I hate that MTV never plays old episodes of Teen Wolf.

Like, if this is one of your best rated dramas then why wouldn’t you have marathons so other people can watch it?

I want to be able to turn on my TV and scroll through channels and just watch Teen Wolf during off seasons.

The Voltron episode i need and deserve

Where is my Voltron beach episode where the team just gets to chill on a beach and relax??? Like just imagine Voltron on a little secluded beach on earth.

Imagine Lance persuading Keith to apply sunscreen to his back, Keith protesting, muttering insults, but secretly enjoying it and looking forward to spending some bonding time with Lance throughout the day.

Hunk, building a mini replica castle, corresponding stars and planets, and Pidge devoting all of their attention to finding the best quality seashells to decorate the castle with.

Coran and Allura doze off in the sun, unaware of Keith and Lance being dragged out of the water by Shiro, for the sixth time, because Lance will not stop daring keith to compete with him in a vast array or silly water activities.

Hunk calls lunch, and every one comes racing over to the picnic area because Hunk made burgers, and man are Hunks burgers good.
The entire team eats seconds despite being full. Naturally, Coran enforces the “ no swimming for half an hour after eating” rule, much to Lances dismay.

Pidge climbs up a tree overhanging the ocean, and ties up a rope swing. Competition between the Team ensues and Allura wins the “who can make the biggest splash” competition by a landslide.

Lance does his best to impress the princess, and Keith, but sprains his ankle and is forced to spend the rest of the day on the sand.

Hunk and Coran keep him company, exchanging light hearted conversation on the customs of Humans in summer, and Hunk and Lance tell vivid tales of their experiences growing up, and of their memories going to the beach with their family. Lances nostalgic bliss is broken when he spots Shiro teaching Keith, Pidge and Allura how to surfboard.
Lance complains.

Shiro packs up the team and sits them in a little white seven seater van ( with floral curtains) and takes them to the nearest ice cream shop.
The team argues over the best ice cream flavour. Pidge insists that Plain Vanilla is best, Keith swears by Cookies and cream, Lance’s true favourite is also cookies and cream, but for the sake of argument he says his favourite is bubblegum, Hunk declares his love for decadent chocolate ice cream and Shiro state that a fruity flavour, such as strawberry, is superior.

Allura and Coran, curious and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of ice cream, insist on trying every single flavour of ice cream there is. As a result, a surplus of ice cream is bought, much to the excitement of the paladins.
Shiro takes the van up to the top of a grassy hill, and Team Voltron sits down and eats their ridiculous amount of ice cream as they watch the sun set over the ocean.

Unbeknownst to the team, Pidge has been taking candid Polaroids throughout the day, sneakily snapping pictures of everyone enjoying themselves throughout the day, and takes this opportunity to share the cute pictures they took.

Remember how Star Trek Beyond is an actual Star Trek movie about the Enterprise crew and how all of them matter and all of them are important and it’s no longer the Kirk show but an actual movie about a CREW? Like, this movie is actually about the voyages of the starship Enterprise, not One White Action Hero, and the biggest most significant show of that point is the very last scene during which THE ENTIRE CREW speaks the words we’re all so familiar with.

Space. The final frontier.

If someone doesn’t want to talk to you, fight the temptation to also refuse to talk to them. I’m not saying get all in their space (& give yourself time), but continue to greet them. Continue to say good morning or good night or have a nice day or something. Even if they continue not talking to you, at least you’ve made the efforts. & honestly, you won’t look like the bad guy.

my father downloaded pokemon go and I explained him how to catch a pokemon and the names of the common ones and we went together to a pokestop with a lure full of people and he was just so happy and ketp saying LOOK YOU HAVE A RATTATA ON THE SHOULDER and spent 30 minutes telling me he finds this absolutely genious  

he chose charmander as starter, I’m proud 

So somehow, I'm only 15 followers away from reaching 1,500???

That’s… AMAZING you guys! Thank you all so much! I seriously love and appreciate every single one of you, and I can’t believe you guys actually LIKE my blog. :) I JUST SERIOUSLY CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!!

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