh I didn’t even need to photoshop much besides cut out Bakugou and place him next to Kirishima- their hands fit over each other and can intertwine perfectly…I just added a few shadows, but everything else is the genius of the anime staff lol)

Is This The End, Or Just The Beginning?

Death has a certain fragrance
Fear has a bitter taste
Could we rise above, escape this?
There must be another way

Crashing with the thunder in the sky
Falling to our knees, but can we rise?

- “Is This The End” by Hidden Citizens feat. Young Summer & Sam Tinnesz

Did season 7 give me even more feels about sheith? Yes. Did it help me get over “The Black Paladins”? No. No, it didn’t.

Also, did anybody say sheith angst week?? I haven’t been able to contribute anything, but like…take this instead? I wanna join the party.


Should have known better than to tell ‘Don’t do the thing’ to Jimmy. :_D
x(sequel) sorta

First meeting, for @spirkonbaby‘s Valentine challenge. <3

I can’t get enough of first meeting kid fics with them and there’s simply not enough of those (not like it could ever be enough)lol.