my problem with free!

tumblr: we need more gay characters

free!: *two boys look at each other* aww look they’re so in love it hurts

kill la kill: *two girls kiss, one asks the other out on a date* guys they’re just friends not everything needs to be about lesbians

  • yg wins at mama:mnet is yg biased
  • yg wins at mma:melon is yg biased
  • yg wins at gaon chart awards:gaon is yg biased
  • yg win on music shows:station (even kbs) is yg biased
  • yg has no scandals:tell us the truth
  • yg has scandal:scum, criminals bye-bye yg
  • yg has nothing to do with scandal:yg's fault
  • yg doesn't release music:yg release music you can't just put them away
  • yg reports artist comeback:yg stop mediaplaying
  • yg artist has a comeback:..............................k

alycia was so nice about the whole privacy/photo thing which makes me even sadder about it because celebrities aren’t ‘nice’ forever about these kinds of things. this is probably one of the only encounters she’s had like that and it’ll only get worse if people continue to literally stalk her and post her private photos.

anonymous asked:

You shouldn't let someone take your character!

It’s reaaally not that I’m just ;;; letting them, though D: I’ve stated multiple, MUUULTIPLE times on my blog not to take any of the art / content / or characters ;v; but people are people and they do it anyways ahah. 

When I ask them to remove it nicely— they can’t even conjure up enough decency or respect to reply or at least say sorry. I’m seen and treated as a push over, too @@ If I ask sternly, I’m seen as mean, and egotistical and just an all over ‘bitch’ ahahaha! I can’t win regardless of what I do, and things like this will sadly continue to happen to coooountless creators online. It’s unfortunate that I just have to “accept it” but /o/ not really sure what to do at this point XD kinda tired of just typing out messages asking to please remove it and stuff. Weeh. 

Thank you for your concern though oh my goshhhh ;//7//; !! If I figure somethin out~ I’ll do it in a heart beat!!