I hate it when

A person makes a post that gets alot of notes and they get relatively well known on Tumblr (or tumblr famous, whatever you wanna call it) but then they start treating people badly. Like I’ve litterally seen so many people start to gain a little following and they act like that gives them the right to treat their followers like shit.

Here’s an example:

question in their ask: Hey! What color is that lipstick you were wearing in your last picture? You are so pretty btw!😊

Them: Maybe if you pay attention better you’d know it’s Choco Dracula Blood from Mac…what a dumbass.😒😒

Like ugh! There is absolutely no reason to be hostile. And yeah…maybe it doesn’t always get that harsh but these people are really out here being rude…FOR NO REASON. Like be kind to people who ask you questions like that…you honestly might be a role model to them! And if on the off chance you don’t feel like being nice that day…DONT RESPOND TO THEM. Simple as that.

Alright guys…sorry for the rant. I’m done.

  • yg wins at mama: mnet is yg biased
  • yg wins at mma: melon is yg biased
  • yg wins at gaon chart awards: gaon is yg biased
  • yg win on music shows: station (even kbs) is yg biased
  • yg has no scandals: tell us the truth
  • yg has scandal: scum, criminals bye-bye yg
  • yg has nothing to do with scandal: yg's fault
  • yg doesn't release music: yg release music you can't just put them away
  • yg reports artist comeback: yg stop mediaplaying
  • yg artist has a comeback: ..............................k