Another new cast for “project-Monster” a comic with no official title yet. His name is Susano Yamakaze.He is the second manly character next to Logan in my project so far. Susano is a Bancho-Samurai who is a hunter that hunts any beasts and demons for money. Susano has a goal why he hunts down every monsters for money to pay the sciencetist for a cure of his lil sister who got a rare infection. She was bitten by the monsters, which are zombies. One day he made a deal with Carmilla in exchange to join alliance with her. She order him to take down the wealthy family in Paris that holds a key item she wants, which he didn’t like the idea. He except to slay bigger monster for bigger reward. Regardless Susano is trusting Carmilla’s promises that she will cure his sister infection faster than the sciencetists would. Susano is a wanderer, his sister is the only family member, his monster form is the hercules beetle the first bug monster, Susano power is very strong with the tornado/wind power and his trusty bat.

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yall I just wanna say, if you haven’t studied very far into economics, you shouldn’t really lmao be saying much about it like as a field … because everything they teach you in the beginning of economics is … mostly if not completely discounted later on. 

They teach you basic algebra pretty much in the first steps of economics … and from there you can build on it. But like …. everything you learn in the first parts of economics, even into like junior year economics in undergrad is still fucking decimated once you learn more advanced mathematics. 

And some universities like literally don’t even require enough math in your undergrad econ degree for you to do masters in econ at other schools, like if you wanna talk economics, you aren’t going to get very far without at least knowing multi-variable calc, linear algebra, and differential equations, which are like ~sophomore~ ish level math classes for a math major usually. 

But like all the professors I had for econ were math majors in undergrad because you literally can’t do most economics without a pretty decent understanding of mathematics. I’ve even seen straight up topology used in econ works. 

just whipping out things like “lol heres supply meeting demand” no one fucking uses that, it’s not realistic, it’s not even like … appropriate math you’d use for econ lmao, it’s just bad. 

And there are so many different fields of economics that you can’t and shouldn’t make blanket statements about it except fuck george mason’s econ department, it’s total shit. you can make that blanket statement lmao. but that’s about it. 

I honestly, to my core, don’t know why they teach some of this shit in the first place. I guess for ~pure theory~ but honestly it’s a goddamn tragedy getting all these edgelords out of their 200 level econ classes thinking they know how the world works.