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Well, good morning, everybody, and welcome to day 255,642 aboard the Axiom.

get to know me meme » favorite movies [4/5] » WALL·E (2008)

i never know how to start these things because what is actual sentiment omg. i’m just—in all honesty, i never thought this blog would go much of anywhere, given that dearest cutler beckett is sometimes forgotten when it comes to potc  ( he barely has half an hour of sceentime over the span of dmc & awe after all, give or take a few minutes ). even so, i’ve gotten the chance to meet & write with so many talented people, and i’m so thankful to each and every one of you for sticking with me & for giving me a chance to explore cutler’s character to the extent that i have. you guys really are the best & ily all so much!! <3

without further ado, here’s a special shout out to those i fully admire & love seeing on my dashboard—you’re all such wonderful people and friends!! ;u;

                deslibertes    ▪    donapirata     ▪    dxdger    ▪    falsedivinity    ▪   forliiberty
                herladydauntless         ▪        kalyptousa          ▪         leerofthevinegaroons
                lt-theodoregroves ▪  miabxllams-maryreadmurroyilodelnativesque
                piraticalwit    ▪    republici    ▪     ruusalki    ▪    sakrifye    ▪     sanctamater
                scotchandcaffeine         ▪         seadxg        ▪         simplify-your-vibrations
                stopthinkingaboutthewoods  ▪  templiere   ▪   thefastestship   ▪    weestley

             also i’d like to give an extra-special shout out to a few people under the cut:

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26, demisexual.
Grad student and professional fine artist. Freelance illustrator, fan girl and casual video game nerd.
sexual assault survivor, battling depression and anxiety, occasional synesthetic or disassociation episodes, chronic migraines.