I've seen people do this so often

My personal experience with the signs

Aries: such a babe, so caring and lovely, we understand each other so well, so passionate about the things and people they love, always up for an adventure, if you hurt them you’re really gonna have to fight to get their respect back

Taurus: cuddly smol thing, loves food and taking pictures of food, can strike up a conversation with anyone, prefers staying in over partying, v stubborn, likes driving around listening to old music

Gemini: soulmate, best friend in the world, so weird and crazy, party animal, often fuckboys/fuckgirls, never runs out of things to talk about, loves attention from the sex they’re attracted to, sometimes it seems like we’re telepathic

Cancer: the cutest, ridiculously funny, very shy but comes off as a bit arrogant at first, once you get to know them they’re the best! them mood swings™ tho, wants to spend time with their s/o 24/7

Leo: so friendly and approachable, often has many talents and interests, always busy with their hobbies, can be savage and heartless when needed, often very dedicated to their s/o

Virgo: comes off as cute and innocent at first but is secretly a freak, so helpful and kind, random humour, often likes talking to many different people instead of having a committed relationship

Libra: LOVES books, very smart humour, so indecisive, always wants your opinion on things, even if you drift apart they will always have your back, falls in love easily, can be very passive-aggressive 

Scorpio: often loves bands, is secretly very sexual and often attracts people easily, so happy and positive on the outside but often secretly sad on the inside, wants to include everyone

Sagittarius: (my sign!) loves parties, dancing and meeting new and old friends, gets crushes easily but doesn’t fall in love easily, optimistic and adventurous, sometimes too spontaneous and impulsive, can be a real bitch sometimes and cares too much about what other people think, dirty mind

Capricorn: great with money, would do anything for their family and friends, very funny even if they don’t always show it, can come across as quite cold and distant but are often quite silly once you get to know them

Aquarius: falls in love easily and doesn’t hide it well, often great at sports and music, weird in a funny and lovable way, often takes care of the overly drunk people at parties/helps the host cleaning up

Pisces: connects with people easily and loves talking to everyone but is secretly very shy, often amazing in school with good grades, teacher’s pet, falls in love VERY easily, so emotional and moody

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How about gentrification? I've seen the pro-property destruction people discussing that, and it's not illegal so appealing to the legal system wouldn't work. And often worker abuse laws are not enforced well, and bringing the lawsuits harms the workers.

1) I do not think ‘your livelihood is destroyed and you are possibly injured or killed in a mass riot’ is an appropriate penalty for ‘some asshole decided you were participating in gentrification’

2) Random mass violence sure is a way to keep property values down, I guess, but if your goal is ‘low property values, period’ rather than ‘livable communities with affordable housing’ then we just profoundly disagree on priorities. 

3) …and rioting and destroying businesses never harms the workers, I’m sure. Look, raise money so exploited workers can quit. Ask them what they want and do that - I guarantee you it’s not going to be ‘smash the business and attract tons of police attention’. Don’t decide for yourself who is guilty, decide for yourself that legal mechanisms won’t work, decide for yourself that peaceful mechanisms won’t work, destroy tons of stuff, and then call that ‘fighting for marginalized people’.  

4) If your radical leftist politics amount to ‘Kristallnacht, but trust us, they deserve it’ then I’m sorry but fuck you.

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Hi :) I'm an ENFP thinking about what is often termed our 'optimism'. What's your take on it? I've seen the suggestion that it's because possibilities are so real to us that we can never feel to stuck in a situation. I've seen in my own life recently how it can be negative. I can see good characteristics in people that aren't really there, or at least, aren't shining very bright through all the bad stuff they're doing :/

I understand. Completely.

Ne sees what is there and what isn’t; it sees what could be rather than what is. Ne looks for what this person could be like, if they were a better person, and wants to help that person become better. Since THEY hate being stuck in a rut, seeing someone ELSE in a negative rut is painful to an ENFP, so they try and help. Show them happiness. Encourage them. Throw solutions at them. And the person may stay in the rut, and drag the ENFP down with them, into a state of melancholy or hopelessness.

This desire to see good in everyone can cause the Ne to ignore the reality of the person in front of them and become drained by people who are never going to change, who don’t want to change, or are not worthy of the ENFP’s time and emotional attention. Ne hates to see only the negative side of a person, so the ENFP is reluctant to believe all the negativity, without seeking redemption. Ne is so open minded it can cause the ENFP to reason that, despite the bad feelings or vibes they are getting, or the mean things this person keeps doing to them, their perception might be off; maybe they don’t see “the truth” of this person (by judging them too harshly), so they fall back on believing that what the other person is doing is being misunderstood by the ENFP (I just read it wrong, it’s not that bad), because a healthy Fi doesn’t understand why anyone would treat another person badly or take advantage of them.

The ENFP will convince themselves of that, and withhold as much judgment as they can until the pain becomes too much to bear, and then have to accept that no, this person isn’t good – in general or for me. Or maybe they aren’t all bad, but what they are doing to me is bad.

One example of this idealistic mindset is Claire in Outlander when she stumbles into the English garrison and runs into Jack Randall. The first time she met him, he tried to rape her. He hasn’t a shred of goodness in him. At all. Anywhere. She is leery of him at first, but after he talks to her for a little while, she starts easing up around him. He hints that he might be sorry for his actions. Claire, an idealistic ENFP (whose lousy inferior Si glosses over their first rape-encounter), latches onto that – there is HOPE for him! She falls for it. She pushes him a little bit, tells him he can become a better person, and stops distrusting him. And how does he reward her? By punching her in the stomach.

She shows similar hope in a later season, when she believes he HAS TO marry a perfectly nice girl, but tries to convince him he shouldn’t touch her, out of love for his brother. She assumes he has enough goodness in him that he won’t savage the poor girl his brother loves. Whether that’s true or not, she holds to the hope that he’s not truly as awful as what the evidence shows her.

It’s a combination of Ne and Fi, I think, since I haven’t seen ENTPs struggle with this as much. Ti is more objective. Fi holds such high personal standards, the evil, selfishness, or vindictiveness of other people baffles it. Since a healthy Fi would never dream of gas-lighting someone, misleading them, hurting them, or being insincere or manipulative with their emotions, it’s hard for them to accept other people do that. It’s hard for them to believe there isn’t some good in everyone due to Ne’s idealism and tendency to see what this person could be like, if they weren’t what they are or their circumstances could change.

I have gotten sucked into many bad relationships because I kept thinking I could help the other person – and I never could. I saw the good in them and chose to ignore the bad things and even my feelings because it felt “wrong” to see them in a negative light; my Ne kept me supplied with arguments like, “You might have misinterpreted that statement, it wasn’t meant to hurt you the way it did,” or “Maybe your perceptions are wrong; you have been wrong in the past about other people, and you might be wrong this time” (Fi hates to misjudge; making them “worse” than they are is seen as a cardinal sin, because it’s not authentic to the person). I have continued to stay “friends,” even when others have told me, “Look, this person is not good for you; they upset you more than they make you happy. What they did is not excusable. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM.” In short, I am too nice and hate to think badly of anyone.

I have walked away, but only after it reached a point where I could not take it anymore (or, when I was a kid, after my dad said, after seeing me crying one too many times, “You are not being friends with that girl anymore”). Then I felt guilty for the overwhelming sense of relief that flooded my soul because I did not have to deal with them anymore. And for a fortnight, a little voice in my head said: “You were wrong. They aren’t a bad person and you emotionally overreacted. You misjudged them. Go back.” I refused to listen, and often the distance gave me a better perspective and a more honest one.

Fi has a tendency for self-blame, so it isn’t great at looking at someone else and saying, “You know what? This situation REALLY IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I did not do a damn thing to deserve what you just did to me.” In an under-developed or insecure Fi, the Fi assumes that if THEY were a better friend or person, the other person would not treat them like this

Here’s what you do: avoid situations where you will fall into this trap. Stay away from people who abuse you, emotionally, mentally, or physically. If someone makes everything your fault, get away from them if you can. Avoid people who ignite too much of your sympathy or demand you pull them out of a hole. Often those people seek compassionate souls to emotionally drain, because they like someone feeling sorry for them. Find someone in your life who loves you, whose opinion you trust, to talk about the people you’re not sure about, and who will help you see the “real” side of this person, unclouded by your idealism.

You are the only person who will be with you your entire life.

You have to live with yourself for as long as you walk this earth.

Your mental well being is more important to you than anyone else’s.

As a compassionate, idealistic extrovert, your natural focus is to be outside yourself – but rein in your Ne. Make a list of everything that bothers you about this person and really look at it. Is it longer than the list of their positive traits? Now, make a list of what they GIVE BACK TO YOU. How many things are on it? How many of those things can you live without? Does what is on that list offset the emotional pain, frustration, or guilt they put you through on a regular basis? If not, give yourself permission to leave.

Remember these things, ENFPs:

  • Bad people exist.
  • Some people have NO GOOD in them.
  • Some people are BAD FOR YOU.
  • Some people are emotional vampires and will suck you dry.
  • When your Fi tells you something like “I didn’t like that,” LISTEN TO IT.
  • Trust the people who care about you, and listen to them when they say, “This person is not good for you,” or “You don’t deserve that.”
  • Seek friends who make you like who you are when you are with them.

Idealism is great. But wisdom is learning to avoid situations that prey upon your weakness. Learn to identify who is worth your emotional investment and who isn’t. Find emotionally healthy and stable friends and grow with them. You should not be in a position where someone needs you to either help them all the time, cheer them up all the time, apologize to them all the time, or feel sorry for them all the time.

You and your friend or significant other should make one another BETTER PEOPLE, through give and take; you should receive as much as you give.

- ENFP Mod

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Hello ! 1st of all I wanted to say that I discovered your work very recently and I love it ! I've never seen someone with that many subscribers being so close to them, and this is something great that I don't see often unfortunately. My question was what do you think about *paid* fanarts ? Personally I think that people shouldn't be paid to do fanarts because it's not *your* concept, it's someone else's. What about you ? Sorry if there's any misunderstanding in what I say (I'm not english).

I think what you’re more concerned about is copywrite infringement from what it sounds like. and are confusing that with an artist making content on a concept that is not theirs. 

Fan art is one of those things that yes I do think people should get paid for doing Fanart if they present it in a way that can be paid with. (Whether selling prints, or through youtube videos, or commissions, etc.) However, again it’s a fine line, because I only think it is ok if it’s done in a manner that dose not harm the original creator/company. I don’t think Fanart should be put on Apparel (because it can take away from the official merch of whatever the game/show/etc is, and thus hurting the owners of that creation, UNLESS you have signed some form of royalty licensing with the original company, such as what TurtleTee does with their fanart T-shirts where the original company gets a cut of whatever profit they make.) And Fanart should not be sold in a mass produced manner, again which would hurt the creator/company that is the original creator of whatever it is the fan art is made out of. 

When it comes to selling prints of fan art such as at conventions or occasionally on an online store for limited time offer where things are not mass produced, and are in limited quantity, I do believe it is fair, because 1, it is not harming the original creators, it does not discredit the original creator’s idea by stealing it, it does not financially hurt the creator/company, and  it does not take away popularity from the game/show. (infact it actually promotes the content of the fanart, which is why a lot of companies actually such as Nintendo, Blizzard, and or individuals such as Toby Fox, both allow and actual promote fanart being sold at cons and on social media ((in a none mass produced way)) because it is literally free advertising, and indirectly promotes their content) (((If Selling Fanart was destructive to companies/creators, Comic Conventions/Expos/Fests/Events would be literally shut down with the amount of fan merch that goes around.)))

And 2 when you buy/support fan art, you’re not supporting the artist for claiming an idea/character that is not their own. Artists do not claim the characters for their own when they draw something that is not their idea.  You are supporting the literal ARTWORK, the literal work, the hours/time, the skill, the thought, the inspiration that is put into that fanart, the artist’s interpretation. and yes, I do think that if a freelancing artist puts 3 to 12+ hours into a piece of artwork, yes the artist should get paid for doing it, no matter what it is, original or fanart. If it’s not harming the source of the fanart, then why not? The Artist is literally putting hours of their time and effort into something, should it be worth nothing? Absolutely not. All art is worth something, no matter what it is. 

Plus I also don’t think Artists shouldn’t be allowed to create what they are fans of too. Why should an Artist limit themselves? Yes original content is always good, but If a freelancing artist wants to make Rick and Morty and contribute that to their job, why not let them if it doesn’t harm Adult Swim? Let the artist express their excitement and love for a game/show/book etc. through the most passionate way they can, which is probably art if they are an artist. 

if it helps with perspective, think of Fanart very similarly to a parody act. If Smosh can make a Parody skit based off of Pokemon, and get paid for making the video, editing, acting, scripting, etc, why can’t an artist make their own interpretive parody of a video game character through paint, pencil, ink, etc. Fanart is different enough from the original source as all artists have their own interpretation of whatever it is they are drawing, that it is different enough from the source that in turns, shows their own representation of the character, even when not claiming the idea to be their own, such as with fanart or a parody act. 

So yes, I definitely think Fan Art is ok to earn money off of as long as it is not Mass Produced or in any way shape or form that harms the original creator (which 98% of fanart does not do.) If a piece of fanart is for sale, it’s not just a picture of a character you’re buying, it’s the artists’ work you’re buying as well. (same goes for ad rev, and commissions) 

Like, if one day I start selling As Pure as Black in a book format, ((AFTER As pure As Black is already published.)) and I went to a Con and saw that someone was selling fanart of my character Zagaroth, heck I’d march right up to their table and just hand them money begging for my character that they made and are selling fanart for. I’d be honored if someone sold fanart of my baby after I published him. 

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Hey Wayfaring! It's me again😅 I wanted to ask, do you think medical school is really hard or not that much? I've seen posts saying med students don't sleep or have social lives. But is that true? I like biology & I find the human body interesting so it shouldn't be that hard then right? I'm also a quite good student. Also do you think it makes a lot of difference in which university you study? (In regards of for example finding a job when you're done studying). Thanks for your time^^



I have a whole tag for it. I get this question every so often because people don’t believe it could be that hard. It doesn’t matter if you love anatomy or are good at biology. Most people who go to med school have those qualities. It’s still hard. You are thrown a TON of information all at once. At a slower pace it would be easier, but that’s not possible. It’s terribly difficult. 

You are studying ALL the time. There’s no cramming in med school. That means there’s nowhere near as much time as there was in undergrad for social occasions. They are still possible, but they have to be carefully planned for. 

I don’t think the school you go to matters all that much for medical school, other than being US vs. foreign. There are certainly some schools that are ranked higher than others, but you can get just as good education at a small school as you can at the prestigious ones. Sometimes the big names matter if you’re going into a really competitive specialty, but in reality your individual stats matter much more. 

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I've seen a lot of submissions about people not getting scheduled after they turn in their two week notice & just want to add some input from a management standpoint: it's not necessarily done out of spite. More likely, they're doing it bc people on their last 2 weeks are often VERY unreliable, and so managers may not even bother scheduling them as a way to keep everybody else from potentially getting fucked over by a NCNS. It sucks, but unfortunately there's just lots of assholes out there :/

I was thinking this.

But considering how I got roasted last time I said anything about no call no shows I thought it best to keep quiet.


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Why do you hate Scott Summers so much? I read one interview where you said you liked him and people often see him as "vanilla" and that I agree with but so far from your run I've only seen him written in the most negative lights and at every possible turn he's being thrown into a new situation where he's "the bad guy". It just seems like you don't like him at all? And I really really want to know if he'll be shown as the hero he is in the future or what any plans for that/if any there are?

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Hey Linkara, I remember reading an issue of Lightbringer from loooong ago and in it you wrote that you don't believe Watchmen to be a deconstruction of superheroes, but more of a story about "how not to be a superhero". I think that's an interesting perspective, since most people I've seen DO in fact view it as a deconstruction of the genre. So I was wondering, why, unlike most people, do you think that Watchmen ISN'T a deconstruction of superheroes?

That was a loooong time ago, can’t recall if that was my own interpretation at the time or just Carter’s. I’m leaning towards Carter’s, though, since Watchmen is very much a deconstruction. Through his lens, though, it’s easy to see lots of ways they screwed it up. Few among them got involved in the heroics for the sake of heroics - fame, fortune, patriotism, familial obligation, legacy, etc. Those that did get into it found themselves often broken by it (much like how emotionally draining it can be to be a cop and see tragedy after tragedy) or enjoying more the thrill of it or the sense of power. When it came to Dr. Manhattan, as time went on it was really just something to DO as he became more and more emotionally distant and in that case it shows a balance - you can’t become TOO emotionally invested or you end up like Rorschach, but detaching yourself completely from it makes you like Dr. Manhattan. Ozymandias’ sin was arrogance - that all the power and knowledge he had resulted in many people dead and a peace that, let’s face it, will not last.

At least, that’s how I’m remembering it. Like I said, loooong time ago, so I apologize if I’m not getting things across properly. ^^;

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I don't know if it's maybe just a British thing, but I've never seen two guys who are just friends take so many photos of each other. Like photos that aren't posed. They do this so often!

a lot of people take creepshots of their friends

but i’ve never seen any two people do it so fondly as those two

i love love

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Do you have any strong feeling about what Wanda's body type should be? Muscular doesn't make too much sense to me, but I've seen her drawn as everything from model-thin to curvy-mom by recent artists and I don't know which one fits. Body positivity is really important and body shape is really defining in peoples (and characters) so I don't feel like it should just be up to interpretation.

I talked about this some before, and the answer is that there’s no consensus and the extent of Wanda’s curviness is very often that guys like Coipel and Cho draw her as highly sexualized and occasionally with boobs the size of watermelons. Their aim is not body diversity. It’s creating peak masturbation material.

If a character is always drawn to embody that artist’s idea of the perfect female form, then trying to take that apart and find a representation of real women within it is complicated, to say the least. In Wanda’s case, there is no story reason for her to have any particular body type. Her weight doesn’t come up like it sometimes does with other characters. She has a physically demanding job and we know she works out, but lots of different body types can be fit. She doesn’t have punching powers (though she can throw a punch and is slightly trained in hand to hand) so she doesn’t need muscles.

I will say that Wanda being very skinny just seems wrong to me. When she’s drawn that way, it doesn’t look like her. She’s not a waif.

As with most things, I personally settle on latter day George Perez. His Wanda was distinct and looked like a real person, from her face to her hair to her body. His Wanda was famous for her voluminous curls and revealing belly dancer outfit, but what people miss is that she looked athletic. She was toned. Her costume wasn’t just to show off her chest. It was also to show off her abs.

Joëlle Jones did a similar take recently.

But that’s probably sticking too closely to ideal proportions for some. The solution is more diversity all the way around. If there’s lot of different body shapes being represented, it matters less what one specific character looks like. I’d point to some of the art in books like A-Force (Medusa in particular) as a step forward, but while there are individuals books that go against norms, cape comics are a world of sameface samebody sameskintone AND a world where everything is subject to change. If you’re looking for consistency in the Marvel Universe, you have to remember Wanda’s had, like, nine different parents.

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To that anon complaining, stop. People don't draw Hanzo as bottom because he is asian. That has nothing to do with it. Also stop shitting on people's. It's their art and they get to draw whatever and however they want. If you don't like it just scroll past it. I've seen way too many complaints about this, it's getting so annoying. People just have to complain about something.

I think anon said that because asians are often depicted as always being the ‘submissive’ one. Tbh, in my opinion Hanzo has way too much pride to bottom anyway 😂😂 bend over cowboy

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Not only do they demand people being exclusively male or female only to be gay or any other similar label, the partner/person they're attracted to has to be of one singular binary gender too. Although I've seen too often people erasing the unwanted parts of their partner's gender to keep their own monosexual identity so it goes both ways. The main agenda seems to be to have clean cut binary genders for these identities.

Yea its fucking bullshit

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What does the "she/her" thing means? I've seen this in a lot of Twitter accounts but idk what is the meaning of it and I wanna know

Hello there! Good question. When people put ‘she/her’ it generally means that they are signalling their pronoun preference. Often cis-gender (non-transgender) people will do this to indicate their awareness that many peoples’ preferred gender pronoun is not readily apparent from how they look (their gender expression), so they might have to signal their preference all the time. When cis people do this, it’s a way of making space for pronouns to be a thing even if one’s pronoun is the same as it was at birth. 

Hope that helps!


The Signs as People I've Come To Know
  • Note that everyone described was born under the sign they are listed next to.
  • Aries: He doesn't really know fear, but when he does it's intense fear. More than anything, he is a daredevil, going from place to place and from person to person quickly and dangerously. He tells jokes until they're soiled and sour and you just wanna tell him to shut up, but you know you aren't going to because his stupid jokes that often make no sense and aren't even funny are all a part of what makes him who he is, so you can't help but laugh, and at the end of the day that's a person you find yourself always coming back for. A person you just genuinely want to be around for a long time. He can be air headed, but he protects ferociously and is endearingly kind to strangers. Inside, he never quite lost his childlike nature, something I hope he can one day embrace. I also hope he can one day understand, he is not his mistakes.
  • Taurus: She has a lot to say that she keeps inside, but whenever she does speak it is always soulful and insightful beyond description. It's so easy for her to get lost in her own mind, and though she doesn't care to admit it, it happens a lot that she shuts down and isolates herself. But everything is honestly better when she's around. Sometimes it's hard to convince her of that, but she has an inner and outer beauty that glows on everyone she meets. She doesn't realize other people take notice of her radiance. When she retreats, it's not uncommon for her to be quiet and not really know how to explain why she's feeling the way she is, and yet she approaches things with such an extreme level of insight and consideration. She makes everyone around her proud. Introverted as she may be, she pampers all her friends, even when they may not deserve it, and she's more brave and outspoken than I think she understands. She is one of the people who genuinely makes me happy.
  • Gemini: She is curious about almost anything and everything, and invests fully into things that interest her. It's actually beyond pleasant to watch her work out a task she loves working on, or talk about anything she loves in general, because her eyes light up and she has this smile on her face and you can just tell in that moment she loves being heard and she loves sharing what she's come to find wonderful with someone. I wouldn't call her quiet, at times she is, but I would first use the adjective "thoughtful" to describe her, as her mind is constantly generating new ideas. She processes and remembers information quickly and speaks about her feelings almost fluently. More than anything, I hope she knows I am always there for her. I hope she knows how much people love her. She is so kind, and a delight to be around.
  • Cancer: She has been through a lot. She used to walk through life with a heavy heart, but she is trying to learn how to remove the crutches and take everything as it comes. Very driven by her emotions, she experiences drastically different periods of highs and lows, but never lets anyone go to bed without knowing how much she loves them and cares about them. She has certainly been done wrong by the world, and this has led her to experience frequent trust issues and to on occasion become suspicious about other people's motives. However, this doesn't stop her from giving her all to those she loves, even if at times they may not completely deserve her help or her advice. She often settles for less than what she deserves, but I hope that she can eventually come to understand she need not settle and need not cater to people who do her wrong. She should look out for herself too, it's something she owes herself.
  • Leo: Though I haven't known her for very long, it's clear how influential she is and how in tune she is to other people's feelings. She seems very open to the world around her, and has no problem expressing herself without fear of what other people may think. She always does her makeup almost flawlessly, and you can tell she dresses for herself and no one else, and only worries about impressing one person, her. She is extremely loyal to those she cares about, and often talks about them as if they are wonders of the world. Even if you haven't spoken to her before, you will want to, because she gives off extremely positive and warm vibes, and publicly stands for everything and everyone she happens to believe in. She has a big personality, but a beautiful one at that, she is a true individual, and is one of the only other Leo's I've come to know, as well as one I hope to know better soon.
  • Virgo: She is wise beyond her years. She often works harder than most adults I've seen, although she is young in age. She always wants to make sure she has a say, but it's just as important to her that other people do, too. Other people don't always treat her as nicely as she deserves to be treated, and it's because they think they don't understand her, but in reality, they wish they had the heart and bravery that she does. She has accomplished and been through so much in such a short period of time, and she never let it taint all the love in her heart. She can be a bit anxious and scared, waking up at night after a nightmare or worrying she has not done her best, but she always gives her all, and I strongly believe there is nothing she cannot surmount or accomplish. Always willing, always eager to help. I wish I had her strength. I wish I had the beauty of her soul. I hope she someday sees how magnificent she is.
  • Libra: He is a character, he has always been a character dating back from the first day that we met. Everything he does and everything he says is with good intent and magnifies his already vibrant personality. Overall, he is a people's person, friends with everyone who is kind and attentive toward him. And he plans to keep it that way. He always tries to see the best in everyone. Although sometimes he cannot continue this and experiences outbursts of anger, they are usually temporary and he can move on from situations quickly. He is a marvelous friend. Creative, funny, often indirect, but always there in some form. Half the things that Come out of his mouth are jokes, but when he speaks and he's being serious, all you can hear is his heart speaking too. He's great to have around.
  • Scorpio: He says that he has a twisted mind, but really he's just into a lot of horror movies and has extreme reactions to otherwise small situations. I couldn't see him harming a fly, unless the fly went and did something to really piss him off. He can be a little self centered, but he is also self sufficient and just wants to make sure he himself is okay. When he starts something, it'll get done before he moves onto the next thing, and he's not really one to leave anyone with unanswered questions as he's pretty intense and direct. He's great to talk to because no silence is ever awkward, some of those silences are necessary and he knows it. He won't let things stay quiet for too long, either. One of my favorite things about him is once you've been a part of his life, he'll never forget about you. Even if you're miles and miles away.
  • Sagittarius: He gets extremely excited about small things, like going on a trip or hanging out with his friends and playing video games. He knows no part of life is insignificant, and that everything we go through either means something or leads to something else, but he also knows when to let go and stop worrying about things that are out of his control. Overall, he loves to have fun. He loves to laugh with his friends and share what makes him happy. When people disagree with him, he can become rather snippy, and might even resort to telling them they are flat out "wrong." He doesn't realize he's being rude, but often it just doesn't come out the way he would like because he speaks exceedingly freely. That's what he is, a free spirit. He makes decisions for himself and is not afraid of his opinions. He will share them willingly with anyone who asks and takes great pride in being who he is and leading the adventure called his life.
  • Capricorn: She is aware of who she is, what her limits are, and what her intentions are as well. Though sometimes she surprises others by acting the way one wouldn't have expected, she is consistently trying to take responsibility for things she know she's done wrong and does not like it when people refuse to acknowledge it when she has been acting like a fool. She holds herself accountable for many things, even when they are not exactly her fault, and she refuses to be kept in the dark for too long. When people don't like her, she wants an explanation, because she always tries to do her best and be the best version of herself she can become. It hurts her to consider that she is not doing well with that. She wants stability and security, she wants to be able to feel safe in situations, and that's all a part of what she fights for. Overall, life is a fight she does not want to lose. And one she will not allow herself to.
  • Aquarius: She is one of the most artistic people I've had the privilege of meeting, and decorates everywhere she goes and everything she creates with her glowingly positive vibes. She cares deeply about her friends, and however quiet she has a brilliant way of words, and is a phenomenal person to have a late night (or any time of day really) conversation with. She understands life on a deep level that not a lot of people do. Although she may not always feel comfortable completely showing her emotions, she is not afraid to be in touch with them and always knows how to nicely phrase them. I'm grateful that when I ask her what's wrong, she doesn't lie to me and she trusts me enough to talk to me about it. I know it's not always the type of thing that's easy for her. She is artistically talented in every aspect, and aims to perfect her performance in all she does. But honestly, the way she adds her own flair to all she accomplishes and makes it so original is an amazing thing to witness in itself.
  • Pisces: He doesn't understand the impact he can have on others. It is not uncommon for him to get so lost in his thoughts he forgets about the rest of the world, but he seemingly always finds his way back. Whenever he drifts, he will usually talk about it at one point or another, and he always has all these philosophical things to say that never cease to amaze me. His speech is always sweet and fluid, and he always sees things, both their interior and their exterior. Even though sometimes he asks silly questions, he's highly perceptive and caring. He loves having a good time, but he loves talking about life and all it entails as well, and he knows that both those things can overlap. He's one of the greatest friends I think I will ever know, and he always tries to be, even if at times he can't. I wish he came out everyday.
the signs as I've known them
  • Aries: very agile and sporty. naturally athletic but also very in tune with fashion and trends. unique in the sense that they don't care what anyone else thinks. they go to the beat of their own drum with everything they do, which often makes them successful and sometimes intimidating to others
  • Taurus: singers, songwriters, poets. they are usually very artsy but in some cases (like myself) a large mix of different interests. they are either loud or near silent, and can often be very sarcastic even though they don't mean it. they genuinely love life and tend to be extremely intellectual and in touch with the world around them.
  • Gemini: trend setters but also trend followers. ive known EXTREMELY artistically inclined geminis but I've also seen them with no artistic talent at all. competitive with themselves and the people around them. they push the center of attention away from them, even though most astrology posts tell you otherwise. they are loving and kind, but can be opportunists and not realize the consequences.
  • Cancer: funny lovers of life. emotional, of course, but overall they are sweet people who try their hardest to do the best they can. they are daring but sentimental and will put others before themselves always.
  • Leo: funny in real life and on social media. they literally do not give a shit about anything when it comes to talking trash about others, especially when it hurts them. the thing about Leo's I've noticed is that they sometimes let other people walk all over them. their personalities contradict this most often, but I've seen them being treated poorly and not doing anything about it. I love you Leo's stand up for yourselves please.
  • Virgo: cocky assholes but I love them so much. Neat freaks. Everything is in place. one time I had 10,000 unread emails and the Virgo stole my phone and deleted them one by one!!? they are sweet, And don't mind staying home and relaxing with you instead of going out partying. they are agile as well.
  • Libra: They can be lazy but they really genuinely love the world that they live in. Always down to have a good time with you, no matter what. Cheers you up when you're sad. Makes cookies from the kindness of their big ass hearts. Forever friends, and loyal to you also.
  • Scorpio: there for you at any hour of the day. can be known to get caught up in one person, leaving everyone else waiting. still, a good friend who never wants to see you down. likes all types of music and is open minded to new perspectives.
  • Sagittarius: smart and intellectual. will stay up all night talking about the universe and what lives in it. bad at making choices. changes their mind in a heartbeat. hard working and will not stop until they achieve their final goal.
  • Capricorn: opportunists sometimes. funny and loving. naturally pretty smart so the whole hard working thing is true but they honestly have it in them to begin with. crazy when they're drunk omg.
  • Aquarius: very sensitive and sometimes unsure. good singers!! will remember your birthday and bring you a gift. never leaves you out of the loop. will come for you and pick you up in your darkest hour. loyal friends.
  • Pisces: why are you so angry sometimes!!? very sincere people who take love to a whole new level. clingy at times but only because they love you and wanna be with you. smart and good at video games. Good hair.

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I've seen so many boys claim that periods are gross and I just don't get why.. Is there some kind of explanation for it?

  • most people who have periods are women, and most women will have them at some point, so periods are associated with women

  • due to lack of proper gender education people rarely consider that people of all genders may menstruate and many women do not

  • men/boys often make a show of hating things that are associated with women to prove that they are “masculine enough” because women aren’t valued and masculinity that is toxic defines itself by being as unlike women as possible

  • men/boys who want to have sex with women are often grossed out by the idea of women’s bodies, specifically, having biological functions unrelated to sex, like menstruating, vomiting, using the toilet, sweating, expelling gas via belching or flatulence, etc., because those functions are a turnoff for misogynist guys who prefer to think of women existing purely as sexual objects and not like biological animals just like them

  • this goes double for menstruation because a menstruating woman is less likely to want sex, and even if she does, it is possible that he will get bodily fluids not associated with arousal on him if he penetrates her vagina

  • menstruation, for these reasons, bears a significant stigma, and young people who don’t fully understand the above still learn from older people that periods are a gross and shameful girl thing

  • because of the stigma we get very little education or open discussion of menstruation, so the impact of that socialization to see it as disgusting is rarely challenged

  • so many people, whether or not they have periods, will continue to think of them as a uniquely female shame instead of thinking of them as a normal, neutral thing that some people of all genders experience

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Your wolf/coyote comparison photo set reminded me of something I've always wondered about. I live in the east, where some of our coyotes are massive and often live in huge packs (I've seen more than 10 in a pack, which is crazy), and they obviously (as you mentioned) have some wolf in their bloodline. So, since grey wolves, red wolves, and coyotes can and do mate and produce viable young in the wild, wouldn't they all be the same species? Just curious what you thought :)

to be honest i don’t know a whole lot about taxonomy so i don’t think i can give a good answer here haha. but i know the way people classify species is kinda complex since there’s no clear line we can look at that separates one species from another. the concept of ‘species’ is something humans made up to make it easier to study and categorize organisms. plants/animals/fungi don’t adhere to any definitions of a species, they just do what they do, and we do our best to group them together based on what makes the most sense to us.

my guess as to the reason wolves and coyotes are considered different species is that they are so distinct as far as appearance, behavior, lifestyle, body language, etc that it outweighs the fact that they can interbreed/produce fertile offspring. 

someone who knows more about this topic, please feel free to correct me or explain further!

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I've often seen people say Misty's sisters are like wicked stepsisters similar to Cinderella and its because of them Misty's life is miserable. Yet in the anime they don't seem to be mean to her other than subtle teasing in their first episode and otherwise she gets along with them. So what do you think? Are Misty's sisters the wicked stepsisters and witches of the west, or are they on good terms with her? Is Misty poor Cinderella forced to do their bidding?

No, I don’t think they are Cinderella’s wicked stepsister, but I think their mistreatment of Misty definitely goes a bit further than “subtle teasing”. For starters I wouldn’t really call their teasing subtle–almost everything they say to her in their first appearance is insulting. She gets called a runt, “no prize herself”, excluded from the “sensational sisters” title when she tries to claim it, is said to have left because she couldn’t compare to how much more beautiful and talented they were, and even when Daisy has something nice to say about her it’s followed by another insult from one of the others, I forget which one–yeah, Misty’s a good battler, but well she had to get at least one talent since the three of them are the ones who got all the good looks.

Then later we learn that even as kids they used to exclude her (from Misty’s flashback in “Princess vs. Princess”), and even if they get along better in their following appearances they still basically manipulate her into playing the main role in their show in “The Misty Mermaid”, even claiming that they could always get their little sister to do what they wanted afterwards, and, even if I think that eventually it was Misty’s decision to remain at the gym, they initially did force the responsibility on her without even bothering to check if she’d be okay with going back to Cerulean City. That’s a rocky relationship as best.

Yet I don’t think they’re monsters either nor that they don’t care about Misty. After all they’re teenagers with absent parents who were probably given the responsibility of taking care of their baby sister a lot starting from when they were kids (I mean it’s not confirmed but there’s never any parental figure in sight anywhere, either in the present or in flashbacks). And at the end of “The Water Flowers of Cerulean City” they part on nicer terms than they probably had before (which I assume is why they are nowhere as mean to her in their following appearance) and Daisy even tells Misty “You know we love you”, to which she nods with an apparently sincere smile. I doubt anything in that episode would have caused her opinion of them to do a complete turnaround if for all the previous ten years of her life there’d been nothing but hatred between them, so I’m going to assume that while their relationship might not be the most idyllic and was probably at its most strained point when Misty first decided to leave they’ve always shown some genuine care for each other too.

And yeah, later they come to get along decently (especially Misty and Daisy), and even when they’re mean to her I don’t think they actually think half the stuff they say–they might call her “not as beautiful and talented as them” out loud, and yet they want her to be the star of their new show, in the part of a beautiful mermaid no less. If what they needed was just one more actress and they really thought her ugly and untalented, surely it would have made more sense for one of them to play the mermaid and put Misty in one of the smaller roles.

So in short: imho they can be pretty mean-spirited and selfish, particularly Lily and Violet, but they do truly care for her beyond the surface. Maybe not wanting to admit outrightly just how much you care for someone is a family trait.

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i've seen some asks about si on this blog that show a significant lack of understanding about the function lately, do you mind people chiming in to explain their experiences? i'm an si-dom and seeing it reduced to nostalgia and sentimentality so often is very frustrating

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Is anyone that argues about bottom/top Hannibal/Will actually gay ??? Like...everyone is so concerned and a lot of the people I've seen that are the most concerned about that are cishets lmfao . Cishets sure love fetishizing shit

I am a 100% Certified Farm Fresh Homosexual.

(farm fresh? what the fuck, fey?)

Yeah, that’s something that can be super problematic about this. Cishets sometimes (aka often) do this thing where they assign heterosexual roles to queer relationships. They’re just so used to the heteronormative bs of there being a “man” (top) and a “woman” (bottom) in a sexual relationship. When that’s challenged, it makes them uncomfortable.

I almost don’t even want to get into the sexist connotations behind that & the whole ‘being penetrated is inherently feminine’ bullshit where the idea of a fixed!top being a bottom makes them less masculine, because I could rant about that forever and how it makes me pull out my hair it’s so dumb - especially in queer relationships where the idea of sexual masculinity and femininity should be fuckin irrelevant.

Like. My bros. My heteros. My straight pals. Queer relationships do not work that way. (straight relationships shouldn’t either omg guys are so dumb they could have the most mindblowing orgasms if they just let their girlfriends fuck them up the ass omg)

Assigning fixed gendered roles to queer relationships is heteronormative & yall need to stop.

Hannibal tops. Will bottoms. Hannibal bottoms. Will tops.  Don’t like it? Don’t read it.