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Send me 🔪 for my muse’s reaction to yours shoving them against a wall and pressing a knife to their throat

air, his own knife dropped to the ground,
and that trademark grin that so many police
officers had seen before their untimely death.
He rolled his eyes, not expecting the person
holding the knife to be much of a threat - she
looked like a kid, no more than sixteen. Ryan
could disable her if he needed to, but he was
hoping for intimidating. What was a kid doing
on the streets anyways? This was something
Atty would do, and God, okay, that thought
killed him. His hands fell at the same time the
grin disappeared, and Ryan looked at the
teenager helplessly. He couldn’t kill kids. He
couldn’t be killed by a kid either, not when he
had Atty to get back to. He had to think fast,
but with his mind scrambled as it was, that
was hard. He blurted out the first thing that
came to mind.

                              ❛ are you mugging me? ❜