This is what I do, remember? When you came to me, you gave me a job. A purpose. At first, well, I had been trying to save the world for so long, I–saving one life at a time seemed a bit anticlimactic. 

But then I realized… sometimes one life… If it’s the right life… That’s enough.


“To be perfectly honest, we just like being dickheads.” said Geraldine Crawford, nominated spokesgull for the bird community, today. “And there’s fuck all you can do about it. We’ll continue to hunt your delicious chips inside those wonderfully peckable polystyrene containers and shit on you all from a great height. Even the scientists. And we’ll laugh as we do so, because we’ve evolved to be what’s called apex dickheads.”

“CAW CAW CAW CAAAAWWWW.” she added, shitting on something.


Some OPM sketches I’ve had sitting for a week or two but haven’t able to upload. I blame @florbe-triz for Saitama in yukata, I love him in yukata.

How I miss working with SAI, this is all I can do with the little time I have in my hands

five times. [johanbeck]

A/N: In the wake of such a sad couple of days, I thought I’d try and throw a little love out into the world, you know? 

Sometimes a human being just knows something, even when there’s no supporting logic or physical evidence or reason whatsoever.

No one can quite explain it, but there are moments when something just clicks: the mud clears up, everything makes sense, and feeling turns into knowing.

There were five times when they knew.

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I was lucky enough to go to see “The Crucible” tonight at The Old Vic theatre…and this just happened to me.

I’ll try and do a proper write up of the play (and how incredible Richard & the rest of the cast were) but for now please excuse me while I slink off in the corner and die of feels….

psa;; please, for the love of god, don’t try to force someone to write with you. it’s uncomfortable enough to have to politely decline the first time; don’t make them more uncomfortable by pestering them. some people have anxiety issues, or feel the need to please everyone. don’t guilt trip them. don’t pressure them. and please don’t be rude if they tell you no. they didn’t owe you a response, but they took the time to write one anyway. accept it graciously. thank them for their time and move on. respect their wishes. be a considerate human being. 

Adam Warlock/Gamora Fanmix; listen; cover;

Has anyone ever liked you? - Serafina Steer / Soul Meets Body - Death Cab for Cutie / You’re gonna need someone on your side - Morrissey / Loneliest Soul - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals / There goes our love again - White Lies / Sadness is a blessing - Lykke Li / We might as well be strangers - Keane / Only Love - Ben Howard / The Wild Son - The Veils / The Moon Song - Karen O


Nick Fradiani is a gem tbh. We had wanted to try and meet him tonight but didn’t know if it was a for sure thing. Sure enough, before/during sound check he came over to say hi and take pics with the small group of us that’d formed. He really didn’t have to (and probably shouldn’t have - he really needed to do sound check) but he was super sweet about it and gracious towards us.