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Top 9 Sui/Han Programs (in no particular order)

Spanish Romance | Champagne | Samson & Delilah
Painted on My Heart | Stray Cat Strut | Terracotta Warrior
Francesca da Rimini | Plants vs. Zombies | La Strada

COUNTDOWN: 1 day until Gladiator’s Fourth Anniversary

And for today, our leading pairing. The heart and soul of this fic, through which the entire story was set in motion. The ones that have weaved all characters and plots around them, and the ones who have breathed life into Gladiator in ways nobody else could do it.

They didn’t start off on the right foot. Their first encounter literally was a life or death struggle, where she wins, and on last minute decides to spare his life. Their second encounter comes after two years he had spent hating her with every fiber of his being, after seeing and living through many horrors in the Amateur Gladiator League.

But as they struck their agreement to work together as gladiator and sponsor, their lives started to change: she gave him a purpose, and with it, she gave him back his will to live. He gave her the means through which she could prove herself, to defy all expectations and become the greatest leader she could hope to be. 

They made friends and enemies, but most importantly, the bond between them evolved slowly and surely in the course of time. They made mistakes, they hurt each other, but they learned from each experience. Slowly they started to trust each other, and as trust grew, they opened up to each other. Neither one is perfect, and they’ll still make mistakes now, after all this time… but together they make one of the best teams the world had seen until then.

The two of them are unstoppable together: as their bond tightened, their feelings for one another grew, and they fell in love. They’ve worked hard, and made lots of efforts to protect and take care of that love, since they know they’re at risk of losing it with every new obstacle that comes up: the love between a Princess and a Gladiator will never be accepted by the Fire Nation society. But as the attraction grew stronger, the risk grew less prominent than the reward. They gave in to their feelings, and they don’t regret it regardless of all the consequences that could chase them for doing so.

As they are, they’ve found happiness in each other that they never thought they would experience. They’re each other’s reasons to endure trials and ordeals, to fight harder, to work towards a future where they may finally be together freely as they hope to. They make each other better in every way. Finding each other, at first a terrible thing for them both, has become a miracle they will cherish forever.

They are Princess Azula and her gladiator, Sokka, the Blue Wolf. And they will change a world at war, together.

I’m still shook from last night. After years of work, Phil finally won an award and he won it all by himself. But even if it was Phil who won the award, he still wanted to share it with Dan since they have done everything together, since they DO everything together. They really love each other deeply and everyone can see it. Dan and Phil truly are the definition of love and I am so happy for them, I really am.